The Three of Us

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I wake up early that morning and roll over in my bed. I turn off the alarm clock and reach for the phone. “I won’t be in today” I say, as I’m looking forward to the day more than I’ve looked forward to any other in years. Taking the whole day off, just to prepare I jump in the shower and start to imagine what it’s going to be like to finally meet you face to face. Thoughts start to drift and I can picture you so clearly in my mind. I start thinking about or conversations and start to get turned on.

Soaping myself up, my hand slides down my stomach. So turned on by my thoughts, I cant help but grab my cock. My mind wandering…. you are on your knees… water shooting from the spout all over the top of your head. I see your lips begin to kiss my stomach. I watch the water run down my chest to your lips. then your mouth finds it’s way down…. and I stop myself, wanting to save all I have for when we meet. My cock is so hard, and thoughts of you so fresh in my mind that it is torture, but it will definitely be worth it.

We make plans to meet in the city… Afraid that I will get lost, I leave quite early. I beat you there by about 1/2 an hour and sit and wait. Butterflies in my stomach, each time the door opens. Finally my angel face to face! Then you walk in, and my heart skips a beat. Already feeling an attraction for you, I walk over and give you a peck on the cheek and a hug hello. We sit for hours, drinking, talking, and getting lost in each others eyes. Forgetting about work, which somehow you made me do, I invite you back to my house for the night. We make our way home, and you are surprised to see a dozen candles burning. Thinking I was nuts, you tell me how dangerous it is to leave candles lit. I say “sweetheart, I didn’t leave them lit. I called my neighbor from the bar and asked him to light them for me”.

So there we are in romantic candle light… but by now looking at each other with more lust on our minds than romance. I show you through the house. We end up downstairs on the couch talking and watching TV. We find a movie on, and end up laying down beside each other. I start to touch you… testing my boundaries. Playing with your hair, caressing your face with my finger tips.

I tap you on the shoulder and as you turn around, softly kiss your beautiful lips. My heart skips a beat and I start to kiss you more passionately. Feeling the relief of finally kissing you, I take you in my arms and give you a hug. then missing the feel of my lips, you turn and kiss me.

My hands start to slide gently, slowly up and down your body and I can feel myself getting excited. My body pressed against you as we lay facing the same direction. gently I pull back on your hair and begin to kiss your neck, working my way up behind your ankara escort ear. I start to unbutton your blouse and I can feel by the motion of your ass against my cock that you aren’t about to stop me anytime soon. Feeling it pressed against your ass, you reach back behind you and grab my ass, pulling it harder against you. then your hand works to the front as you unbutton my pants and pull down my zipper. I reach down and pull out my cock, and gently place your hand on it.

While you stroke my cock up and down, I unhook your bra, reach around and gently grab your breast… I get up off the couch, push away the coffee table, pick you up and gently lay you down on the rug. Looking into your eyes, I begin to undo your pants. As your lift your ass up off the floor, I grab hold of the sides of your jeans, and work them down the length of your legs. Next I do the same with your panties. I lean forward, and once again kiss you as my hands glide upon your inner thigh.

Working my hands up between my legs you hear me start to moan. After teasing you for a while, my hand slides up towards your smooth pussy, and my finger slides between your wet lips… Rubbing your clit we start to kiss again and my pants down to my knees, you start to jerk me off faster. I work my tonge down between your breasts, cupping them in my hands, I start to suck gently on your nipples. Then I can’t help but remember how you told me that you taste good, and I start to work my way down to see for myself. It doesn’t take long before my tongue is pressed hard against your clit.

My hands under your ass.. grabbing it hard. I press my tongue hard against you.. licking up and down fast. grabbing your ass harder. I slide up for a second just to kiss you and share your sweet pussy. It drives me crazy for you to taste your pussy from my kiss. Then back down again for some more. You taste so sweet, I don’t want to stop. I guess you can’t take it anymore as you grab me by the hair and pull me up on top of you. As my body slides up onto yours, the head of my dick finds it way against your clit.

You work my pants the rest of the way down my legs with your feet, and then reach down and grab my cock. you pull it up against your soaked pussy, and I tease you by putting just the tip in and pulling it back out. then you grab my ass, and every inch of me slides into you. You are so tight it feels fucking incredible. Then in and out of you tight little pussy, I start to fuck you harder and faster. Thrusting my huge cock into you, you are already about to explode. I roll you over onto your stomach and place my hand underneath onto your belly. As I push your shoulders to the floor with one hand, I lift your ass up into the air with the other… I sit back and take a look ankara escort bayan at you.. In that position.. just waiting to get FUCKED!

I move in behind you and press my cock against you hard against your pussy… sliding the full length of my dick against you I can feel how wet I made you. I push the head in and start to fuck you hard right away… I grab your ass firm as my body thrusts against it. Looking down I watch as I enter you inch by inch. I slap your ass with one hand and reach for your hair with the other. then grabbing your hair with both hands I start to fuck you like you have never been fucked before…. just raw fucking like two wild animals…. pounding you so hard from behind that you are ready to cum all over my cock.

As I’m about to cum, I slow down.. not ready for that yet. I tell you to stay on your knees and I come around in front of you. I kneel down about 3 feet in front of you and grab on to my cock you tell my you want to lick it… suck it, but I tell you no. I want to work my dick up and down just staring into your eyes as you watch me. It turns you on to see my big cock in my hand. Stroking it up and down, getting so fucking turned on just by your beautiful face. I tell you I am about to cum, and you start to crawl over to me like a cat, licking your lips. I push the head of my cock down and you take just the tip in your mouth. You can still see me working my dick up and down even with your mouth over it, and you are just wanting it so bad.

You look up into my eyes, and you know by what you see that I am about to cum. You feel me cum in your mouth, and you look up into my eyes…. Slowly you take the full length of me into your mouth and continue to suck on me as if to tell me you want more. I pick you up and lay you back down on the couch, slide behind you, kiss you softly once again on the lips, and we both fall asleep. Then next night we go out for a drink, and we both know our beautiful waitress is paying very special attention to you. We can’t help but think that perhaps she is hitting on you. I am shocked as you strike up an intimate conversation with her, and ask her if she wants to come back to my house.

She accepts your offer, and with one look at me, you can tell I am stunned. So after a couple drinks we head back to my house, and during the drive you are telling me all the little things you want to do to her. I take my cock in my hand and start to jerk off as I’m driving, and seeing this you know you want it in your mouth so bad. You lean over and I hold the top of your head as you work your mouth up and down the shaft of my cock. As I am about to cum I tell you to stop. You ask me why and I tell you because I want the two of you to share it later. Back at the house, waiting escort ankara impatiently, she finally arrives. You waste no time as you take her straight into the kitchen and lay her gently down on the table.

Still fully clothed, you strip her naked, as I just lean against the refrigerator in total shock at what I am seeing. Never did I think this could ever happen to me. As she lays there on her back looking over at me, you run you hands over her smooth skin. Starting at her neck, you caress her breasts, and run your fingertips down to her smooth pussy. You start to rub her clit as I watch, and I can hear her start to moan. You look at me and tell me that she is so fucking wet. I work my way to the end of the table and pull her towards me. Still on her back, with her head off the end of the table.

She reaches up and loosens up my pants and they fall to my feet. I step out of them, and then pull off my boxers. By now, you are at the other end of the table licking her sweet pussy. Watching this I am already hard. Our hands touch as I reach down to grab her breasts, while you reach up to do the same. I can see your tongue going in and out and can hear how wet she is by the sound of your mouth. I push the head of my cock down to her and she takes it into her mouth. Slowly inch by inch I push it in, running my fingers up her neck to her chin. I’m fucking her mouth while you suck on her pussy lips, and already I feel I am about to explode.

I go to the other end of the table and bend you over as she gets onto all fours. grabbing you by the hips, I start to fuck you hard as your tongue works it’s way up and down between her pussy and her ass. You grab a cucumber from the fruit bowl and slide it into her pussy hard. Fucking her as hard with it, as I’m fucking you with my cock. The harder I thrust into you, the harder you are fucking her. Then you climb onto the table next to her….her on her back, and you on top of her facing the end of the table where I am standing. I move in closer to the two of you.

I grab you by the hair, and slowly start to fuck your mouth with my cock while she is under you sucking and licking my balls. you can’t use your hands because you need them on the table to hold you up, and this turns me on even more. I tell the two of you that I am going to cum and she says, “cum in her mouth baby, cum in her mouth for me” You keep sucking and can feel me just waiting to explode.

As she sucks my balls, I shoot my cum into your mouth, and before you have a chance to swallow it she says, “I want you let it run out of your mouth all over me. I take a step back and watch it drip from your mouth. She tries to catch it on her tongue, but most of it drips onto her face and lips. Not wanting to waste a drop, you lean down and lick it off of her, then spit it into her mouth as you kiss. By time you are done kissing, my cum is everywhere, but nobody really seems to mind. You both take a napkin off the table and wipe each other’s mouths. Then we all kiss each other as she leaves to go home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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