The Summer of 198?? Ch. 02

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Judy handled the large bus expertly as we bowled along down the old roman road towards the south coast. Being the middle of May, with the schools still in session, there wasn’t too much holiday traffic and we made good time. Judy passed me a map, gave the name of a small seaside place in Dorset, and asked me to navigate.

“Lorna will just follow us. When we get near, she knows of a site that we can use. She’s got a map that the regular travelers pass around, but she won’t let me or anyone else see it.”

We stopped at Crediton to do a supermarket shop, and by five o’clock we were within a couple of miles of our destination. Judy pulled over, allowed Lorna to pass and we followed her along the narrow lanes until we found ourselves driving down a steep hill between two rocky headlands. As we drove, tantalizing glimpses of the sea came in and out of view, until we found ourselves at a dead end. The road was blocked by a sturdy gate, leading on to a track, that was chained and padlocked shut and there was a hand painted sign warning that trespassers would be prosecuted. Lorna climbed down from her bus and asked Judy to keep an eye on her kids whilst she walked in to see what the score was with parking up.

I joined Judy as she walked across to Lorna’s bus and as we climbed in, I saw two children aged about three and four dozing gently in child safety seats. Lorna returned with a key, unlocked the gate, and we drove through. Locking up behind us, we drove down an unpaved track, which led down until we came to an open area, where there were two buses and a camper van parked in a rough circle. The area was sandy, and there were sand dunes covered in sea grass, indicating that the sea was not far away. There was a water standpipe, and what looked to be a covered well.

As we swung in, a tall dark haired man with beard and ponytail waved to indicate where we should park on the other side of the area from the others. After we parked, he nodded at us, and returned to the area occupied by the other vehicles. We all climbed down, and as we stretched after the journey Lorna’s children started to run around. She told them to stay close to the bus, as the man from the other group didn’t seem too friendly.

Lorna unloaded a grill from her bus, and whilst we waited for it get hot enough to cook, we sat around on folding chairs. Judy took the opportunity to introduce me to Lorna, who gazed at me from below black eyebrows. Her dark hair, held back in a loose ponytail, had a few streaks of grey in it, and her suntanned face showed a few lines that seemed to more from care than laughter. She asked my story, which I told her, and this time managed to get through without becoming over emotional. Judy held my hand, and tightened her grip as I started to tell about Mary’s departure. Lorna put her hand on my knee, and said, “You’re welcome to stay with us for a while. Judy’s a great healer, and I can see she has you down as her other project for the summer.”

“Other project?”

“Yes, other project. She’s working on me, too. I hope you don’t mind sharing.”

I glanced at Judy, and asked, “Do you use different techniques for men and women?” She looked at me blankly for a second before laughing to cover up her blush. “There may well be a fairly major difference in the way I approach things, yeah.” Lorna looked quizzically at the two of us, and laughed.

“Oh, I think I’ve got it. Oh, well, I’m sure it’ll all work out.”

Lorna called her children over, and started loading the grill with burgers, sausages and chops whilst Judy and I got the salad ready. As this consisted of emptying a couple of bags of pre-washed supermarket salad into a big bowl and adding bottled dressing, it didn’t take long, so we considered it our duty to ensure that the wine was suitable as we waited. Lorna called her kids over, and we enjoyed a cozy meal by the light of the setting sun. As Judy and I put the few leftovers in a garbage bag, Lorna went to put her kids to bed.

As we sat down again, Judy put her hand on my arm. “I need to give Lorna some Reiki. Do you mind baby-sitting her kids? They’re tired out, so it ought to be straightforward.”

“Of course,” I said, “Just let me get something esc to read.”

Lorna came out of her bus, and looked quizzically in my direction. I grabbed my book, the latest Dick Francis, and walked towards her bus. “They should be fine; they’re fast asleep, as the journey really tired them out.” She showed me where their drinks were, and their favorite soft toys just in case they woke up, and I sat down to read my book. Lorna’s bus was laid out in a similar way to Judy’s, except that the children had beds either side at the very back, and there was a curtained off area above the driver’s and passenger seating area that I assumed to be Lorna’s bed. A quick peek confirmed this.

An hour or so went by, and I had nodded off with the book in my lap when I woke with a start. Lorna had come back in and woken me up. I started to apologize for falling asleep “on duty” but she waved me to silence. “If either Tarquin or Matilda had woken up, you would have woken up yourself quick enough.” she said, as she went to check each sleeping child. “OK, head on back to Judy, she’s waiting for you.”

I walked the short distance, and climbed into the bus. Judy was lying back on one of the long sofas, with her head on a pillow and her knees up. She had her hands on her chest and was breathing deeply, so I assumed she was sleeping and didn’t like to disturb her. I quietly sat down on the other sofa, and resumed opened my book when she spoke.

“It’s OK, you don’t have to creep around. I sometimes get a bit tense after a session, and I find that this Alexander technique position really helps to relax my shoulders and back.”

“Is there anything I can do?” I asked.

“You could rub my shoulders and neck for me, if you don’t mind.”

“You mean like a massage? I’ve never done that before.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do. I just need the right aromatherapy oil.” Judy levered herself off the couch, and went to a cabinet from which she extracted a brown bottle. “This should do the trick – lavender oil. Ideal for stress. Right, I’m going to sit on this stool with my back to you, then I want you to put some of that oil on your hand, rub your hands together gently to warm the oil, then you’re going to rub it gently into my shoulders and neck.”

She pulled out and set up a folding stool; she sat with her back towards me, tied her hair up out of the way and pulled her tee shirt over her head. I poured a little oil onto my hand, set the bottle down carefully and gently rubbed my hands together. I put my oily hands on either side of her neck, and began to rub gently.

“Start in the shoulder muscles.” she said, guiding my hands with her own. I started to rub a little harder, and she asked, “Can you feel the knots in the muscles there? Just work on them with your thumbs for a bit.” I did as she asked, and was surprised at how quickly she seemed to relax.

“OK. Now, use a little more oil, and just gently rub my neck and shoulders.”

I began to do this, noting how the oil glistened where it stuck the fine blonde down on the back of her neck. She rolled her head from side to side, and leaned forward so that could work a little further down her back. She stretched luxuriantly, and said, “For someone who claims not to have done this before, you’re doing pretty well. Could you go for an all over rub, do you think?”

“If you tell me what to do.”

She stood, turned to face me, and smiled. “I think all I’m going to have to do is point you in the rough direction. A good rule is that if you think you might enjoy it, try it on me.”

Judy grabbed the bottle of lavender oil, and moved towards the bed. Still with her back to me, she placed the bottle down carefully before slipping off her jeans and panties and lying face down on the bed.

She looked at me, “You’re a little over dressed, aren’t you?”

I stripped off, and she told me, “Right. Kneel over me, straddling me if you have to. I want you to start at my feet, and then work your way up my body.”

I oiled my hands, and began by lifting her left foot up until her knee was at a right angle, and began to rub. At her guidance, I used my thumb firmly on the sole of her foot, going round in escorts small circles, and then bending each toe in turn then pulling it to stretch it. I rotated her ankle, then began to stroke the muscles of her calf. Her unshaven legs seemed strange at first – my wife, Mary, had been meticulous about waxing – but the hair on Judy’s legs was much softer than on my own and seemed to enhance her womanliness. I repeated this procedure for the right foot and lower leg, and then applied more oil. I placed a hand at the back of each knee, and began to slide my hands up the backs of her thighs, my thumbs being guided by her muscle structure. I rubbed from knee to the base of her buttocks, then back, and repeated this several times. Each time I leaned a bit more of my weight onto my hands as I moved up her legs, and each time I moved further up until I was massaging her firm, pert buttocks.

More oil, and I began on her lower back. I had to shuffle forward a bit, and as my hands moved up the muscles either side of her spine, I leant forward, and my erection came into contact with her thighs. By the time I reached her shoulders, I was touching her cleft, which she playfully wiggled.

Shuffling up a little further, I began to massage each arm in turn. Gently down the upper arm, then the forearm with its delightful soft silky hairs until I reached the hand, where I repeated what I had done with the feet. Firmly rub the palm with my thumb, squeeze the flesh between her thumb and forefinger, then gently run my fingers down each of hers finishing with a gentle pull to loosen the joints. As I finished each hand, she held on to mine and gave it a brief squeeze before allowing me to let go. By this time, Judy was lying with her head on one side, her eyes shut, but her bottom raising and lowering slightly against my lower body.

“Do my thighs again.” She murmured, and I shuffled backwards on my knees. As I got back, she raised both her feet, and swung her legs outside mine before putting them back on the bed. I began to resume the rub up from her knees, but this time, instead of allowing my thumbs to stay within the grooves of her muscles, as I moved up her legs my hands seemed to drift slowly downwards, deeper between her thighs. She opened her legs a little wider, and each time I moved my hands a little higher, until I could feel the damp hair at the entrance to her vagina. I continued working on her thighs, but as I reached closer to her hot, wet core, she began to raise her body, guiding my thumbs towards her entrance.

“Would you like me to do your front, now?” I asked.

I moved back so that she could swing her legs round without kicking me as she rolled over. I knelt between her legs, and began rubbing oily hands all over her tiny breasts. Her puffy nipples grew and hardened, and I noticed with interest the short, stiff, curly nipple hairs would not stick down with the oil. Leaning forward again, I ran my hands all over her chest. She raised her arms above her head, and I continued rubbing oil into the darker blonde tufts in her armpits, before moving back to her breasts.

Shuffling back once more, I began working on the front of her thighs, working up from knee to hip, and allowing my thumbs to stray lightly into her thick blonde bush. As I gently parted the hair, her vagina came into full view, already slick and moist, with the lips parted.

I slid both hands closer, and brought my thumbs together at the entrance, and teased her slightly before inserting my right thumb into her tight, slick passage and moving the left one to diddle her clitoris. She began to move her pelvis slightly against my hands, and to caress her own breasts. As she rubbed at and pulled on her nipples, I did the same for her clitoris, which now showed bold and red from beneath its hood. I adjusted my right hand so that I had two fingers inside her, and then was able to use both thumbs on her clitoris. She put her hand on mine, and set the pace at which she wanted me to move.

We established a rhythm, and after a while I noticed that Judy’s moans were getting louder. I increased my pace slightly, but she said, “Gently, please, gently.”

I eased up a little from my labors, and began to look eskort for signs that Judy was approaching orgasm, as the position I was in was becoming increasingly uncomfortable for my back. Eventually, I was in such discomfort that I had to squirm slightly to get into a more comfortable position. In so doing, I must have hit Judy’s trigger, because she suddenly bucked hard against my hands, and I felt an increased wetness as her juices flowed from her rather more copiously that they had until then.

Remembering the previous night, and how she had liked it when I penetrated her as she was having her orgasm, I started to move up her body.

“No!” she gasped, “Let me get on top. Don’t move your hand yet.”

She pushed me onto my back, which protested slightly from discomfort as I rolled over her leg and somehow managed to keep my right hand in place as she swung herself over and knelt upright above me. She grabbed my penis with her right hand, and pulled my hand from her with her right. Grasping me with both hands, she rubbed the end against her clitoris for a stroke or two, before positioning it just so, then she sat down quickly and I was embedded to the root. She flexed her stomach muscles, and rubbed her clitoris against my pubic bone.

“Thrust up into me!” she gasped, “I’m still coming!”

I began to thrust as quickly as I could, and, despite the pain in my lower back beginning to detract from the glorious sensation in my penis, I rapidly felt myself approaching my own orgasm. As felt myself losing control, Judy gave a little cry and collapsed forward onto me. As she did so, with a final thrust, I began to spurt my essence deep inside her. Until that moment, orgasm for me had been something that I felt as a sensation solely in my penis, but this time I found myself jerking uncontrollably all over, as though my whole body existed, at that moment, for the sole purpose of expelling the life giving seed from my penis.

As I shuddered to a stop, and felt my penis start to shrink, I passed out for a moment or two from the sheer intensity of the pleasure. I woke up, to find Judy still on top of me, stroking my hair and muttering little squeaky noises in my ear. She rolled off, my limp penis slipped from her and she snuggled up to my side.

“That was amazing! I usually have a fairly low sex drive, and I’ve never come twice in two nights. Normally, one good shag does for me for at least a couple of weeks.”

We kissed each other good night, and Judy spooned against my back as we went to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke to find Judy still snuggled up against my back, but her hand was down busily stroking my erection.

“Do you always wake up with one of these?”

“Depends on whom I happen to be in bed with”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” She said with a chuckle, “Now, I’m still satiated but I can help you out.”

With that she began to increase the rate at which she was stroking me, and surprisingly quickly, she brought me to what I believe is referred to now as a “Happy Ending.”

We got up, and went into the tiny bathroom compartment of her bus. There was no shower, but we had a lot of fun washing each other with soapy washcloths and cold water. Before long, we were ready to face the day and emerged from the bus. Lorna and her children were sitting at the folding table, finishing breakfast.

“You two sleepy heads!” said Lorna with a knowing smile, “Here, I’ve made you some breakfast as I thought you might need building up.”

As we tucked in to our repast, Lorna and Judy discussed their plans for the day. In essence, these consisted of a trip by the women and children into the nearest town to visit the launderette and top up Lorna’s bus with fuel and water there. I was to remain in camp to deal with the chemical toilets and fill up Judy’s bus with water using the standpipe and rudimentary facilities at the site – it seems that what I had taken for a covered well was a septic soak away.

As they prepared to leave, Lorna looked at Judy.

“Did you ask him?”

“No, not yet.” replied Judy.

I thought I was about to be asked to do another one of the less than fun tasks that go with camp site living, but Judy just said, “We have a small favor to ask you. It’ll do later.”

With that, the two of them, with Lorna’s children, drove away leaving me to wonder what this favor might be as I got on with my chores.

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