The Suburbs Ch. 01-03

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Chapter One

The Participants

This story is set in one of those bedroom communities that sprang up all around Los Angelus in the late Sixties and early Seventies. You may remember the type of neighborhoods they were. Three to five bedroom houses, views, big lots, swimming pools and multi-car garages. Usually the men had good paying jobs and were gone to work long hours and the women were housewives and mothers. This neighborhood was no exception to that rule, all of the men worked and all of the women didn’t.

Within the tract of eighty or so homes, eleven of the families had become close friends. The men usually saw each other on the weekends had a few drinks or played golf or some other sport. The women, on the other hand, had a lot more free time and had developed a weekly get together, where they would all meet at one of their houses and have a gabfest and drink a couple glasses of wine.

The Men

The men range in age from twenty-five to forty-five and are between five foot six and six foot four in height, and none of them has gotten too far out of shape yet. Their equipment ranges from six and a half inches (Reggie) to fourteen inches (James). All of them also have had a fantasy or two about one or more of the other men’s wives. Three of them are in sales, two are engineers, two are supervisors for large corporations, two are small business owners, one is a teacher and one works for the government.

The Women

Angel: She is the oldest of the women at forty three. Angel is a petite blond with a trim figure and looks much younger than her age. In fact there are several teenage boys who frequently fantasize about her when they relieve themselves of pent up sexual tensions. Angel loves sex and is the mother of five children.

Susie: She is the youngest of the women at only twenty-three. She has short brown hair and a great body. She loves all forms of sex and is the wildest and horniest of the bunch. She is also into light bondage. Susie is the mother of four children.

Helen: She is twenty-five and is the prettiest of them all. She has an excellent body and big tits (DD-Cup), but not the biggest in the group. Helen is quite reserved when it comes to sex. There is however, a sleeping “wild woman” under tight control. Helen has only one child.

Judy: Judy is a slim red head who is fairly cute and has the best legs in the group. Judy has almost no bust at all. She is a great cock sucker. She can deep throat her husband’s massive dick whenever she wants and loves the taste of cum. Judy is thirty years and does not have any children, nor does she plan to.

Mary: She is your typical “Plane Jane”, average body and looks, mousy brown hair and medium sized tits. Her claim to fame is she’s always ready, that’s probably why she has seven kids and is only twenty-four years old.

Maria: Maria is a fiery, short and stacked redhead. She has nice sized C-cup tits and loves having her long, sensitive nipples sucked. She is wild and very physical in bed and is extremely vocal when she gets going. Maria is twenty-five years old and has two children.

Nancy: Nancy is medium height and has a fair body. She likes sex and is usually open to try new ideas. Nancy has one child.

Rachel: She has huge Escort bayan tits EE-Cup and loves to show them off. She is rather tall at five foot ten inches and is some what thick through the waist, not fat, just not a small woman. Rachel has two children and has had her tubes tied, she doesn’t want any more! She is twenty-eight.

Sally: She is the biggest woman of the bunch; thirty-one years old and fat would be a good description. Sally doesn’t like sex all that much, she endures her wifely duties once or twice a week and usually likes to suck her husband to completion, that way she is sure she won’t get pregnant again. She has two children.

Samantha: Sam is a tall willowy blond, with a great ass and fabulous legs. She gives great head and loves anal sex. In fact she wants it during that time of the month. She has been having sex now for fourteen years and started when she was only twelve. She gave her early lovers only her ass, because she wanted to stay a virgin until she got married.

Susan: Susan is another of the “Plain Jane” looking types. But, in her case, that is deceiving. She has a perfect body that she keeps hidden from everyone. She always wears baggy clothes. Susan is five foot two and has D-cup tits, with a tiny waist, rounded hips, and long shapely legs. There is a smoldering passion lurking just below the surface within her, if it ever gets unlocked someone is going to have a hard time keeping her satisfied. She is twenty-six years old with one child and her husband is the only man she has ever had sex with.

Chapter Two

A Plan is Conceived

It was a typical end of the summer Thursday afternoon and all of the girls were over at Rachel’s house for their weekly gabfest. They had just run out of wine and Rachel didn’t want them to go yet. So, she broke out the Tequila and the Margarita mix and fixed everyone a Margarita. Now Rachel is no bartender and she managed to make the Margarita’s nearly lethal in strength. Most of them were already feeling pretty good after drinking the wine so the Margarita’s went down quickly. After a couple of more rounds they were all feeling no pain. Now alcohol as a tendency to make this particular group of horny women hornier and soon the talk swung around to sex and got real deep quickly.

Rachel, “Hey you guys, anyone have a good sex fantasy they want to share?”

There was a murmur of conversation back and forth amongst them and finally Susie said,

“I’d like to find out what a fourteen inch dick would feel like!”

Every one looked at her and said who around here has a dick that big?

Judy, “My husband does. I told Susie about it a couple of years ago, it seems like she hasn’t forgotten about it.”

Susie, “Every once in I while I do think about it, it’s just a fantasy anyway, right Rachel?”

Rachel, “Right now it still is. Anybody else?”

Samantha, “I’d like to have Rich fuck me in the ass. I notice him staring at my ass every chance he gets. I bet he’d love to do it to.”

Susan, “I’d just like to find some one who could last all night long and fuck me until I am too sore to walk.”

As the women continued to drink and swap their fantasies they all were getting horny and finally one of them asked the Bayan escort big question,

“Anybody here want to have a swap party?”

After more Margaritas and more discussion they decided they did, but how to accomplish it? Would their husbands go for such a plan? They all knew their husbands were mostly horny pigs and, if approached in the right way, could be had. The first order of business was to find out their husbands fantasies and then use them against the men. The plan the intoxicated women came up with was simple, each woman was to find out exactly what fantasy their husband had and report out next week. By now it was nearly 5:00 PM and the party broke up. Everyone headed for home.

Maria walked the two short blocks to her house and all she thought of was how to get Rich to give up his favorite fantasy, if he had one. By the time she reached her front door her pussy was on fire and leaking juices down both thighs. Once in side she stripped off all of her clothes and was standing nude in her entry way. Before she realized it she was pulling her elongated nipples and had three fingers buried in her sopping pussy. Rich walked in and found her lost in pleasuring herself. Looking down at her he asked,

“Is this a private party or can I help?”

Maria spread her legs and said,

“Fuck me.”

Rich quickly stripped off his clothes and complied with her demand. As he planted his tool in his wife’s dripping wet pussy he asked her,

“Wow, what’s gotten into you my horny little devil?”

“Margarita’s and fantasies,” she replied as her hips rose to meet his every deep thrust.

Rich was now completely aroused and he could care less why she was so hot. He pounded her pussy like a teenager and soon was on the verge of Cuming. Just then Maria grabbed the base of his shaft and demanded,

“What’s your favorite sex fantasy?”

“To get off now!”

“No, really, a real fantasy. You might as well tell me, because if you don’t, it ends right now!”

Rich was so close, his nuts hurt and he knew he had to come up with something. So he decided to give her a real fantasy, one that he has had for a long time.

Rich, “Just a fantasy, nothing I’m planning right?”

Maria loosened her grip on his dick and stroked it a few times and grabbed it tightly again and cooed,

“Yes of course, just a fantasy something you’d like to do if you weren’t married.”

Rich gave up his fantasy,

“I’d love to fuck Samantha in the ass. Every time I see her bending over, her ass just asks me ‘Wouldn’t you like to fuck me?’

Maria squeezed Rich’s dick harder and whispered in his ear,

“Would you do it if I approved?”

Rich was now on his guard was this some kind of a test? He didn’t know how to respond and his dick started to go soft on him. Maria noticed the softening dick in her hand and said,

“It’s OK honey, the girls and I were all drinking today and we shared our sexual fantasies. And guess what? Sam wants to have you fuck her in the ass.”

Rich’s dick renewed its’ hardness and when Maria let go of it, he slammed it deeply into her pussy and exploded. He filled her with his sperm and she too had an orgasm.

After they both had calmed down a Escort little, Rich asked Maria,

“And what’s yours”

“I want to be ravished in a big room, with everybody watching!”

During the next week similar scenes occurred all around the neighborhood and by the next Thursday all of the women had gotten their husbands fantasies from them.

Chapter Three

The Husband’s Fantasies

Thursday afternoon and all eleven of the wives were present at today’s gabfest. They were gathered at Mary’s house today. She asked the group,

“Wine or Margaritas?”

The group voted eleven to zero in favor of Margaritas. After two quick rounds they settled down to the business at hand, did everyone get at least one fantasy from their husband? Everyone had and here is how it went.

Mary, “Who wants to go first?”

Judy, “I will.”

Mary, “OK, what is James’s desire?”

Judy, “James would like to fuck Susie or Helen. Actually, he’d like to do a three way with them both.”

Susie couldn’t believe that James had actually fantasized about her. She reached down and rubbed her pussy through her shorts. Helen was shocked as well.

Sally, “Ralph loves big tits and he would like to suck and fuck Rachel’s big tits, she’s always flashing them at someone and he’d love to get his hands and mouth on them.”

Maria, “Sam you’re going to like this, Rich wants your ass. He seems to think you’ve been enticing him with it for years.”

Sam, “Well, well I guess I have. I just love anal sex. Peter loves it too. In fact he’d like to stick his dick in Mary’s backside.”

Rachel, “As you might guess Reggie likes big tits. He’d like to grab onto Sally’s massive ones and take it from there.”

Helen, “My Bill is very attracted to Judy; he thinks her slim body would be great for a fast and furious ride.”

Nancy, “Wilber’s fantasy is hot. He thinks Susan has a great set of tits and he wants to cum all over them.”

Mary, “George likes thinking about older women and he’d like to try out one, so he’d like to get with Angel and see if women get better with age.”

Susan, “Fred thinks Maria would be hot. He nearly drools every time we go by her house and she is outside, especially when she is in a bathing suit.”

Angel, “Toby likes the way Nancy looks. He’d like to see if he could go around the world with her.”

Susie, “Wow so many good fantasies. Randy has so many I was shocked, to say the least. Anyway, Randy likes big tits, even though I don’t have them, he’s always looking at any pair he sees. He’d like to get his tongue and lips on Helen’s nipples and “suck them until she squeals”, those are his exact words. He’d also like to see me get fucked by another man and then join in for a three way.

After all of the women had shared their husband’s fantasies they discussed if they really wanted to enter the world of changing partners. Could all of them, including the men, handle it and would it screw up their friendships and or marriages? Since most of them were already bored in their marriages they decided they actually didn’t have much to risk there. But what about their friendships, could the relationships handle having someone else fuck their man? They finally had a vote and again it came out eleven to zero. Since it was now almost the end of October they decided a Halloween costume party was the answer on how to accomplish the first step. For almost all of them this would be the first man they would sleep with outside of their marriage bed.

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