The Submissive Babysitter

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When I met Shannon I knew I had found someone special. She is a beautiful woman, with short black hair, porcelain white skin and big brown eyes. She has a nice fit body reinforced by a heavy Pilates routine. More than anything she is full of life, always up for adventure. We are both in our late 20’s and we both love living in NYC. When we started dating we would head out to the best restaurants and parties. I make a lot of money on Wall Street so money has never been an issue. Shannon moved in with me after only four months of dating.

Things felt like they would really change when I got her pregnant only two months later. We talked a lot and decided it was meant to be. We agreed to get married and keep the kid. We also agreed to stay in the city and enjoy it. We wouldn’t become a suburban couple who never went out. No compromise.

That was just over three years ago. Our child, Nancy is now a toddler. Shannon went back to work, and I have done very well at my hedge fund, getting big bonuses. Paying for home care, along with a generous entertainment budget has not been an issue for us, so indeed we have continued to enjoy the city. We have a nanny who takes care of our beautiful little girl weekdays, and we supplement with babysitters when we want to go out at night

We actually found a babysitter we trusted without hesitation. Mei-Lin is a quiet 18 year old. She is actually the daughter of our dry cleaner. She’s quiet but very attentive to our daughter and always happy to do extra chores while we were out. Over time, Shannon had Mei-Lin cleaning up, doing dishes and laundry after she put Nancy to bed. Sometimes when we came home, instead of watching tv we would find Mei-Lin neatly folding our clothes.

Despite all of our advantages and our commitment to stay away from routine, we’ve started to go out a little less over time. This may be why Shannon was excited to get an invite to a friend’s party last week. We went pretty hard at the party, drinking vodka tonics, smoking a little weed. When the party slowed down Shannon wasn’t ready to call it a night. We texted Mei-Lin (or May, as she preferred to be called) and she told us not to worry, she could stay out as late as we needed.

Shannon wanted to go to a rowdy pseudo-cowboy bar that was in the neighborhood. After ankara escort a number of shots Shannon ended up dancing on the bar while men, mostly frat boy types, hooted catcalls and looked up her skirt. I could see she loved being the center of attention and was proud that she remained such a hottie, even after having a kid. The boys at the bar were eating out of her hand. She was flirting with them all, telling them to throw dollar bills on the stage if they wanted a peek at her panties under her skirt. They also passed up a couple more shots so she was feeling no pain.

When the bar was closing the boys ‘helped’ her down, making sure they took the opportunity to feel her legs and grab some ass under her skirt. I had to shoo one persistent guy away and load my wife into a taxi.

When we got back to our apartment I was ready for a quick fuck and some sleep but Shannon was still drunk and buzzing with excitement. May greeted us with an update on getting Nancy to sleep. I apologized for keeping her so late, gave her a big tip and said I could order an Uber car for her to get back home. Shannon interrupted, giving May a big hug and insisting she stay for a drink. Shannon was in great spirits and her flirty mood from the bar seemed to continue with our young babysitter.

May said she didn’t really drink much, but Shannon cajoled, telling her to fetch the tonic water from the fridge. May, anxious to please as always, scurried off to the kitchen. When she returned Shannon poured us all vodka tonics and we toasted the evening. I took a sip but Shannon downed hers and challenged May to do the same. Shannon refilled their glasses and motioned for all of us to sit down. Shannon cuddled into me on the couch while May sat in a chair next to us. Shannon started to tell May a little about our evening then noted how tired her feet were from all the dancing. She kicked off her shoes and asked “Mei-Lin, would you mind giving them a little rub? Brad could do it but he gets quite distracted.”

I blushed at Shannon’s aside. I did indeed enjoy Shannon’s feet. She would often have me rub and kiss them before we fucked. I hoped May didn’t catch the allusion. I avoided her gaze and stared down at Shannon’s lovely feet which were twirling playfully. I felt my cock stiffen a little. ankara escort bayan

Out of the corner of my eye I saw May finish her drink, then rise from her chair. She knelt before my wife, gently took a foot in her hand, then started to rub it attentively.

I had noticed May before of course. I’m a man and May is a cute teenager with a tight young body. Looking at her now though I saw how lovely she was. I gazed down at her smooth skin, her soft lips. Just a bit of baby fat filled out her cheeks. I looked down her shirt and saw a plain bra covering May’s small tits and I became harder still.

Shannon let out a moan of satisfaction as young May tended to her foot. My wife leaned into me and touched my leg, then reached over and squeezed my cock.

Shannon giggled. “Mmm…somebody is excited.”

I noticed a mischievous look on Shannon’s face. “May, look at how excited Mr. Taylor is.”

May looked up to see Shannon holding my cock through my pants, forming a tent. May blushed and looked back down at Shannon’s feet.

Shannon stroked my cock slowly through my pants. “Don’t be shy May…feel it.” It was not a suggestion but an instruction. “I bet it’s bigger than your boyfriend’s.”

My thoughts wandered to whether I knew May had a boyfriend but I lost all train of thought when I saw Shannon grab May’s small hand and place it around my cock. I moaned involuntarily. May was clearly embarrassed but she didn’t move her hand away. Shannon asked if it was bigger than her boyfriend’s and May nodded seriously.

Thoughts raced through my head. I had never had a threesome, with my wife or anyone else. Part of me was worried May might suddenly scream and run out of the house…but a bigger part of me desperately wanted this to continue. I sat still, almost paralyzed with excitement.

“Show her you cock honey.” Shannon cooed. “May should see for herself.”

Heart pounding, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my erection. For a moment I felt foolish as it flopped back and Shannon giggled. Without a word Shannon took my cock in her hand and stroked it. May looked on as if a child seeing a new toy. Shannon took May’s hand and placed it on my cock, which made it jerk with excitement. I worried for a moment I might cum soon. Shannon escort ankara put her hand around May’s small fingers and together they stroked me up and down. May let out a cute giggle and when Shannon took her hand away to stroke May’s hair May continued to stroke my cock slowly.

“That’s a good girl.” Shannon purred. May’s young face seemed to brighten as her eyes stayed focused on my cock.

“Why don’t you suck his cock May?”, she asked.

May pulled her hand away from my cock suddenly and I felt my heart stop for a moment. “I…I can’t Mrs. Taylor. I mean I…” May stammered.

“May, remember when I came home a few weeks ago and you had your boyfriend here?”

Shannon had never told me about this. I had been traveling and knew she had May over to take care of our daughter one evening. May nodded slowly like a chastened child.

“Did you suck his cock in this house May? Tell the truth.”

May bit her lip, then nodded slowly, eyes down as she remained kneeling in front of my wife.

“Don’t you think it’s disrespectful to suck another boy’s cock in a man’s house, then refuse to suck his when it’s right in front of you?”

May looked up at my wife, confused, then her eyes looked again at my cock.

“Go on May, you can do it.” my wife instructed soothingly, stroking her hair.

May hesitated, bit her lip again, then shifted herself so she was between my knees. My cock twitched with anticipation. May finally took my cock in her small hand, titled it towards her and slowly took it in her mouth. At first she took just a little of it in, licking it like a lollipop. The tease of her tongue along my cock made me want to push myself into her but instead I muffled a groan and watched her lick me. Finally May started to take me deeper and deeper into her warm mouth. May looked down at first then finally looked up at Sharon and I with her big brown eyes as she bobbed her head up and down along my cock.

Shannon murmured her approval, then leaned over to kiss me. I hesitated to look away from May, but as Shannon reached over and tweaked my nipple I started to make out with my wife while May continued to suck my cock. I was in a sort of heaven. I tried to last longer but couldn’t help myself and felt myself start to shoot in our babysitter’s mouth. It felt like I came for five minutes and May gamely tried to swallow until there was too much for her. I saw May look up at us, seeking approval, a little cum dripping down her chin, and wondered what an appropriate tip would be for the extra time she had put in.

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