The Stuff of Life Ch. 02

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Part 2 – Truth or Dare

It started one night when I stayed over at Nathan’s house. Nathan’s parents were divorced and mine were on the verge of separation. When they were fighting, I would go stay at Nathan’s house. His mother was hardly ever there. She drank, and she had a lot of boyfriends. Now that her four sons were pretty much grown up – Nathan was the youngest – she hardly ever bothered to stay home, especially on weekends.

One summer night, I went to sleep over at Nathan’s. The only other one home was Nathan’s older brother, Justin. He was three years older than us.

Nathan and I both looked up to Justin. We also feared him. He was handsome, athletic and tough. He was also bad, which made him cool. He was always getting into fights. He had dropped out of high school when he was 16, and ended up doing a couple of months in a correctional centre for teens for dealing drugs and assault. He came out of there with a couple of bad tattoos and even worse attitude. I’m pretty sure the correctional centre was where Justin had learned about sex with other guys.

We ended up in Justin’s room, which was dimly lit with candles. We sat around smoking pot, listening to Van Halen and Ozzie Osbourne and poring over Chris’s Penthouse and Hustler magazines. It was Justin’s idea to play truth or dare. It started with a simple questions: “Rory – you ever had sex with a girl yet?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Who with?” Justin demanded.

“I’m not telling.”

“You liar. You’re as cherry as Nathan is,” Justin said, blowing smoke in my face.

In my mind, fingering a girl was sex, so I stuck to my guns and insisted I had, in fact, had sex with a girl. I was eager to pump Justin for sexual knowledge. Justin got more pussy than Elvis, so I figured he’d be a wellspring of cunt wisdom.

“Ever ate a girl’s pussy?” I asked.

“Duh! What do you think?”

“What does it taste like?”

“That’s two questions,” Justin said. “It tastes like raisin pie.”

“Get the fuck out of here,” I said.

“What? I’m serious. It tastes like raisin pie.”

“Not cherry?” I asked.

“I thought you said it tastes like buttertarts,” Nathan said.

“Yeah. Buttertarts. That too. But not quite so sweet. Kinda salty and thick. Taste your own precum and that’s what it tastes like. Smells a whole lot different though.”

“What’s precum?” I blurted. Nathan and Justin both laughed.

“Holy fuck – you still shooting blanks, boy?”


“You got any hair down there? Let’s see…”

Justin made to yank down my pants, but I pulled away.

“Fuck off,” I said, laughing.

“When you’re pulling your pud, do you ever get, like, clear stuff coming out?”

“Looks like egg white,” Nathan said.

A light went on. So that’s what it was called.

“I didn’t know it had a name,” I said. “I always called it lube.”

“Have you ever tasted it?” Justin asked.

“No!” I said, lying.

“Well try it sometime, if you want to know what pussy tastes like. Better yet, take that skanky little hardbody that’s always hanging around you guys – what’s her name? Brenda! Take her pants down sometime. Guarantee she’d let you sniff the quiff. Eat her little snatch and then you’ll know what it tastes like. I wouldn’t mind a taste of that right now, actually,” he said, rubbing his crotch.

The game resumed. “Ever had your cock sucked?” I asked Nathan.

“Yeah,” he said.


I was shocked. How is it that my best friend had never shared this with me?

“Who?” I demanded.

“Never mind,” he said, glancing at Justin. It was a weird look.

“Rory’s turn,” Justin said, changing the subject. “Truth or Dare.”

“Dare. No, truth,” I said, realizing that Justin was the kind of guy who would dare you to stick a finger up your ass then smell it, or jerk off the family dog – things that wouldn’t even enter a normal person’s head.

“You said dare.”


“OK, whatever. Let’s see: Ever sucked a guy’s cock?”

“No!” I said, emphatically.

“Yeah right. I’ll bet you and Nathan suck each other off all the time.”

“Like hell!” I said.

It was Nathan’s turn to ask me. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” I said, not liking the direction the questions had taken.


“Make him show us his dick,” Justin said.

“OK. Show us your dick,” Nathan said, playfully.

“No way,” I said, and I meant it. “Bunch of homos.”

Pain exploded in my deltoid. Justin had punched me in the upper shoulder.

“Fuck!” I yelled.

“No cheating. Show us your dick.”

“No fucking way.”

Justin gaziantep escort telefonları held up his fingers, showing an inch.

“Tiny dick,” he said. “Don’t worry man, we won’t laugh.”

“Show me yours first,” I said.

“What’s the big fucking deal? There. Happy?”

Justin had pulled down his pants, and stood there with what looked to me to be an abnormally large sausage hanging between his legs.

“Now off with the pants,” Justin said, as he pulled his up.

“OK. Fuck.”

Reluctantly, I pulled down my pants.

“I was right,” Justin said. “Two inches.”

“Five and a half,” I told him, as I pulled my pants back up quickly, embarrassed about my comparatively small dick. “I measured it.”

“Yeah, rock hard maybe,” Justin said.

“My turn,” I said. “Truth or dare?”

Nathan chose dare. I really didn’t know what else to make him do. “Your turn. Let’s see your dick.”

Nathan only shyly smiled and obeyed. I had seen his cock before, of course. We were best friends. But it looked different now, since the last time we had gone swimming. There was more pubic hair, and his cock looked so much bigger now – almost as big a his brother’s.

We continued in this vein, with the questions and dares getting more and more risqué.

It was Nathan’s turn and he took dare.

“Whack Rory for 30 seconds.”

Nathan looked to me sheepishly, as if to say, “what can I do? – I have to.”

I hesitated. But to be honest, all the sex talk and the showing of penises was getting me horny, despite my misgivings that what we were doing was kind of gay.

I pulled my pants down to expose my cock, which was already rising to meet Nathan’s fingers. It felt good, his hand on my swelling shaft. It was not the first time – we had engaged in mutual masturbation before. I felt self-conscious with Justin watching, however.

My cock was stiff and aching for more touching when his hand left it. It was Justin’s turn. Truth questions were no longer even being chosen. We are all doing dares.

“Whack Nathan for 30 seconds,” I said.

Without hesitation, Justin went over to his younger brother, knelt down in front of him, and took out his cock and played with it. Things were getting serious, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep going. But I was aroused past the point of stopping, however. Besides, Justin was the coolest guy I knew. If it was OK for this tough, tattooed older guy to be doing this stuff, well then it had to be cool.

“Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” Nathan said.

“Suck Rory’s cock for 10 seconds,” Justin said.

I was shocked not so much by what Justin was telling his brother to do as I was by Nathan’s willingness. I was, in fact, grateful to Justin for the order, and totally shocked when Nathan gave me that sheepish grin again and came and knelt in front of me.

I could not believe what was happening. I took my pants down to my knees and my cock sprang forward as if it had a life and will of its own. I was still embarrassed by the fact that I was showing my hardon to two other guys.

I realized just as he leaned forward what this meant – at some point it would be my turn. I wanted to say something, to stop him. This was going too far. Then, something, a pleasure beyond words, blossomed in the depths of my loins. Pleasure like no other I had ever felt. Warmth enveloped my rigid penis. Warmth and a velvet tongue.

I tried morphine once – several years later. That first hot mouth on my cock was a lot like that first rush of morphine – a pleasure so sudden and all-consuming that the world contracts, and all that exists is your raw, naked pleasure – pleasure so profound it surprises you, your capacity to feel such a thing. Pleasure that takes your breath away.

I don’t know if I even breathed for those 10 seconds while my best friend’s mouth blessed my cock. When he withdrew, I looked down at him sheepishly, face flushed.

“Whoa,” I said.

“First time, eh? How’s it feel?” Justin said, wearing a sinister grin. He looked to me like some handsome but terribly wicked pan-god, some stoner Bacchus with a bong and a seven-inch phallus, and a desire to see my mouth on both. And I knew then that I was being set up by both of them.

“Your turn to ask,” Justin said.

“Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” Justin said.

“Um…” I smiled. “OK — you suck Nathan.”

“OK Bro,” Justin said, “whip it out.”

Justin went down in front of his brother, and before it could all register, he was sucking his brother’s cock. Not gingerly, escort gaziantep telefonları the way Nathan had sucked mine, but expertly, taking the entire length in his mouth. Devouring it.

It did not at the time really register that this was incest. It seemed weird that three guys were sucking each other’s dicks. That was taboo enough. It did not occur to me that this was doubly forbidden sex – a brother having sex with a brother. Nor did it occur to me at the time that this was very likely not the first time they had done this. In retrospect, there is no doubt in my mind that Justin had taught his younger brother the joys of oral sex some time ago. I sometimes wonder whether they had not planned this seduction beforehand.

And now it was my turn.

“Suck Nathan’s cock,” Justin ordered.

“All right – two in a row,” Nathan said.

I was relieved that he had not ordered me to suck his own cock, which loomed like some awesome weapon between his legs. I could hardly protest, given what was transpiring. By now, we had dispensed with our clothes and were completely naked, our hardons standing out stiffly in front of us.

I knelt before my friend, as he sat back on Justin’s bed, and spread his legs.

I still have the image in my mind’s eye of Nathan’s testicles hanging heavily between his hairless thighs, his rigid cock slanting slightly to the left. His cock was circumcised, with a nice, small purple head. A small patch of soft, brown public hair framed his pretty prick.

I tentatively took the rigid piece of flesh in my hand and bent it towards me. I hesitated as I looked at what I was about to put in my mouth. It looked like some exotic appetizer from a Chinese restaurant – something meaty and mushroomlike. It tasted that way too. I gingerly put the head in my mouth and sucked. The taste, and the smell, were so strange, so foreign. At first, I think it repulsed me. It had the taste of uncooked meat.

I took half of it into my mouth, unknowingly raking the tender skin with my teeth. Nathan winced. “Careful with the teeth,” he said.

“Sorry,” I mumbled. I put the grisly organ back in my mouth and sucked, mindful of my teeth, until I thought my 60 seconds were up. Then I pulled back, wiped my mouth and stood up, my cock dripping a slender thread of clear fluid. I had never leaked precum like this before.

Now it was Nathan’s turn to suck his older brother. Nathan’s cock seemed huge to me, and I was terrified at the prospect of having to put it in my mouth. It helped to see Nathan do it first.

He seemed to know what he was doing. These two brothers seemed quite at ease with what they were doing. Justin lay back on the bed while his brother took his large cock in his hand and worked it into his mouth. Justin lay back on the bed, his upper body raised up on his arms. He had a good body, nicely tanned from working outside (he already had a manual labourer’s job). His pecs were accented by one tattoo of a death’s head skull on his right pectoral. He looked down almost tenderly, watching his younger brother’s head busily moving below.

I sat down next to them, cock in hand, and watched, fascinated, as Nathan’s lips stretched tightly around his brother’s massive organ. I absently massaged my own cock, now slick with precum and saliva, while I watched them.

It was beginning to really turn me on, seeing that big penis of Justin’s disappear and reappear into my best friend’s mouth. I marveled at how deeply into Nathan’s throat it went. How could he do that without throwing up? I wondered. Oddly, I felt a little jealous. Nathan was my best friend, and it felt a little like betrayal to see him sucking another guy’s cock.

When Nathan stopped and came up for air, Justin directed Nathan and I to sixty-nine each other. I immediately loved the 69 position. With your own cock deeply planted in another guy’s mouth while you reciprocat, it is almost like you are sucking your own cock. I found that in this position I could accommodate more cock in my throat. Nathan gently pushed deep into my mouth and I allowed his six-inch and a half inch prick to go all the way to the hilt at one point, before gagging.

When Nathan and I untangled from the 69, Justin was working his cock with his hand. He stopped momentarily to light a joint. He gave me a hit, then passed it around.

“Your turn,” he said to me, with a stoned, knowing smile.

Justin got me to half sit up on the bed, with my back to the wall. He straddled me, one knee on either side of me, and guided his big, greasy cock towards gaziantep escort bayan telefonları my face. I knew I couldn’t refuse. I just wanted to get it over with.

Justin’s cock had to be at least seven inches long. It was nicely cut, with a very large purple head, which I found to be sticky and wet with precum, as I brought it to my lips. It was like sucking a large, overripe plum. The juices, I found, were slightly salty, not at all unpleasant. His male musk was very strong, and compared to Nathan and I, he had a lot of public hair.

I felt his hand on my head, insisting I go deeper. I held his cock in my hand and tried to take as much of his cock as I could, but could manage no more than half of it before I began to choke. I was very wary of this wild beast in my hand and mouth. I was afraid it would go off in my mouth. I did not want his jism in my mouth.

As Justin slowly pistoned his cock in and out of my mouth with gentle thrusts of his pelvis, I felt Nathan moving below us. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but soon realized what was happening. I felt his warm breath on my cock. He was leaning in from the side, licking my cock shaft, while I sucked his brother. This helped make the chore a little more enjoyable. This went on until my jaw grew tired.

I could tell that Justin was getting worked up now. As he pulled away, he instructed Nathan to suck him. He lay down on the bed, fully stretched out, as Nathan positioned himself between his legs. I jerked myself now as I watched Nathan blowing his brother.

“Lick down here,” Justin moaned. It was almost as if they were oblivious of me now. They were in their own private moment doing what I now imagine they did often on hot nights. I wonder if any other of his other brothers were involved?

I watched with fascination as Nathan licked then sucked his brother’s balls, then took his large piece of meat deep into his throat. Justin was thrusting his pelvis now, both hands on his brother’s head, and his breathing was getting short. I could tell he was getting ready to cum.

Nathan gripped the base of his brother’s cock and began to pump it while he sucked the head. Now and then he would look up at his brother. I could hear him breathing loudly through his nose as Justin’s cock battered his mouth and throat.

I had never seen another guy cum before. I had only seen my own feeble emissions. So when Justin came, it was shocking.

He went rigid, and his pelvis rose. At the same time, he forced his brother’s head down, and I watched as his cock disappeared almost entirely into Nathan’s mouth.

“Ahh!” Justin said with a sudden convulsion.

He let go of Nathan’s head, which came up quickly. Justin’s red, swollen cockhead popped out of Nathan’s mouth with a wet sound and sperm was gushing onto his chest and belly. A long, thick strand of semen fell from Nathan’s mouth. Justin’s face contorted with what looked more like agony than pleasure. His head came up off the pillow to watch his own explosion. Nathan pumped his brother’s cock with one hand, and wiped the sticky fluid from his lips with the other.

Jets of white sperm were erupting from the swollen head, drawing thick lines on Justin’s chest and stomach. What amazed me was how long it went on for. For me, two or three feeble pulses produced a few dollops of cum. Justin’s cock pulsed seven or eight times. It almost seemed like his whole stomach was glazed with shiny semen. His big tool continued to drool thick cream into a small pool on his belly as his orgasm died.

“Whoa,” he said, when he was done. “Get me a Kleenex.”

Nathan climbed off the bed and tossed his brother a box of Kleenex tissues. We stood there with our hardons, a little embarrassed, and watched as Justin mopped his spunk from his belly.

“Why don’t you guys go to Nathan’s room and finish yourselves off,” Justin suggested.

Sheepishly, we picked up our pants and walked naked, our hardons, slightly deflated, bobbing as we walked down the hallway to Nathan’s room. Without Justin to orchestrate things, we weren’t sure what to do.

“Want to just jerk off?” I suggested.

“How about we 69,” Nathan suggested.

I eagerly agreed. We laid down on his bed and took each other in our mouths. As I felt his warm meat filling and refilling my mouth and throat, I thought about the sperm that I had seen dribbling out of Nathan’s mouth. He must have taken one or two shots, I thought. And as I inhaled the subtle musk of my friend’s groin, and tasted the salty, satiny precum at the back of my throat, I wondered what it would taste like.

I was not to find out. Soon I was withdrawing my cock from Nathan’s mouth suddenly and rolling on my back. I gripped my cock and squeezed out a small amount of thick white juice. As I lay back, my cock still twitching from orgasm, I saw Nathan’s cock also spilling a meager amount of pearly fluid onto his stomach.

I had been inducted into a secret fraternity of exotic pleasures and forbidden tastes, and I would never be the same.

To be continued

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