The Staircase

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The event was interminable. They had glad handed their way through, smiling and chatting, but now it was time to make an unseen exit. An exchange of looks and a barely perceptible nod, and they were heading down the stairs to the car. He loosened the tie which had seemingly been depriving him of oxygen for an hour, and reached over to put a hand on her thigh, “Let’s get out of here, I’ve been wanting you for the last hour.”

As she drove, he gazed at the nape of her neck, wanting to put his lips on it, knowing that there was, in her case, a direct neural link from there to her pussy. His mind wandered to the sound she would make, and how instantly pliable her entire body would become. He was jolted back to reality by a bolt of lightning flashing across the sky as they left the parking garage.

A drop at a time, and then a few drops at a time, the rain pelted the car. Soon, they were driving through a monsoon. She concentrated on the road; he concentrated on her

Arriving at her home, they discover that the power is out, and the garage door won’t go up. They circle back around the driveway, and park in front of the door. She relaxes as she turns off the car, and looks over at him. He is gazing at her with a look that seemed midway between adoration and lust. She reaches for her door handle, but he is already leaning over and kissing that spot on her neck.

Another clap of thunder sounds, illuminating her nipples stiffening under her blouse. He had watched her dress that evening, noticing the dichotomy between her all-business exterior, and the silk and lace concealed within. Now his hands were drawn to that silk and lace, and more importantly, to the supple flesh they contained. He reached up and cupped her breast, his fingers slowly drawing together around the nipple which had sprung to full attention.

Her reaction is instantaneous. She lets out a low-pitched moan, and unbuttons the blouse that her ample breasts have been straining at all night. One button, then two. She reaches for his head, but it is already bending toward the nipple straining at the walls of its silken prison. When his lips meet her flesh, a flash of lightning provides a silent accompaniment. The delay between flash and thunder perfectly aligned with the delay between contact and moan.

The hand which had been cupping her breast now slid up to the nape of her neck, where his fingers became entangled with her blonde tresses. He had been thinking about how good it would feel to touch her hair as they drove. It was, and he held a ball of it tightly while he eased her head back and her lips to his. Their kiss is framed by yet another arc of white light, escort gaziantep bayan reklamları which, given the intensity of their meeting, they could be excused for believing that they had created.

He feels the stirring in his loins that precedes the intense hardening, and knows that he must have her. All the images of the evening, watching her walk, the sway of her hips, the sparkle in her eyes all flashed through his mind as he kissed her long and deep before guiding her hand to the expanding bulge between his legs. She gasps with surprise and pleasure at what she feels, and the knowledge that desire for her is what has made him so hard so fast.

He breaks the kiss just long enough to gasp, “Let’s go inside.”

She nods in assent, and he exits the car and goes around to open her door. When he does, her arms and legs both envelop him, and pull him in for another all encompassing kiss. Her legs pull him closer, and she pulls away and then moves her head towards his ear. She runs her tongue around the outside and breathes, “Take me inside and fuck me. Hard. Now. Please.”

With her legs still wrapped around him, he lifts both their bodies into the rain. Although they are oblivious to it, they are completely soaked by the time they reach the door. Her back against the door, they kiss deeply for another moment, his hand instantly drawn to her still stiff nipple. He grinds against her with his now fully erect member. She feels herself flush, and moans softly.

They half dive and half tumble through the door, which proved difficult to open without breaking their kiss, and while devoting seven of the eight available limbs to other activities. Throwing the door closed behind them, their clothes are mostly off before it slams shut. Two steps later, their single form has collapsed on to the landing of the grand staircase that is the center of her foyer. Slick with rainwater, they slide across the hardwood floor, he buries his head between her breasts, as her legs wrap around his back, and she rubs her clit against his abdomen.

She pushes herself back towards the stairs on the palms of her hands, and he easily slides down her torso until his head is between her legs, and his tongue is flickering over her clitoris. Her hands jump to the back of his head, pulling him in closer. He obliges, gleefully burying his tongue and lips in her pussy. Feeling her arousal, he runs a single finger over her swollen lips, and then ever so slightly inside. Her silky lips enveloped the tip of his finger, and her hips surged forward in an attempt to bury it deeper inside her.

Exploring escort gaziantep resimleri gently, his finger found a place that elicited both moans and a telltale tightening of her thighs around his ears. She whispered, “Yes…there…right theeerrrreee” Her thighs locked around his head as she approached the first of what would ultimately become an uncountable number of climaxes.

As she recovers, he finds his bearings in the dark, and starts up the stairs. She blocks his progress, turning him around so that she is facing his engorged cock. She gently cups his balls in her hand, and then runs her hand up his shaft, and then back down, guiding his head into her waiting mouth. Her lips envelop his head, and then slowly slide down his shaft. They moan in unison, and he reaches down to cradle her breasts in both his hands.

Over her bobbing shoulders, he can see the curve of her hips. Combined with the soft wetness of her lips enveloping his cock, he needed to be inside her. He grabbed her hips and pulled them toward himself. In one move, she wheeled around, braced herself on the bannister, and lowered herself onto his throbbing shaft, “Yes…God…Oh, yes…” she growled, as she maneuvered herself so that he was buried in her to the hilt. He let out a primal grunt. It was all he could muster, the sensation of being completely enveloped was that overpowering.

A flash of blue illuminated the sky, coming through the windows and silhouetting them on the wall. Unlike a hand, which can be made to project a shadow of almost anything, their shadow could never be mistaken for anything else: A woman completely enthralled with the cock she was doing her best to consume in the space between her legs.

He grabs her hips, and uses them to pull her up and down on to him, astonished at how wet she is, and how, with each downward thrust, she seems to take more of him inside her. She cries out at each stroke, grasping at his ass to hold him inside her. That first penetration is always magical for her. The feeling of being completely filled, of having every curve of her insides fit by his hardness was practically orgasmic on its own. Though they have been together more times than either one can count, she is still taken off guard by how hard he is. For his part, it is all he can do at that moment to shoot his load inside her, and then her screaming, panting climax got him even closer. She was relieved for the momentary respite while he backed off, filling up for an even larger climax later. He was always astonished at the length and intensity of his climaxes with her. When her pussy escort gaziantep bayan sitesi muscles grabbed on to his cock at the height of her climax, it actually seemed to pull the cum out of him.

She starts toward the bedroom, but he grabs her hair before she can make the last step. He pulls her head back, and kisses the base of her neck, and then, softly, he bites the end of her earlobe. This sends a shiver down her back and into her pussy, and a moan escapes her mouth. He pushes her forward, and taking advantage of her incredibly wet pussy buries himself in her again. Being behind her allows him to feel her pussy on a whole other area of his cock, and he senses that the change of position has been equally gratifying for her. They start slowly, but build to a roaring crescendo in short order. He reaches forward to the nape of her neck, and grabs for purchase in her hair. When he has a handful of her hair, he uses it to pull them together even harder, and when he reaches around to touch her clit, he is caught off guard by the intensity of her climax, so close on the heels of the last one.

Collapsing at the top of the stairs, she catches her breath, and looks at him looking at her. Wordlessly, they walk through the double doors into her bedroom, following a deep kiss that seems to concentrate the entirety of both their beings in the place where their lips meet.

She pushes him backward onto her bed, and devours his cock. The taste of her own cum blended with his sweat made her want to add his cum and swallow the combination. Gazing up at him, she lets his cock slide down so that it sits between her ample breasts, with her nipples remaining at attention. He pushes her breasts together so that only his engorged head protrudes from her cleavage.

Normally, this would require some lube, but the combination of sweat, rainwater, and the glistening wetness she had explosively deposited on his cock was more than enough to lubricate the thrusts that he made.

When his cock was purple and raging, she finally slid her chest up over it and took it inside her soaking wet pussy. He was hard and slid in easily, again shocking her with his size and hardness. She drove down on top of him, and he filled that space deep inside her, both their eyes opening wide with surprise when he did. She does this until she drives herself to the edge of yet another explosive climax. As he feels her nearing orgasm, he grabs her hips and uses them to rub her clitoris against the base of his abdomen. This drives her to a screaming, clawing, panting, near-blackout climax.

She slumps forward on him, her hair cascading down and enveloping them in a private blonde waterfall. She whispers, “Give it to me.” in his ear. “Cum inside me. Please. I need to feel it.” That was it. He could take anything but her asking for it. He reached around, grabbed her ass, pulled himself inside her until he knew it was simply not possible to penetrate her more deeply, and let forth what seemed like a quart of semen in an eruption that nearly caused him to lose consciousness.

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