The Speedo Doesn’t Lie Ch. 08

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This story is posted on the Literotica website—the author does not give permission for it to be reposted or reprinted anywhere else without consent. This is the final in a multi-chaptered interracial cuckold story. If you haven’t read the previous chapters, I encourage you to do so, but I’m confident you’ll enjoy it as a standalone too…and then you’ll go back and read the others!


Wednesday morning — three days after Justin and Abbie’s return from Lake Tahoe.

Justin Dawson sat in his office at work thinking about the conversation he’d overheard between his gorgeous wife Abbie and her hot blonde friend Brie the previous night.

He had returned an hour early from the gym following a short cardio workout—a tweaked hamstring caused him to stop before he really got started. Now almost 30, the dive coach actually listened to his body for a change, unlike the previous time he’d experienced a similar feeling and ignored it only to be laid up for six weeks after practically tearing his other hamstring.

Justin had entered the house quietly hoping to surprise Abbie and perhaps coax her into some pre-dinner fooling around. Running on the treadmill was one thing, but lying on his back while his wife’s phenomenal body bounced on his cock was entirely another—he wouldn’t have to worry about tearing a hamstring doing that.

Busting a nut was a much more desirable affliction.

As he quietly made his way down the hall from the garage, he heard Abbie in a spirited conversation with another woman. “That’s weird,” Justin thought to himself, “I didn’t know she was going to have someone over?” He hadn’t seen a car outside and the other woman’s voice clearly wasn’t that of their neighbor Sue who popped in for a free glass of wine every so often.

As Justin neared the end of the hall, he carefully peaked around the corner and observed Abbie sitting at the table, a mineral water and her iPhone resting in front of her. Justin surmised she had recently finished one of her grueling Peloton workouts. He could see perspiration marks on her sexy spandex as the stretchy workout gear hugged her sinewy body to perfection.

He realized quickly the other voice was coming from the speaker on her phone.

Moments later Justin Dawson practically swallowed his tongue when he heard the words that came out of his wife’s mouth. “Oh my God Brie, you of all should people should know…yes I think about it a lot! It’s been since Friday and I think I’m still having withdrawals, I’m not sure how I went three months without it!” Her statement was followed by giggles by both women.

Justin’s chin fell to his chest. “Fuck, is she talking to Brie about Nick Thomas’ cock? She thinks about it a lot? What did she mean by ‘You of all people should know’?” For the first time, Justin’s concerns about Abbie’s infidelity began to feel more like cheating than cuckolding.

Brie’s laughter subsided. “I certainly couldn’t go three months without it. That’s what’s so wonderful about The BullpenAbbie, I can get all the dark stuff I want whenever I want!”

Justin did everything in his power to control his breathing as his heart beat wildly in his chest. “What in the world am I listening to? Abbie and Brie aren’t even that close and here they are discussing extramarital sex with black men like it’s no big deal?” Justin was amazed that although Brie had obviously experienced the same taboo connections, Abbie chose to share such private personal information with her. He thought to himself, “I don’t know how comfortable I am with other people in our extended circles knowing about Abbie and Nick! And what’s with this Bullpen thing? Do I want my wife learning more about a swinging lifestyle with black men at some club?”

His concerns were interrupted by Abbie’s reply. “So you mentioned that Bullpen place a few minutes ago, I hope you aren’t mad, but Anna told me and Sydney about it, is it true that you and Dave go together?”

A mental picture of Brie’s husband Dave entered Justin’s mind as he tried to come to grips with what his wife had just asked the hot blonde. He had met Dave on a couple of occasions and thought he seemed like a good dude, but he had always wondered how the slightly chubby, balding husband had landed a rocket like Brie in the first place. The analogy of the ski jumper being way too far over his skis flashed in Justin’s mind. He listened for the blonde wife’s response.

“Oh, Anna has such a big mouth!” Brie laughed. “But she called me yesterday and informed me she told you and Sydney about it, I obviously don’t want everyone to know, but I don’t mind if you guys do, I’m not embarrassed by it. Dave and I love it!”

Justin gulped, not sure exactly what they were talking about, but suspected based on her earlier comment and this one, it was some kind of swingers club with black men.

“Is it true Nick introduced it to you?” Justin heard Abbie ask.

“Yeah, as I’m sure Anna told you guys, Dave and I had been having troubles in the bedroom for a long time. We had gone to sex counseling and stuff, but nothing was working. As Escort bayan much as I loved him, I just felt totally unfulfilled and it was tearing our marriage apart. I know it sounds selfish, but I just couldn’t go on living a lie any longer. But I had always been faithful to him until that night we went to the Masked Masculinity show for my birthday. I ended up going home with Nick and my life has never been the same since.”

Justin’s eyes were like saucers, his mouth agape, his cock suddenly like steel in disbelief and arousal. “Oh my god, Nick fucked Brie too!”

He listened as the blonde wife continued. “When Dave got back from his camping trip I sat him down and told him what happened between me and Nick. He was obviously very upset at first but when he realized I was serious about leaving if something didn’t change, he asked if I would stay if he agreed to let me have sex with other men. I thought he was kidding at first, but then I realized he was totally serious. He actually admitted to being turned-on by the idea of watching me with other people!”

Justin peaked around the corner again as a flushed redness washed over the side of Abbie’s face he could see. He didn’t know how much of this she already knew.

He soon learned. “So how long have you been…um…doing it…with other men at this Bullpen?”

“Not just any men Abbie, beautiful black men! Bulls…as the name implies. We’ve been going pretty much since right after that first time with Nick. At first I only wanted to go to have sex with him again, but he told us he wasn’t interested in love triangles unless he could do it under the protection of the club. I wanted to be with him so bad that in spite of our concerns, Dave and I went and checked it out. We’ve been hooked ever since!”

“So Dave is really okay with it?”

“Oh, he loves it! All the guys do.”

“Wow Brie, it’s just hard to believe!”

“We thought so at first too, but we learned immediately how wrong we were. So let me ask you Ab, if Nick gives you the same ultimatum he gave me, is joining the Pen something you would consider? Do you think Justin would do it?”

Justin listened closely for Abbie’s response, heart pounding in his chest. All this talk about Brie’s dissatisfaction with her marital sex life was scaring the shit out of him. “Could Abbie feel the same way too?”

“Jeez Brie, I have to admit it sounds intriguing, but there are so many things to consider. As for Justin, to be honest with you, the only thing on my mind since Friday is why it’s been so hard for me to tell him about Nick and me at the retreat. I feel absolutely terrible for not having told him already. The first time with Nick back in May, Justin and I were both pretty much guilty for allowing it to happen. But we had agreed after that first time, it was a misjudgment on both our parts, and we wouldn’t do it again. But then last weekend happened and I guess I’m just ashamed that I didn’t have the willpower to say no! I didn’t plan to hook-up with Nick again, but after I got drunk, I couldn’t stop myself!”

Justin wasn’t sure what to make of Abbie’s admission. He held his breath and listened to hear how the conversation progressed.

“So you and Nick didn’t have it planned? What about the adjoining rooms?” Brie asked with a mischievous tone in her voice. The inquiry conveniently uncovered one of Justin’s unanswered questions.

“I don’t know about him, but I certainly didn’t! The adjoining rooms were just a coincidence as far as I know. Nick and I had hardly talked since May and I figured he had moved on like Justin and I had.”

“Well you clearly loved it again Abbie, do you think you would have the willpower to say no in the future if continuing on is not what Justin wants?”

“Oh god Brie, the quick answer is YES! I love him more than anything in the world and I would never want to lose him!”

Justin breathed a huge sigh of relief, but still wondered why Abbie qualified her response with “The quick answer is…”

“What about the sex? Are you in a similar boat as I was?” Brie asked.

“No…I mean I don’t totally know your situation, but Justin and I have always had a wonderful sex life…”

Justin pumped his fist but reengaged immediately as Abbie continued.

“I mean…he is a considerate lover who always puts my needs and desires ahead of his own. He tries to continually add creativity and spice to our love-making. I’ve never felt unfulfilled or unsatisfied. I never gave it a second thought in terms of desiring something…um…more. Truth be told, I’ve always been the more conservative one in the bedroom. But for the past several years, he has become much more vocal in his desire for me to experience a…uh…how would you say it…more endowed man. I of course resisted and frankly didn’t take it seriously for the longest time. But then Nick came into our lives…”

“So it definitely sounds like Justin has had cuckold desires for some time?”

Justin cringed at the assumptive suggestion by a woman he didn’t know well, but nonetheless listened intently Bayan escort for Abbie’s response.

“Yeah…I guess…I didn’t even know what cuckolding was until Anna told me about your situation. I never really considered it an actual thing. Justin had said that other men had those fetishes, but I never knew to what extent.”

“Oh it’s a thing alright Abbie! Dave and I have learned so much about the lifestyle since we started going to the Pen. Cucks come in all different shapes and sizes. Big and small. Young and old. I’m sure in lots of different races too, but most of our experiences have been with white couples. All of us really get off on the alpha black male and submissive white female kink!”

“So all the men at this…uh…Pen place…are black?”

Justin reached down and rubbed his cock, aroused that Abbie was curious to learn more about it.

“Bulls Abbie…they consider it an insult to be referred to simply as men. They are all amazing black studs worthy of the moniker. The club was started by a former Major League Baseball relief pitcher named Carl Jenkins. They now have many chapters around the country. Most of the bulls are former athletes and/or successful men in other industries. Nick is kind of an exception, but as you know, he is very worthy of inclusion.”

“Jeez Brie…it’s hard to imagine anyone more qualified. Just this conversation is making me kind of horny…”

Justin peaked around the corner and witnessed Abbie’s hand slip between her legs.

Brie laughed on the other end of the line. “God Abbie, you have no idea. Nick has the youthful exuberance and physical stamina, but each of the bulls brings unique attributes to the bedroom. Some of the older, more experienced stallions do things that would absolutely blow your mind!”

“And Dave is okay with it? He doesn’t get jealous?”

“I know it sounds strange Abbie, but Dave is a true cuckold and it totally turns him on to see or hear about me experiencing complete sexual nirvana with all that black cock!”

“Hear about it? He isn’t always there?”

“Sometimes he is, but he actually prefers fantasizing when I tell him all the details when we’re in bed together later. Our own sex life has improved dramatically since I started sharing all my experiences while we make love.”

“Oh my god Brie, do you tell him everything?”

Brie giggled loudly. “Well…just between you and me Ab, I could never tell him everything! The poor man might have a heart attack if I did…”

Both women laughed before Abbie probed more deeply, “It doesn’t bother him that you are the only one experiencing all that amazing sex?”

Justin’s excitement at Abbie’s curiosity stiffened his cock more.

“At first it did a little, but once he realized how excited it made him to live vicariously through my pleasurable experiences, he really came to love it — plus The Pen recruits young beautiful women to participate and fool around sometimes with the husband’s while we wives are getting ours. Dave obviously looks forward to that.”

“Wait…Dave has sex with other women too? And you are okay with that?”

“I didn’t like the idea at first, but before long, I realized I was being hypocritical if I didn’t capitulate to some extent. And the reality is, they don’t actually have sex with them, it’s usually a lot of heavy petting while they listen or watch what the bulls are doing with us.”

“Heavy petting?” Abbie asked naively.

“Kissing, fondling and stuff. They let the husbands play with their boobs or butts while they give them hand jobs or an occasional blow job. No actual intercourse.”

“Are these girls like hookers or something?”

“No…no, not at all Ab! The best way to describe them is kind of like Bullpen groupies. At our chapter, Nick is one of the top recruiters, obviously being their age and all. My understanding is the foals or fillies as everyone refers to them, do the husband stuff in return for getting to be with the bulls later. Sometimes they also join in with the wives.”

“You mean like when they are with their husbands?” Abbie asked, surprised.

“No, no Abbie those opportunities are saved for the bulls! Those black men love sex with more than one woman at a time. Oh my god, that reminds me, a few months ago me and a couple of the other wives accompanied some bulls out to New York for a couple of days and we met a filly there who said she knew you. Really pretty young blonde with a great body…what was her name?…oh yeah Amber!”

“AMBER TISDALE?” Abbie shouted. Her chin and Justin’s practically falling simultaneously to their chests in disbelief.

“Yeah that’s her! She told me Nick recruited her into the club. Anyway, she and my friend Jenny spent the night with the alpha bull Carl Jenkins himself. Jenny told me it was unlike anything she had ever experienced. She told me that Amber girl can’t get enough big black cock and I hope you aren’t uncomfortable with me saying this Abbie, but Jenny said your friend is amazing with her tongue in regards to female anatomy too!”

“Amber?” Escort Abbie gasped, “Wow I had no idea!”

Justin’s cock was hard as steel within seconds as he envisioned Amber Tisdale eating pussy in a three-way with a hot wife and a hung black bull.

“My friend said Amber told her that after being with Nick, she wanted it all the time so when she moved to New York, Nick connected her with the Pen there.” Brie giggled. “Poor girl, it sounds like she has the same affliction as me and you Ab!” Abbie got a small lump in her throat as she sat slack jawed staring at her phone.

Finally she spoke, “I’d like to hear more about that Brie, but Justin is going to be home soon and as I said before, I called to see if you could help me with my dilemma. I was wondering if in any of your experiences, you’ve heard of anyone else having the same challenge as me in communicating to their husband about a situation like mine.”

“You know Abbie, now that I think about it, I have a friend at the club named Kaitlin who was having trouble telling her husband she wanted to check out the Pen. She finally came up with the idea of telling him over an intimate night together—you know, candlelight dinner, wine, soft music etc. After dinner she changed into sexy lingerie and surprised him in the bedroom. Long story short, once she had him all worked-up, she shared The Bullpen idea with him. It worked like a charm, he admitted that the idea turned him on so much they visited the club a few days later and have been regulars ever since.”

“Wow! That’s amazing, but a little risky. What if he had said no?”

“She knew he had cuckold desires, so she was hopeful, but admitted she was very nervous. It obviously worked out great for them and since Justin seems to have some of the same fetishes, maybe you could do something similar to tell him you had sex with Nick again and might desire to take this further.”

“Oh my god Brie, I think that might just work! Justin really loved hearing about it the first time around, but I’m not totally sure how he will react this time after I didn’t tell him immediately like I should have, especially because it was his birthday! I can’t believe how guilty I feel, but this gives me hope that if I can just deal with it until this weekend, I could really make it a special night, knowing we wouldn’t have to work the next day. I’m committed to Sydney’s jewelry party on Friday, but Saturday night I could really go all out!”

Justin’s nervous concerns were allayed significantly by his wife’s admission of guilt and her desire to make it up to him. Thoughts of how he might take advantage of the situation were already bouncing around in his mind. He started to turn back in the direction of the garage with the intent of making a loud re-entry when he heard Brie’s response.

“Ab, that sounds like a plan! If Justin loves you as much as I’m sure he does and now knowing his cuckold tendencies, I bet he will forgive you and want to hear more about the details! Speaking of which…uh em…how was it the second time around?” Brie asked with what Abbie could tell was a naughty grin on the other end of the phone.

“How do you think?” Abbie laughed. “So amazing! I wasn’t as nervous this time and he remembered all the things I loved from the first time. He did all those and more until I was begging him not to stop! I can’t even tell you how many times I…uh…you know…”

“That sounds like the Nick Thomas I know! I can only imagine how good the two of you must look tangled up together!”

“Oh my god Brie, his suite had mirrors over the bed, I’ve never had sex that way before. It was so arousing watching his muscled black body ravishing mine over and over. I bet his butt cheeks hurt that next day—my fingernails were dug in there so deep!” This time both ladies laughed as Justin rubbed his cock again thinking he might actually cum in his pants if Abbie relayed another word.

“Damn Abbie that sounds so hot, I might have to go find my vibe right now!” Brie joked. “So if Justin forgives you for not coming clean immediately as I would expect, do you want some more of that decadent chocolate?”

Justin held his breath waiting for his wife’s response.

“Oh god Brie…of course! But that’s where this gets even messier. Do you know that asshole Nick brought some slut back to his room the following night and they had sex all night long. I couldn’t believe he had the nerve to do that after what we shared the previous night. The worst part was, Justin got super horny listening to them, while it pissed me off to no end!”

Brie spoke in her most understanding voice, “Abbie, please don’t take this the wrong way, but you have to realize you are not dealing with a normal guy here. Nick is truly an alpha bull who most women would do just about anything to hop in the sack with…look at the two of us for example. And from my experience he is like the rest of them I’ve met—they truly believe their big black cocks were made for breeding and they expect to do so with as many women as often as possible. Think about it…regardless of what the two of you did the night before, he is a gorgeous 22-year-old hung black man with a penthouse suite overlooking the lake on a summer’s night in Tahoe. Do you really think he wouldn’t bring some chick back to his room and bang her? I’m surprised he only had one!”

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