The Son Also Rises

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Kevin heard the laughter and chatter even before he entered the house, and knew that his uncle had arrived. He sat his backpack on the kitchen table and followed the boisterous voices into the livingroom.

“There he is!” his Uncle Chris called out as Kevin walked into the room. He bolted up from the couch and extended his arms outward towards Kevin.

“Give me a hug…!” his uncle said.

Kevin hugged his uncle as he looked over his shoulder at his mother sitting on the couch. She gave him an amused smile as she watched.

Kevin’s mother, Amanda, had gotten pregnant with him when she was still in high school and barely sixteen. She and his father stayed together for several years but never married before separating. Over the years Amanda had a series of doomed relationships, but had essentially raised Kevin on her own. For this Kevin respected and loved his mother. She had worked hard and sacrificed a lot to raise him.

“Come sit down and tell me what’s new with you.” Chris said as she pulled him towards the couch.

“Well, not much.” Kevin said, blushing as his uncle looked at him eagerly.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” she asked.

Kevin shook his head. “No, not really.”

“Come on, don’t be modest. I bet there are plenty of girls after you.” he prodded.

Kevin shook his head.

“You’re probably just really picky. I bet you’re holding out for one with big tits like your mom has.” He looked over at his sister and smiled, then turned back at his nephew.

Amanda glanced up at her son and gave him an embarrassed smile. She nervously ran her hand through her wavy black hair and glared at her brother.

“He’s only eighteen, Chris.” she interjected.

Amanda was wearing a plain white blouse with a light blue skirt and Kevin’s eyes roamed over his mother. He noted the swell of her breasts under her blouse and he felt himself get hard. He knew what his uncle was talking about when he commented on his mother. He looked into her green eyes and smiled at her.

Kevin cleared his throat. “I date some. I’m just not serious about any one girl.” he told him.

“You must notice girls though. But I bet none compare to Amanda — she’s a hottie.” he blurted out as he stared at his sister’s chest.

“Would you like another glass of wine, Chis?” Amanda interrupted, desperately trying to change the subject of the conversation.

“Thanks.” he said holding his glass up “That sounds good.” He stared at his sister as she walked towards the kitchen.

“How would you like a snack with that wine?” Amanda called from the kitchen.

“What do you have?” Chris asked as he got up and went into the kitchen.

“Let’s see…” she said as she got up and went to the kitchen.

Kevin watched as he uncle walked over to the fridge and stood behind his mother as she searched for something to eat. His hand slid over Amanda’s round ass and gave it a squeeze. She turned to him and smiled. As she turned Chris slid his other hand up her side and cupped her right breast hard. Amanda let out a laugh and looked over his shoulder into the livingroom and slowly backed away towards the counter. Chris followed her. Kevin was shocked at what he’d seen, but despite that his cock had grown in his jeans. He shifted in his chair.

“He found some leftovers to heat up.” Amanda told her son as she walked back into the livingroom a few minutes later.

Kevin heard the microwave beeping as he looked at his mother sitting on the couch. Her nipples were hard and the top button of her blouse was now undone. She crossed her tanned legs and took a sip of wine.

“Want some?” she asked her son, holding up the glass.

“Ya, sure.” he answered, then walked over and sat next to his mother the couch.

Amanda sat up and leaned towards Kevin and handed him her glass. He took a sip, and as he passed it back to her he noticed that he could see deep into her cleavage. He stared down briefly then looked at her and smiled. Amanda felt a surge of excitement at her son’s leering, but then immediately felt guilty.

“Hey, this is good!” Chris said as he entered the livingroom holding a plate and fork. His mouth was full so his words were somewhat garbled and Amanda and Kevin laughed. He sat down and quickly ate what remained on his plate.

“Wow, I was hungry!” Chris said a while later as he placed the empty plate on the coffee table, then looked at his watch. “I never realized how late it was. You guys probably want to get to bed. I’m getting tired too.” he announced.

“We don’t have anything planned for tomorrow since it’s Saturday, but I’m getting tired too.” Amanda said and faked a yawn.

Chris nodded. “Well, I’m going to go to bed.” he told them “You guys have a good night.”

Amanda and Kevin wished Chris a good night and watched as he slowly made his way up the stairs. It was obvious he’d had too much wine, and Amanda suppressed a laugh as she watched him stumble.

“Uncle Chris is always fun to be around.” Kevin said a while later.

His mother nodded. “I gaziantep escort ilanları feel bad for him though. He still hasn’t gotten over Veronica divorcing him.”

“He’ll meet someone eventually.” Kevin said, then added “I wish he’d stop teasing me about girls though.”

“Chris likes to tease, but he can too far.” his mother said “He embarrasses me too sometimes.”

“What do you mean?” Kevin asked, turning to face his mother.

“Well,” she said as her face flushed slightly “like when he makes comments about, you know… my boobs.” She looked down towards her chest then up at her son and smiled.

Kevin laughed. “He does have a point there though, mom… maybe two.”

“Kevin…!” his mother blurted out in a mixture of surprise and nervousness. Still, her clit jumped in reaction to her son’s bold comment.

He smiled and stared into the opening of his mother’s blouse. She followed his eyes down, then looked back up at him. “It’s not nice to stare.” she scolded and smiled.

“Your blouse wasn’t undone that far earlier.” he noted as he looked down, then up to his mother’s face. Her eyes met his then fell down to her breasts.

Amanda looked at her blouse. “Ahh… it must have come undone… I never noticed.” she said, flustered.

Kevin smirked. “I saw Uncle Chris feeling them in the kitchen.” he blurted out.

Amanda stared at her son, feeling guilty and ashamed. “He had a little too much wine… he was being bad.” she said and smiled.

“I can’t blame him though.” her son replied with a smile.

Amanda could hardly believe she had heard what she just had and her jaw dropped slightly. “Kevin…!” she cried out in shock.

“Just because you’re my mom doesn’t mean I don’t notice.” he told her.

“Well, you shouldn’t!”

“Why not?” he asked “What’s the harm?”

Amanda didn’t have a good answer for that and the frustration showed on her face.

“Don’t worry, mom, no one will ever know about this conversation. I’ll never say anything to Uncle Chris, or anyone.” he said reassured her.

Amanda felt relieved by her son’s assurance, but the conversation was still making her uneasy. On one level she enjoyed the bawdiness, but she felt very uncomfortable because it was with her son.

“You always taught me to be honest, so I’m being honest; but you’re mad at me.” he told her.

“Oh, no, honey. I’m not mad at you.” she told him in a warm tone and put an arm around his shoulder.

Kevin felt his mother’s breast pressing on his back. It felt big and firm and his cock reacted immediately. He turned to her and smiled, then looked down again into the opening of her blouse at her cleavage. He now saw more than he could earlier, and he ogled her voluminous breasts within her bra as she rubbed his back.

“You’re staring again.” she said.

Kevin smiled and looked up. “Was tonight the first time Uncle Chris felt them?”

His question caught Amanda off-guard. “No…” she confessed without even considering lying about it.

“Has he ever seen them?” he prodded.

“Kevin, you shouldn’t be asking me these questions.” she said, trying to not sound angry.

“I’m just curious.” he told her.

Amanda laughed and gently shook him by his shoulder. “I think you’re a little too horny for your own good is what you are.”

Kevin felt his face get hot and he looked away. “Mom… geez.” he hissed.

Amanda laughed and hugged him. “It’s normal to look at girls, Kevin, but you shouldn’t look at me that way is all I mean.” she said in a soft voice.

He looked into his mother’s cleavage again and smiled. “But you’ve got nicer ones than all the girls I know.”

Amanda couldn’t help but laugh at his brash comment and feel slightly proud, but she took her arm from her son’s shoulder and began buttoning her blouse. She noticed the disappointed look on her son’s face.

“Show’s over…” she said with smile. “And we should be getting to bed. It’s late.”

“Alright.” he said as he stood up.

Amanda saw the sizable bulge in her son’s jeans as he stood by her. She stood up and held his hand as she noticed herself getting wet. “Have a good night, honey. I love you.” she said and kissed his cheek.

“You’re not mad at me?” he asked.

“No.” She pulled him to her and hugged him, kissing his cheek again, this time more tenderly.

Amanda felt her son’s hands slide over her back. His arms around her felt strong and she moved her thighs, causing her wet lips to rub together. She had been slightly horny ever since Chris had felt her in the kitchen, and knowing her son was also having lustful thoughts about her excited Amanda. She held him close to her, and it was then that she felt his erection pushing into her stomach. She briefly pressed herself against it. For an instant she considered reaching down to feel him, then pushed the thought from her mind. She was anxious to get to bed and take care of her throbbing clit.

“You know what else I saw gaziantep escort bayan ilanları Uncle Chris do?” he said as he held her.

“What?” she asked, looking into his brown eyes.

In reply Kevin slid his hand down her back and squeezed her ass. He held it firmly and pulled her closer to him. His hard cock was rubbing over her and Amanda was surprised by how big it felt. She tried to imagine how it might look.

“Kevin… no.” she softly said, but was unable to move as he felt her.

Kevin relished the feeling of his mother’s ass. It was firm and round, and his hand roamed over it as he held her close to him.

“Okay… that’s enough.” she said a few moments later, pulling his hand off of her “You’re being a bad boy tonight.”

“It runs in the family.” he told her.

Amanda laughed and squeezed his hand. “Just like your Uncle Chris…”

Kevin smirked and kissed his mother’s cheek. “Have a good night, mom.”

“Good night.” She smiled and turned to go upstairs.

Kevin’s eyes moved over her as she walked away from him, then he reached down and rubbed his cock once he heard her climbing the stairs. Soon he’d be in bed and could get the relief he needed.

Kevin awoke the next morning to the sound of the shower. He assumed it was his mother because she was always an early riser, and his Uncle Chris would want to sleep in late since he was on vacation. He waited for the shower to turn off, then listened for the sound of a bedroom door closing. He got up and had a quick shower then returned to his room to get dressed.

“Good morning, honey. Sleep well?” Amanda asked as her son entered the kitchen.

Amanda was at the table drinking tea and eating toast, and he was surprised to see her still in her pajamas. He had thought that she would get dressed after her shower, but occasionally on weekends she would spend part of the day in her pajamas when she never had much to do so it wasn’t that unusual. Kevin enjoyed those days because his mother was always braless, and he could see her pendulous breasts sway under the thin material of her loose pajama top. He felt his cock stiffen as he poured a glass of juice and quickly sat down next to his mother.

“Ya, I had a good sleep.” he told her after taking a sip of juice “Did you?”

His mother smiled and nodded. “I guess I should be starting breakfast. Chris will be up soon and he’s a bear in the mornings if he’s hungry.”

Kevin laughed and watched as his mother got eggs, hash browns, and sausage from the fridge and began cooking. He could see the outline of her breasts under her pajama top. They swayed and jiggled as she moved, and Kevin’s cock reacted. Out of the corner of her eye Amanda caught her son staring at her. She had felt her breasts jiggle earlier as she walked around the kitchen and she knew he would notice, or maybe she hoped he would was more accurate. She felt her hard nipples rub against her top and looked over at her son, giving him a knowing smile. Amanda turned down the burner on the stove to let the food simmer. She placed the spatula down and walked over to stand by Kevin, so close that her hip was nearly touching his shoulder.

“Are you being a bad boy again?” she asked playfully as she placed a hand on his shoulder, smiling.

Her tone was different than the night before Kevin thought to himself. Now it was almost flirtatious. He welcomed the change, but it surprised him.

“No, of course not.” he said as he looked up at her. Her breasts were nearly at eye level to him and he stared.

“I know where you’re looking.” she told him.

“It’s easier than tilting my head up to your face.” he told her.

Amanda laughed. “Oh, really?” she said and sat down on his lap “Is this better then?”

“Much.” her son said as he put his arm around her waist, just above her hips.

Amanda looked into her son’s eyes and gave him a warm smile. She ran a hand over his back and bent down and kissed his forehead. Her lips felt soft and wet and Kevin wished he could feel them on his mouth. He smiled at his mother and eased his hand down over her hip and rested it on her ass. It felt better covered by the thin material of her pajamas than it had the night before when she was wearing a skirt.

“You’re incorrigible.” she said with a laugh.

“That’s right. Don’t even try to change me.” he said as he squeezed her.

Amanda could feel herself getting wet and she knew it was wrong. But her son’s hands on her felt so good. It had been longer than she cared to recollect since a man had touched her like Kevin was and she reveled in it.

“You’ll have to be good once Chris gets up. I can’t fight off both of you.” she advised as she smiled.

Kevin laughed. “Okay.” he agreed and continued to move his hand over her supple ass.

Amanda leaned on his chest and wrapped her other arm around him, placing her hand on his side. Kevin felt her breasts pressing against his chest and looked down and smiled. He rested escort bayan gaziantep ilanları his other hand on her thigh and slid it up towards her hip.

“I have to take a look at breakfast. I don’t want it to burn.” she said a while later as she eased herself off her son’s lap.

Kevin reluctantly let go of his mother then watched as she moved the eggs and hash browns around in the frypan with a fork. He followed her over to the stove and stood behind her.

“I looks good.” he said as he looked at what she was cooking.

“Want a taste?” she asked, handing him a fork with some scrambled egg on it.

“Mmmm… hot!” Kevin exclaimed as he pulled it off the fork.

His mother laughed and took the fork from his hand and resumed moving the food around. She could feel the heat of her son’s body behind her and she wondered what he would do. She was apprehensive, but also excited by the prospects. About a minute later she felt his hands on her hips. At first he just held her firmly, but it was enough to make her clit react. She pretended not to notice and continued stirring the hash browns. Then she felt one of his hands glide under her pajama top and up her back over her bare skin. She shuddered slightly as she felt him slip it around to her stomach. His skin felt slightly rough and she bit her lower lip.

“I love you, mom.” he whispered into her ear as he pressed his hard cock into her ass.

Amanda never replied, but automatically moved her hips to push back into him. His cock felt wonderful against her and she tried to imagine what it must look like. She was so wet that she felt her juice running down towards her ass. Kevin slid his hand up and cupped her right breast gently. A soft moan escaped her lips and she dropped the fork into the frypan and braced her hands on the stove.

“God… you feel so good.” Kevin said as he brushed his fingers over her hard nipple, feeling it thicken.

Amanda could feel his hot breath on her ear and neck. She gripped the stove harder and pushed her ass into her son’s hard cock. Kevin took her dark nipple between his fingers and slowly rolled it around and tugged — he was surprised by how thick it was. She bit her lip and pressed her thighs together, feeling the pressure on her hard clit. Kevin squeezed his mother’s breast harder and began grinding his hard cock into her ass — humping her. Her breathing quickened and she bent down slightly, pushing back towards him. She felt like he was fucking her. He ran his left hand over her hip to her ass and realized she had no panties on.

“You’re not wearing panties.” he said as has hand stopped moving.

Amanda shook her head. “No.” she told him.

Kevin slid both hands down to his mother’s hips and spun her around to face him.

“Why not?” he asked.

Amanda shrugged. “I had a shower and decided not to wear any. It makes me feel sexy, I guess.” she explained feeling insecure.

Kevin smiled. “Do you feel sexy right now?”

“Yes. More than I have in years.” she told him as she nodded emphatically.

“You are, you know…” he told her.

Amanda shrugged and flashed him a humble smile.

“Yes… yes you are, mom!” he told her and kissed her cheek. His lips lingered on her face and Amanda hoped he would move them over her.

Amanda smiled at her son. “You’re so sweet.”

Kevin shook his head. “No, I’m not. There are girls in school who flirt with me and I know I could get with them, but it’s you I want, mom.” he told her.

Amanda gave her son a perplexed look as her mind digested what he had just told her. She looked at him with a confused look.

“I love you, mom.” he said, noticing the perplexed look on her face.

“I love you too, Kevin, you know that. But what’s happening between us isn’t…”

“Normal…?” he interjected.

Amanda nodded in agreement.

“I know. But we both feel the same thing, right?”

Amanda gave him a reluctant smile and nodded.

“Good. And this is just between us. Uncle Chris or no one else needs to know.” he told her “We have to work this out between us.”

Amanda smiled at her son, somewhat surprised at his shrewdness. “Can we?” she asked.

“Of course.” he said as he tugged at her hips for emphasis “Do you love me?”

“Yes. Of course — you know that.”

“And I love you too, mom.” he responded “Everything else will fall into place.”

Amanda forced a smile, but wasn’t convinced that things would work out so easily. Kevin slid a hand up her waist and cupped her breast, trying to hold all of it in his hand, but unable to.

“Do you like it when I do that?” he asked his mother.

Amanda smiled and nodded. “Yes.” she breathed.

“Then let’s take it from there and see what happens.” he said as he brushed his thumb over her hard nipple.

“This isn’t right, you know.” his mother said as she looked up at him.

Kevin smiled. “Lots of things aren’t right — depending on who you ask. But if no one else knows then we don’t have to explain.”

His logic was enough to placate Amanda for now, and she held onto her son’s broad shoulders and laid her head on his upper chest. He slid his hand up to her breast and cupped it, rubbing her hard nipple.

“Can I see?” he asked, tugging at the top button of her pajama top.

Amanda smirked and held her son’s hand firmly. “Maybe after Chris has gone.” she said, pulling his hand away.

“Tease.” Kevin said with a frown.

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