The Sleepover

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My friend and I were getting ready to leave for her house, because my parents finally let me sleepover. It was very annoying how strict my parents were. I mean come on, I was about to be 20 & I hadn’t been allowed to go anywhere for the night. I knew I had to pretend like it wasn’t my first sleepover.

Ashley’s parents seemed so cool, even though I had only met her mom she would tell me how liberal they were when letting her go places. Even though, she was the only child they let her do most things she wanted. She was already waiting for me in the car, so I made my way to the door & left.

The first thing we did when we arrived was unpack & make her bed. We danced, sang, ate & watched movies right before bedtime. The only bad thing about the sleepover was that it was a Friday night, meaning we both had to work the next day at 7 in the morning.

Her mom came into the room to say we needed to shower and get ready to sleep since it was getting pretty late. It being 11 we decided to use both bathrooms to shower at the same time, so we wouldn’t wait on eachother. I got stuck using her parents bathroom.

I grabbed my things to shower & went to open the door & found her dad sleeping. I didn’t want to wake him but I knew I had to, so he would know it was me.

“Mr. Scott, I’m going to shower here I didn’t want you to wake up wondering who was in your bathroom.” I said, all while talking the only thing I could think of was why hadn’t I met him before. For someone in his 40’s he had an incredibly sculpted body.

“Oh hey there, you’re fine I was just taking a nap.” He replied.

“Okay thank you” I said.

“You got right ahead, the door won’t lock but I’ll make sure nobody goes in.” He whispered.

So I walk in & just like he told me, the door wouldn’t lock. I knew I shouldn’t shower with him having access to come in, but I did anyway. I came out changed in the bathroom. I hesitated to step out, because my shorts were above my fingertips & if I were xslot to bend over you would be able to see my ass.

I finally came out after tugging my shorts down as much as possible. There he was laying in bed, he stared at me for a second before saying.

“Look at the body on you, I know you’re my daughters friend, but if I had a fine piece like you standing in front of me again I’d fuck you so good.”

When he said that I felt my nipples go hard but I crossed my arms to hide it hoping you wouldn’t be able to see it through my bra & replied.

“I don’t think that’s appropriate Mr. Scott.”

“Please call me Scott, I’m not that old,” he said.

I walked out the room to meet Ashley. I saw her in her bed about to lay down. I didn’t know if I should’ve told her what her dad said to me but I didn’t. We ended up staying up a bit later, but she decided it was time for bed.

Her mom came in to tell us it was getting too late and we needed to sleep, or we wouldn’t wake up in time for work. She kissed her goodnight and came around the bed to give me a kiss on my forehead. That’s when she said.

“I’ll tell your dad you’re about to sleep so he can come to kiss you goodnight.”

I worried because I knew her dad’s intentions. But after hearing what he said he would do I wasn’t sure what my intentions were. I was nervous and excited he would come in.

“I already took my medicine, so I should fall asleep very soon.” Ashley said.

“What medicine?” I replied.

“The one I take to sleep since I have a hard trouble falling asleep, since I’ve already taken it I won’t be up until morning.” She replied.

“Not even if I make lots of noise?” I asked.

I didn’t mean to ask it, but it wasn’t me talking anymore it was the feeling I had. After 5 minutes of her not replying I kind of figured she was asleep. I shook her to try to wake her up, but she was sleeping so heavily.

I was just about to fall asleep when I heard the xslot Giriş door crack open & I saw the light from outside slowly make its way in. I saw a shadow & remembered her mom saying her dad was going to come kiss her goodnight.

I pretended to be asleep as he came around to the left side of the bed & I heard him call her name & shake her to see if she would wake up then he kissed her forehead. I thought he was just about to leave when he turned to the right side and was coming to my side of the bed.

My heart was beating so fast & the closer he got the faster it went, he whispered.

“Hey are you awake?”

I wanted to get up and say yes, but I was frozen, not with fear, but with dark desires. I wanted to see what he would do. He slowly pulled back the blanket off of my body & I felt my nipples get hard once again.

I had taken my bra off to sleep so this time it was very noticeable. He put his hand on my chest & slowly caressed my boobs over my shirt. I felt his hand slowly lift my shirt & I got goosebumps.

At this point I didn’t know if I wanted it so I slowly turned towards him & he pulled away for a second. When he noticed I wasn’t awake he pulled my shirt up once again.

He started running his fingers around my boobs & back and forth on my stomach. I got so many more goosebumbs and I saw his face get close to my nipples. His mouth opened & his tongue came out first.

I felt him licking my nipples and slowly he started sucking on them. Then he grabbed both my boobs and went back and forth sucking on each of them.

I wanted to get up and start touching him too, but I wanted to see how far he would go. He put my arms in the air and took my shirt off. He tried picking me up to see if I would wake up & I laid as if I were still sleeping.

He covered me with the blanket and got up, I thought it was over but he locked the door & scooted his daughter over on the bed. He came back to me & laid me across the bed xslot Güncel Giriş with my legs hanging off the side.

He kissed my thighs starting from my knee to the inside of my thigh. He did the same to the other side. He suddenly closed my legs & lifted my ass in the air to take my shorts off.

I was wearing a black lace thong and I was so wet it was sticking to my pussy. He proceeded to take them off & he opened my legs once more.

I felt him go from my clit to my vagina & back & forth again. I wanted to moan & ask for more, but I wanted him to fuck me so bad. He put two fingers in my vagina & sucked my clit. At this point I couldn’t hold back and whispered.

“Yes, Scott just like that”

“You’ve been awake this entire time haven’t you?” He said.

“Yes, don’t stop please make me cum” I insisted.

He kept going & the longer he would suck my clit the more I would moan. He slowed down & pulled me closer. He was determined to make me cum, he stuck his entire face in my pussy & sucked my clit until I came. He was licking the cum that was flowing right out of me.

I asked to see him entirely & suddenly I heard his zipper & I got up to look at his dick. It was huge, it looked so good. I got up and went on my knees & started sucking his dick.

I grabbed it with both hands & put it all it my mouth, I felt it go down my throat. I kept going & I stopped for a while to suck his balls too. I went back to stuck his dick and he came in my mouth I swallowed every drop of it.

He picked me up and put me on the edge of the bed and licked my pussy and put his dick in my vagina. I felt him inside me, he then stopped & told me to turn around and bend over. I did as I was told & he started fucking me from behind.

I felt him slap my ass & grab it as he went faster he kept going until he was about to cum & turned me around & came in my mouth again. At this point he said he needed to go before his wife got suspicious and came looking for him.

I was left with an amazing satisfaction of having him fuck me, but I knew it wasn’t right. I didn’t know if I should keep it a secret or not, but I knew I wanted him inside of me again. So I waited a while & got out of bed to look for him.

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