The Sim – The Bechs

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Note: Whoooole lot of ass to mouth in this time.


“So I was thinking of fulfilling an old fantasy,” I said to Simone. “Back when I transferred to study overseas for a year, the mom of the homestay host family I lived with was the hottest MILF I’ve ever seen, just stupidly hot. And I mean that, no random regular family, soccer mom type should look better than super models or actresses. Her name was Heather Bech, think you could look her up and construct a model of her or something?”

“Heather Bech, Heather Bech, ah, found her,” Simon replied quickly. “Wow, she is a looker. Yeah there are enough images of her to compile a decent replica, but there’s missing pieces I’ll have to fill in. Sorry James, it’s the best I can do, no complaining if there’s no mole on her ass where one should be.”

“Hey fine by me, I’m no nitpicker. Keep it in the free use setting but uh, I want the scenario to be I’m visiting from a country without Free Use and her country has already adopted it alright?”

“Haha, I see where this is going. Sure thing, compiling now.”

When my vision returned after blurring out, I found myself in a kinda familiar looking home. It was a long time ago, so while the Sim had pulled the details from my mind, it was more broad strokes rather than an exacting replica. I was just walking in, pulling along my sparse luggage with the host family in front of me. Despite Simone lowering my expectations, the four of them didn’t look wrong at all. Heather, her husband Reese and their two identical twin daughters Beth and Amy all looked just like how I remembered.

Reese snaps me out of my reverie. “Well, this is it. Not the biggest or nicest but it’s ours. You get settled in and make yourself at home. Now I was gonna stay home today but works called me in for some bullshit so it’ll just be you and the girls, try not to lose your mind eh kid.”

“Oh, alright, thanks for everything Reese.”

And with that he was already heading out the door after giving the wife and kids a goodbye. Soon as he went the girls piped up. “Uh yeah, actually me and Amy were gonna head over to Emma’s, it was nice meeting you though, see you later.”

I caught Heather giving the girls a slightly disapproving look before shaking her head as they left. Heather turns to me. “Well I’m sorry about that, it’s quite the welcome.”

“What? No no, its fine, you’ve got nothing to apologize for honestly. I mean, I’d probably do the same thing in their position. The fact you’ve even chosen to be a host family already is such a nice thing to do.”

“Well if you say so James, come on now, let me show you to your room.”

I followed her up the stairs to the second floor and coudln’t help but stare at her legs the entire time. She was wearing a short, loose floral dress. A really short one, almost inappropriately so considering she’s in her 40’s but the Free Use cultural probably changes the concept of modesty here. Every step she took ruffled the skirt, giving me the tiniest, briefest looks at her cheeks before the skirt came back down, it was frustratingly teasing. It was even more frustrating when we stopped climbing the stairs. That doesn’t stop me from staring at her legs though. I was so caught up in my staring that when she finally reached my room and turns around, she caught me looking and gives me a knowing smile.

“Ah, about that… Well we can save that for later, for now, this is your room, you can go ahead and unpack your stuff and get settled in. I’ll go make you some tea, or do you prefer coffee James?”

“No tea is fine, thanks.”

My room wasn’t too large but definitely bigger than the dorm I had back home, it was a lot cozier too. I laid back and sprawled across the bed to try and calm myself down. I’d been in the Sim for a while but seeing Heather again had stirred up some pretty strong, old feelings.

A little while later Heather was back in my room. She handed me a cup of tea and sat down on the bed alongside me. “James, about that before-“

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare I was-“

“No, James, let me finish. Now I understand you come from a country that doesn’t have Free Use laws, well I’m sure you realize that we do have them here. So what I’m saying is you can do more than stare James,” she said with a bright smile.

“Oh no, I don’t think I could do that. I mean, I can’t just… you know, I mean without asking-“

In a soft, understanding tone she cuts me off. “Yes, sweetie, you can. I understand it’s a pretty radical cultural change that’ll take some time to adjust, but I’ll be here to help you with that, Beth and Amy too if they’re ever home.”

“Uh, maybe some other time, I-“

“Nonsense, there’s no time like the present.” With that she laid down on the bed, grabbed one of my hands and placed it on the hem of her skirt. “It’s hardly free use if I’m doing it all myself. Don’t be afraid honey, go on,” she said after a few seconds of me not moving.

With my heart pounding escort bayan out of my chest, I sat down my tea and pulled her dress up inch by inch, exposing more of her thigh until it’s bunched up around her hips. I swallowed hard when I saw she wasn’t any underwear at all.

With my inhibitions suddenly stripped away, I immediately pulled off my pants and straddled Heather. I rubbed my already hard cock against her slit, surprised to feel she was already a little wet, before easily sliding inside her. She’s deliciously warm and tight. I could feel her every muscle squeezing and hugging me along the shaft as she swallowed me. The best part was the encouraging look she gave me as I sank inside her.

“See? Isn’t that fun? And those holes are fair game any time you want James,” she cooed.

After a few minutes of fucking her pussy, I eventually pulled it out and pressed it against her asshole instead. “Heather…” I started nervously. “I usually would never try this so soon but I thought with the Free Use and what you said-”

Heather chuckled lightly. “James honey, it’s not Free Use if you have to ask. Any and everything you do is fine with me, honestly. Just do whatever you enjoy dear.”

With that, she reached down and spread her cheeks open, inviting me to violate her most private hole. Grabbing her ankles and hauling her legs up to give me a better angle, I tried to press into her ass, using her own wetness to help me slide in, but with my hands occupied I can’t quite manage it. Heather eventually helped me out, gently grabbing my cock and positioning it against her asshole.

“Here you go dear,” she said kindly.

It wass tighter than her pussy and I actually had to press hard before I slid most of the way in. Heather skillfully guided my cock and prevented it from sliding off. Still, the last two inches of my cock couldn’t quite fit, but I wasn’t worried about that, I had plenty of time to work my way in.

Sinking into her asshole felt even better than her pussy in the Sim, every ridge and fold I slid past sent a wave of pleasure coursing through my hyper sensitive, augmented cock. Hungry for more, I started thrusting into her at a moderate pace, savoring every little sensation as I pumped her asshole.

It felt so incredible I wasn’t paying enough attention to my thrusting and slipped out. But Heather was there in a second, grabbing my cock and guiding it back into her asshole. Seeing her put me back was so hot that I actually purposefully began sliping out, again and again just so she could put me back where I belonged.

Lost in total bliss, I barely managed to hear Heather. “My goodness, you’re certainly having fun James, haha, it’s almost like you’ve never been in a butt before.”

“Haven’t before,” I manage to grunt out.

Heather freezes. “What?” her shocked tone snaps me back to reality for a moment and I see she’s wearing a completely bewildered expression. “My word, I knew things were different over there but, honestly? That’s absurd.” Her expression shifted to concern. “James, you know you can thrust deeper and faster if you’d like to.”

“I can? I thought, well I was worried if I did that it’d be uncomfortable for you.”

“You poor thing…” Heather replied quietly before speaking up. “No James, you mustn’t worry yourself about things like that. Come now, try putting the whole thing in me, just lean in dear.”

I took Heathers advice and try to cram the last couple inches of my cock into her ass, I pressed in hard but feel resistance deep inside her rectum. Heather squirmed as I did and I quickly stop. As soon as I do, I hear Heather sigh. “James you need to learn to ignore things like that. Just keep pressing it in, don’t stop no matter what.”

Nodding slack mouthed, I went back to trying to jam my cock into her uncooperative asshole, but this time I don’t relent. I forced my way past the resistance in her ass, forcing her colon to straighten out to accept me. I savored the feeling of having bottomed out in her tight little ass for a moment before I pull back and start thrusting again, with deep strokes this time, pistoning my whole cock in and out.

“Now there, isn’t that better James?” Heather said in between grunts and groans.

“This feels incredible, I’ve never felt anything like this, I’ve never done anything remotely like this. Fuck, I can still hardly believe you’re letting me just… Do this to you after just meeting me. This has been such a huge fetish of mine and now I can’t believe it’s happening.”

Heather laughs lightly. “That’s how things work in this country. Now I know it isn’t the best welcoming, but some light casual anal should be a decent enough introduction.”

“Not to correct you Mrs. Bech, but this is the best welcoming I’ve ever had.”

Heather shakes her head. “Of course it is, you must be starved for intimacy living in that country of yours. Well things are different now, you go ahead and enjoy that asshole young man. Play with it all you like, I’ll just lie here and stretch it open alright honey?” nilüfer escort

I happily nodded. As we spoke, I slowly ramped up the pace I was fucking her at, she did say I could after all. Changing position, I moved my hands down from her ankles to the back of her knees and pressed her legs up against her tits so I could pound more forcefully into her asshole. I was slamming eight inches of cock up her ass as hard and as fast as I could in that position when she tells me to enjoy it.

The minutes quickly ticked away as I continued sodomizing her in a number of positions. I kept worrying that she’ll eventually tell me she’s had enough, but it doesn’t happens. Though right I thought this, Heather pushed against my chest and tells me to pull out.

Disappointed I jinxed it, I reluctantly do so, making her wince slightly when I do. She grabbed her ass, digging her fingers into her cheeks hard and spread her asshole open as I flop out, showing off an incredible gaping asshole. I’m surprised by how good it looks considering. It was a pretty, pink, inviting little gape, like something you’d expect to see on a girl half her age and a lot less experience. Still, the last half hour had done a number on her ass, with it looking slightly red and puffy, the swelling keeping her gape from being a perfect O shape. Assfucking Heather had been fun but seeing the state I’d left her ass in turned me on like nothing else; I was slacked mouthed as I stared.

Heather noticed my look. “First time you’ve seen a gaping asshole isn’t it?”

I nodded dumbly.

“I thought so, well I wanted to introduce you to something new, do you like it?” Heather asked.

I nodded again, equally mute. By then it had already winked back closed, leaving me with nothing but an aching desire to open her ass back up again.

“It looks so hot, all fucked out and beat up like that,” I said without thinking. Shit, I thought to myself when I realize what came out of my mouth. I hoped she didn’t take that badly.

I didn’t have to worry; Heather took it in stride easily enough, giggled at the confession actually. “I’m glad. Well remember, if you like gaping and breaking assholes, you go ahead and do that more, fuck out my ass as much as you like sweetie.”

“Really? But, isn’t that uncomfortable?”

“James we’ve been over this, our holes are meant to be used. Go on now and have fun blowing out my ass dear.”

Accepting her words, I quickly went back to fucking her asshole, bottoming out and pulling back so I could see more of her delicious, lewd gaping hole, each repeition leaving it a worse state than it was. I flipped her over, so she was on her knees and face, just so I could get a better view. She didn’t say a thing but smiled knowingly as I flipped her. She helped out by arching her back and hugging her knees to her chest, completely giving me her ass. I could slide into her asshole more easily and deeply in that position.

As soon I was balls deep I pulled my cock back and spread her asshole with my thumbs, savoring the spectacular view. With her asshole gaping so widely, I didn’t even need to guide my cock back in with my hands, I just thrust forward and her gape would catch me. Ten minutes quickly went by with me spending more time just looking at her asshole rather than fucking it.

It was Heather who eventually changed things. She reached back with both hands and took over the job of spreading open her asshole. Not content with just that, she begans thrusting back herself, impaling her asshole on my cock herself rather than waiting for me to do it. I figured she’d done this thing before because she had a good technique down. She would catch the tip of my cock with her gape first before suddenly thrusting her ass back and swallowing the whole thing in one go before tightening the muscles in her ass and pulling herself off. Once off, she stayed there laying still with her fingers still spreading her asshole, just to give me a good long look before she started to wink back closed again. Then she did it all over again.

The abuse took its toll and steadily her asshole looked more swollen and battered, which only turned me on more and encouraged me to fuck her harder and faster. Heather never complains about it at all and actually seems to be trying to help me ruin her hole.

“Another lesson James, just because it’s Free Use doesn’t mean I can’t participate too. Most women are fine with taking a few instructions just so you know. Anywho, how long would you like me to keep this up for?”

Seeing her willingly backing up on my cock, swallowing the whole thing and sliding off it, just to give me a good view and help me get off was too much. I groan out. “Not long, fuck I’m almost there. It’s just so hot you’re doing that to yourself.”

“Alright James, you take your time,” Heather replied, looking amused.

A few moments later and I reached my tipping point. I gripped her hips with both hands and started plowing into her feverishly. Soon enough, I slammed in desperately one final altıparmak escort time and emptied my balls into her well used asshole.

Heather continued to milk my cock with her ass even as I grew soft inside her, squeezing me every so often and making me light headed. As I slid out, she covered her hole with her hand to keep my cum inside and gets up.

“So, how was your first taste of life here?” she said turning to me.

“I don’t think I want to move back home.”

Heather laughed. “I figured. Remember James, don’t be afraid to exercise your privileges. Feel free to use my asshole whenever you want now, you understand me? And it’s not only myself you can use, Beth, Amy, every woman in the country is available, be young and have some fun alright James?”


The next morning I went downstairs to join the family for breakfast. The amazing smell of sausages and mushrooms frying, butter, toasted ciabatta and freshly squeezed fruit juice greeted me as I entered the kitchen slash dining area. I should really use the Sim for more than just sex I thought to myself

“Good morning James, sleep well?” Heather said, greeting me.

“Yeah, like a brick. Tthe bed and my room are both really comfortable.”

“Well I’m glad. It’ll be a short while until I’m finished making breakfast, in the meanwhile, you can come and fuck my ass while you wait, or have a turn with one of the girls.”

It took me a second to process what she’d just said but as soon as I did, I was instantly rock hard again. Reese replied before I manage to.

“Heather, leave the boy alone, maybe all he wants is coffee. He doesn’t need to be told what to do, he can decide for himself.”

“Oh yes he does,” Heather said. “We talked about this last night; the boy still doesn’t know how things work in this country.”

“Oh right, still so weird,” Reese mumbled to himself.

“Thanks for the reminder Mrs. Bech,” I said. “I think I’ll go for one of the girls this morning,” I said, not wanting to distract her from cooking.

“Alright James. Beth, Amy, remember what we talked about, be nice.”

“We remember mom,” they said in unison.

They were both sitting on these stools at the kitchen benchtop. Before I’d even made my way behind them, they’d both pulled their shorts down and scooted their butts back over the edges. Beth and Amy definitely took after their mother in the looks department but surprisingly, they still didn’t look quite as good as their mother. They had soft features where their mothers were refined, they were still stunning nevertheless. What really had me going wasn’t their looks but seeing them offer up their assholes so easily and without hesitating.

One of them, I couldn’t tell which turned around. “Mom told us you had a thing for butts,” she said, like it explained away why she was being such a whore.

Choosing one at random, I spat on the tip of my cock, lubing it up and started pressing into one of the girls.

I slowly slid into her ass down to the balls without a hint of discomfort on Beth or maybe it was Amy’s part. Instead, they just talked to me as I bottomed out. “You know, it’s still so weird to me that you come from some place where you have to ask a girl before you can stick it in her ass. Must be crazy coming here huh?”

“I regret not coming over sooner,” I said I started pulling out.

The other one joined. “Sooooo… Is it true that despite spending the entire day alone with mom, all you did was assfuck her? That’s it?”

Hearing her talk so openly, so brazenly about me sodomizing her mum was turning me on like nothing else, I only manage to nod in reply.

“You didn’t make her eat your cum? Do ass to mouth? Gape her? Nothing? Man, you’re as vanilla as high school guys.”

Heather overheard and quickly snapped. “Amy! No teasing. And besides, he did actually spend a good long while making me gape your information.”

“But none of that other stuff,” I sheepishly added. “I mean, that was the first time a girls ever let me gape her asshole. I’m starting slow alright.”

“Wow,” Amy said, her eyes wide. “Well that settles it, you have to try doing ass to mouth right now with one of us.”

Beth nodded. “Amy’s right, it’s crazy you’ve never made a girl taste ass before.”

“Right now? Are you sure?” I asked as I sawed in and out of Beth’s asshole faster and faster, the conversation driving me to a higher tempo.

“We’re not taking no for an answer,” they both replied in unison.

Heather spoke over her shoulder. “Oh James honey, the girls are right, you absolutely have to try it out. Reese and all my coworkers tell me it’s wonderful. I didn’t do it yesterday because like you said, I wanted you to ease into life here but there’s no excuse not to now.”

Reese chimed in too. “They’re right kid, give the girls a spin. It’s good fun.”

“I-Okay then, Amy could you?”

Nodding enthusiastically, Amy got off her stool and onto her knees. She pressed her cheek against her sisters ass while I continue fucking it and opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue expectantly. After bottoming out one final time, I pulled my slick cock out of Beth’s asshole and plunge it into Amy’s waiting mouth, savoring the overwhelming physical and psychological pleasure of having sisters go ass to mouth with each other.

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