The Second Day

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I am more than overwhelmed by the response to my earlier ‘stories’. I am grateful for the outpouring of comments. Based on the comments I have received, I am reducing the use of the vernacular to lend universal appeal and to reduce the tedium of having to look for English to understand what is going on.

Like the earlier ones, this too is a true story, with some literary license. This incident happened when I was touching 20 and I was having the second tryst with my cousin brother.


When I woke up, the bright light of a late morning was blazing down the skylight of the flat. I was sleeping in my brother’s arms. He was sleeping soundly.

Both of us were stark naked.

I remembered the night vividly. Mintu dropped his seed before he could enter me. That was followed by some pretty powerful love making. First in the bed in the missionary position and then after some sleep, on the floor, doggy style.

The wild passion.

I must confess, I instantly thought of what state my pussy would be in, after suck a powerful and nearly violent session of sex. I flexed my thighs and felt it. It was a little sore. But the opiate of sex was also acting like a deep attraction to unending sex.

I needed to get up and visit the bathroom. So, I squirmed. Mintu woke up immediately. He wasn’t used to sleeping with anyone. He peeped and asked, “You woke up early?”

“Yes. Needed to go for a leak.”

I tottered into the bathroom and sat on the john. As I passed urine, I got that ‘morning-after’ pleasure in the pussy as the stream of pee came out. I shuddered and thought, “What if, this is the pleasure I get every time I pee?”

I first thought that I should undertake feminine hygiene after finishing. But then I thought, “What if he wants to feel me or sniff me?”

I walked out. He peeped again and said, “Come here and get near me.”

I ambled to the bed and sat myself down next to him. He stirred and slowly held my wrist and said, “Hopefully, I did not hurt you last night.” (“Tor kaal ratirey laagey nee to?”)


“Let me see.” (“Dekhi!!”)

He slowly ran his other palm and finger tips over my face, tracing my lips down my neck over my boobs and nipples, right down to my crotch.

As he touched my crotch, he caressed my bush and said, “I will make this pussy bald today.” (“Tor aee jayegaa takay aami naada koray debo. Aajkey)

“Dhaaat.!!!” (“No No.”)

He did not heed my protests and continued playing with my hairs and feeling me all over. Then he felt my arm pit. Again I had not shaved it too well. So he added, “I will make this part as well bald today.”

He pulled me near himself and kissed my mouth. And caressed my back and said, “You really fuck very well.”( “Tui khoob bhalo chudtay parish.”)

I raised myself a little and slowly ran my finger tips over his torso and caressed his half risen and sticky dick. As I reached his dick, I wrapped my fingers around it and pulled the foreskin back and pulled it back, in a slow shagging motion.

I leant low over him and kissed the open bulbous tip of his dick and said, “This dick is a sweetie pie.”( “Aita akta lokhee shona.”)

As I kissed it and licked it a couple of times, I got the taste of my pussy and it stirred up and was coming alive.

He asked, “Kee ray. Ekhunee chodabee naakee?” (“You want to be fucked right now?”)

“No. No. Just like that, I was kissing it.”

I shifted the turgid shaft and planted a few kisses on his balls and said, “Ei beechee thei to semen bonay. Eitakai aami bhalo bashee.” (“Your semen is made here. Isn’t it? I love these balls of yours.”)

We luxuriated in the morning after. Satiated in unabashed and free sex, we loved folding each other and showered each other with kisses.

Mintu glanced at the clock and noticed, it was nearly ten in the morning. He softly said, “Okay. Let me get up and wash my mouth. You too wash your mouth and let us have some breakfast.”

Minti went in first. Kept the door ajar. He pissed into the john. I could see the urine streaming out and could hear it falling noisily into the water in the john. Then I stepped in and started to brush my teeth. He first stood behind me and watched my reflection in the mirror. Then he came and stood close behind me and slowly cupped each of my boobs in each of his palms and kissed me on my neck and sad, “Your two boobs. Always feel like caressing them.”

Soon we finished washing our mouth. As I came out, I suggested to him, “We have to ventilate this small flat. Then we have to get dressed, a little. Why don’t you wrap one of my sarees around as a lungee. I too will just wrap one of my sarees as a lungee.”

He asked, “Why?”

“Taking them off is easier. Besides, if I feel like it, I can always slip my hand into the folds of the lungee and hold your cock.”

We both walked out. He picked out my crumpled saree and folded it twice over and wrapped it around and tucked in the end. I picked out Neera’s crumpled saree and wrapped it around. I also picked gaziantep escort bayan up Mintu’s tee shirt and started to slip it on. Mintu stepped forward, stopped me when I was entangled in the tee shirt, with both my hands up and held my waist and kissed me on both my boobs and caressed the naked breast once more and then helped me slip it on.

As I adjusted the tee shirt, he slipped behind me and wrapped his left arm around my waist and said, Let me just feel your pussy mound once with all my love for it.” (“Tor goodtatey akbarr haath diye bhalobeshey nee.” ) He then slowly lowered his right hand and softly caressed my mound from above the lungee. His fingers deftly played with the crevasses and then he just lifted me off the ground and led me to the edge of the chair saying, “I want to caress the naked pussy one more.” (“Nangto koray haath diye tor goodtakay bhalo bashtey chai.”)

He pulled the diadem of the lungee. It fell down in a heap. He made me sit back. He swiftly parted my legs as wide as he could and slowly ran his fingers through my bush and caressed the slit a few times. I could not help it. I just purred with pleasure.

He kissed me and said, “Okay. Now you can once again wrap this silly thing on.” (“Nay. Ebaarey abaar tor lungee ta poray nay.” )

Once he had controlled his libido. We quickly made a simple breakfast together and had it.

We discussed last night for a while. He said, “Terribly sorry, I could not stop the premature ejaculation. You are far too sexy.”

I assured him, “Shhh. Nothing to worry or feel bad about.”

“Most of my girl friends complain that their lovers drop their seed inside their undies and then can’t get that up any more. You fucked me hard and long twice after that.”

During the conversation he said, “I will give you a bath today.”

He then added, with a twinkle in his eyes, “I will give you a bath twice today, not once.”

I naturally said, “Okay.”

As it came near lunch time, we took out the remnants of yesterday’s food and heated it up and got the small rickety table ready for food with two plates, glass tumblers etc.

When that was ready, he said, “Come let me give you a bath.”

I agreed and started to get my clothes ready. He asked, “Clothes. You need to wear clothes after lunch?”

MIntu took out his shaving kit and can of foam, took off his make shift lungee and got into the bathroom with the door ajar and shaved. I waited for him to finish his shaving. As he finished his shave, he walked out, came near me, caught me, peeled off my tee shirt and then with one pull, released my lungee. I was stark naked.

He grabbed my right wrist and pulled me inside the bathroom. I did not resist it.

Once inside, he applied shampoo on my hairs and then soaped my entire body, taking special care of my boobs, caressing them and teasing the nipples and the poured water all over me to clean out the soap. Then he made me give him a bath, just the same way.

I pulled back the foreskin of his cock and applied soap liberally and cleaned it. But, clearly, it was sensitive after last night’s bout of fucking. He appeared to be enjoying the attention.

When this was over, he walked across, dripping wet to the room and fished out a bottle of Anne French (hair remover) from his baggage and came back.

I thought to myself, “This bastard has planned his tryst with me in significant detail.”

The moment he came back, He ordered me, “Lift your arms. Let me apply this on your arm pits. Then we wash this off.”

I lifted my arms one by one. He applied the cream on each arm pit one by one and then we frolicked for some time. And then he just washed my arm pits with water and all the stubbles fell off.

He felt the arm pit and said, “Smooth like a baby’s bottom. I love it.”

My heart was racing. What if, he insists on applying this on my pussy?

And as soon as he finished with my arm pits, he said, “Come. Get into the bed room and lie down with your legs wide apart. I will apply this on your pussy.”

I protested, “No. Why. You don’t like my pussy this way?” (“Naa. Kano? Tor khoob kharaap lagcchey?”)

He said, “No. I like a bald pussy more. It is more lickable then. That is why.”

“Please, darling don’t make my pussy bald. Please don’t.” (“Na. Please. Lokhee Shona. Please amaar goodta kay naydaa korish na. Please.”)

Mintu looked at me sternly and said, “Would you simply lie down and get this done or would you like me to spank you first and then tie your hands and legs apart and then make your pussy bald by force?” (“Tui neejay jabee na tokay duto thappor meray, hath paa bendhey tor goodtakay nayra kortay hobay?”)

Suddenly, Mintu caught me by my forearm and held my hairs and pulled me out. With my head twisted down I came out and stood, naked and dripping with the water all over me. Mintu said strenly, “Lie down here and now.”

Mintu grappled me to the floor. Turned me over and started escort gaziantep bayan to spank by bottom with some pretty hard strokes with his hard hand. The sting passed through my whole body. And admonished me, “You say no to me? You have no shame. Saying no to your lover, one who fucks his sister? My own horny bitch?”

I realized he meant business and he would do what he wanted.

I stopped fighting. Yet, that act of domination made me hornier. I loved it. I somehow wanted that he actually forces me to do many things that I may say no about. I realized, I was a girl who loved being a dominated bitch.

Mintu then flipped me over. Roughly caught my wrists and put them on top of my head and then with a single strong push parted my legs wide apart. He shook the bottle and applied the cream all around the bush and between my legs.

I was simpering my protests out. I pleaded, “Please Mintu. Please do not let it go into my slit. It will hurt. Please.”

He warned, “You talk too much, I will actually pinch the small tit bit of yours and bite it off and throw it away. You will then be dribbling piss all the me for your life.”

It wasn’t long before, he leaned back to inspect his works of art. As he moved back, I could see that his cock as strong and upright. Clearly, playing with my pussy, be it to make it bald had put his cock on fuck mode.

After about ten minutes of my lying there with the fear that moving would make the Anne French hair remover cream go in between my slit, Mintu got up and brought a large bathing mug with water in it from the bathroom and then he brought out a small towel. He dipped the towel into the mug and then softly and slowly he cleaned the whole mound area.

As my pubic hair came off, he slowly put them inside the mug. When he finished cleaning my pussy of all the cream and hair, he put the small towel inside the mug, like a practiced barber and said, “Look at your pussy. It is really bald. Oooooh. I love it.”

I raised my head and looked between my crotch. It looked like a seven year old girl’s pussy.

God, I was truly feeling shy. My pussy folds were visible the way I had never seen them. Open for inspection. I was now truly naked. I quickly crossed my legs and covered my pussy with both my palms and said, “I am really feeling shy.” (“Aaamaar khoob lojja korchay.”)

MIntu came back after placing the mug on the table and leaned down and whispered, “Let me take you in for your second bath.”

He held my right wrist and assisted me get up from that uncomfortable floor, He then walked me to the bathroom. Now he got the shower running and then applied soap all over my body and washed me. He took lot of care of my arm pits and then said, “Just part your legs and stand erect. Let me soap this pussy and clean it properly.” (“Paaa phank koray dara. Aamee tor goodta bhalo koray shaban diye porishkar koray dee.”)

When he applied the soap, he took all the care of ensuring that he cleaned my slit also. With his fingers running between the slit from top to bottom. As it ran over my clit, I hissed, “Aaaah. What are you upto?” (“Aaah Kee hochcey ta kee?”)

As he did that, his dick was up and looking very angry indeed. I asked, “Tor baada ta to khadaa hoye gachchey. Eitakay aamee ekto thanda koray dee?” (“Your dick is up and rearing to go. Should I treat it and cool it down a bit?”)

He said, “No. I will do what I want to.”

He fished quickly. Then he took the large trowel and wiped me dry. He dried my hairs by rubbing my long hairs in the towel.

He wiped himself dry and then he said, “Let us go out and get ready.”

Frankly, I was surprised that he was letting me of without some special treatment.

As we came out of the bathroom, he said, “Ja. Bichchanaye shuey por.” (“Go and lie down on the bed.”)

I walked towards the bed. He walked to the shopping bag and picked out the extra packet of butter. He took off the upper cover and threw it away and then peeled the butter paper apart and came over to me. He said, “You skin has got dried from all this soaping. I will have to add some cream to the skin.”

Like a fool, I asked, “You are going to apply butter all over my body?” (“Tui kee puro gaye makhon lagabee, na kee.”)

He said, “Daykh kee koree!!” (“Just wait and see what I do.”)

As I lay down on the bed, he walked over to the apology for a dresser and picked up the body moisturizer bottle and placed it next to the bed.

I realized that he had an elaborate plan for me and it would be better for my pleasure to just go with the flow.

“Nay oobood hoye sho.” (“Come just lie on your face.”)

While I was obediently following his instructions, he picked up the pillow and placed it in the mid section. So, when I would lie there face down, by bottom would be jutting up, as if placed there for an assault on my ass.

Without saying a word, he poured out liberal quantities of the moisturizer on my back and slowly massaged gaziantep bayan escort the cream into my neck and then down the spine. The warm pleasure of being touched so deeply and all over, was to say the least, spine chillingly great.

He took the cream and applied it all over the back of my legs, in the beck of my knees and then on my ankles and even below my feet.

Finally, he softly said, “Ektoo bangyer moton sho.” (“Just get into a frog position.”)

I did not understand what he meant. So I asked, “Maney?” (“Like how?”)

He helped me bend my knees below my stomach with my arms resting my head and face and then he pushed my knees lightly to indicate that he wanted my legs parted below me, so that my bottom would be pointing up, with the ass wide open.

I whimpered my protests, “Mintu. Kee hochcey ta keee.” (“What are you upto??!!”)

He just said, “Shhhhh. Aaakeyabaarey choop thaak. Khaalee mojaa paley awaaj kor.” (“Shhhh. Just keep quiet and make noise if you love it.”)

Like a sex slave I just followed his instructions. I parted my knees as wide as I could and raised my ass up.

He then took some more moisturizing cream in his palm and applied it over my bottom, cheek by cheek. He then said, “Sorry I had to spank you. I will apply this balm wherever it hurt.”

Saying that his fingers went on applying the cream in every part of my bums and finally came down to my ass hole. He poured some cream directly onto my ass. It was cold. My sphincter muscles closed my ass.

He gave me time to relax and I slowly relaxed my ass hole. He then said, “Tor pondhay aamee ektu cream lagaboe. Aaar taar poray tor pondhta aamee chaatbo.” (“I will apply the cream inside your ass hole and then I will lick your ass.”)

“What are you upto!!” (“Kee hochay ta kee!!”) I cried out. I never anticipated that he would want to breach my ass also.

From my side turned face, I could see his cock was up and throbbing with excitement.

I had fair doubts that he will sodomize me today and now.

Mintu climbed onto the bed and sat himself down with his legs wide apart, going around my frog positioned legs.

He said, “Sitting here and massaging you won’t let my cock meet its most favorite place of stay.” (:Aikhaney boshey tor pachchaa massage korlay to tor gooder katchchey amaar baada ta thakbay na!!”)

He started to slowly massage in the moisturizer onto each of my bum cheeks with an outward motion. Each time he pushed the bubs down to massage the moisturizer in, my pussy would swoop low and the bulbous tip of his erect cock would rub into my wet and dripping slit and come near to entering.

Like a woman, I was not taking the initiative to push down my pussy onto the cock, hoping that his patience with my open pussy would run out and he would lift his waist up and penetrate my pussy and go right in.

Each time squeal would leave my throat as the pleasure enhanced itself to anticipation of a powerful fuck.

He too hissed with pleasure each time the bulbous tip of his cock would enter the slit and go out. “Hnnnnn. Sssssss. Oooooh. Sssssss.”

I was trembling with anticipation that he would suddenly stop his exciting me and raise his dick up and penetrate t into me and fuck the shits out of me.

But his voice trembled and he said, “You fucking bitch. I can’t take this much longer. I want to now put the moisturizer on your front.” (“Khankee maagi. Tor shamney eibaar tel lagatey hobay. Aar beshee khon tokay no choodey thaka jabey naa. Shojaa hoye show!!)

I realized that I better flip over soon. Or else he will spill his seed outside. And not inside my wet pussy.

As I turned over, he again said, “Baalish ta kay tor pachchar tolaye raakh. Tor good ta ooonchoo koray rakhtey chai.” (“Keep the pillow below your ass. I want your pussy pointing up.”)

As I lay down, he ordered, “Paa phaak koray raakh. Tor good akkebarey kholaa chai amar.” (“Keep your legs w-i-d-e apart. I want the pussy mouth open and inviting.”) and caught my ankles and eagle spread my legs, as wide as he could.

He knelt between my legs. I could see his cock erect and throbbing. It had the pre cum on the tip and was glistening.

He got faster with applying the moisturizer all over my front. He took pains not to touch my boobs or my crotch.

Then as he finished moisturizing the rest of the body, he leant across and picked up the butter.

He took large dollops of butter in his fingers and started to apply it on my breast and nipples. I was too excited. I cried out, “Please that is too much. Stop it. Fuck me.” (“Aaaah. Thaama. Ammakey chudey dey. Please. Chudey dey.”)

He said, “Thaam. Tor maai ar good aamee khaabo. Taar porey choodbo.” (“Wait. I want to eat your boobs and nipples and then eat your pussy. Then I will fuck you.”)

I could see he was running out of patience and started to hurry up his butter massage. His urgency to take me was getting nearly out of hand and he was trying his best to do what he wanted to do.

He took more butter in his palm and picked up some on his finger ends and started to apply butter all over my mound.

I was already starting cramps with excitement and desire.

He saw my pussy muscles contacting and conjuring up an orgasm.

He saw it and took some butter and applied it liberally inside my slit and started to apply it slowly and deliberately on my clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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