The Screamer Ch. 08

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Dawn was breaking when Ronnie emerged from the house with Mark and Gary. Last night truly was amazing. Rose, Debbie and Wendy were lying on the chaises sipping coffee while Dave, Hank and Ted were sweetly licking each of them. Gary leaned over and kissed them good morning.

“Gary, at some point later today, I want you to spank my ass for being such a hardhead for so long. If I had known what life with you would have been like, I sure as hell wouldn’t have wasted two years darling, Rose said.

“Spank your ass, darling, I’d rather fuck your ass,” Mark giggled. “It is such a lovely ass Rose.”

“Okay, you can do both.” Wendy and Debbie were laughing hysterically.

“Good morning Ronnie, did you have a good night?” Wendy asked.

“I feel like I am living in a dream right now. Last week, I could have sworn that I had the best sex of my life until last night. These two men gave me something I’ve never had in my life. You three are so lucky to have these fine men in your life like this,” Ronnie said sincerely.

“Come to think of it, I don’t think any of us have had the pleasure of the two of them at once. What is up with that, hmm?” Wendy sulked teasingly.

“Oh you delicious creature, you will know things you’ve never knew existed when we are through with you,” Mark giggled.

“Ouch, when will you be through with us?” Rose inquired sternly.

“In about a hundred years or so darlin, you know I don’t rush these things. Like it or not, you’re in this for the long haul. I’m not going anywhere and neither is Mark. Well, he will be going back to Vegas at some point but we have nice transportation. If he’s out there and any of you get the urge, we’ll just jump on the jet and jump his bones. Does that satisfy you Rose?” Gary laughed.

“See what I mean, you are so lucky,” Ronnie said.

Linda walked up with a tray of coffee and fresh baked pastries.

“Excuse me a moment,” Wendy gasped. “Oh that’s the spot Hank, lick me baby, Fuck, this is so good, don’t stop baby. Oh fuck, lick it Hank. Suck my cunt. I’m cumming Hank. Oh, this is so good. Oh yes!”

“Cream and sugar?” Linda asked.

“God, I love this place,” Ronnie giggled. “Great food, fabulous sex and sporadic outburst of orgasmic relief, I know I died and went to heaven.”

“That is a substantial piece of meat there Hank,” Mark said as he appraised Hank’s long cock.

“He was pretty happy last week. Only a few of us could take him all the way in,” Rose blushed.

Gary laughed, “Let me guess, Red, Nancy and Holly were able to.”

“I’m not chopped liver around here darling. I eventually was able to,” Rose said.

“You swallowed his beautiful huge cock all the way in Rose? I mean, did you do it like this?” Mark said as he spun Hank around and sucked his cock deep into his throat in one fluid motion.

“Did his balls hit your chin right away honey or did you have to work on it a while?” Gary smiled.

“Well, it took a while but I did it baby,” Rose said.

“That’s okay darling, we’ll teach you how to do this.” He took Hank and swallowed his long cock in one fell swoop and his balls were resting on his chin. He took a few strokes and stood back up. “All of the women here will be able to do that and more. You girls haven’t met some of our athlete friends yet. If you like them big, we have big.”

“Sweet,” Rose beamed.

Gary turned and looked at Linda, “Did you have fun last night darling?”

She started to laugh, “I sure did. I met some great new people. I need to know one thing, I know Jack and Tom are pilots but I never found out who they work for.”

“Are you telling me my pilots got to bed Beyonce before me?” Mark asked.

“They are funny and great in bed too. I plan on doing them again,” Linda smiled.

“Yes, you gorgeous man, lick that pussy baby. I am cumming so sweetly Tyrone. Suck my hot cunt baby. Oh, Oh, yes, fuck my hot twat with your tongue gorgeous. Oh, fuck this is so delicious baby. Yes!” Debbie screamed as she exploded onto Tyrone’s lovely lips.

“I hope you made them cry Linda. I can tell you, I just know that watching your sweet body riding my cock, I’d be weeping for joy,” Mark stated matter-a-factly. “I can’t wait to do you myself.”

“Anytime you want Mark. I want you too. Fuck, I want everyone all the time. Holly knows I am constantly horny. I knew I was always horny but until yesterday, I didn’t know how fucking horny I actually was. I could do everyone right now and go back for seconds.”

“Linda, let me get this straight, you spent all night fucking and somehow you managed to make fresh pastries too? You really are amazing,” Gary said.

“Well boss, it’s like this. I had been partying hard and I decided to check out what I had available for breakfast. I came into the kitchen and a couple of the guys came in. I told them what I was doing and they decided to help. Well, their cocks looked so good, I just had to suck them when Tom and Jack came in. They were drooling. They joined in and well, we kinda ankara escort fucked and sucked ourselves dry but it was fun. The chefs turned out to be excellent bakers too and we made the pastries and fucked some more. It was fun.”

“Motherfucker Dave go boy, go. Lick Rose’s sweet cunt baby. Oh fuck, your tongue is so good. Dammit, man yes! Yes! Oh, fuck, yes! Lick me Dave, I’m so wet Dave. Suck me baby. I’m fucking cumming you delicious man. Oh, Oh, Oh fuck!” Rose’s back arched and she threw her legs around Dave’s neck and she rode his lips with total abandon.

“God, I love my women. Have you ever seen anything so sweet as these three?” Gary said to Mark.

“We lead a charmed life Gar, we really do.”

Suddenly they all heard something muffled and they looked a few chaises over and everyone started to laugh. Holly was screaming onto Jim’s cock. His face was buried between her legs and it was obvious that they were cumming hard. Holly looked at them and smiled her lovely Linda Lovelace smile around his hard cock and she continued to drink him down. Jim’s face and shoulders were soaked and she kept cumming.

Linda walked over to them with a tray of coffee and pastries. She lifted Holly’s head and kissed her. She leaned over, took Jim’s softening cock, and sucked him down. She cleaned him perfectly and licked Holly’s lovely gash. “I’ve missed that Holly. You know I love your pussy.”

Debbie stood up and walked her lovely naked body into Gary’s arms. She kissed him, “Every day, in every way you show me just how much you love me and when I think my love for you could not get stronger, you do something to blow me away again. I love you with every single fiber of my being.”

Gary kissed her again, “What did I do this time?”

“I am lying here, Tyrone is licking my hot pussy and we are sipping coffee, eating pastries and talking. That young man had me cumming like a racehorse and it didn’t faze you one bit. Do you know how fucking sexy that was? More than that, do you know how secure I feel? God, I love you Gary.”

“Do you know how hot it was to watch that fine young man licking your hot pussy? It is hot standing here watching you cum like that. The fact that you feel secure to let yourself cum that hard makes me feel good. I want you to cum every minute of every day. I love all of you more than you’ll ever know.”

Holly came up and kissed everyone. Ronnie was hugging her and caressing her breasts. Holly sipped her coffee and kissed Ronnie again. Jim staggered over and Gary looked at him and laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“Now you know what Mark and I go through with her. I told you, she is insatiable. She will wear your dick out Jim. Watch her.”

“Holly, you and Ronnie get ready to head to the office. I’ll round everyone up and meet you back here in a half hour. We have many things to take care of today. Jim, make sure they are having a good time. We will be back in a few hours and we want to talk to everyone then. We’re going to take the motorhome to the office because I have some vehicles I want to bring back here.”

Gary took Ronnie into the photography department and gave them instruction on what he wanted done. He told them to email him the photos as soon as they were ready.

Dave was waiting for them when they walked into Gary’s office. He hugged Mark and gave him his condolences. Holly walked in and they introduced her to him. Mark explained exactly what they wanted done and told Dave to handle it. Mark told him he had the full resources of his firm to draw on initially but that he had better start looking to increase his staff as the workflow was going to get crazy.

Gary and Mark handed him two checks totaling Five Million Dollars and instructed him to open the accounts and make that a priority. Mark gave Dave the terms of the contract between them and asked him to fax the draft over to the house as soon as that was ready. Mark wanted to review everything before it was ready to be signed. Holly would get together to sign signature cards as soon as they were ready.

“Five Million dollars? Holy shit guys, I wasn’t expecting that,” Holly said.

“Darling, you had better get used to the kind of numbers we work with. You are going to be one wealthy woman. There is a reason we did it now. You’ll see. Let’s go into the conference room,” Gary said.

Jill had assembled everyone in the conference room. Ron McArthur, President of D’Orgasmic and Tina Stevens, Vice President both stood and hugged Mark when he walked into the room.

“I didn’t expect to see you. Are you all right? How is Jeremy?” Ron asked.

“He’s doing as good as can be expected. He wanted us to thank you for all your kind words and the flowers were beautiful.” Mark introduced Holly and Dani to the group.

“I wanted to let you know about some major changes we are about to make,” Gary started. He laid out the plan and everyone agreed that it made sense. This niche had a huge market. He explained that if you take all genres ankara escort bayan of music and added up their combined sales, collectively they did not equal Country Music Sales. The clubwear had been a fabulous success and now it was time to go for the gold.

“Shannon, I want to have designs for men and women. I’m prepared to do whatever is necessary to make this happen. I want you to get together with Michelle and tell her exactly what you want in additional designers. Just make them young and Country Music Fans. I want quality and everything we make must be made in the USA. We won’t be importing anything from overseas other than the toy division. We want to create jobs and put people back to work.

He gave them the name of a company in Dallas. “I want to know everything about them. They make boots. I want to know their exact financial position. Tell me what they make and how they have weathered the recession. I want to have the finest leather products available. I don’t want to do business with them, I want to buy them and bring them into the firm.”

“I’ll take that one Gar. Michelle, get research on this right away,” Mark said. “I really like this idea.”

Jill interrupted Gary and slid him her laptop. He looked at the photos of Ronnie and smiled. He slid the machine to Mark and he looked critically. He nodded to Gary and smiled. Michelle and Lori looked and Lori knew instantly what they wanted.

“Sorry about that, I want you to know that our Slutwear model will not be returning. She never got along with anyone. Yes, she was pretty but she drove me nuts. It is very simple to deal with this. Effective immediately, we do not hire anyone who is represented by Trainer. From now on, we only negotiate with Mark and his people.”

“Finally, it took you long enough Mark. I could just kiss you,” Tina said.

“When the hell did that ever stop you Tina? Get your pretty ass over here and kiss me darling.”

Tina bounced out of her chair and landed in Mark’s lap. She laid a wet one on him, turned and looked at everyone and blushed, “If I was only younger.”

“That never stopped me Tina,” Holly giggled. The room cracked up.

“Shannon, I want to start designing sexy men’s fashions for the Clubwear Catalog as well as the Country Clubwear catalog. I know this is a huge assignment. I also know, you’re the best of the best and you can handle this.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence Gary, I have some great ideas. I’ll have some sketches for you in a short while,” Shannon said.

“Tori, I have an idea. I want you to get together with Kate and Nancy later this week. Have you ever had your color palette done?”

“Sure, I had it done so that I would know what is the best makeup to buy for my complexion. Every woman knows this. Why?”

“My question is simple. Why aren’t we able to have our online customers input their palette preferences. Once they do that, we should be able to show them our product that would be complimentary. Talk to them and see what we can do. It could give us quite an edge.”

“Karen, am I correct to say that we should keep this completely under wraps for a while?”

“Definitely Gary, when the time is right, we will blast this all over the planet. Until then, yes, keep this close to the vest,” Karen agreed.

“Okay, that is enough for today. I’ll be waiting to hear back from all of you.”

When the exec’s had left the room, Gary looked at Lori and told her to offer Ronnie a one year contract but to reduce the amount to one million. He told her that if Cherry ever gets her act together, her offer still stands. Cherry doesn’t like Country but Ronnie does and he wanted her for the Country Catalog.

“I have an idea. What do you think of this? We will have two separate clubs. We will be having local artists playing in the clubs. I would like to suggest that each club have a dozen dancers who will wear our fashions. They have to be drop dead sexy and they have to be professional dancers. Our clothes are going to be top of the line; I’d like to see the dancers to be top of the line as well. I think it would really be a great touch.”

“That could get very expensive,” Holly suggested.

“I know. That is why I am going to pick up the cost of the dancers. Since they are advertising D’Orgasmic Product, I can expense it.”

“Well, since you put it that way, it is a great idea.”

“Well, I think this will make it better. I want each club to have a dozen top-notch dancers. That is twenty-four dancers per location. Additionally, I want a team of twenty-four to tour. These will be the best of the best. I want twelve Country Girls and twelve Dance Club girls. I hope that we can get them into music videos. Lori, do you know any choreographers?”

“Actually, I know several Gary. I like this idea. I just got a text from Vegas. We have the music industry buzzing. I’ve got a lot of people to talk to.” Lori turned to Mark, “This is taking off big-time. I never expected anything like this. escort ankara From what I am hearing, our reputation is preceding us everywhere we go.”

“Good, talk to them. Sign them and let’s get the ball rolling. This is more than I thought too. Get a great choreographer and let’s start auditions. Get those dancers signed. Does anyone remember the first time they saw Courtney Cox?” Mark asked.

Wendy started laughing. “I remember the first time I saw her. Bruce Springsteen pulled her from the audience to dance on stage. That started her career.”

“Imagine what that would be worth to us if we discover the next superstar. I want those women under contract. Club contracts are client contracts. The tour contracts are friend contracts. Let’s get them in as many videos as we possibly can. Everyone profits from this.”

Mark was smiling. “Michelle, call Dave and Ron, have them fly out tonight. I need you both back in Vegas right away. Have research get me a list of the best club architects in the country. Put the word out that we are looking for dancers to start. Once we have an idea how much space we will need, we can find a location in Vegas. Dani will be staying here with me for a while. We are going to be traveling.”

“Wendy, Debbie and Rose I need you to stay in here with Lori and Holly. I’d prefer you to be here for this. Just keep a poker face. I’ll be in my office. Bring Ronnie in please.”

Ronnie walked in as Gary, Michelle, Mark, Jill and Dani were leaving. She looked at them and sat down.

“Ronnie, I don’t know if anyone told you who I am and what I do,” Lori spoke.

“Not really Lori. I know you work for Mark but that is about all I know.”

“Ronnie, I am the head of the entertainment division. It is my job to spearhead the team of lawyers and representatives for top models, actors and such. Mark represents the top athletes in the world. He negotiates their contracts, manages their wealth and generally takes care of any legal concerns they may experience.”

“I wasn’t sure. I knew he had something to do with sports but I didn’t know what. What does this have to do with me?”

“Well, for starters, take a look at these.” She showed her the photo’s that were taken earlier in the day. “Those are some amazing photographs. They impressed everyone in this room.”

“Take a look at this Ronnie,” Wendy said as she slid the Slutwear Catalog over to Ronnie. “Have you ever seen this before?”

“No I haven’t. I love the clothes. This girl is so sexy. Will I get to meet her?”

“No hon, not her. She no longer works for Gary. She was rather difficult to work with. Gary saw your photos and asked me to talk to you about them. He would like to have you replace her. It will involve considerable travel but you would be paid quite well. You told him you liked to dance. Is that right?”

“Yes, I love to dance. Unfortunately, I’m too damned short to be a dancer. I really love to dance though.”

Lori went on to explain everything to her. Ronnie sat there with her jaw dropping as it was all laid out for her.

“So, you see Ronnie, when you were told by Holly that things could get better, she wasn’t kidding.”

“You said that I would be paid to do this.”

Lori looked at the girls and smiled. “Ronnie, we have two types of contracts at The Banner Agency. We have clients and we have friends. We don’t sleep with our clients. We do sleep with our friends. Our clients pay us twenty percent as our fee. Our friends don’t pay us a cent. Mark is offering you a friend’s contract. That is a big thing. It means you get to keep all the money.”

“That is fantastic Lori. I can’t believe this. I really can’t. He would do that for me. I don’t know what to say.”

“Lori, I think she is in shock,” Rose said. “I mean if it was me, I’d at least want to know how much I would be paid.”

Holly stood and walked behind Ronnie. She put her hands on her shoulders. “Take a deep breath dear.”

“Debbie, please do the honors,” Lori grinned.

“Ronnie, if this is a first for you, it is nothing compared to what I am about to do. Gary would like to offer you One Million Dollars for a one-year contract. It includes all medical expenses, full travel expenses and of course, you will have your own entire D’Orgasmic product line. When the Country Catalog is ready to be produced, you will be on location, wherever that is. You are going to hear about the dancers for each club. There is also going to be a traveling team of professional dancers. You will be the lead dancer for both genres until and if Cherry returns to the fold. You love Country and she is more comfortable with Rock and Pop. If she returns, she will be the lead dancer and model for that and you’ll have country sewn up.”

Wendy, Debbie and Rose sat along with Lori and looked at stunned silence. Ronnie’s lips were moving but words were not forming in any way, shape or form. “Are you with us baby?” Holly whispered.

Ronnie had tears in her eyes and she was fighting to speak. “Would someone pinch me please? I know I didn’t understand what you just said. I understand what you want me to do. I know I didn’t hear the money properly. Did you say One Million Dollars?”

“That is exactly what we said,” Lori smiled sweetly. “Are you interested?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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