The Sapphic Sisters of Pax Bk. 06

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The Sapphic Sisters of Pax – Bk 06

(aka Lesbian Lust and Murder at Veloton Fit, Part 1)

Copyright 2017, 2021 Lisa Summers

All characters depicted in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters in this story are at least 18 years of age..

No man saw the greatest conspiracy in history coming.

This is a story from that hidden, global war.

Chapter 1

“Todd, do you think my bottom looks big?”

“Big enough for me, honey,” Todd Putnam answered his wife Sarah diplomatically. It was conceivable that she might benefit from losing a pound or two, but he was both too evolved and too timid to say that.

“In other words, my ass is fat?” she replied, her tone actually sounding as though she would agree with that assertion. “I’ve been thinking about taking an exercise class,” she added, as she tied her long, straight hair into a ponytail, the soft elastic scrunchie a bright blue against the light brown of her hair.

“Portland Parks and Rec is expanding their offerings, but there are some other options too,” she said.

“You don’t really need it, but if you think it would make you feel better, go for it,” the 35 year old stockbroker said to his former college sweetheart, and wife of 10 years. She padded across their comfortable Pearl District apartment to the desktop computer.

“I was kind of interested in riding a bicycle, y’know?” she said.

“On the street?” he responded incredulously.”I don’t know about-“

“Oh god, no,” Sarah laughed. “Have you seen the ads on TV about that indoor riding thing with a stationary bike, and an internet connected tablet, um, Veloton Fit, I think? You can actually experience riding with others, the same people if you want, and it’s live and it’s just like the real thing.”

“Is that the one that shows the MILF getting up early and riding her stationary bike in that billion dollar house with the trillion dollar view, while the voice over guy says something like ‘This is where you live. This is how you wake up. This is why you’re here. This is your moment. This is Alexa…she’s going to show you a miracle…You’ll never be the same…This is your Veloton.'”

Sarah laughed. “You don’t have to make him sound like a big dummy. But yeah, that’s the one. There’s something…I don’t know…compelling about it. And I think I want to try it.”

“It’s okay with me, honey, but I think you’re already perfect.” He kissed her soft, smooth cheek.

“Thank you, Todd. But I think I could be better,” she said. He shrugged.

“It’s expensive, right?” he said, getting his answer from the downward shift of her blue eyes.

“It’s an investment, Todd,” she cajoled him. “An investment in me.”

“Okay, your 32nd birthday is in three weeks-“

“Two weeks,” she corrected him.

“Two weeks…so let’s call that your birthday present. Deal?” She smiled and kissed him on his cheek this time.

“You’re so sweet,” she murmured. “I’ll order it, and join, or whatever it is I’m supposed to do,” she said breathlessly, turning back to her computer in their condo in the 1400 block of Irving Street. For the rest of that evening, Sarah investigated and researched the company as best she could from her computer.

Chapter 2

“Let’s see, ‘complaints’ first,” she thought, being practical minded. “If most people don’t like it and it’s just hype, I can avoid having to tell Todd why I spent a lot of money, then never used the thing…like his membership in ‘Ultra-Fitness,’ where he went two times and then never again…after buying a ‘Lifetime Membership’ on sale!” She snorted at the thought of what a lovable dope her husband was.

She typed in the name Veloton Fit plus ‘complaints,’ and let Google do its work. It came up with a surprisingly small number of responses, no more than 4 or 5 dozen, small for what appeared to be a national company. Digging into them, she was even more surprised:

“I had great hopes for the experience, as I looked forward to being involved with a large choice of settings, instructors and classes. To my disappointment, all of their classes were filled except for two, where I found myself in a group of other men, much like myself, and they didn’t make much effort to create an interesting environment or have any coed classes for us. Still, when I asked for a refund, they credited my bank account within minutes and were very pleasant throughout the whole checkout procedure. Also, the free protein shakes they threw in were nice.” – Bill, 37

“Well, there’s a dissatisfied guy,” Sarah said out loud. Since Todd was at work, she could indulge in talking to herself like a maniac.

“Just a fantastic group of people, the perfect place to better myself and find new friends. The women are the best at Veloton Fit, and I highly recommend it to every woman who’s looking for a place to fit in. Nurturing and warm, it’s just like being home again!” – Sylvia, 45

Sarah was bursa eskort pleased to read that. She had already made up her mind, and now was more interested in finding reasons to support her decision.

“Not for me, limited choices, boring routines, no chicks. At least they didn’t give me a hard time when I demanded a refund.” – Edward, 28

“‘Chicks!'” she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “As far as I’m concerned, that jerk disliking it is a vote for the Veloton! I wonder why a ‘sexy’ jerk off like him couldn’t find any women there, though…”

“Perfect, perfect, PERFECT! Ever since my divorce I wanted to find friends who could understand my POV, since I lost all of ‘my’ friends in the divorce. And the slimming shake they sent – free, can you believe it – I’m even going out with a group of the female members in my area for drinks next week, and NO MEN! Tee hee!” – Marie, 32

The comments continued like that, and Sarah began to notice that there actually weren’t any particularly positive comments from men, and there were no negative ones from women. Still, the men seemed to have been treated well when they decided to leave, and the women were nearly ecstatic about Veloton Fit and were still members.

“Maybe they really want to just be a women-only workout group, but the law requires them to be open to everyone?” Sarah mused. “But it doesn’t really matter to me, since I’m a woman and it’s women who are happy with it.”

She resolved to say nothing to Todd, unless he too decided to join. She wouldn’t be comfortable if they bought two and he was exercising next to her.

“Of course, it would only last two days,” she thought and then giggled.

She went back to checking out the website, carefully noting the pricing and fine print, all of which seemed pretty reasonable.

Chapter 3

38-year old, black haired Kendra Wright, svelte and still slim, snuffled in her sleep, waking herself. Initially disoriented, she slowly recalled that the young, short-haired blonde asleep in her arms had claimed to be an 18 year old coed at the University of Colorado. She had picked the girl up hitchhiking on a southbound feeder road to Colorado I-25, just north of Denver, and the girl had agreed to ride along with the attractive woman on the drive south as far as Colorado Springs.

The jeans and turquoise peasant top-clad girl, Amy King, had prattled on about her boyfriend in Albuquerque as she nestled in the far corner of the front seat of the older woman’s silver-gray Mercedes SL-Class convertible, but after a lunch stop south of Denver the girl had suddenly found herself unexpectedly looking at the fashionably dressed woman in a whole new light, and seemed to have difficulty keeping herself from crawling into Kendra’s lap.

Kendra seemed delighted by the change in the young girl’s attitude, and wasn’t at all surprised when Amy changed her plans at Colorado Springs, deciding to continue on with Kendra instead of getting out. The two had decided to stop in Cañon City, and spend the late afternoon and through the night in the Victor Hotel, an historic structure that even featured a “haunted” elevator.

By that time though, the strong viral solution with which Kendra had adulterated Amy’s soda had converted the cute female college student into a sapphic slut, and Kendra was itching to exploit Amy’s new orientation, so the physical features of the hotel – outside of the strength of the bed to resisting enthusiastic physical exertions, and the soundproofing of the walls – were not so important to the two increasingly randy women.

“Here, this is our room,” Kendra said, fitting the old-fashioned metal key into the lock and opening the carved oak door. Her body jerked slightly as Amy drunkenly grabbed onto her shoulder. “Whoa, sweetie,” she remonstrated the girl. Amy looked at her with glazed blue eyes.

“I don’t know what’s come over me but – God! – I’ve got to touch you, kiss you, be with you…” The girl tilted her head up and Kendra impulsively kissed her.

“This girl is so cute,” Kendra thought. “I hope I’m not getting soft.”

“Maybe you’re just tired, honey, you’d probably been hitchhiking all morning and worrying, you know. A good sleep will fix you right up,” she said. A supportive sounding lie always got an affair off to a good start, in Kendra’s opinion. She should know, as Amy was somewhere in Kendra’s second hundred of lesbian seductions as a FIT operative.

Kendra had little intention of either the girl or herself sleeping, when there were hours of lesbian pleasure to be enjoyed, and a cute young girl to be converted to FIT’s world of hatred for men and complete and utter lust for other women. When the door closed behind them, Kendra pressed Amy against it, the girl smiling as she felt Kendra’s larger breasts pressing into her small, but perfect boobs. The first tingles of a virus-induced orgasm, far surpassing any ecstasy that she’d felt while masturbating, or being fucked by her boyfriend, bursa bayan escort surged through her supple, ripe body.

“Oh fuck…yesss,” she hissed, as Kendra’s lips pressed against hers, and Kendra’s long tongue snaked into her mouth. “Fuck me,” she sighed into Kendra’s mouth, her hips reflexively pushing against the brunette’s. Their hot, female bodies writhed together against the ancient wood of the door, hinges creaking as Kendra’s warm body mashed into Amy’s in a slow motion fuck, her hips pressing, pressing, pressing into the young blonde’s, her thigh pushing inexorably between the girl’s denim-clad thighs and pelvis, the pressure of her stocking-clad thigh slick but fierce.

Amy’s clitoris was unusually sensitive to touch at this point, the slight shift in pressure through the thick cotton of her worn jeans and the wispy fabric of her pink bikini panties like a tsunami overwhelming her sweet, dark red little pea, waves of ecstasy filling her body and nervous system, and driving her thoughts to how she might return the pleasure.

“Naked…got to be naked…for you,” Amy gasped, her small hands ineffectually slapping at her belt loops, as if that would be enough to render her nude for her older companion. Kendra took control, grabbing the young girl’s wrists, staring into her sky blue eyes, eyes that had already broken the hearts of many college boys, but which were now interested only in other women.

Slamming Amy’s wrists, held in her one hand, above the girl’s head, Kendra commanded, “Keep them up there.” The girl instantly obeyed, calming her to an extent as she awaited whatever pleasant torture Kendra might have in mind. Kendra couldn’t help but notice the girl’s nipples, long and hard, protruding through the soft fabric of her lovely turquoise color peasant blouse, the top three buttons fetchingly unbuttoned, her body’s excitement impossible to hide.

Kendra grinned evilly, her left hand passing over the girl’s small breasts, scraping over her sensitive nipples, the girl moaning as the contact of Kendra’s palm and fingers through the cloth over her nipples, sent spears of pleasure into her, heading unerringly for the girl’s plumping, deep pink and moist clitoris.

“Oh fuck,” Amy moaned, yet another orgasm forcing her hips forward into contact with another female. “God, what is happening?” Amy thought, somewhere deep in the still-functioning high level part of her brain, but it was rapidly being overwhelmed by both the lizard, pleasure-seeking part of her nervous system, combined with the physical changes being wrought by the massive overload of FIT virus with which Kendra had inoculated her at lunch, through the mechanism of her Diet Coke.

Kendra snaked her other hand down inside Amy’s jeans, her hand pushing out the waistband of the thick canvas fabric, Amy sucking in her stomach to allow the woman to invade her most intimate space. Lower and lower Kendra’s hand thrust, the heat of Amy’s crotch increasing the closer Kendra came to her sweet little pussy. Fingertips racing over the girl’s small, trimmed bush, Kendra carefully traced around the girl’s clitoris, but even though avoiding the swelling, hot treasure, Amy jerked with pleasure, hot, flowing ecstasy like magma from a volcano burning her with extreme delight.

She drew her head back, staring up at the ceiling, blue eyes glazed and unfocused, she spread her legs, moving her feet farther apart, to give Kendra unfettered and complete access to her cunt.

“Please, touch me,” she begged the dark-haired woman. “Stroke me…my pussy, touch my pussy, fuck my pussy…fuck fuck fuck me!” she sobbed, almost crying.

“Like this, baby?” Kendra inquired, her middle finger slowly slipping into Amy’s hot and wet slit, her tight little pussy grudgingly allowing the woman’s long finger to slip between its slick sides, her other fingers stroking the girl’s tremulous puffy labia.

“Yessss,” Amy hissed, her eyes opening and staring into Kendra’s brown eyes, both pleading and demanding. She wasn’t sure what it might be that she needed, she only knew that she teetered on the edge of unbearable pleasure and unending pain of deprivation of that pleasure and ecstasy. “Please…” she moaned.

Kendra’s middle finger, seemingly miles long to the ultra-sensitive young blonde, penetrated deep inside Amy’s vagina, fucking into her slick, hot wetness, then slowly slipping out, causing Amy to sigh as she felt the emptiness inside her body, the wet digit no longer filling her and sating her hot lust.

“No…” she gasped, then groaned with overwhelming pleasure and delight as Kendra’s finger once again penetrated her. “Oh god oh god,” Amy whispered, as she felt the orgasm building inside her, stronger than any climax that she’d ever experienced before, strange music filling her being, delightful colors filling her view.

“Oh my god!” Amy shrieked, when finally the climax she’d been missing her entire life bursa ucuz escort hit her, the shock of every nerve ending in her body shorting out, ultimate pleasure and ecstasy her universe. The chambermaid far away down the hallway paused and turned off her vacuum cleaner, listening for more screams of ecstasy, envisioning some young husband pleasuring his new wife, little imagining that greater pleasure could be secured in the arms of another woman.

Her day, too, would come, but this was not it.

Meanwhile, Kendra considered what she would do with her little morsel. “Fuck her, of course,” she thought, even as she was busy doing just that, her middle finger now joined by her index finger and ring fingers, the three digits pleasuring and tormenting the girl’s surprisingly tight and wet cunt. Even for a new convert to FIT, the girl was amazingly wet, and of course enthusiastic, as all new converts inevitably were.

You would be too, if you were presented with the likelihood of a lifetime of dozens of incredible orgasms daily, from some of the most beautiful women on earth (and in fairness, from some of the ugliest and grossest too, though under these circumstances you wouldn’t care about that), but Amy excelled at cumming, her hips rocking and writhing as each new bolt of electric pleasure tore through her.

Kendra considered further, though, how she would deal with the sexually inebriated young girl after she tired of Amy – which, given Kendra’s years of experience as a FIT member, and her high position in its Business Division, would probably be no more than a day. “Kill her or leave her to seed another area?” she thought.

She didn’t have any grudge against the girl, anticipated that the next twelve hours or so with her would be delightful, and actually enjoyed talking to the little nymph, and so decided that she would leave the girl in New Mexico to further FIT’s efforts there, and to eliminate whatever males she could get away with killing, starting with her “boyfriend.”

“Yeah, he’s going to get a little surprise when, seconds after his ugly cock fucks Amy, her knife is going to fuck him,” she thought, smiling. Amy would turn out to like the idea too.

“I’ll be long gone by then, busy in Los Angeles promoting the Veloton Fit project rollout,” she thought, then decided to return to the serious business of fucking Amy and ensuring her total conversion to a FIT member.

FIT women, or Females Inherit Terra as the members themselves knew the group, had a serious responsibility to ensure that all their converts – all those women and girls who they had infected with the FIT virus – were aware of their new responsibilities in life. Otherwise they would become misfires, women haphazardly infecting other women and murdering males with no particular purpose, drawing attention to the world war in progress – that of FIT against all males, and to a lesser extent, against the deranged lesbians of the group called Pax Terra.

“Let’s relieve you of these uncomfortable jeans and blouse, shall we, baby?” Kendra asked rhetorically, the girl already responding, furiously unbuckling her leather belt, unsnapping the copper button and shimmying the faded jeans down her slim young thighs, her wet panties following. Kendra looked at the girl’s cunt, hot and enflamed, her pussy lips a dark red, her clit, now exposed, a deeper red, and small clear drops of her sweet, peachy lubrication caught in the soft, curly hairs of her neat but tiny bush.

She had a small tattoo of a bluebird just above her pubic bush. “How pretty,” Kendra thought, though she herself would never bother with such adornments.

“To what end?” she thought. “To attract a lover? Just not a problem these days,” she sniggered.

“And the blouse,” she reminded the girl, her lower body completely naked, as she had kicked off her cute little sneakers.

“Oh yeah,” Amy giggled. “Are you gonna play with my nipples?” she asked Kendra, her eyes adoring. “You can do whatever you want…”

“Go lie on the bed, play with yourself,” she told Amy, watching the girl’s sweet little buttocks as she walked enticingly to the bed, her short, curly blonde hair making her look like a young boy, her hot little wide ass showing that she was all woman. Kendra began undressing leisurely, unbuttoning her designer blouse and slacks, and carefully arranging them on the chair at the room’s desk.

Then unhooking and removing her bra and panties, similarly setting them on the desk surface, and turning and presenting her quite lovely body towards the college girl. The wide plank floor, glossy as though newly varnished but clearly at least a hundred years old, creaked as she approached the bed. Amy’s right hand was busy between her legs, her left massaging her breasts, her eyes opening and closing rhythmically as the pleasure became too much, then orgasming and recovering, all within seconds.

“I’ll bet she’s cum at least a half dozen times in the few minutes that she’s been on that bed,” Kendra considered. “I’m glad I’m not going to kill her, it would be a waste to destroy such enthusiasm.”

“Have you ever had your pussy licked, darling?” asked Kendra, as she moved over to the bed to gaze down at the writhing young slut, her fingers a blur between her legs.

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