the room in my room part.2 (revised) (added parts)

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3D Adult

AUTHORS NOTE: im sorry! i didnt notice that the story wasnt complete skip to the ** if you already read the last parts

“Hold still bitch!” Angie screamed at Naomi. i had told them two to fight for the strap-on and then fuck the other one with it. Angie got the strap-on first and was trying to shove it in Naomi’s ass without any lube. Not the best idea.

“Please stop! No more please!” Naomi cried as her body finally gave way and Angie started shoving the dildo in her little sister. After about 10 minutes of watching Naomi have pain shrieking orgasms i finally told them to stop.

“But master she was starting to like it.” Angie said with a frown.
“shell have more soon don’t worry.” i said as i got up and shoved my dick down Angie’s throat. She started to gag more and more until she was crying. then i let her go to drop on the floor and choke on her own saliva. then i walked over to Naomi.
“No master… Please don’t. Please no mo—–Ahhhhhhh” she started to scream as my dick went into her ass. I hadn’t really cared about the clones for the past 3 months that i had them. I mean i gave them food on a regular basis and water. But i stopped giving them clothes because i would always tear them off anyway. And then i stopped being kind about having sex with them. I became more cruel to them then i would have with the real Angie and Naomi. I got up and walked out of the room leaving the clones behind crying in pain. I wasn’t really into leaving the room with the clones still there because i don’t want them trying anything they’ll later regret. When i returned to the room after diner i walked in on the clones sitting there talking

“I have a question for the both you.” i said as they both stood up and leaned against the wall
“Yes master?” Naomi asked.
“Do you guys remember anything about the real Angie and Naomi? like can you see what they’re doing right now?” i asked either one of the two.
“Sometimes but most of the time our heads are filled with you. Because that’s what you made us for right?” Angie asked.
“No not originally. but that’s what it was after a few weeks.” i said.
“Well then what did you make us for?” Naomi asked
“Well originally i made you guys so i could have both of you here as friends to hang out with but then i realized theres more to that.” i said as i walked over to Angie.
“You’ve been a good girl today. you get to sleep on the bed with me tonight.” i whispered in her ear as i slowly moved my hand down to her pussy and put two finger’s into her tight cunt
“Mmmmm yes master” she moaned. it was like music to my ears. i helped her up. and she went to my room. i stayed behind to talk to Naomi.

“You lost the game today. you’ve been a bad girl.” i told her softly.
“Y-y-yes master. w-w-what is it for today?” Naomi started to cry a little bit
“Here.” i gave her a vibrator.
“What am i supposed to do tonight?” she asked
“You have to sleep with that inside of you and turned on all night.” i told her smiling
“No please let me sleep on your floor tonight master? ill do anything.” Naomi said as she got on her knees and took the head of my cock into her mouth.
“Ohhhh maybe we can work something out” i moaned as she took almost all of my shaft down her throat before starting to gag
“If you can take it all without gagging or crying i might let you sleep on the bed tonight” the words must have been like a miracle to her. because when she heard it she started to deep throat me without any hesitation. i could already feel myself getting close because of it.
“You’ve been holding back haven’t you?” i asked her, she smiled and then took my entire dick into her throat and held it there for at least 30 seconds. Then she let go and started to cough but quickly got over it as she stood up at eye level with me adıyaman escort and kissed me. I put 2 finger’s in her pussy and then aligned the head of my dick with her pussy.
“Good job.” i said as i jammed my dick into her. We both had an orgasm together.
“OK lets go.” i grabbed her hand and we walked into my room. we all three laid on the bed together until Angie started to go down on me.

“its late you know.” i whispered at her thinking Naomi was asleep.
“we know.” Naomi whispered into my ear. i guess she wasn’t asleep.
“its not that late though.” Angie said as she got up and started to ride my cock. Naomi went down to lick whatever she could get at while Angie was trying to have an orgasm. Naomi’s ass was up by my head so i grabbed her and started to eat her out as she moaned it sent vibrations through me and Angie. so i started to moan too sending even more vibrations to Naomi. soon enough Angie was passed out because she had fainted from pleasure. a little bit after that Naomi passed out on top of me because i blew my load right into her twat and she came the biggest orgasm I’ve ever seen her have. i wasn’t very comfortable so i lifted Naomi off of me and went to the living room. i was out there alone for about 2 hours before Angie walked out

“What are you doing master?” she asked as she laid on the couch snuggled up to me.
“i couldn’t sleep because Naomi fell asleep on top of me and you were in an awkward position so i wasn’t comfortable” i wrapped my arm around her waist
“i’m sorry you could have asked me to move”
“you looked to cute snuggled up to our sister like that.”
“perv.” she laughed. even though she was a clone i could still have fun with her like she was the real Angie
“and you cant do anything about it.” i laughed
“oh yea?!” she jumped on me and started to kiss me we both just laid there kissing for about half an hour then we got up without a word and went to my room again. Naomi was still asleep on my bed so Angie went over to my desk and cleared everything off of it then bent over
“come on master just one more?” she begged. i walked over to her and put my dick at the entrance of her pussy then i pushed forward
“ohhh master please more. oh harder harder! come on give me more!” she cried as i fucked her senseless. she started to have one orgasm after another.
“oh master your so deep i love it!” those were her last words before she fainted on my desk. i came right before she did though so nothing was lost out of it. i pulled out and just left her there asleep. i walked over to my bed and fell asleep.

i woke up the next morning to see two heads bobbing up and down on my cock
“good morning girls.” i said to them then they both looked up at me waved then Naomi went down to suck on my balls while Angie started to deep throat me. i was enjoying the sensation of these two girls giving me a double blowjob. after they were done i sat up and they did the same.
“can we have some food master?” Angie said with a little naughty school girl act.
“bring me something too.” i said to them as i rolled over to get back to sleep. i woke up again about 2 hours later to the girls with fresh pancakes on my bed.
“thanks… who made them?” i asked Naomi
“your mom did.”
“did she offer you anything?”
“yes she gave us some pancakes too.” Angie said as they sat at the foot of the bed.
“ok well when im done ill come get you girls but for now go wait in the hidden room.” i told them and then started eating.
“but master can we please go watch TV please let us?” they both begged
“ok but put a robe or something on, my mom doesnt like it when i let when i let one of you go wondering through the house with out me especially when your naked.”************************************************************************************************************** akkent escort the both jumped up and put there robes on. after i finished eating i called the girls back in and had them take off the robes

“master? its been a while since we were able to have a day with your clone… can we please get that today?” Angie asked
“ok sure. since you’ve both been really good the past few days i will give both of you your own clone for teh next 8 hours.” i said while i walked into the secrete room and made 2 clones of me.
“stay in here though because i need to run an errand. ill be back in a few hours.” i told them. i left them in the room alone with the clones to be they’re slaves for the next few hours. i was at the ‘store’ for at least 4 hours before i returned. i walked into the room to see Angie on the ground with my clone giving it to her from behind. and Naomi held in the air while my clone fucked her in the ass

“master! your back!” Angie called out as she came all over my clone.
“yes im back and you seem to be having fun without me.” i said as i walked over to the counter and put the bags down.
“m-m-m-master c-c-c-can you p-p-please make m-m-m-ore clones? i w-w-w-want to be f-f-f-fucked in every h-h-h-h-hole.” Naomi stuttered as she had another orgasm. i thought about it and decided id make one more clone and id join in on fucking my sweet little 13 year old clone. the ageing process was turned off when i cloned them so the next time i will clone them with the ageing process on so i cant see how they age. after making another clone i grabbed Naomi’s hair and started driving my cock in and out of her throat she started moaning as soon as every hole was filled. even more so when one of my clones started sucking on her tits. she started to orgasm after about 3 minutes of this. she passed out after 5. since me and the newer clone still hadn’t gotten any loads off we walked over to Angie who was still in dogie style.

“oh master can you please do that to me? i want to feel every hole when a load its shot into it at the time” Angie said with a bit of desperation in her voice. my clones had become sluts. always begging for they’re next fuck. my clones and i all started to fuck her after about 5 minutes she was cumming and after about 7 we were too. she started to scream in ecstasy as we all shot a load into her. one in her mouth another in her ass and the third in her pussy
“mm thank you master. can i please have another?” she was asking for more? that suprised me usually she was done after one load for one guy but after three?

“if you promise to stay a good little cock slut.”
“i do! i really do! please fuck me hard in every hole” we all three rotated holes. me in the ass and the other two wherever they were at. we all fucked her hard. she passed out after about 2 minutes of this and the clones disappeared after an hour so i dropped the little whore on the floor and walked out of the room. it was only 8pm but it felt later then that. i walked into my room and saw my older sister on my bed on the laptop.

“have you ever heard of knocking?” i asked her
“have you ever heard of locked doors?”
“the door was locked”
“well then your locks broken.”
“get out”
“make me” i grabbed her arm and pulled her to the door. i wasn’t in a mood to be messing around with her.
“wait i have weed!” she shouted out to get me to stop
“yea here it is” she pulled out a sack of weed and her pipe. we smoked it on my bed and she left after i fell asleep at about 9pm.

i woke up the next morning at about 7am. i walked into my kitchen and ate breakfast then walked into my secrete room to see Angie sitting there gaziantep anal yapan escort looking through the bags of sex toys i had brought in on the previous night
“can i use these on her?” she pointed at her little sister
“that’s what i got them for. but first come here.” i pulled her out of the room and pushed her against a wall. we started kissing passionately and fondling each other until we were both on the bed naked. Angie got on top of me and started riding my cock
“oh yes! master i love your cock! its stretching my pussy! i can feel it inside of me!” she was screaming and moaning until she came she laid on top of me recovering from her orgasm.

“do you love us master?” she asked me
“yes i do.”
“you are such a good fuck master” she started to give me a hickie on my neck.
“i love it when your inside me…” she whispered into my ear. i chuckled a little and then kissed her
“ok well since you were the first one up you get to wake your sister up however you want.”
“oh goody!” she jumped up and ran to the secrete room.
“oh Naomi” Angie sang softly to her sleeping sister as she trailed a vibrator down Naomi’s belly
“time to wake up!” she grunted as she jammed the vibrator strait into Naomi’s snatch. she woke up instantly and started screaming in pain for the unexpected penetration.
“ow! take it out! take it out now!” she screamed at her older sister. Naomi tried to move away from the dildo but Angie held Naomi down.
“no no no. your going to take this dildo and like it!”
“but its too deep! it hurts!” i looked down at Naomi’s cunt. Angie had shove the entire vibrator and her hand into Naomi’s twat.
“Angie that’s enough” i told her. she obeyed and removed the dildo. i bent down and started to like Naomi’s pussy to get her to stop crying. she did. she liked attention. both of them do but i can only give one so much attention at a time.

“master? can i please suck on your cock?” Naomi asked.
“you both can.” i got up and walked into my room and laid on my bed. they both followed me. the girls both bent down and started to suck and lick my shaft until Angie went down and sucked my balls and Naomi started to deep throat me. i came in about 3 minutes. Angie and Naomi both waited for me to blow my loan all over they’re faces so they could lick it off of each other. after they got done with they’re facials i let them go eat something. i sat in my room and worked on my homework until they got back. when they did they had whip cream covering they’re privates.

“master? can you get this off of us?” they both asked in unison. i got up and started to lick the whip cream off Angie’s tits. i spent extra time on her nipples then i trailed down to her pussy and spent more time to get all of the whip cream out of her pussy. then i moved over to Naomi. she was still sore from yesterdays events but she managed to stay up while i licked off the remaining cream.

“mm that was nice master.” Naomi said smiling
“it felt so good.” Angie cut in.
“so how are yo going to fuck us today?” Naomi asked
“well i was thinking we could just sit around today and watch movies.” i answered walking out of the room. they followed.
“what kind of movie?” Angie asked with a naughty smile. i grabbed her and threw her against the wall and got in her face
“well what kind of movie do you want?” i whispered into her ear
“its whatever you want master” she whispered back

we spent the rest of the day watching movies and fucking. Naomi passed out from laughing to hard while i was inside of her and Angie almost choked to death from my cock because she was paying attention to the movie. all and all it was a pretty good day. but about 2 hours after my mom got home from work she received a call letting her know that the real Angie and Naomi were coming to visit. i wonder what will happen…

~~~~ that was part 2 revised. sorry about not checking the last part before i posted it not everythings perfect though 🙂 im working on part 3. the origenal draft was supposed to have the real girls in it but im in a hurry

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