The rise and fall of a boy called Rave part 8

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Female Ejaculation

You have to love girls dressed as nurses.

The raid had been a piss poor affair, just a group of young one trying to prove their manhood. If it had been done properly the number of Bad Dogs would have been a problem. Nearly 20 of them had attacked the corner of 9. But they were young and small with no real leadership or plan. They had come up the longer street giving us more time to prepare even without our spotters. They didn’t know where the stash was or who was holding the money. It would have been laughable if it wasn’t so annoying.

I really didn’t mind the proper raids, it kept us strong over the winter months and letting the leadership test the strength and wit of each other, I had lead my own on own neighbours corners. However this was not a real raid it was just a joke that damaged our business. They were weak and we was strong, even with the numbers on their side it took very little for them to break and run, they scattered back to their own corner of the estate. Or at least most of them did.

One ran head long deeper into our territory, if it had been a good raid I would have let him go but I was pissed off so I took off after him. I think it was because a lucky shot had broken my nose that I was so mad but I was going to kill the poor lad. Two of the lads feel in behind me without a word, I didn’t know if it was loyalty or their own sadistic needs that brought them along but I felt pride at the show of support.

We should have run him to grown there and then, we where faster but that would not have been fun now would it. We didn’t chase the lad so much as herd him, moving in front the cut off a street and leaving an opening that pushed him deeper into the maze of alleys, walkways and underpasses that made up the back streets of the estate. I ran, moving over two walls like they weren’t there, my body shot upwards as my finger tips just touch the top of the next wall and I was flying. I came down at the end of an alley and just looked at the poor boy coming up the other way. The lads where behind him but where keeping back, giving him one last place to run down. I don’t know if he would have run so enthusiastically toward the alley if he knew it ended just around the corner in a wall 4 stories high. We closed in laughing.

He stood at the end trying desperately to clime the wall, I knew from experiences it could be done but not by a lad half mad with fear and without any practise. He seemed to come to the same conclusion and turned to face us his back pressed ageist the wall, willing himself to pass through. The dead end had become a dumping ground, rubbish in piles all over the ground, lots of discarded junk from the locals had found it way here. It was from this that the scared boy found his temporary salvation. It was a piece of wood about six feet long, he grabbed it with both hand like a drowning man would a rope, the alley was just wide enough to let it be swung in a full arch. He moved it back and forwards whenever we advanced making us jump back but that just started us on a new game. Teasing him as one of us would dart forwards and then jumping back as he gave a giant swing.

Soon he was panting for breath like a man with his lover, his arms only just holding the wood, his whole body trembling. The swings where getting slower so we pushed forward hard each time. It was my turn to go, I timed it perfectly laughing like a mad man, but then it all went wrong. As I jumped back a palm smashed into my back, he swore blind it was a bad joke that went wrong and I believe him it is hard to lie when someone is holding what is left of a broken finger. I put my hands up to try and stop my fall exposing my ribs. I am not sure how much of the crack I heard was from the wood shattering and what was from my ribs breaking. It still wouldn’t have been so bad if not for the back swing. I was still moving forward when he swung back quickly the jagged, sharp end ripped though my shirt, the skin underneath and embedding itself into the muscle my abdomen.

It didn’t really hurt at the time, it was like a wave of cold spreading into my body, as I looked down at the piece of wood sticking out of me. I looked up at the boy’s face, he really was little more than a boy, and the total look of shock was almost funny. His mouth was open slightly, that was dumb, my right hand wrapped around the wood to stop it moving and I through a big left uppercut into his open mouth putting into it all my hate and rage. Blood and teeth went flying from his mouth, I knocked out three incisors and one canine, and he fell to the ground like he had been turned off.

His canine ripped a bloody chunk out of my left hand, just to the right of Ataşehir Escort my third knuckle. Most of the marks on my hands have faded over the years so that you can’t see them but not that one. It still stands out pink and fresh and shiny. It is the only mark of my violent passed I have, other than my broken nose which I blame on rugby, that you can see when I am wearing a suit. The only one I have to explain to people that I don’t know well, people that don’t call me Rave, and I lie about it. None of them would get where I come from, who I used to be or how I could be who I am now so I lie. I tell a story about cutting down a tree, about how a branch broke and I slipped. It is a good story, people laugh and tell their own tree related anecdotes but it is still a lie.

I really didn’t feel all that bad until a breathed in and then the pain hit. The right side of my chest exploded in fire ball of agony forcing the air back out of my lungs in a broken scream. I ripped the wood from my flesh which would have made me scream again if there had been any air left in my lungs. That was a mistake but at the time it seemed to be the right thing to do. There was so much blood, it flowed freely down my stomach staining my pants. Each shallow gasp of air I forced passed the pain and into my lungs brought the copper smell into my nose and the tang of metal was on my tongue. I pulled my shirt over my head with gritted teeth and tried to use it to stop the bleeding and I staggered back up the alley, my legs moving on their own. I air felt cold on the bear skin of my chest, I was feeling really very cold all of a sudden.

I didn’t feel my legs give out, I didn’t know how I ended up on the floor staring up at the stars. My right leg was twisted painfully under me but I couldn’t focus to get it to move. The lads had ran, I whispered every curse I knew upon their heads as I lay there, but at least one of them must have been thinking. I don’t know how long I lay there, it felt like hours, but I couldn’t have been more than minutes. The wash of pulsing blue lights feel upon me, I hadn’t heard the sirens but they must have been there, my body wanted to run but it couldn’t. A shadow passed across me and I blinked.

I don’t remember the ride in the ambulance or the A and E at the hospital. I do remember trying to push off someone that kept touching my cut, someone else holding me down and the sting of a needle.

I woke up in a room that was way to cheery for its own good, sunlight was streaming through the window which put me out for at least 10 hours. The sunflower yellow walls and rainbow border made my eyes water. This was the local children’s ward, I had spent quite some time here over the year, forget that I was a violent thug I was under 14 so I went on the children’s ward. The place had an atmosphere of forced happiness that was soul destroying. Sick children and ad families surrounded by bright colour and paintings Winnie the Pooh. And the nurses, big smiles saying it will all be ok but dead eyes that have seen a few too many of life evils. This place stole you faith and broke your soul.

I tried to push myself up but cries of pain from my chest and abdomen made me give us with a hiss. So I wasn’t going to be moving for a bit then. I moved my arm to try and feel what they had done to patch me up, it snagged on a drip that I hadn’t noticed sending the metal stand crashing to the floor.

“Back with us then my little Rave” came a familiar voice “you really let yourself get beat up this time”. I turned my head and smiled, her name was Alison she was a nurse here and had been tending to me for as long as I can remember. She survived the soul crushing cheeriness of the place by becoming, for want of better words, pure evil. She aggressively flirted with everyone man, woman, boy or girl it didn’t matter how young or sick. She bullied the other nurses physically, emotionally and sexually and she encourages the kids to do the same to each other. She was the only thing that made this place barely tolerable.

She was a 5’2 dirty blond with over the top curves and a crooked smile but her eye… oh my god those eyes, you could see all the demons and fires of hell dancing just underneath their near black irises. I was bright and charming when I wanted to be and Alison at least pretended to buy it.

“Well you don’t call, you don’t write, how else am I to get to see you if I don’t get hurt pretty one?” I said forcing the pain from my voice. She walked over and picked up my drip, she placed one hand on my rids lightly, it was from pain but the groan I gave out sounded far closer to sexual pleasure.

“So you missed me then?” She asked Ataşehir Escort Bayan trying to sound sweat.

“Like a hole in the…” She cut me off by pressing just a little bit harder.

“Careful what you say my little Rave you wouldn’t want to upset me, you could be here for some time, just think of the fun I could have with you.”

Her play time was cut short when a young male doctor and an official looking woman in a pants suit walked down the ward towards my bed. Alison knew when to draw the line and would never do anything in front of a doctor. They were talking in hushed tones, they had southern accents, and I heard the doctor say “clear and consistent signs of abuse.” I groaned inwardly, I really hated this type of conversation.

“You where very lucky that the where no internal damage” the doctor said. Lucky, I was always lucky, the last time I had got a length of razor wire rapped tight around my arm and I was lucky not the lose movement in it, I would have been more lucky if I didn’t end up in this place bloody and broken.

“But you may not be as lucky next time” said the woman, talking to me like I was a child “we want to talk to you about your injuries is that ok Greg?”

“The name is Rave and my injuries are all self-inflicted” She took an involuntary half step back at the rage in my voice.

“Well…Rave… we both know that that is not true. It is clear that someone has been hurting you and we would like to know who?”

“Who the hell are these people, the bird screams social worker, and have they been living under a rock?” I asked looking at Alison “And why haven’t you explained the world to the pup?”

“I tried, I really did, but would he listen. He has to call someone. They are both new around here why don’t you explain it to them you have such a way with words” She said sarcastically.

“Ok, this hell hole is full of dirt poor people that live in council housing. The kids of these estates from into gangs, I am a gang member and as such live a somewhat violent lifestyle as you can see this has taken somewhat of a toll on my body. You point to a scar and I will give you a crime I was performing when I got it. If you are going to work here for any length of time you really will have to get used to scarred up kids coming in. No one has ever abused me so are the any other questions I would like to go back to lying here in pain”

It took them a few second to compose themselves after my rant “Some of your scars look to me to be cigarette burns, what crimes where you doing when you got them?” The doctor asked.

“You act as if you never dated” I said. Alison snorted as she tried to stop herself from laughing.

“What?” Asked the social worker shocked.

“I got the burns while have rough and kinky sex with one or more girl, some of the time it was even with my girlfriend.” I watched the slow blush spread over her checks. They had very few question after that and beat a hasty retreat back down the ward.

“The looks on their faces” said Alison, breaking down in laughter “I am going to have to come up with some way to reward you for that my little Rave…”

With that I clasped back into the bed so tired from one conversation.

I spent the day watching Alison work making fathers uncomfortable and mothers jealous. I swear I once saw her with her hands between the legs of a girl that couldn’t be more than 10. She pushed another nurse to the point of tears by pinching her arse ever chances she had. I found out that the lad who had hit me was in a bed at the other end of the ward. He was only in for observation but if I was able to walk down there before he left I was going to have… words… with him about the use of weapons.

My dad and Faye showed up for visiting, I told my dad about the social worker, told him he might get a call but I doubted it. The where to many kids in need of help all over this town, why would they waste time with a gang member who didn’t want help. Faye was all motherly, stroking my hair, acting like I had been hurt in some heroic struggle not in some back alley brawl. She hugged me when she left, it hurt like hell but afterwards I was smiling.

I slept a little, but it was hard each time I tried to turn over my body screamed at me. I woke up for what must have been the tenth time around midnight but this time it wasn’t from pain. I looked around trying to find out what had woke me, the ward was dark, all the curtains drawn up around the beds. The curtain shifted slightly, for a second I though the lad that had put me here had come to settle up with me before I had the chances to do with him, but the shape that stepped through Escort Ataşehir the gap was most definitely feminine. Alison looked down at me smiling, she was still wearing her uniform but she had put on makeup and looked 5 years younger.

“I have come to give you your reward” she whispered.

“Do I get to fuck you now?” I asked with a grin.

“Oh no I couldn’t possibly have sexual contact with one of my little children” she said with mock shock, even keeping a smile from her face “but that doesn’t mean I can’t sneak in someone that can.”

The curtain moved again and another girl dressed as a nurse slipped though the gap. She was Faye, my girl, my love. The clothes she was wearing where much too big for her, I very much doubted if she could pass if anyone had looked closely but I didn’t think that anyone would look at Alison or anyone she was with around here she was feared.

“She told me that if I came back after hours I could show you some real TLC” She said

“I don’t think I am any good to you right now, I can barely sit up” I replied

“You don’t have to do anything am here to see to you” with that she began to strip slowly, she wasn’t used to the clothes size or style so it she looked more comical than sexy getting out of them. It may not have been sexy but she was wearing her best underwear and looked bloody good standing at the bottom of my bed. Alison’s eyes devoured her teenage curves, Faye was shaking ever so slightly she had been developing a wicked exhibitionist streak of late and she was more than likely enjoying the attention.

She climbed up onto the bed and pulled down the covers. My upper body was wrapped in bandages, to hold together my ribs and to cover the cut, I was wearing shorts. She pulled them down looking up at me, my fully hard cock sprang free of the waist band and hit her in the chin making Alison laugh. She put her finger to her lips in an over the top motion at her own noise.

Faye took my head into her mouth, I took a deep breath at the sensation and then letting out a viscous hiss as the pain flared in my chest. What followed was one of the strangest blow jobs I have ever received. Faye could read my body like a book by then, she had skills and new just what to do to me but each time my body tried to respond to the sensations part of it would scream in pain stopping me. I had discovered the blurred boundary between pleasure and pain some time ago but this was different. As her tongue worked the underside of my shaft I thought I was going to cum then and there but as the pleasure built to a spike my body began to tense up my chest swelled flooding my brain with the agony of the fire from my ribs. By the time my body came back to itself I had somehow forgot to orgasm.

My body was begging for the pain to stop but my mind was lost in the pleasure. It was incredibly hot and frustrating at the same time I was feeling all the pleasure but my body just wouldn’t let me reach climax. After 2 more of these none climaxes it was starting to get to Faye too. She pushed herself harder, she really hated to gag but she knew it turned me on to do so, she forced her own head down over and over again driving the head of my cock into her throat. As she gag salver ran down my shaft and her chin, tears forming in the corner of her eyes making her mascara run.

Alison was enjoying the show even more than I was, her pants where around her ankles, her hand in her panties moving at speed, I could see a wet patch on her crotch and she was moaning softly. Faye knew me well it couldn’t last forever and the visual stimulus of this flirt pleasuring her was enough to let my body finally find the release it was craving.

I came hard, sending load after load deep into Faye waiting throat, she swallowed as best she could but I was pumping fast. The orgasm seemed to last of ever, my body screamed of it to stop, for the tension to leave my body so the pain would stop. I like to think that the sudden set of gasps from Alison where her own orgasm but my eyes where rolled into the back of my skull and I didn’t see it.

I relaxed at last, my body tingling I didn’t care anymore if it was with pleasure or pain. Faye went to work licking her spit and my cum from the base of my cock and it was more than I few moments before I register the warm wet feeling spreading across my stomach.

“Now that was great but I do believe that I am bleeding” I manage to say with perfect calm.

“Fuck” she Alison pushing Faye off the bed “he has gone and ripped his stitches, don’t just sit there child put some clothes on and go hide and I will go get someone”

I watched as they panicked, covering up tonight’s activities as fast as possible why I turn my bandages red. Faye hid and people came to fix me. I spent the next two days in hospital, the pain got better slowly, I would get better but in the mean time the was fun to be had…

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