The Retired Couple and Monica

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Viv contacted me a few days later and said Monica would like to meet up in a few days.

I decided not to wear my ladies underwear in case she didn’t approve.

I was feeling horny when I knocked on Viv’s door. She opened it and let me in and I followed her into the lounge where Monica was sitting. She looked very attractive with lovely make up and wearing glasses. She stood up and I kissed her on the cheek. I loved the smell of her perfume and of course I loved the look of her bright red lipstick. We all sat on the sofa with a glass of wine.

Monica said, ‘Viv tells me you call her mummy’.

‘Yes, and she can be a very naughty mummy too,’ I replied.

Monica then said, ‘maybe I could be auntie, I can be naughty too, and I am also very submissive’.

I smiled and said, ‘that sounds like a great idea’.

I also told her I liked her lipstick, she smiled and looked at Viv. I suspect they had been talking.

‘You can kiss me then,’ she said.

Our lips locked together, out mouths open and our tongues engaged. I reached for the buttons on her blouse and started undoing them. When they were undone I opened the blouse and felt her tits. Through her bra I could feel her nipples were erect. I reached behind her and undid her bra and started rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples. I felt her hand rubbing me through my trousers.

I stood up to take her skirt off and Viv said, ‘let’s go upstairs’.

I followed them up and took her skirt off. I was delighted to see she was wearing stockings. I felt between her legs, her panties were soaking wet and took them off.

Monica had now undressed me and said, ‘Viv tells me you like wearing stockings yourself’.

‘Yes’, I replied.

‘I’d like to see you in them too,’ she replied.

I was now fingering her and she was wanking me. I lay her down on the bed and started licking her cunt. Mummy was now sucking her tits. bursa escort Auntie was getting wetter and groaning with pleasure and was ready for fucking.

Suddenly the door opened and Ron walked in wearing his ladies underwear and holding auntie’s panties to his nose and smelling them as he wanked and looked at her.

I slid easily inside her and started slowly fucking her. I knew I wouldn’t cum too soon even though I was very aroused. As I gradually got faster she was moaning with pleasure and even as she climaxed I continued to fuck her. I wanted her to cum more than once.

Her second cum didn’t take long and I asked if she wanted me to cum inside her.

She replied, ‘ I think you should fuck mummy now’.

I replied, ‘I’m only allowed to fuck mummy after I have sucked daddy off’.

‘That’s right,’ said mummy.

I looked across at daddy and the look on hus face told me he wanted it.

I knelt before him and opened my mouth and started sucking him. He carried on sniffing auntie’s panties while looking at her and mummy fingering each other. He was already so aroused that he was very quick to cum as I took it in my mouth.

I think that auntie was quite surprised as I kissed mummy and let her husband’s spunk trickle into her mouth.

Now I got between mummy’s legs and started fucking her. Auntie returned the compliment and sucked mummy’s nipples. Her cum was also very quick.

I slid out, my cock throbbing and in desperate need to cum and covered in female cum. The two women looked at each other and lay either side of my cock and licked and sucked it between them. One of them was squeezing my balls and when I said I was cumming auntie put her mouth over my cock and I emptied my balls into her mouth.

Then she leaned over mummy and let my cum run into her mouth.

We were all totally satisfied and agreed we had to repeat this soon.

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A couple of days later I was walking along our high street when I saw her in front of me. I caught her up and said, ‘hi auntie, how are you’?

She said she was fine and I asked if she had time for a coffee and we went into the social club where I had met Viv and Ron as it was quieter than Costa.

I introduced her to the waitress as my auntie and ordered two coffees. There were only two other couples in there and we found a quiet corner to sit in with her facing away from the rest of the room.

I said, ‘I really enjoyed the other day. I loved the bright red lipstick you wore’.

She opened her handbag, got her lipstick out and slowly and sexily coated her lips with it.

‘I want to kiss you,’ I said.

‘I want you to,’ she replied.

‘Can I see your tits? Lift your top and let me see them’, I said.

She looked behind her to make sure no one was there and lifted her top.

‘Take them out of your bra so I can really see them,’ I asked.

She reached behind and undid her bra and showed me her tits. Her nipples were already enlarged. I reached across and rubbed them. She was clearly enjoying it.

‘I’m getting a hard on,’ I said.

‘I’m getting wet down below too,’ she replied.

‘Take your knickers off for me’, I said.

‘Not here,’ she replied.

‘Go to the ladies and do it there,’ I told her.

She went off and came back a few minutes later. She sat down and handed them to me. I put them to my nose and smelt them. I could smell her juices.

She held out her hand and said, ‘smell my fingers, they’ve been inside me’.

I held them to my nose and loved the smell and then licked them clean.

Suddenly my phone beeped. It was a text message. I opened it.

It read:

Hi, it’s mummy here, daddy is out and I’m home by myself bursa eskort being an absolute cum slut. I want you to come and watch me.

I replied:

Oh mummy what a wonderful image, I’m having a coffee with auntie, can we both come?

She replied:

Of course, the door will be unlocked, just yourself in, I’ll be in the lounge.

We immediately went there and let ourself in. We heard noises in the lounge and when we went in we saw that mummy was watching porn on the TV. Then we saw mummy and she was right, she was a cum slut.

She was naked and had lots of slutty lipstick on. She had nipple pumps and clamps on her nipples. She had a butt plug in her ass, a vibrating dildo deep inside her cunt and she held a vibrator against her clit.

‘Watch mummy cum, don’t touch me, just watch me,’ she said.

We both undressed and sat beside her playing with each other as we watched the porn too.

I asked her, ‘mummy do you mind if we fuck’?

‘Yes, I do, I just want you to watch me being a slut and cumming,’ she replied.

We did as she wanted and was shocked as she called herself a slag and a cum slut. She used the vibrator on her clit and even as she cum she carried on and eventually cum three times.

She took the dildo out and I held it to auntie’s mouth and she sucked it and licked it clean.

Then mummy said, ‘right who’s going to lick me clean?

I looked at auntie who nodded at me and I got in berween mummy’s leg and licked her cunt clean. She tasted wonderful and then I kissed auntie.

I told mummy that auntie and I needed to fuck.

She said’ fine, I’ll just sit here and watch’.

I slipped easily into auntie. I loved how wet she was. In the end mummy couldn’t stop herself and sucked auntie’s nipples. Her cum was very quick after that and I quickly emptied my balls into her.

We sat and chatted and auntie said she was fascinated by all mummy’s toys and next time would love to try them. She was particularly keen on the nipple pumps. I said I’d love mummy to wank me while watching her and then get her to wank me off into her mouth as she cums.

We’re all looking forward to our next meeting.

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