The Research Institute Pt. 02

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First night’s sleep.

It had been decided that the three guys’ porn movie would finish before the ladies’ programme, which they were watching in a different room.

On the way to their suites, they discussed what to do next. ‘It’ll seem strange just actually sleeping with someone in the same bed.’ Will spoke.

‘The fact we’ve gone six weeks without seeing them, that doesn’t make it any easier, and the fact that the money on offer is life-changing doesn’t give me an erection.’ he looked over to Harry, you’re quiet Harry, any ideas?’

‘Not really but did any of us even think that we’d spend a good half hour, with our faces literally just a few inches from our mother’s pussy, trimming the hair, picking hairs from the inner pussy lips, and’ his voice rose slightly, ‘drawing the same pussy.’

Geoff picked up on his theme, ‘and giving them an orgasm, and also,’ he emphasised, ‘how come they agreed to lay on their backs, waving their legs in the air in those weird stirrups.’

‘I think maybe they’ve been given some pills, you know, something that increases their libido, I mean my mother.’ Will conjectured.

‘Oh, before you say anymore, Will, I was told by Gerry that we should call them by their names, if they refuse to accept us on first name terms, they’re not going to take our pricks in their pussies.’ Harry informed them.

‘Anyway, before you interrupted, I was going to say that Siobhan, my mother, is or was anyway very strait-laced, and now I’m going to share her bed, maybe it will help, you know we’ll familiarise ourselves and er… kinda make it easier.’

‘I wonder if they are giving us pills, not just the ladies but us as well?’

‘Harry, you’re overthinking this, just look upon them as somewhere to stick your prick,’ Geoff announced, ‘I’ve got a hard-on, I’ve had it ever since Ellen held my prick to trim round it, no need for a pill.’

This killed the conversation leaving them pondering as to what would happen next.

They wished each other good luck and hopefully a good fuck and went laughing to their beds.

Coral and Harry

Coral came into the bedroom to see Harry naked on the bed, she glanced at his semi-erect penis, she didn’t know what to say, but Harry did, ‘you look stunning, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a skirt, or the other stuff,’ meaning her stockings, he looked on.

‘We were advised to wear stockings, I was a bit annoyed when I found out I was the only one, especially when I was placed in those stirrups, talk about embarrassing.’

‘The three of us were discussing why you ladies did that, we figured they may have given you pills of some sort, maybe that’s what this is all about, mind control.’

‘We’ve all been given vitamin pills at least that’s what they said they were?’

‘They keep telling us, if we finish the course, we’ll get at least $800,000-00. I reckon what we did today will earn us all extra money,’ Harry looked on she sat on the bed and took her shoes off, with her back to him she removed her top.

‘Don’t just lie there Harry, do something useful, undo my bra,’ Harry eagerly sprawled over from his side of the bed, raising to his knees he took hold of each side of her bra and, beginner’s luck, unhooked it first time.

Coral stood up and turned round, her breasts still had a firmness to them that caused Harry to stare, the dark aureoles and her erect nipples. She undid her waist band and leant forward to lower her skirt, her breasts looked even better dangling down in front of his eyes. She turned sideways and hooked her thumbs into her panties and pushed them down to the floor, she stepped out of them and olgun gaziantep escort with her right foot kicked them towards her wardrobe, it wasn’t like her to be so uncaring of her clothes or to be so cavalier about undressing, but tonight, well tonight was a turning point in their lives, and it was just a few minutes away.

She didn’t remove her stockings. ‘Move over Harry,’ she instructed, laying down she turned off the lights, she pushed her back in him, took his hand and held it to her breasts, his thumb found one of her nipples, he stroked it gently.

‘You’ve still got an erection, it feels hard against my back,’ reaching behind her she guided his penis between her legs and then between her labia, so far so good, she slid it again between her labia and this time it was in line with her opening, ‘push Harry.’

He felt his foreskin pull back and the head managed an inch. ‘Sorry Harry, I’m nervous and I’m rushing things, not had time to, you know, lubricate.’

‘That’s okay, there’s no hurry,’ he continued to caress her nipples, stroking from one to the other, feeling them become rigid, then without any further ado Coral pushed back against him and he was inside her, he felt her wetness, they both lay still, hearts pounding then Harry pushed so he was in most of the way. They stayed locked together, he was experiencing the thrill of her nylons against his skin. He moved slightly, and found she had produced more lubricant, he figured it was time.

‘Turn on your side,’ he helped her turn before she could ask why. His penis stayed in.

She made a few sounds of pleasure, she liked this position, he towered over her, dominating her.

While he began a slow and careful in and out motion, she placed her fingers on her clitoris, when he started to move too fast, she instructed him, ‘try going a bit slower Harry,’ he slowed, she worked herself up so they in the same state of near orgasm, ‘okay,’ she was gasping out the words, ‘fuck Harry, fuck.’

These unexpected words of encouragement, the use of taboo words sent Harry over the edge, he shuddered and deposited his semen into her warm, wet, pussy. He carried on even after he had no semen left to give.

Coral didn’t mind, she was on cloud nine and his movements prolonged her pleasure, when he did stop it was only for a moment and he gave another thrust, this went on until he lost his erection and when withdrawing to give yet another thrust, he wasn’t hard enough to re-enter her.

He rolled onto his back exhausted, she followed him and turned so she straddled him, looking down, ‘that was fantastic Harry, but you know what? We did it, we did it Harry. Eight hundred, thousand big ones, each!’ She said it loudly and exultantly. Just as she spoke his semen seeped out of her pussy, which had not closed fully, it went all over his penis and scrotum, she didn’t appear to notice.

‘We haven’t proved anything to them,’ he gasped out ‘unless they’ve filmed us, we’re going to have to do it again.’

‘Harry, that’s not the point, we’ve done it once, we can do it again, even if we have to do it in front of an audience, think Harry, you filled me full of your cum, you can do it again, we can practice every day, if you want too?’

Harry looked down at his limp penis covered in his thick, viscous semen, ‘it didn’t stay in long,’ he told her.

She followed his gaze, ‘wow, have you been saving it up, or what?’

‘There is a lot, isn’t there, I think you inspired me, should we get cleaned up?’

They both went into the shower room, on the way she unhooked her stockings and gaziantep olgun escort surprising Harry took great care to roll them down and take them off, holding them by the toes she placed them and then the garter belt over the back of a chair. In the shower she washed his cum and her lubricant off him, she stood up, turned and leant on the wall and spread her legs, ‘just check and make sure there’s no more waiting to leak out, I don’t want to leak all over the bed.’

Kneeling behind her he looked, even now the labia had not returned to the “closed” position, ‘I can see your vulva, it’s kind of open.’

‘Stick a finger in and try doing a scooping motion, I’m working my vaginal muscles, pushing it out.’

He did as instructed, ‘you were right to be cautious, there is some more,’ scooping out the last remnants of cum.

‘Let’s dry off and get some sleep, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.’ Harry agreed and dried her off before leading her to bed.

Siobhan and Will.

Will was thinking how much time women took to prepare for anything, he lay on top of the bed naked, Siobahn had gone straight to the bathroom, ‘are you okay, mom, er sorry I mean Siobhan.’

There was no answer until she came out of the bathroom and spoke, ‘why aren’t you under the covers?’ It was almost an accusation.

‘Sorry, I just thought, well, you know,’ Siobhan gave an angry humph.

Will’s semi-erection subsided, ‘if we have to do this, we need only do it the once and then that’s it.’

Will felt he needed to remind of something very important, ‘$800,000-00, each,’ he emphasised.

‘Look, I know you weren’t pleased about being placed into stirrups and having to display yourself to everyone, but Ellen and Coral did it, they probably feel the same way. Anyway, what if we do all this and I can’t get an erection, I mean look at me, I had a semi-erection a moment ago and now it’s gone,’ he waved his flaccid penis around, holding it at the base for the best effect.

‘Whatever you do, do…., not……, masturbate.’ she strung out these words. ‘That way you’ll find it easier when the time comes.’

‘Can I least do something that gives me an erection?’

‘Such as.’

‘Let me hold your breasts, see how to get you in the mood, it’ll make it easier for me.’ He hoped he didn’t sound like he was pleading.

She thought about it, what if he did fail, exposing herself in the stirrups, would have been all in vain. ‘Okay,’ her one-word answer, he reached over and took his time, caressing her, finally his fingertips latched onto her nipples, her entire body went stiff, but, giving in to the inevitable, she relaxed.

‘I’ll rub your penis along the length of my labia, tell me when you’re closing to coming and I’ll put it in.’

This galvanised his penis into action, and she had trouble holding onto it.

Luckily for Siobhan, Will had more sense than to dance to her tune, and after less than thirty seconds of her rubbing the head along her labia, he croaked out, ‘I’m close to coming, can you stick it in?’

She pushed his penis back to where her vulva was wide open, she raised her leg and he pushed, in it went.

‘Have you come yet,’ she asked.

‘I’ve only just put it in for goodness’ sake, give me a chance,’ and so saying turned her onto her front, straddled his legs over hers and pushed them together causing her legs to close, closing her vagina, which gripped his penis even tighter.

Siobhan didn’t have to ask if he’d come, he groaned, his body went rigid for a moment followed by spasms as his penis emptied his gaziantep olgun escort bayan semen into her, ‘how’s that, did I come quick enough?’

‘I suppose so,’ she said, begrudgingly, ‘just as I was starting to enjoy it.’

Will missed the significance of her words for a moment, ‘you enjoyed it, so it was so bad as you expected?’

‘I’ve made love before you know, but………’ here she paused, ‘I reckon we can do this; I really do.’

He relaxed and slowly withdrew, they’d been so intense in their lovemaking that no semen came out, it was lodged deep inside her, they said goodnight and slept.

Ellen and Geoff.

Of all three couples, they were the ones that the professor and his staff had expected to commit incest, they weren’t wrong.

Undressing each other, Geoff spoke, ‘what do you think the next test is going to be?’

‘It’ll be something to do with the “pussy” drawings, it’ll be a case of fit the pussy to the picture.’

‘You know, thinking about it I’m sure you’re right.’

They lay on the bed, his arms were around her, she felt his penis, hard and large pressing it into her back. Suddenly, she turned onto her back spreading her legs, this unexpected manoeuvre caused Geoff concern, had she got cold feet, was she changing her mind. Her hand wrapped firmly around his penis dispelled all doubt.

His penis had lost some of its hardness, but he managed to push it into her wet pussy.

She gasped, ‘stay still, let me cope with it, I can feel growing bigger, oh. It’s a great feeling.’

Geoff was elated by her praise.

‘Reach up for a pillow,’ he did as she asked, now push it under me,’ she raised herself then lay back onto the pillow. This feels different from any penis I’ve had before,’ she opened her labia, he pressed against her clitoris and with each push in and out he stimulated her.

For the first time in her life, she orgasmed before the man.

She was so quiet he was keeping a speed that ensured he was unlikely to orgasm any time soon. ‘Geoff,’ he looked at her, ‘I’ve had it, I actually orgasmed, any time you want to come just go ahead.’

‘Uh, er, okay, can I change position a bit?’

She was a bit apprehensive; she didn’t want him to have her “doggy fashion” the first time they made love, ‘what position exactly?’ She asked.

‘Well, let’s get rid of this pillow for a start,’ so saying he threw it on the floor, placing his arms under her knees he lifted her legs, she was thrilled that he had chosen a “normal” position and in her enthusiasm got her hands on her ankles, pulling them up to her head.

The only part of his body in contact with hers was his penis, supported on his hands and toes. He went in and out, going faster until he squirted his semen deep inside her vagina, really deep. ‘That’s not going to come out for quite a while,’ she told him after a few moments spent trying to recover their breath.

He stayed inside her while they conversed, ‘what did you think of Coral’s stocking, pretty old fashioned eh?’

‘No, they were a hell of a turn-on, don’t know why,’ he pondered for a moment and said nothing else.

‘Do you want me to wear them?’

‘Yeah, sure do, I think they want you all to wear them, also I think one of the next tasks will be to see how long we can hold on before coming.’

‘You mean making love and seeing who last the longest before coming?’

‘Yeah, exactly.’

She wasn’t so sure, ‘what if you all go at different speeds, you could just put it in and waggle it about, make it look like you’re making love, know what I mean?’

She looked up into his eyes, he was thinking about it, she thought he was going to withdraw but no, ‘just getting more comfortable.’ he told her.

‘What if you’re right and it’s who comes first, now, that would be easier to judge.’

‘Hence they want you to wear stockings, it probably doesn’t count as a sex session unless you come and come inside me.’

Geoff relished the thought, ‘best wait and see what tomorrow holds.’

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