The Rescuer Pt. 09

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is a work of fiction. I made it all up. This story more so than most of my writing is proof that I write fiction. That means that no, I am not in the Army, I don’t live in Canada, I have never been on a dog sled, and this story will most likely never happen. It is a heck of a story, so check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is.

Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 32 — Surprise

The next morning is tranquil. I make coffee but no big breakfast. Everyone eats a bagel, a bowl of cereal, or just some toast and fruit. Nobody is talking, and Mary and Penny arrive late. I say hi as I walk out. There is a ton of new snow that needs to be removed. The crew used snowblowers, but you need a shovel by the doors. I need to bring in a bunch of wood and split more to replace what I used. It’s hard work, and my muscles are sore. I am getting soft, I need more of this hard work.

I spend all day working around the lodge. Not many people are out. It’s cold, and there is a ton of snow. It’s hard walking around unless a path has been cleared. A few horses are up front, so I bring them about, out of the cold wind. I get them some feed and water and brush them off a bit. I know these are Penny’s and her boyfriend’s horses. Odd, I don’t even know his name. I laugh at myself, I never cared enough to ask. How childish, I will ask him later.

The sun is going down, I go inside and straight up to my bedroom. In my washroom is a six-person shower and a two-person soaking tub. I am cold, smelly, and my muscles really ache. It’s hard even taking off my damp clothes. I should probably burn them rather than have someone wash them. My clothes and I smell terrible. The tub has been filling up with scalding hot water. I turn a light shade of pink as I step in. Oh yes, this feels good.

I lean back and enjoy the salts that I have been taught to use. I don’t know why I use them other than I was told that is how to use a tub properly. Right now, it smells like lilacs, and my muscles feel fantastic. I lean my head back, and I almost immediately fall asleep. I feel much better, but the tub is still scalding hot, someone must have drained and refilled the tub. I lean back and enjoy. I fall asleep again.

I wake up in a lukewarm tub. Time to get out. I shuffle into the bedroom where I dry off and put on some clothes. As I walk downstairs, the family is watching TV in the living room. I find a plate from dinner in the refrigerator. I pull it out and heat it up in the microwave oven. I bring the plate and a glass of filtered water into my office. Time to check my email and get some work done. I have a class next week, and I need to verify travel schedules.

Mom came into the room and sat down in a chair.

She tells me, “DeeDee sat with you for an hour tonight. George sat in the tub for his back issues, and she found it peaceful to be in there while you were soaking. You and her husband have much in common. She refilled the water for you. Mary and Penny have not shown their face much today. Kim did a lot of texting but hasn’t been willing to talk about it. Don’t worry, it will work out. Trust me.”

Mom snickers, “Kim is in a good mood. You saved her and then fucked the hell out of her. I don’t think even death would wipe that smile off her face.”

Even I smile at that.

I explain, “I still feel bad for Penny and Mary. There wasn’t any happiness in their faces. It kills me to hurt people I like.”

Mom corrects me, “People you love.” She pauses. “I understand what you mean though. I don’t think they’re unhappy with you. I think it had to do more with their boyfriends. Once you talk to them, all will be better. They can’t resist you. Just smile!”

If only it were so easy.

She gets up, and on her way out, she gives me a big hug. Mom’s always gives great hugs. She looks back and gives me a knowing smile before closing the door. I never close the door. That must be mom’s cue to me that a mystery is afoot. As a child, mom made up this game where she would give Kim, and I clues, like a treasure or scavenger hunt, to get cupcakes, Rice-crispy treats, cookies, or a special treat like picking out the night’s movie. We had to figure out the clues to get the big prize. Typically, if you got the clue right, it took you to the next puzzle.

A few minutes later there is zero surprise in my eyes when an envelope is slid under the door. On the outside of the envelope are the words, “Open me,” and it’s done with words from magazines. There is a variety of fonts, sizes, and colors for each letter and they are glued to the envelope. Inside of the envelope is more of the same. Damn, this took them a long time and a ton of magazines.

The note reads, “The army claims that you are a rescuer. Two evil boyfriends have kidnapped everyone in the house and have endangered gaziantep escort bayan ilanları their lives. You need to save everyone. You have played Robin Hood; can you now play Sherlock Holmes? How many can you save? This mission, should you accept it will take you outdoors, over land, over water, you will fight beasts, and some situations will be dangerous. Be careful, a dead soldier saves nobody. NO WEAPONS will be needed. You will be watched, should you cheat, you will be shot in the ass. Be good and save your family or they will all die a horrible death. Your first clue is: half baked.”

I walk out of my office, and nobody is in the living room. The dogs are laying on the floor asleep like they usually do. The TV is still playing a movie, but nobody is watching it. The lights are still on. All the blinds are up. It’s as if everyone was beamed up into a spaceship. Baked must be the oven. Half-baked probably refers to the over door. If I open it too far, I bet a cheesy boom will be heard over the speakers.

I play it safe; I don’t see anything on the outside of the door. With mom, nothing is ever as it seems. I have a penlight, I crack the door open and shine my pen light inside, and sure enough, there is what looks like a few sticks of explosives inside the oven, and it’s taped to the door. It looks real but no way those could be real. They are not risking the house to real explosives.

I use a set of long tongs for the grill to pull out the envelope. More of the funky lettering. This is my first clue. How do I know? It’s labeled Clue

. “There are lots of storage buildings on the property, this is the one with a unique door. Get it right, you get two family members. Get it wrong, you need a new storage shed as this one will go boom. You have 10 minutes. Time has started, get going!”

All the storage buildings are the same, we built them from the same set of plans. Most of them are lined up in a row, we added them as our needs grew. There is one by the lake, one by the helicopter pad, two out by the horse barn, and one out by the dog barn. I smile, the one by the helicopter pad is facing west. All the others are facing south. I run up to the building, and the first thing I do is turn on the light switch. I get a shock. Oh? What the hell is going on here?

I check the door, and it looks normal. There is a window on the front of the building. I move a box in front of the window and stand on the box. Now I can see inside. Dad and DeeDee are bound, gagged, and tied to each other. I see sticks of explosives here as well with wires going to the door. The buildings have electric heaters. There is a large fan that helps circulate the air. This year we are not heating this building. DeeDee looks cold, she isn’t wearing much. I need to hurry. There is a vent on the side of the building that will allow me access. I remove the vent using my Leatherman and crawl inside the tight fit. I quickly remove the two wires from the explosives. Very amateur job, yet had I opened the door, boom.

As I remove the gags, dad is quick to say, “The two boyfriends are mad as hell at you. Penny and Mary broke up with them, and they planned this whole thing. Those are live explosives. Everyone has been working on your mother’s puzzle. The boyfriends used that for their ‘game’ tonight.”

I don’t think dad is lying, but I am not ready to believe those are live explosives. There is a note in DeeDee’s pocket.

She hands it to me, “This is for you.”

The note says, “Very well done. You solved a problem, you will get a reward. Spit roast the bitch or else.”

I look at them, “Is this real?”

DeeDee looks at me, “Those two guys are fucking crazy but hey, if they want you two spit roasting me, who am I to complain? Bring it on boys.”

If this is my family, they approved of this. If this is the psycho twins, I still need to do it. DeeDee has already pulled down her pants and panties. She is bent at the waist and dad is standing in front of her with his pants and boxers around his ankles. Damn, he is ready for this. I lower my shorts and boxers and then look at DeeDee’s fine ass. She is a slim woman, probably in her sixties. Her breasts are sagging, but you can tell, she was special back in the day. Old age has been rather kind to her. She was quite the catch for my old friend.

I slowly press in causing her to pull off dad and moan loud. DeeDee is enjoying this tremendously. Since I am here, I let her enjoy it. She has so much fluid running down her leg, it’s like a broken dam. Dad is moaning as well. He isn’t going to last long. I speed up to help distract DeeDee and make her take longer. My plan works perfectly. Almost too good, she can barely keep dad in her mouth. I slow down. This works better for everyone.

My cock is sliding in and out of DeeDee, and she loves it. Her body is on fire, and she is slamming her body back to meet me and then lurching escort bayan gaziantep ilanları forward to swallow dad. My hands can roam her body, and feel all of her assets. I lean forward and grab her hips so I can keep her in position. I can see her breasts swirling around in circles. It’s an impressive display of flesh.

I can’t pound her too hard, or she might knock dad over. She is tighter than I expected. With giving dad her full attention, she can’t tell me if she is enjoying this or not. I have no clue to her state of mind. In a way, the sex is less fun that it should be. I love seeing and hearing my partners complements and enjoyment. I don’t want to feel like I must do it!

I know she is enjoying this, she is loudly slurping dad’s cock. Is she eager to please him or is she being pleased by me? I have no way to know. I can see dad though, and he loves her oral attention. This would be an exciting pairing, DeeDee, mom, and dad. I know she would rather have me, but I don’t see Kim letting that happen, and I have no need for that. I would never turn down a fine pussy, but Kim is all I need.

Dad is first to blow his load. DeeDee stops slamming into me. I can hear her slurping and gag on dad’s cum. No complaints from her at all. Oh no, she has quite the grin on her face and has cum running down her chin. It’s an impressive sight and makes her sexy as hell. She knows it’s there and she is enjoying it.

Dad hands me an envelope, I open it, and it says, “Go fishing but don’t break the ice.” This could be two things. It could be the lake, and a hole has been cut out, or it could be the hot springs. I am betting the hot springs, we have no wet suits to survive in the freezing cold water. As we exit the storage building, there are now three horses in front of the house. Dad didn’t even notice them because they are in the wrong direction. I always scan my surroundings.

We take the horses and ride them at a trot to the spring. I sure am glad we spent the time learning how to ride the horses. They are so damn useful I feel foolish for never have thought of getting them. It’s a long cold ride. By trotting the horses give off heat that is much appreciated.

On nearing the spring, I am shocked, I don’t see anyone. I expected at least a head popping out saying, hey, save me. I spot a clear hose nailed to a tree root. Someone is in the water. I immediately send dad for the dry firewood we keep in the shed. He is confused as to why he is doing this, but DeeDee helps him. I have them build a fire close to the springs as I strip naked. That distracts DeeDee as she is all but useless as I am removing my clothes. She does at least hold them for me, so they don’t get wet.

I jump in the water. I can see a glow in the water. I know someone is down there. My pocket flashlight is watertight, I turn it on under water. I disable the explosive again and find Connie tied to the ground. I unbind her hands and body, allowing her to float up with me.

Sounds easy right? Not a chance in hell. I can only hold my breath a bit over a minute. That was fifteen trips back for air. I am exhausted and cold as hell as I get out of the water. There is a single blanket there next to her clothes on the frozen ground. I dry her off first and then myself. However, the towel is partially wet from Connie which means my teeth are chattering. Fortunately, we have a hot fire. Connie is more than willing to warm me up. Her letter is decorated with a picture of a penis, and they glued pictures of icicles on it.

They sure are funny. That was a dangerous stunt though. Had water got in the hose or she lost the tube from a sneeze or cough, she is dead. I do not like this game. On the one hand, the explosives are fake, so far … I think. Yet that was dangerous, would they risk her life and me catching a bad cold?

I read the letter, “Let mom warm her son’s prick. Take cowgirl like a good cowboy. Better make her orgasm or else…”

I hate this game. Mary’s mom is reading the letter with interest. She is smiling big. She never says a word, just smiles and pushes my hands back so she can descend on my pole. The fire is hot, so at least the stones I am sitting on bare ass naked aren’t frozen anymore. Don’t get the idea this is great though, it’s still cold as hell. The breezes are raw, almost painful. Dad puts my coat around me while a vagina slowly slides down my shaft.

She says out loud, “Oh yes. Just like I remember it. You are so much bigger than my husband. I have never had a piece of meat like this before. Well, other than the night I mounted you at our house when you met Mary. Every time Roscoe saw us for the next week, he just smiled at us. We were all thrilled. He was never mad at you or me. He told me that he was sorry for the last few years and that if I ever find something that interests me, just help myself. I told him it would be a cold day in hell. Fuck, this qualifies I think.”

Dad gaziantep bayan escort ilanları and I both laugh at that. DeeDee just shook her head with a smile. While Connie is talking, she starts bouncing on my cock. I reach around and lightly stroke her nipples as they bounce around. She is moving around too much, I can’t keep up. I put my hands behind me, lock my arms, and enjoy the fucking I am receiving. Maybe last time I was too shocked, or perhaps I was too tired, all I know is this is a lot different, and I may explode soon.

This is the second experienced pussy in the last hour, and I must say, even though they aren’t as tight as a teen or young twenty-somethings, there is something magical in the way they fuck. I can’t put my finger on it, it’s just different. Older women are more subtle in their feedback and meeting my thrusts.

I guess it’s like American football when someone scores a touchdown. Some people just drop the ball like it was nothing like they have done it a million times. Others make a big dance for attention like this is the first time in the world they scored a touchdown. I remember the guys on base yelling at the TV, “Dude, grow up. Pretend like this isn’t your first touchdown. That’s embarrassing.” Others like it because they are always unique. Personally, act like a man, and you have been there before. I guess I am the same with sex. Enjoy it, but act like you aren’t a virgin.

Connie is tighter than I expected. No doubt she has not seen much use over the last few decades. It’s more than just non-use, her pussy is squeezing me. I believe it is her Kegel muscles. Nobody I have been with has ever had mastery of their Kegels. I am surprised mom doesn’t, she is experienced. All I know is that as I get about halfway in, she squeezes me making it harder to thrust in. I love this feeling. However, I love it too much. She is going to cut this short.

As hard as I might try, she made me cum hard for her. I wrap my arms around her, and we are both breathing hard. She worked very hard bouncing on my cock and using her energy while I conserve mine. She is sweating from working so hard. I appreciate being able to save energy.

In a soft voice, she says to me, “I fear you have much more to do tonight and it’s late already. As much as I wanted that to last, you are needed elsewhere. I fear you have worse to do yet. You need your strength and wits about you. Here is another envelope for you.”

I open the envelope, “You guessed correctly, however, someone is hanging around by the other fishing hole.”

We do ice fishing down by the dock. It’s about a hundred feet up the shore, but I would bet anything that is where my next victim is. We get on the horses with Connie doubled up with me and holding tight. We ride the horses as hard as conditions allow. I don’t want one slipping on ice or them getting sick from breathing too much cold air after running too hard. I know I hate that, and I bet they do as well. Runt seems to be the only one unaffected by the weather.

I am freezing my ass off. Connie brought up a good point, with all this sex and then the underwater straining and freeing, I am losing a lot of strength. It’s wearing me down. Will I have enough for the end? I have my doubts. I hope this is all fake. The underwater thing has me worried.

As I near the lake I look to my left, out to the shed that is on the lake. Looking up that way I see someone standing on a sawhorse, and they have a rope around their neck. I can’t risk the horse as I run over water, so I dismount. Later, my family points out that riding the horse along the shore while further was far faster than running a straight line. They are right. It’s the first sign that my mind is getting fatigued.

I am on foot and running towards the hanging person, it’s Roscoe. His hands are bound, and his mouth is gagged. A rope has him taunt on a long branch as he stands on his tiptoes. If he loses balance, he falls and hangs himself. As I am running at full speed, I can see his eyes light up. Oh shit, probably a trap. I wonder, will Runt detect the trap?

Runt is in his normal trained position, in front, and to the side a bit. He is running to the man he knows. For him, this is great fun. His tail is wagging, and he almost has a smile on his face. About two steps in front of Roscoe, Runt freezes and sits on his ass. I can’t stop now and even if I could, I wouldn’t. Runt runs away as I leap up for Roscoe. He didn’t expect this to happen. I bet he can see his own death, me knocking him off the saw horse and then him hanging until dead.

However, I have a plan. I don’t leap up to grab his body, I jump high and grab the rope with one hand and his body with the other. He is hanging from a nice sturdy tree, and it holds his body up so it would easily hang him. But now it is supporting our combined body weight, and that is too much for an old tree with a limb hanging precariously far out. I expected the branch to fall. I did not expect the two explosions to go off as I land.

Ok, they were explosive devices, and they made lots of noise. However, they must have been damp or weakened. I know shrapnel explosions; the damage should have been far more extensive. I learned two things, this is no game, and two ex-boyfriends are going to die. One way or another, they will go down. This was a relatively easy task. They must have intended for me to solve it some other way.

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