The Raging Storm

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(I love comments for good or ill. I know this story is rough as I was attempting to just write something off the top of my head quickly. Thanks for reading it! )

Five years of working for the number one rated news station in the metropolitan area had landed me with the top reporters status. Usually the main goal in broadcasting was the anchor desk but for now I enjoyed going out into the people and not just smiling to them from behind a desk.

My degree in journalism and my naturally good looks sped me fast up the chain of news reporters. Yeah my “pageant” good looks helped in such a visual field. I had at one time thought of coloring my blonde hair darker to ward off the “dumb blonde” stereotype but I think it’s done me well as the original color. Long legs and a busty figure didn’t hurt either. My camera man Mac said it was my eyes that drew people in and captivated them. Guess he likes blue.

On assignment, my favorite thing, took my camera man Mac, my lighting and sound guy Tim and I out to a remote area of Kansas. There had been an unusually active outbreak of tornados and for some reason this was news to the brass of our station. Passing through a small town decimated by a recent storm we unpacked the gear and shot some remote feed for the station to put together in the report package once we filmed my report later on.

The day passed with talking to victims, police officials, weather spotters and meteorologists. Finally a bit tired and ready to rest the three of us pulled into our assigned hotel … more like one of those dinky small town motels … and with bags in tow went to the front desk.

“Hi I’m Ashlee McCombs from Channel 12. We should have three rooms reserved.” I smiled that infamous TV smile at the older woman behind the desk.

In return I got a haggard sigh and an apology, “I’m sorry hun but due to the storms we can’t honor reservations. Don’t have three rooms just able to give ya one.” The lady turned and found a room key … the old fashioned kind a real key … and handed it to me.

“Oh great … well fellas… looks like we get to bunk together.” I had to chuckle at my usage of country slang.

Walking to the room the guys didn’t complain mainly due to being worn out. Mac went back to the news van to get a few of the more expensive and larger items, such as his camera, to lock in the room with us.

Opening the door we found a charming and surprisingly clean room complete with TV, small fridge, a table with chairs, a small sofa and a king sized bed. Now came the groaning as the guys really realized they’d have to sleep on the floor or a chair. We all took turns in cleaning up and changing into more comfortable clothes. For me this consisted of a T-shirt and small running shorts. Working so close to those two guys over the years they’d seen me plenty without makeup so it didn’t bother me any.

Flopping onto the bed on my stomach I stretched out and sighed at the comfort. Mac, a tall 6 foot four very muscular black man, was trying to get comfy on one of the chairs but wasn’t having much luck. Tim a slender six foot dark eyed and dark haired white guy was also having bad luck with the sofa.

Feeling guilty since these guys were my support and strength out there I sighed in a chuckle, “You will never get any sleep like that.” Both of them agreed.

Just then outside came the low rumble of thunder. Mac ankara escort got up and went to the window to peek through the drapes. “Looks like rain.” His voice almost as deep as the thunder rumbled to us. Lightning struck not far away and I couldn’t help but scream at the very loud boom.

Seeing I was very shaken Tim came over and sat next to me on the bed, “Hey Ash … it’s just a storm.”

Visibly trembling I nodded, “Yeah but I can’t stand them.”

Mac came over and sat on the other side of me, “Looks like you’re on the perfect assignment then eh?” His laugh made me smile and smack his thick bicep with my hand playfully.

“Come on … this bed is big enough for all of us … let’s just get some sleep.” I nodded to the bed and shrugged. It didn’t matter to me if we all slept in the same bed. I guess it didn’t matter to Tim of Mac either as they stood and went to either side of the bed. Both soon had removed shoes and shirts… Mac even went so far as to strip to his boxers … and climbed in bed. I had already scooted back to the center of the bed and was settling in.

“Besides, this way you both can protect me from the…” As if to illustrate my sentence a big boom of thunder followed a bright flash of lightning. I jumped nearly sky high and swallowed a yelp. From under the covers I felt Tim’s hand take mine as he turned on his side to face me. In taking my hand his had to rest on the flat of my stomach where mine was. I looked into his deep eyes and was surprised to see a bit more than friendly comforting there. I rolled over to face him and his hand slid to my side.”It’ll be ok Ash.”

“Yeah, won’t nothing bad happen to you.” Came Mac’s voice from behind me as he now was on his side facing me.

Somehow that storm blew over and the three of us drifted off into some much needed sleep. However in the middle of the night another storm decided to pay us visit. A loud clap of thunder woke me from my sleep where I found that my head was on Tim’s chest, and that Mac’s hand was on my hip at the edge of my shorts hem. Mac must have felt me move because he woke up and sleepily asked, “Hey.. what’s the matter?”

Lightning lit up the room and answered for me. “Shh… it’s ok.” Mac whispered in my ear. His hot breath against my ear sent a chill down my spine and electrified me more than the lightning could have.

I have to admit that I’ve always thought both Tim and Mac very handsome men but nothing beyond flirting had ever happened between any of us. But now Mac must have felt my body’s reaction to his whisper because I could feel his hand moving down my thigh. Keeping my back to him I laid there wondering if this was really happening or if my over active imagination was taking hold again.

Thunder made me jump and Mac’s large strong hand slid up my body and down the flat of my stomach to wrap around me. “Remember what I said… I won’t let anything bad happen to you.” Another heady whisper into my ear before his tongue licked the rim down to the lobe. I shuddered a sigh of pleasure as he took that earlobe between his teeth and pulled then sucked on it.

Mac’s hand wasted no time in sliding up my torso to cup my left breast under my shirt. Being a DD there was plenty for his hand to hold. Kneading that plump flesh I moaned and woke up Tim. My head was right next to his shoulder so I guess he could feel my heated rushing ankara escort bayan breaths too. For a moment I thought he might come unglued or freak but instead he just smirked at me and Mac.

Lightning and thunder combined to make me cringe but what widened my eyes was Tim rolling to face me again. “Nothing to be scared of Ash.” He spoke with that charming smile of his. Tim leaned in and kissed me not sparing his tongue pushing past my lips.

Meanwhile Mac was pushing up my shirt so it wouldn’t get in the way of his fingers pinching and rolling my nipples. I could feel his teeth raking against the back of my neck and my pussy getting wetter by the second. It nearly blew my mind to have two guys seducing me at the same time!

From behind I felt Mac push his boxer clad self against my ass and from in front I felt the jean covered bulge of Tim press into my pussy. Both men began to grind their stiff cocks into me and WOW at how long Mac was and how thick Tim was.

Moaning at how wonderful it felt I opened my legs a little and Tim moved a hand down there.

Mac’s hand left my breast and together with Tim they both pulled me free of those little running shorts. Soon my shirt was off too and I was naked between the two men. Hands groped and lips kissed. Tongues tasted as both men licked my skin. Tim was licking between my breasts and Mac was down between my legs at my backside. I could feel his tongue licking from my wet bald pussy to my anus and back again.

Tim took a taut nipple into his mouth and nibbled clamping his teeth on it every now and then. Mac parted my pussy lips and drove his tongue deep into me then flicked at my clit with the tip of his tongue. I moaned loudly and a clap of thunder echoed.

Somehow Tim moved to be sitting up and Mac directed my backside to be sticking up in the air as he laid his head under my pussy to keep eating me. Now on my knees and elbows Tim pulled down his jeans so that he was naked as he sat on the bed.

My eyes instantly went to his thick hard cock that stood out proudly throbbing with arousal. I moved up and Mac moved with me. The sound of his slurping me was almost as loud as the rain outside.

Seeing what Tim wanted I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and directed it into my hot mouth. Never before had I gone down on someone as thick as he was so my mouth was filled instantly. I couldn’t believe how good he tasted as precum leaked onto my tongue. Mac was now driving his tongue into me like a slick cock and lightly pushing at my ass hole with a finger.

The more Mac brought me closer to orgasm the harder I sucked Tim. Mac drove his thick finger deep in to my ass making me scream. That scream was muffled due to the amount of large cock I had stuffed in my mouth. Almost instantly I came gushing into Mac’s sucking mouth. Tough as it was I kept sucking on Tim bobbing my head as far up and down him as I could.

Mac moved now and I heard his low voice, “Hold on baby.” It was then I felt something spread my drenched pussy lips. It took me a second to realize it was his cock! Tim was looking over my backside and now put his hands on my shoulders. Little did I know it was to brace me as now Mac rammed his nearly eleven inch hard as a rock dick inside me. Roughly he pushed inside of me stretching my vaginal walls to their limits. So fully did he push into me that escort ankara pain mixed with the pleasure.

I couldn’t help but scream and this time my voice filled the room as I had to pull off of Tim. That didn’t last long though as he put a hand to the back of my head and with a fistful of hair directed me back down on his thick pole.

I pushed the tip of my tongue into the little slit of a hole on the head of his cock and forced out more precum. Sucking harder I wanted to drink him while Mac pounded his long shaft deep into my sex. Just a few sucks more and Tim was grunting his release into my mouth.

I swallowed as much as I could but it was tough to keep it all in around such a thick cock. At least two good spurts landed on my chin then my breasts as I pulled off him and licked him like a lolly pop.

Tim released my hair and just sat there in a stupor as Mac pounded me. Grunting and yelping I raised up and kissed Tim wildly as he took my breasts in his hands and roughly squeezed them. Screaming I came again this time harder and longer.

My head was spinning when Mac announced his orgasm by groaning and filling me with seed. He gave me so much that it spilled out of my pussy and ran down both our legs.

I was in for more though as the storm raged outside and inside. Mac kept moving even after he shot his load. The tightness of my pussy brought his cock back to life fairly quickly. Our cum lubricated us both so much that he easily pulled out and placed the now stiff head of his long cock at my ass. “Oh god Mac … fuck me!” I pleaded. Never before having had someone do that I was highly turned on that he wanted to. Mac pulled my ass cheeks far apart and pushed against the tight hole.

My arms were getting tired not to mention very shaky from holding myself up so Mac took hold of my hips and guided me to lay down on my back. Keeping his hold on my hips he then slipped his hands under my ass and held my backside up off the bed. He was standing on the floor at the foot of the bed so lifting me up was needed. I pulled my legs open wide to help with his penetrating my ass.

Gently he pushed and grunted until the head of his engorged penis slipped past that tight ring. I gasped and moaned turning my head to look at Tim who was sitting naked next to me on the bed. He was watching what Mac was doing and stroking his cock. I reached over and he moved his hand so that mine could do the stroking.

Leaning down Tim took as much of my breast in his mouth that he could and began to suck. At first it felt nice then as he sucked harder it began to hurt a little. Moaning that it hurt I tried to tell him but he didn’t stop. Mac was not stopping either as he pumped his hips and little by little sank that long length into my anus. The burning pain made me cry out as both men seemed bent on hurting me.

But as both kept going I learned that the pain quickly was turning into pleasure. Tim finally left my breast just as I was about to climax just from him sucking. Moving down my body he put his mouth over my wet throbbing pussy and began to suck there just as hard. Mac got into a rhythm of fucking my ass and Tim got in a rhythm of tonguing and sucking my pussy.

Being attended to at both areas like that was driving me wild. My back arched pushing me harder into both men. Both worked on me until I had come again twice, Mac had come again in my ass and Tim had come all over my hand and chest. Breathing hard to catch our breaths all of us collapsed onto the big bed and listened to the storm outside. Funny but the next time lightning struck and thunder boomed I didn’t jump.

To be Continued….(see chapter 2)

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