The Prettiest Girl In School

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Big Dicks

Although this story is set in and around Gainesville, Florida and the University of Florida, the characters are all fictional and are not based upon or inspired by any real people. The plot is entirely fictional. Any similarity of these characters to actual people is entirely coincidental and not intended

The author does understand that having sex with your step-sister does not meet the legal definition of incest. However, this story is being submitted in the category that is not just “Incest,” but it is “Incest And Taboo.” I am fairly certain that having sex with your step-sister while her mom and your dad are in the same house is generally considered to be taboo.


When I was 9 years old, my parents divorced. I was sad about it but I was also relieved because I was so tired of hearing them argue and fight. My sister went with my mom, who moved two states away to live; they returned to my mom’s parents’ home for a few years before they finally got their own house.

I stayed with my dad in Gainesville. Dad was a professor at UF and he was a fun parent once mom wasn’t around to aggravate him. I visited with my mom and sister in the summers in North Carolina and I had fun, but I was always glad to return to Gainesville. Whenever I said “home,” Gainesville is definitely what I meant.

After about 6 months of being divorced, Dad started dating. Sometimes he dated young college girls who seemed kind of goofy and sometimes he dated other faculty members. Looking back on it now, I guess he dated the students just because he wanted to fuck young girls while he had the opportunity.

Occasionally, he dated somebody who lived in Jacksonville or Lake City or Ocala. I think he was meeting a few of these women online.

Occasionally, one of his dates would spend the night at our house. I was always asleep before they would get home but in the morning, I saw the girls coming out of Dad’s bedroom, so — back then – I guessed that they were sleeping in his bed. Now, I realize that they were sharing the bed but probably not doing much sleeping! But, back then of course, I was still a little bit innocent.

So . . . when I was 14, Dad started dating this professor named Amanda Johnson. She was a funny lady and I thought she was beautiful for her age. She told me to just call her “Mandy.” By that time, I was becoming very aware of the female body and how I reacted to it and I basically knew the mechanics of sex, so I had thoughts in my head about wanting to see a naked female and touch a female body and all those usual things that adolescent boys go through.

Anyway, after they had been dating for about 6 months, I realized that Mandy never spent the night at our house. I asked Dad if Mandy didn’t like him enough to want to stay overnight and he laughed. He explained that Mandy and he were in love with each other but Mandy could not spend the night because she had a daughter at home the same age as me and she couldn’t leave the daughter alone overnight.

A few weeks later, Dad said that he wanted me to go out to dinner with him and Mandy, and that Mandy’s daughter would also be at dinner. They wanted us all to meet and start spending some time together. Okay, I thought, I’ve already got a sister so I know how to get along with girls; I’ll give it a try!

Friday night came and Dad and I went to Leonardo’s 706 restaurant. They have great pizza! Mandy and her daughter were supposed to meet us there. We arrived first so we got a table and ordered something to drink.

When Mandy walked in to Leonardo’s, I was blown away. The girl with her was Allison Johnson, the hottest freshman girl at Gainesville High! Mandy always talked about “my daughter” and I didn’t realize that her daughter was the girl who I fantasized about on a daily basis. Allie also instantly recognized me although I doubt that she has been fantasizing about me!

“Ben! I’m so relieved it’s you I’m meeting tonight!” Allie said. “I’ve been feeling a little bit nervous about this.”

“Yeah, me, too!” I responded.

After a few minutes of small talk, Dad said that Allie and I could split a pizza and we quickly agreed on a Big Leo. Dad and Mandy got involved in their conversation and Allie and I started comparing notes. We didn’t have any classes together this semester but we had many common friends. After talking about that, Allie whispered to me, “I think our parents want to get married!”

I had never considered the possibility that something such as that might happen. I was in shock!

* * *

Our two families started spending more time together and I actually got comfortable talking to Allie. I had always thought that extremely beautiful girls were stuck up bitches but she didn’t act that way at all.

Sometimes, Mandy would bring Allie to our house and the two of us would stay at home while Dad and Mandy went out somewhere. Sometimes, they would take us with them. They always went out to cool restaurants and it was nice being treated like I was good gaziantep bayan eskort enough to go to adult places. And I liked spending time with Allie.

When Allie and I stayed at home, Dad would get us a pizza and we would watch a movie. Dad had told me to let Allie pick he movie so it was usually some romantic comedy. Sometimes those movies had nudity in them and I always felt a little bit embarrassed when there was a naked girl on the television screen. On one occasion, the guy and girl in the movie were supposed to look like they were having sex and Allie suddenly blurted out, “You know they’re having sex, right? I mean . . . they might even get married and have a baby. Wouldn’t that be cool?”

“How do you know they’re having sex?” I asked.

“Have you ever had sex?” she asked me.

“No, but I’ve seen plenty on the ‘net” I responded. “Have you had sex?”

She laughed. “A lot of people think I have but I’ve never done anything more than a guy kissed me on the lips a few times last year. But I know that when you’re an adult, you want to have sex, and . . . well, I don’t know it absolutely that they’re doing it but they’ve been dating for several months and sometimes they don’t come home until late and . . . when Mom leaves me here, they go back to our house because, when I go back home, I notice things like glasses in the kitchen sink that weren’t there when Mom and I left the house, so they must be doing it!”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” I admitted. “So, what do you think about them getting married?”

“Well, I like your dad and I like you. I mean, I think you would be an okay step-brother. And I guess Mom and I would move in here because your house is bigger than ours, but . . . I haven’t had to share a bathroom with anyone in a long time and since it’s just me and Mom at home, sometimes we just run around the house not dressed all the way and I’d kinda miss some of that freedom, but . . . Mom seems very happy with your Dad and the idea of a baby brother or sister is kinda cool and I could get used to living with you so . . . if they talk about it, I’ll agree. What about you?”

“Okay, well . . . your mom’s a nice lady, and she’s funny, and Dad seems really happy, and . . . I get the part about freedom ’cause when I get up in the mornings, I usually just walk around in my underwear before I get dressed for the day, but . . . I think you’d be a cool step-sister, so . . . I’d say yeah, too.”

“So . . . do you want to get this over with and make it happen sooner?” Allie asked.

“Sure. Do you have a plan?”

“Well, I think they’re waiting to give us time to get used to each other but they’re probably tired of sneaking around to sleep together, so if they came in tonight and found us on the sofa like asleep but sitting up, you know like leaning against each other, that would probably make them think we were good and they might even just spend the night here, too.”

We turned on a movie and about halfway through, I heard Allie yawn. Then she slid over on the sofa so she was next to me with our bodies touching and she put her head on my shoulder. I don’t remember drifting off to sleep but the next think that happened was Dad and Mandy waking us up and they were both smiling. But . . . Mandy and Allie went home.

* * *

Allie reported to me that she suggested to her mom that, the next time, they just spend the night at our house. Apparently, Mandy and Dad talked about it and decided that they would take the suggestion.

We had three bedrooms and the third bedroom was a fully functioning bedroom because that’s where my sister stayed when she came to visit us. On Friday night, Mandy and Allie came over about 7 pm, Mandy had stopped and picked up a pizza to go, and they got us situated and then left. Allie put her overnight bag in the third bedroom and came back downstairs to eat.

Allie told me that she had brought a swim suit with her so we could go in the pool after dinner. It was August and it was still light and very warm until about 8:30 pm. We both went upstairs to change.

Allie had not been upstairs in our house very much so she realized for the first time that the two bedrooms were Jack and Jill style, with a shared bathroom between the two bedrooms. Both of the bathroom doors were open so we could see from one bedroom into the other. There really wasn’t any reason to keep the doors closed when it was just Dad and me in the house.

We were standing in “her” bedroom and she said, “Okay, I’m gonna change now, so shoo, but you can leave the door open so we can talk . . . just don’t peak!”

As much as I had fantasized about wanting to see a naked girl, I clearly understood how horribly that would mess things up, so I was a good boy. I went to my bedroom and changed into my swimsuit. As I was pulling it up, Allie walked into my bedroom.

“I told Mom that we might go swimming but I didn’t tell her which swimsuit I was bringing, gaziantep eskort bayan so . . . don’t say anything to her or your Dad about what I’m wearing, okay?”

As soon as I heard those words, I looked up and saw that Allie was in a very revealing bikini. The top had two triangles that covered her small but developing boobs and the rest of the top was just string. The bottom had an equally small triangle that covered her lady parts and, in the back, it was close to being a thong.

“This is the most comfortable bikini I have but Mom said I could get it only if I didn’t wear it around anyone else. She thinks it’s too revealing but . . . I can trust you, right?”

“Well, yeah, I mean . . . you are definitely a hot girl and I know a lot of guys who would like to be here right now but . . . you’re gonna be my step-sister and, uh . . . we can’t mess things up here, so . . . yeah, you can trust me, but . . . can I trust you?” I teased her.

“Well, you’re a hot guy and you look real good in your swim suit but, yeah, we can’t mess anything up, so . . . let’s go get in the pool.”

We went out and jumped in the pool. We played and splashed and had a good time. We occasionally had moments where our bodies touched; I don’t know if she didn’t notice or she didn’t care, but neither of us seemed to be too concerned about that.

We finally got out of the pool and Allie said, “Well, that was a lot of fun! I’m gonna go get a shower.”

I stayed downstairs while she went upstairs and showered. She came downstairs wearing a bathrobe so I assumed that she was dressed for bed. I then showered, put on a pair of boxers and gym shorts, and went back downstairs. Allie and I watched a movie and we decided it was bedtime.

We went upstairs and each went into our respective bedrooms. Both bathroom doors were open so, a minute later, I heard Allie announce, “Knock, knock.”

When I looked up, she had removed her bathrobe and all I saw was a tee shirt that came down just far enough that I couldn’t see her panties or whatever she was wearing beneath the tee shirt.

“Hey, you know, at one point, I was a little bit concerned about our folks getting married and all of us living together but . . . now I think it would work out great and I hope it happens soon. And I hope you feel the same way.”

“Yeah, you’re a lot more fun than my real sister and, uh . . . it’s just that, uh, you’re just so hot that, uh . . . you know, like, when I see you in a bikini, it just makes me feel, like . . . I guess you know what I’m trying to say.”

Allie looked at me and simply replied, “I think you’re cute, too. Good night!”

And with that said, she turned and went back to her bedroom. I had some difficulty falling asleep that night.

* * *

The overnight visits continued for several weekends and then they turned into Friday and Saturday night visits every weekend. I loved spending time with Allie and it seemed that she loved spending time with me.

Within another three or four months, Dad and Mandy made the big announcement that they were going to get married. At that point, Allie wasn’t shocked and neither was I. Dad and Mandy were happy. Allie and I were happy. We were all happy.

It took another eight months before the wedding actually happened. A few months before the wedding, Mandy and Allie moved into our house, as I had expected, and Mandy put her house on the real estate market.

Having Mandy and Allie in the house constantly was a mostly good thing. Mandy was a stricter housekeeper than was my dad or my mom, so I had to keep my room looking neat. I also got the chore of cutting the grass and Allie was responsible for keeping the pool clean.

Mandy was a great cook and she was teaching Allie how to cook. We had excellent meals on the weekends when Mandy had time to cook. Allie and I enjoyed it when we got time alone and we were quickly becoming best friends.

The wedding was a big event in Gainesville and there were probably more than 200 people in attendance. By this time, Allie and I had both turned 16 and we were juniors in high school. She and I were friends but neither of us had dated anyone else.

We were each other’s date at the wedding reception. We sat and ate together, we danced a few songs, and Dad and Mandy actually let us each have a glass of champagne for the toast to the bride.

Mandy’s mom stayed with us while Dad and Mandy went on their honeymoon.

* * *

I was a good student and usually on the A-B honor roll at school. Allie was an equally good student but her interests were different from mine. I was a typical STEM guy while Allie favored the humanities and foreign languages. She was fairly fluent in both French and Spanish and she also played piano.

There was an unspoken tension between us. I think we were both aware of having some attraction to each other but we both knew that we couldn’t do anything about our attraction. eskort gaziantep bayan Eventually, Allie started dating and I did, too, but our dating was very casual. Although we were best friends, we knew that discussing our dating would be a mistake so we avoided the topic.

When we graduated high school, I was still a virgin and, to the best of my knowledge, Allie was still a virgin too. We had both always said that we wanted to attend UF and we had both applied and been accepted. Dad and Mandy both said that they wanted us to live on campus for our first few years because that was part of the process that they both said would help us to mature. I suspected that Dad and Mandy wanted to be free to have sex in the pool or in front of the fireplace and having us both out of the house would make their lives a bit easier.

So, Allie and I both moved into the dorms and started college. We went home and spent the night on most Friday nights but, otherwise, I didn’t see much of Allie. We were both just very busy and were spending time with other friends and learning how to blend into college life.

At the end of our freshman year, Allie surprised me when she announced that she had a boyfriend. Announcing that she had a boyfriend meant that she had a serious boyfriend. I wasn’t very happy about it but what could I say other than “Congratulations?”

I was also dating, though not seriously. Most freshman and sophomore girls were not looking for a serious relationship but they were certainly eager to have sex. I quickly lost my virginity and had sex with three different girls the first year of college.

We both decided to stay in school for the summer semester and to stay in the dorms. That would allow both of us to take a lighter course load during the remainder of the next year and we would have time for part-time jobs. Of course, we still went home on Friday nights but sometimes, Allie had a date with Mr. Wonderful and she skipped our weekly reunions. I felt like we had started drifting apart and I wasn’t sure whether that was a good thing.

* * *

At Christmas of our sophomore year, Dad and Mandy had an announcement for us. He was being considered for a position as dean of the engineering school . . . at the University of Indiana! If he got the job, he had been promised that Mandy would be offered a position at UI comparable to her current position at UF. Finally, if he got the position, he and Mandy would be moving in July.

“Are you expecting me to transfer to Indiana for my last two years of school?” I asked.

“Yeah, and what about me?” asked Allie.

“No, we don’t expect that at all. Of course, if you want to transfer, you can, but . . . no, we don’t expect it. This is your hometown — both of you — we know that and we both anticipate that you would both want to stay here.”

“So, would you sell the house?” I asked.

“No, not necessarily. You know, we had talked about you and Allie both living in apartments for your last two years of college. If you’re interested, it would be cheaper for us to keep the house and for you two to live here. At least we’d still be building some equity in an investment instead of just wasting money on rent. But . . . Ben, you’re going to need to become the man of the house and assume the responsibility for all home maintenance. Think you’re up to it?”

“Hell yeah! You teach and I’ll learn,” I responded. “When do you find out if you got the job,” I asked.

“I should know by the end of January. You know, Mandy and I aren’t eager to leave Gainesville and especially the two of you but this is a huge opportunity for me. Allie, you haven’t said much. What do you think about moving back into the Thornehill?”

“I’m getting a bit tired of the dorms, this is a great house, and Ben is the best roommate I could ever have. But . . . I’ll be sorry to see you two leave.”

* * *

A month later, Allie and I were both home on a Friday night when we got the big announcement. Dad had been offered the job at IU and of course he had accepted it.

We decided that I should move back home as soon as possible so that Dad could show me everything that I would need to know about the house. Allie decided to stay in the dorm until the end of the semester.

A new chapter was about to begin in our lives.

* * *

About three weeks later, Allie came home on a Friday night around 7 pm. She seemed to be rather subdued and maybe withdrawn but I thought maybe she was just tired.

“Hey, where’s my mom and your dad?” she asked as she entered the house.

“They’re at Dad’s annual department dinner. This is his last dinner and they were going to be doing some tribute to him so it’s a big deal. They’ll be home later.”

“Is the heater on the pool turned on?” she asked. Gainesville is not Miami and winters can be relatively cold by Florida standards.

“No, and it would take hours to get it warm enough for swimming, but the hot tub can be ready in about thirty minutes if you’re interested in getting a warm soak.”

“Yeah, that may be just what I need . . . that, and a good Margarita. Do the folks have any tequila in the bar?”

“I don’t think so, but I’ve got a friend who’s working at Discount tonight. I could run over there and pick up a bottle, and the mixer. Be right back,” I said as I got up and headed towards the garage.

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