The Phone Call

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– Hello?

Is Laura there please?

– Speaking. Hi Dad

Oh Hi. I didn’t recognise your voice. Sounds all echoey

– Well there’s no furniture here yet, Jenny doesn’t arrive for another 3 days with all the stuff. How are you?

Fine. How’s Cambridge?

– Well, I’m glad to be out of halls, even if it is going to cost more. Bit strange being here alone though. I haven’t even had time to put the curtains up yet

Ha ha. You brazen hussy. You’ll have all the perverts in Cambridge moving in opposite

– Ha ha. Don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind. Well actually I’ve already noticed the bloke opposite looking in. He thinks I can’t see him in his upstairs room. Idiot. Kind of flattering in a way though…

Flattering? How old is he?

– How should I know? 40 maybe. Don’t worry Dad he’s harmless. Just nosey like all of us.

So come on then, tell me about the house. What’s your room like?

– Well it’s an old Georgian house converted to flats. My room is on the ground floor, Jenny’s is in the back. It’s comfortable enough. Though I could do with a new bed, this one is a bit lumpy. Please Daddy? Buy me a new bed? I’ll be your best friend. Hee hee

Is that all you have? Just a bed?

– Well and that coffee table thing with the telephone on it.

And what do you do in the evenings, apart from talk to me of course?

– Well I slept through most of today, been very lazy. I haven’t really got up properly yet

God, typical student! 8:00 at night and you’re still not up. Late night last night?

– Could say that I…Oh there he is!


– My voyeur. I just saw his curtains twitch.

Give him a wave

– Ooh no, then he’d know I’d seen him. Wish I’d put some make up on and got dressed though, whatever will he think?


– Joking Dad


– You don’t really think I’d sit here with no make up on do you?

But…you are dressed aren’t you?

– Hmm, kind of. That silk kaftan thing you bought me from Tokyo.


– Well since you ask Father….panties. gaziantep bayan escort ilanları I’m only just out of the shower

Aren’t you cold?

– Not at all, the heating’s on. Anyway I’ve got my little white socks on to keep my feet warm

Well I think you should put something on. That man –

– Dad he’s harmless. Anyway I’m sure he’s seen everything by now anyway. I only noticed him 2 days ago. He’s probably been watching all week

I’ll buy you some curtains

– A bed first though eh? Dad really it’s fine. It’s not like he can see anything. Just my legs. Damn my hair feels like a bird’s nest. Hang on let me just find my hairbrush. How did it get down there?


– Down the side of the bed….there got it. Woops


– Nothing, the kaftan rode up a bit that’s all. I hope he enjoyed the view ha ha. Ow blimey, these knots

Is your hair long or short these days?

– Quite long at the moment. God I don’t believe it!


– He’s got binoculars. I just saw them catch the light

Seriously love, maybe you should move into the other room for a while

– It’s OK. I’m only brushing my hair for god’s sake. Not as if he can see anything. I mean if he enjoys watching a beautiful teenager brushing her long black hair wearing little more than a skimpy robe… hee hee

You sound as if you enjoy teasing him or something…


– Mmm?

I said you sound –

– I heard. But what if I did? Would you think badly of me?

What do you mean?

– Hmm. Can I tell you a bit of a secret? Promise you won’t shout

Uh-oh. Am I going to like this?

– I don’t know. Well, when I got in from the club this morning, about 5:00 …

No wonder you’re tired

– Yes. Well it was still quite dark…dawn was almost breaking and I…


– I undressed in front of my window.


– I mean it was 5 in the morning, I’m sure there was nobody about, and even gaziantep escort bayan ilanları if there had been, it was probably too dark to see anything

But…why would you do that?

– I don’t know, it just…felt naughty I suppose

You always were a little show off. Remember that time you came in while we were playing bridge and lifted your skirt

– Dad I was 9 years old, why do you always bring that up?

Sorry…. So, were you hoping your voyeur would be up at 5:00?

– Not really. I was a bit tipsy as well…. I saw my reflection in the window and I looked.. well, you know, hot

Really? What were you wearing? Um…just out of interest you know

– You don’t want to know, trust me

So what, you just stripped off?

– Yes, but really slow. You know, not natural like when you just chuck your clothes anywhere. I imagined I was being watched, so I took off my top and walked around a bit pretending to be pre-occupied. And I had that short black leather skirt on –

Ah yes, I know the one

– Hmm. Anyway I made a big show of unzipping it and letting it fall to the ground so that I was in just my bra and knickers. Is this embarrassing you dad? Maybe I should shut up.

Embarrassed? That my daughter parades in front of her window in just her underwear, now what on earth gave you that idea?

– Hee hee. OK I’ll stop. I just needed to tell someone, I’ve never done it before. But coming back to an empty house when there’s not a soul about, it just seemed – well you know. Dad?

Yes I’m here.

– What are you thinking? Are you angry?

To be honest love, since we’re being honest. Well, it’s kind of exciting.

– I knew you’d say that. I just knew.

– Hmm. Gone quiet

Is he still there?

– Oh yes he’s there

And he can see in you say?

– Yep

And you’re what…sat on the edge of the bed?

– Yep

Facing the window?

– Kind of on an angle

And I suppose the kaftan is escort gaziantep ilanları tied at the waist…

– Yes

You all right love, you seem a bit out of breath

– Keep talking. What do you want me to do? Dare me

So presumably if you were to lean forward…?

– Yes?

What would he see?

– Oh he’d see everything. My big soft breasts, my hard nipples

Are they hard then?

– Let me check…uh huh

How did you check?

– I undid the robe a little more so that my breasts were exposed and then I grazed my finger across my nipples

And he saw you do that?

– He must have. You’re masturbating aren’t you?


– You’re stroking your big cock while you expose your daughter to a stranger

How does it feel, letting him see your breasts

– Tingly

Are your legs crossed or uncrossed?

– Crossed

Uncross them. Slowly. Then lean back a little as if you’re looking for something behind you

– Like this you mean?

Did he like that?

– I reckon.

What can he see?

– He can see up between my legs. Shit dad this is so hot

And is he able to see all of your bed? I mean if you lie down

– Like this? Yes he can see me

What can he see?

– He can see my face, my hand on the telephone, my exposed breasts. My nipples

Lucky man

– He can see my legs. What do you want me to do?

Undo the belt, let the kaftan fall open

– Like this you mean? So he can see my little white panties

He’ll like that

– What if I ease them down a little? Shall I do that?

If you want to

– Oh Daddy, I do. Damn I’m such a slut…

How far down are they? What can he see?

– He can see my glistening wet cunt

Does he like it?

– He does. Shall I touch it?


– Like this? So that my finger slips into my hole?


– What would you like to do to me Daddy?

I’d like to lick you. Probe your cunt with my tongue

– Oh dad- what else?

Slip my cock inside you, an inch at a time

– You’d …fuck your daughter?


– With my man watching?


– And would you…Ooooh…would you cum inside me?


– Cum now. With me

Open your cunt…let him see you cum

– Oooooooooooh dad. He’s watching. I’m a bad girl. He’s………OOOOOOOOOH


Good night love

-Good night. Daddy?


– I love you.

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