The Perfect Agreement Pt. 02

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It was the summer holidays. My college days were long gone and I was now neck deep in a shitty cesspool of uni work and debt.

That debt had just got a little bit worse as I headed back to my seat with three pints of fruity cider. I plonked one in front of Gina and one in front of Fiona. I slid onto the bench opposite them. God it was hot, and the cold alcoholic appley goodness was going down way too well. It was good to be home too. I enjoyed uni life, but I had missed my two best friends.

“Thanks Han,” Fiona said.

“Thanks babe,” Gina added. “Isn’t that your fuck buddy from a few years ago. Sam wasn’t it?” She nodded behind me at a table in the distance.

I turned and saw him, and I smiled. I hadn’t seen him for ages. He still looked good. A little bit on the doughy side from our last encounters, but he still looked fantastic.

It had been a good few months with him. I had never come up with a good name for what we had. I suppose it was friends with benefits, or fuck buddies as Gina said. I called him my shag hag once, he hadn’t been so keen on that one.

“He still looks pretty hot from here,” Fiona said. Gina rolled her eyes and Fiona laughed. I laughed with her. Gina wasn’t quite the male loving kind. She didn’t hate them, she just prefered the close company of women. I liked to keep my options open and liked both.

“You would say that,” Gina said. She turned to me. “Look if your going start fucking him over the summer at least go out with him this time, and then you’ll be bored of him in a few weeks. Instead of it dragging on for months.”

“It didn’t drag on,” I protested. “I only saw him now and again. And wait one minute, I haven’t even spoken to him yet.”

“You were shagging him every week,” she said. “Pretending it was casual. And I can see it in your eyes already, working out your best chat up lines.”

“It was casual!” I blurted, a bit too quickly and defensively. They both laughed at me.

It hadn’t been every week, but we had met up quite a lot. Whenever one of us was horny and hadn’t had anyone to take it out on. It had almost been a shame to head off to uni.

I had been tempted to phone him every time I had popped home for holidays, but I had bottled it each time. Worried that I’d be stepping on someone’s toes.

“You’re going to go over aren’t you?” Gina said, reading my face as usual.

“Don’t know,” I muttered. I did know. I wanted to. I just wasn’t sure I had drunk enough to have the balls to go over. It had been a while.

“Get it over with then,” Gina said sulkily. Fiona and I laughed. Gina didn’t understand how women didn’t just stick to their own. The concept of how I could like men and women confused her greatly.

She wasn’t jealous either. Trust me. I was not her type. That wasn’t to say we hadn’t fooled around occasionally. Gina was just more of a settling down type, and I was the complete opposite.

“As you’re so encouraging,” I said. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Good luck,” Fiona said. I gave the cute blonde a quick wink and headed off.

I quickly adjusted my dress. It hadn’t been my wisest choice of outfit, as I hadn’t expected it to be so hot. It was a gorgeous dress, but the dark red velvety material was a bit thicker than my usual choice. It was short at least, high on my thighs. It had an almost square neckline with thin straps, showing just enough of my small amount of cleavage. It hugged my petite slender figure, highlighting what curves I had.

Luckily Sam was sitting by himself. Waiting for someone, or his company taking a long toilet break. I took a deep breath. Sometimes you just have to barrel into these things head first. What was the worst that could happen? Right. I had made a tit of myself plenty of times, one more wasn’t going to scar me.

“Hey stranger,” I said. Obviously sounding cool in my head, it sounded cool anyway.

“Oh hey Hannah,” he said. He looked genuinely happy to see me, which sent all kinds of tingly goodness in all kinds of the right places. He was sat down and his eyes flicked Hd Porno up over me. “Wow, you look amazing.” He stood and we hugged. The feeling of his bulk against my petite body made my skin flush. I was only 5’3″ and he was over six. I liked the small feeling in his strong arms.

“Thank you,” I gushed, like an idiot. My face heating up. “Not so bad yourself.” He did still look good, not quite as muscular as our college days, but that didn’t matter to me. He was very attractive, and he had far more important attributes. Not being a dick head was one.

“Thanks. Not quite as trim,” he said, smiling and patting a small belly. “Drink?” He nodded towards the bar.

“I’ve just got one thanks,” I said. “Just wanted to say hi.” He had two drinks on the table. “I won’t keep you and your imaginary friend from gazing into each other’s eyes.”

He laughed. “I’m meeting Carl,” he said. “Still a cheeky fucker I see.” I shrugged. “Are you out all night? Maybe we could catch up later?”

I smiled. “I’d like that,” I replied. Play it cool Han, I told myself. “Should be in the usual old hang outs. Imagine we’ll bump into each other.”

“Do you still have my number?” he asked. “Just in case.” I stopped myself from grinning. I had hoped he would offer a safer way we would catch up.

“I have a number,” I said. I took my phone out and showed him the number I had.

“That’s the one,” Sam said. “There’s no way I would have changed numbers without messaging you the new one.”

I flushed pink slightly. The alcohol didn’t help, I had that fuzzy perspective on the current situation.

“I wanted to call you,” he said. “After you left for uni. I just wasn’t sure if you’d want me to. I imagined you’d be too busy.”

“It’s okay,” I said. “I was the same.” A slightly awkward silence followed, neither of us good at the mushy crap.

“I’ll find out where you are later then?” I half asked, half stated.

“I’d like that,” he replied.

“Unless I get a better offer,” I said, grinning. “You never know, I might bump into Ryan Reynolds.”

“If you do I’ll watch,” he said. “That’ll be something to tell the grandkids.” I laughed. “See you later,” he added.

I headed back to the table, trying to hide my stupid grin from Fiona and Gina. Didn’t stop them taking the piss though.

The rest of the night carried on in typical Friday night style. The three of us letting our hair down after the usual busy Monday to Friday. A fair, but acceptable level of alcohol consumed, and a different variety of shapes expressed on various dance floors.

A few brief messages were exchanged with Sam and we managed to end up in the same club. So far, we were all having a decent night. I left Gina and Fiona tormenting Sam’s friend, Carl, on the dancefloor, and I snuck off to a corner with Sam.

“So what do you look for in a relationship?” he asked. He had to lean in close because of the loud music, his breath tickled my neck and a shiver ran through me.

“A way out,” I said. “As quick as possible.” He laughed. I liked it. Then he realised I was being serious.

“You’re not joking?” he asked. His blue eyes studied my face. “Still?”

“Yep,” I replied. “I like my freedom too much. It’s too stifling in coupledom. So much easier being single. And fun.”

“I agree,” he said. “Freedom does have its perks.” He raised his eyebrow as he looked over my body, making heat rise in all the good tingly places.

“You can stop looking at my perky bits,” I joked, stupidly. He smiled. I suddenly wanted to jump him, a combination of memories of us fucking and too much gin was getting a bit too much.

“You still play football I guess,” he said. His hand touched my thin waist, his thumb running over the faint contours of my stomach through my dress, I blushed slightly, hoping he meant I still looked fit. I tried to ignore his hand on me.

“I take it you’ve stopped playing rugby,” I said. It just came out. Me, trying to be funny, and also feeling flustered. I didn’t mean to be mean, my mouth Türkçe Altyazılı Porno just ran away with itself when I was nervous.

Luckily he laughed. “I didn’t mean……” I stammered. “You still look great.”

“Still look great! Even after putting on a few pounds?” he said.

“I wouldn’t say you’ve put on weight,” I said. “Just the weight you had is a bit……..cuddlier.”

“Thanks,” he said. “I think. I’ll take it though.” He fingered some loose strands of hair behind my ear.

“You know me. Here to make people feel good,” I said. We were so close now. He kissed my neck. The fucker knew just how to turn me on. I moaned softly. He moved round to my lips and we kissed. He slid the hand round my waist to the small of my back.

“Do you fancy coming back mine?” he said. I tried not to let the big smile across my face, opting for nervous wit instead.

“Well,” I said, then pausing. I looked at my wrist as if checking the time. “I’ve got ten minutes. Maybe you could just wait here whilst I just check my other options. I’m sure I saw Ryan somewhere.” He laughed.

“What if I find better?” he said.

“Yeah right,” I replied, laughing. “Better than me. Dream on pal.” He laughed too. Then surprised me. He pulled me into him and kissed me harder. Part of me wanted to instinctively pull back, but that lost to the other part that melted into his strong arms. He softened his hold.

“Maybe we should make our pact again,” he said. “Friends with benefits shall we say?”

“An interesting proposal.” I said. “And what does this arrangement involve this time? Same as before?”

“Yeah. Like before. If either of us feels a certain need we give the other a ring,” he said. “If the other person’s up for it, they help with that need.”

I stood there making it look like I was thinking. The truth was I had already thought of this idea myself.

“That’s if you can put up with my softening body?” he added.

I laughed and took his hand.

“Where are we going?” he said, as I pulled him across the club.

“We need an audition,” I said, looking back over my shoulder. “It’s been a while. I know I’ve improved but have you. I need to check on that stamina.”

“Oh,” was all he could answer. I led him out of the club and looked around. I knew the perfect place. Well, definitely not perfect, but close enough for my needs. I pulled him along again, heading down an alley and stopped behind some giant wheelie bins. It was a classy place.

Slut. Whore, Easy. I could hear all the names now that people thought I was, but I didn’t care. I had known a long time ago who I was, and had learned to live with the name calling over time. I loved sex and that was it. Life was too short to be shy about it. I wouldn’t drag anyone down an alley and start having sex, but I knew him and Sam knew me well enough, and the obvious hard on tenting his trousers was sign enough that I wasn’t going too far with him.

I turned towards him and kissed him. He returned the kiss.

I broke it off and smiled up at him as I instantly started undoing his trousers. He smiled back. I touched him through his trousers as I tried to free him, to see if he was excited, and wasn’t disappointed.

“Here?” he asked, looking around. I ignored him. Only one thing on my mind.

“Still feels big enough,” I said, as I finally popped his button and pulled down his zip. I dropped into a crouch, pulling his trousers and underwear down as I went.

His cock sprang up in front of my face, and I moaned softly at the glorious beast, hard before me. I stroked him, looking up at him and smiling. My arousal in overdrive. I ran my tongue up his full length. He let out a small groan.

I had missed this cock. Long and thick. Always excited. Angry looking and rock hard. I swallowed the head and started slowly using my lips to wank him off. I fondled his testicles with my hand.

I took him deep down my throat, pushing him into my neck and making him groan again. The noise flooded my Brazzers pussy further.

I gagged slightly but held him there, letting him throb against my tongue. I came up for air, and then did it again. I loved sucking cock. Feeling someone’s obvious arousal on your tongue. Eating pussy was the same. Giving someone pleasure was just as good as receiving it.

I sucked him off for a bit, the alley filled with the echoing sounds of the sloppy head I was giving him. I forced him deep down my throat again.

“Fuck!” he said. His bulbous head stretching my throat. He pushed his fingers into my hair.

As soon as I came up this time he lifted me by my hair. Pulling me up. The forcefulness destroyed all of my last few inhibitions. He wrapped his hands around my waist and pressed me against the wall.

He pushed up against me hard, lifting me as he moved forward. His hands moved and gripped my thighs, pushing my dress up. I wrapped my legs around him, feeling his full lust press between my legs. He wasted no time in reaching down and pulling my underwear aside. His fingers brushing against my own arousal and making me moan. He guided himself against me, the tip of his cock spreading my wet lips open, prising me open with the girth of his head.

I held his gaze, his eyes deep with the same need I felt. He drove hard into me and I cried out, not caring where we were. His hard cock slid deep inside me, my body dropping on his hard length. He went deep and pushed against my cervix as he lowered me down and thrust into me at the same time.

“Fuck that’s good,” I cried. He moved his pelvis slowly, almost pulling out of me, lifting me, and then sliding back inside. We stared deeply into each other’s eyes as he slowly moved his hips, pining my small body against the wall. He leaned in and we kissed deeply.

He started thrusting harder and faster. Passion and lust taking over. He had always felt so good inside me, filling me perfectly. I clung onto him tighter as he continued to fuck me, burying my face into his neck. My restrained moans getting louder.

I’m sure I suffered from some kind of premature ejaculation. I always orgasmed easily, and this was no exception. Either that or my constant state of arousal just made me cum quicker. Whatever the reason, his cock sliding in and out of me brought me quickly to climax.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” I moaned, close to his ear. “Fuck I’m cumming. Keep going, keep….” I moaned as a shockwave of pleasure ripped through me, the epicentre between my thighs.

I gripped his shoulders hard as I orgasmed, shaking uncontrollably against him. Strange yearning noises issuing from me as my pussy flooded.

He didn’t stop.

His hands held my bum cheeks, my legs still wrapped around him as he thrust into me. My back pressing hard against the cold wall.

Pleasure assaulted me as he continued to fuck me. My legs still shaking.

“I’m going to cum,” he warned.

“Let me down,” I said. As much as I wanted him to cum in me, I didn’t fancy walking around dripping cum for the next hour. He pulled out of me and let me down onto my shaking legs. I instantly missed the feeling of his cock inside me, and I quickly crouched. I stroked him quickly as his moans grew.

“I’m cumming,” he groaned again. I took in my mouth, still stroking the thick base. I felt it pulse as cum surged through it and into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. His thigh spasmed in my other hand as he ejaculated everything he had down my throat. I didn’t swallow, not yet.

I let it pool there as he finished cumming and waited for him to look down at me. The thick warm sperm nestled against my tonsils. He opened his eyes and looked down and I swallowed his seed. He smiled.

I sucked him dry, making sure I got everything out before I stood up. I rearranged my underwear and dress. He wrestled his still hard penis back into his trousers.

“Yeah you’ll do,” I said, my breathing heavy. My legs still shaking slightly. “Did I pass?”

“I think so,” he said, smirking. “I might need a bit more to decide.”

I laughed. “You better get me home then,” I said.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Sam said. He took my hand and we hurried to find a taxi. Firing off some quick messages to our friends.

This was hopefully going to be one long and sweaty night.

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