The One Foot Rule

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Hello reader!

You should probably read ‘The First Step’ and then ‘The Next Step’ before you embark on this one…or not! Enjoy.


Here’s another scenario:

I had frigged Carol, my sister-in-law, in her own car, on a public street.

The physical barrier had been broken but the mental barriers had then come up big time. With a lot of cajoling, I’d managed to just steer her clear of a complete withdrawal, and we, (Ok, I mainly) had been steadily re-ramping up the sex quotient of my texts toward her. Inventing scenarios that might happen, pushing for info on what she liked, would like, hadn’t tried, wanted to try…searching for chinks in the armour that seemed to have gone up again. True to form, Carol had been non committal, and then completely frank, and then in complete denial of what she was doing…ie: all over the shop, but she always responded and that was my lifeline…which brings us here…

I know she’s unusually working near my house so I ring her and suggest she comes over at lunch time, for a bit of a ‘play’.

She says, “No Bob. We can’t keep doing this…’playing’ like there are no consequences. We’ve got families.”

“Oh come on…I’ll be good, promise” I plead. “We can talk. I know you love to talk. Maybe we can clear up all your misgivings.”

“No…I don’t think I can trust you…and I definitely don’t think I can trust myself!…You’d have to promise to stay at least 2 feet away from me before I’d even consider it!”

“OK,OK,OK, whatever you want…But how about 1 foot?” I cheekily countered.

“No, you have to promise. No touching Bob, otherwise I’m not coming. That means no kiss hello, no hug, nothing. You have to promise…and I can only come for a little while. Ok?…Ok?, is it a deal?…”

Carol was coming over! She didn’t think she could trust yourself…Yipppee!. I began to get hard almost immediately. I would have agreed to anything.

She cut off my thoughts, saying, “Yes, talking would be a good idea…I’m so confused right now. Bob? Are you there?”

“Yes, here. Ok, Ok, spoilsport. 1 foot rule in place. No touching, just looking. See you in 20?”

“Ok. Remember you promised.”


Horny, but not sure how I play this scenario, I decide to put the heater on in our lounge to make it cosy for our talk. I then hurriedly put a platter of nibbles together for our lunch.

My nerves were jangling, my increasing heart rate making it hard to stay calm. My sister-in-law. In my house. Alone with me…in private. The prospect was excruciatingly exciting, especially considering the flow of suggestive texts we’d been sending each other recently. Our trip toward our dark sides was potentially about to take a very definitive step…or was it?

No touching! What?, But that was all I wanted to do!

‘BRING…BRING,’ went the doorbell and I jumped.

Gathering myself with a deep breath, I go down the hall and open the front door.

“Hello, Bob,” she says, and as I move in reflexively to give her a kiss, but she backs away.

“Uh, Uh, No Bob. You promised…otherwise I’m going back out the gate?”

I can see she’s nervous and might be about to skip out.

“Ok, Deal,” I say hurriedly, backing off and ushering her through the front door.

Carol is wearing the customary jacket, blouse, scarf professional garb that seems to be her clothing mainstay. As I ogle her ass going down the hall however I note that the professional slacks have been substituted for a knee length stretch woolen skirt, black stockings and calf high black boots. There’s a nice roll to her hips giving rise to a small sway across her buttocks. Maybe there was hope after all! In my head, skirts implied potential access to other, more interesting parts of the body…

“Can I get you a drink?”

“Oh God, yes!…But no, I better not,” she says as she sits in the only single lounge room chair we have. Knees together, handbag on knees, pulling her scarf across her chest. Everything outwardly saying ‘no access’, but her cheeks are flushed, her lips fuller than usual, and there’s a skittishness about her that seems to belie that first-glance reserve.

I sit opposite Carol, on the sofa.

“You’re not being very friendly,” I say, patting the seat beside me, silently inviting her over, but a shake of the head says she’s not budging.

“I mean it, Bob. I can’t believe I let you do that to me…”

“You mean sticking my fingers inside…”

“STOP IT!,” she immediately reacted,”DON’T SAY IT, BOB!…I was so ashamed when I got home. I keep telling you I’m not that kind of girl, and I’m not!”

“You didn’t seem to mind it that much at the time?”

“Yes…but thinking things, and then actually doing them, are very different things, Bob…Aren’t they? Surely, you can recognise that?”

In her agitation, Carol had put her bag on the floor, settling in for the conversation that she always wanted to have. You know the one where I come to a realisation of my wicked ways and let her off the hook…Not likely!

“Very gaziantep escort definitely!,” I said. “Reality was soooooo much better than I could have imagined.”

“Bob, Stop it!”

“Oh come on Carol. You can’t tell me you weren’t excited?”

Carol looked down and said, more quietly, “Of course I was…I don’t think I’ve felt that turned on in a decade…but that’s not the point! It’s so wrong. We’re going to hurt people…,” she trailed off.

Carol, putting both her hands on the chairs armrests, absent-mindedly began straightening her arms, like a girl awaiting her fate outside the principals office. Of course what it also served to do was push up and out Carols magnificent bosom, as her biceps pressed up against their outsides. the scarf she had loosely hanging around her neck, parted at the center and her strained blouse buttons came into view.

“No-one has to know Carol. You’re such a turn on for me,” she looked up at that. “Look, Just staring at your tits is giving me a hard-on right now, and you’ve still got all your clothes on!”

I spread my legs and indicated the thickening bulge beginning to extend down the leg of my jeans.

“Oh my,” said Carol. “Are you Ok?”. She was leaning forward a bit now, emphasising more and more the abundance of her bosom, now almost touching her thighs…hanging.

“Well it’s starting to get a bit tight.” I put my hand on top of my denim clad bulge and stroked it lightly. Carol and I were about a 5 feet from each other. Carols eyes remained on my crotch.

“How are you feeling,” I inquired

“A bit hot…”

Her face had become really flushed as she kept staring at my hand, steadily stroking my now thoroughly rigid pole through the material.

“…I should probably go.” Carol unsteadily made as if to get up.

I ignored her, and tried to grasp the moment.

“I want to masturbate with you”, I said. Actually I wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her like an animal…but you’ve got to know the limitations of a situation and I thought I was already pushing them.

“Bob. No. No touching, remember. That was the deal…”

“Yes, but there won’t be touching. Not masturbating each other, masturbating ourselves! We can watch each other…if we want too…I want to see you…”

Carol sat back down.

“It could be like you were by yourself…not cheating…not hurting anyone. Just getting off on the thought of being bad with each other…”

Again I slowly drew my hand up the length of my rod, and flexed it for emphasis. Hey, I was trying to sell myself here! This was my sister-in-law! She had to come to it herself, make her own decision…not be forced. As much as I wanted to touch, grope, thrust, fucking bury myself in her…the 1 foot rule was actually a god-send. I realised it made her feel safe…unhurried…allowed her time to consider…and I could see she was.

Oh god, I so wanted to rip her blouse apart right then. Her chest was heaving slightly and the shadow of her cleavage was visible between the buttons of her blouse as she inhaled deeply. She was biting her lips slightly, still staring at my straining crotch…

“Wouldn’t you like to see…?” I put it out there, to break the silence and, as she still didn’t move or say anything, just flicked her gaze up to my eyes and then back down, I decided to push on and fuck the consequences! I was suddenly so horny, I was going to have to jerk off anyway. Carol could stay or go, but I needed relief and I needed it now.

Not waiting for her response, I started to unbuckle my jeans and then slowly unzip my fly. My eyes were on hers while hers were still fixed on the lump that was about to be extricated from the tight confines of my jeans. It was only as I lifted my butt to pull my jeans and jocks right down, to finally expose myself to her for the first time, that Carol actually moved.

With a breathy grunt, she exhaled and leaned back in her chair, eyes wide. She wasn’t leaving. She was there for the show. I was trembling with the audaciousness of it all, as I pushed my pants down to my thighs, finally freeing my extraordinarily hard cock. At its final release it actually snapped back against my stomach with a slapping sound and I swear an arc of pre-cum issued from its end as it travelled. I was so horny. My cock was flexing almost uncontrollably against my stomach and I wasn’t even touching myself!

It looked like Carol was both shocked and turned on. Her eyes were wide and slightly glazed, her mouth open, her legs subtly rubbing up and down against each other.

“Undo your buttons…I need to see your…your tits,” I said with a trembling voice.

I had no idea if Carol was going to buy in, but I had to ask. My dick was pulsing, a steady flow of pre-cum sliding down its engorged head. I still hadn’t touched it, waiting for a nod, a sign, anything from Carol, before I attacked myself.

Carol stared. Thinking…and then (God bless her!), she deliberately pulled her gaziantep escort bayan scarf from around her neck and placed it on the floor.

Now staring into my eyes, she moved her hands up to her blouses top button, slowly undoing it… then the next one… then the next. Carols cleavage began to come into view. The deep curves of her breasts were encased in a surprisingly sheer, low-cut, flesh coloured bra, its lace trim resting against her newly revealed naked skin. As each button slid open I pulsed another flow of pre-cum. She got half way down her blouse and stopped. Carol then took a deep breath and gloriously pushed out her chest. I could plainly see the outline of her nipples pressing against the material, only inches away from the wide v of her opened shirt…

So close…and then Carols voice came, and the switch had been flicked…

“Is this what you want?” she growled.

Moving her hands up to her breasts she teasingly covered and then, dragging her fingers over her nipples, cupped each wonderful melon through her shirt and bra, and lifted them up to me as an offering…

“Oh God, yes…,” I strangled out and my hand finally found my turgid prick and I began stroking.

Carol saw my movement and began gently massaging each breast in her hands. Up and down, round and round. They swayed back and forth as she alternated grazing her thumbs over her hardened nubs, little gasps coming from her mouth. All of it was still covered by both bra and shirt mind you, but seeing Carol coming out, letting herself go, was so incredibly erotic.

“Do you want to stick your thing between them?,” she asked.

No, I wanted to sink my cock between them and fuck them till I exploded all over everywhere! My mind was ablaze.

“Yes…,” I manage. “Can I?”

“Oh,no. No touching, remember…But it would feeeel good, wouldn’t it?…sliding. You’re so wet down there…so smooth…hard.” She was taunting me…smiling.

“Show me more,” I quietly demanded.

Carol almost immediately stopped playing with her tits and leaned further back in her chair.

“I couldn’t do that, Bob. Could I?…I’d like too…but you’d see my ‘peach’…only Ted’s seen my ‘peach’. He’s the only one who should see my ‘peach’, isn’t he Bob? To see how wet I am…touch me…there…,” and as Carol continued to mind-fuck me with her voice, her stocking clad legs began to part.

I watched as her fingers moved down between her thighs.

Her skirt started riding up her thighs as her hands began inexorably sliding up her inner thighs, moving up to her mound. It was all black skirt, black stockings so nothing to see except her white hands against her opening thighs. Pressing up against herself…holding, as she watched me stop stroking, and slowly peel back my foreskin, revealing my cocks oh-so swollen head…engorged…inflamed…dying for release. She kept pressing into herself as I collected the pre-cum with my fingertips. Spreading it round my cocks head, smearing it up and down the shaft, my whole cock glistening with it.

“Take them off,” I urged as your right hand began stroking up and down against your stocking clad pussy.

“Show ME your peach…Show ME how you pleasure yourself”.

I slowly encircled my shaft and resumed jacking off its slick hardness.

Unbelievably, Carol removed her hands from her crotch, lifted her skirt up higher, and hooked her fingers inside her stockings and panties.

Her eyes never leaving my engorged cock, she lifted her hips and pulled the soaked material down her thighs to sit just below her knees. Her thighs were together, but it was all naked flesh below her raised hem line and my eyes were glued to the wispy hairs now evident at the magical junction of her valley.

I was moving my hand up and down my cock at a much faster rate as Carol dragged her eyes up to mine…and then slowly began to spread her naked thighs apart. The holy land was appearing in front of me! Carols stockings and panties dropped and pooled around her black boots, as the inexorable spreading of her thighs forced them further down.

Carols eyes were fixed on mine, but now mine were completely locked on the trimmed brown hair that surrounded the wettest, plumpest, pussy lips I’d ever seen. Pouting…open…her inner lining pink and so wet with her own secretions that a dark stain began to spread almost immediately on the material of the cushion underneath her.

Carols hands were trembling, resting on her thighs, as she fully exposed herself to me…thrusting her wide open vagina upward. Her need…her lust…her evil. I sensed somehow she wanted approval before she went further. Are you kidding me?

“Oh God,” was all I managed and then, my hand still stroking my erection, I said,”So beautiful…touch yourself…show me…inside…”

My breath was getting ragged, and I could hear Carols becoming more labored as she slowly dragged her fingers across her milky thighs, towards her center.

She finally rested escort gaziantep a finger tip on the wet folds and achingly teased her fattened lip, up and down, like she was applying lip gloss with her finger. Her lips oozed juice and I could see the small wave in front of her finger gathering as she teased herself, back and forth. her cunt lips resembling long pink water balloons, so ripe…fit to burst. As Carol kept on stroking herself she closed her eyes and let her head fall back against the cushion, mouth open.

“Ohhh…soooo goooood…,” she breathed.

I could see her fingers starting to do circuits of her opening, resting momentarily at the top, pressing against her clit, before resuming their travels…dancing around her folds.


Carol had gone off, and I needed her back with me. I had been steadily jacking off, quite noisily given the amount of lubrication I’d covered myself with, but I needed more.

I got up off the lounge as quietly as I could. Standing 4 feet away from Carol in her reverie, I allowed my jeans to drop to the floor, and stepped out of them. I didn’t know what I wanted (except for everything!), but I needed relief…contact of some kind.

I took a hesitant step forward. 3 feet.

My cock was bouncing in front of me…pointed directly at Carols heaving chest, her arm constantly ballooning her breasts as her hand movements become more urgent down below. Carol had one hand circling her clit while two fingers of her other hand were dipping further into herself…deeper and deeper with each movement…entering then emerging, totally saturated with her juices.

My legs were almost in contact with Carols. I spread my legs a little wider and took another step. 2 feet.

My legs were on the outside of Carols thighs. Almost in contact with the chair edge. I was staring down at the deep cavern of her cleavage, the blouse slewed to one side exposing her left nipple, clearly visible, hard against the sheerness of her bra. I could even make out the size of her aereola..its bumpy texture. I had to touch it. As my hand began to extend, my renegade cock dripped onto her arm and ‘bang’, Carol was back.

Eyes wide open, hands frozen, head lifting upright. Her mouth was just 1 foot away from my aching, dripping member.

“…Bob…what?…back, Bob!…1 foot…no touching…”

Carols reactions were all over the place. She must have been close. Her eyes began to focus on me and then they moved downward to the shiny bobbing head in front of her.

“You promised, Bob…no touching…” I could sense Carols hands begin to move again below me.

“I’m not touching…I’m just bouncing in front of your wet mouth…”

“…not touching…so hard Bob…ooohh, I can…I can see it coming out…”

My pre-cum was indeed starting to pour out of my dick in a steady stream. I was amazed that I hadn’t cum already. There was enough visual stimulus in front of me to feed every wet dream i would ever have!

“Look closer…”

I pushed my pelvis forward, in turn bringing my aching cock within 6 inches of Carols face. Her open pouting lips just below its throbbing head.

Carols hands began to work more urgently, a distinct sloshing sound emanating from between her legs.

“…Soooo baaad, Bob…I…nnngh. I’m so hot…look at it…dripping…”

My dick was dripping, this time onto the shelf of her undulating tits. This drip staining her bra…This one landing on her flesh…slowly sliding down into her cleavage…My cock felt like it was about to explode.

“nnnnnghh…ohhhh…not touch…not touching…neeeed…,” and as Carols fingers became a blur over her clit, she extended her tongue out from between her lips, floating just underneath my cocks drooling head.

I flexed. My cock bounced again, and another spurt of pre-cum pulsed out of its head, dangled for a moment on a string, and finally landed in a pool, in the middle of Carols outstretched tongue. Oh God.

I flexed again. This time we stayed connected, the slippery string between my cock and her mouth dangling in the air. Carol had closed her eyes though, and was oblivious to the thread that hung from her bottom lip.


She was cumming. Big time. Loud.

I was throbbing, blue balled and completely on edge.

Carols head nodded forward as the waves crashed over her and she inadvertently contacted my slippery meat with her forehead.

“Ooooops,” she said, “No touching…naughty me…,” but instead of drawing back, she began to rub her forehead against my slick slippery end. This was all her. Like a cat craving affection. Fuck!. Dragging her face up and down she began to allow my cock head to explore her face, sliding over its surface, leaving snail trails of my desire before finally, inevitably, coming to rest on her fat bottom lip…the entrance to her mouth…her hot breath began to envelop both my dick and my mind.

My cock kept oozing. She slowly opened her lips and sucked ever so slightly, half my mushroom head encased in her wonderfully soft lips. I could feel her tongue tentatively lick the slit…taste me…and then as her eyes opened fully, she looked up at me as she increased her suction and, with a slight relaxation of her lips and an audible ‘plop’, engulfed my head in her hot wet mouth.

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