The Older Neighbor Pt. 02

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Daniel took a while to wash John’s car – he wanted to do a good job. His jaw hurt a little, and he could still taste the semen in his mouth. It was degrading and exciting at the same time. He couldn’t believe John used him for pleasure. The privilege of kneeling in front of an older alpha male was not something he expected, when he moved to that quiet neighborhood.

John analyzed his car and was satisfied with the result. He told Daniel to repeat that task every week, usually during weekends, when Daniel would also clean the floor, wash the dishes and cook dinner. John would also send him a message whenever he wanted something done during the week, like taking care of his clothes.

“You are my beta now, and you will try your best to make my life easier,” explained John, as he sat back on the couch.

“That sounds fair, sir,” said Daniel, feeling his dick harden in his pants.

John smirked and spread his arms on the couch.

“Make me a sandwich,” he ordered.

Daniel was happy to serve. For the next few weeks, he would wake up and check if there were any messages from John. Then he would go to work and come back around five in the afternoon, quickly take a shower and visit John’s house. The neighbor would arrive from work around the same time, and Daniel was expected to give him a foot massage in the living room, really working on his tired, sweaty soles, and then bring him a beer while he watched TV. Then, Daniel would proceed to cook dinner.

John seemed to enjoy his cooking abilities, as Daniel was dedicated to make delicious and detailed dishes for him – nothing too fancy. After dinner, John would ask Daniel to get on his knees, and open his mouth for some throat fucking. Daniel was encouraged to improve his oral abilities, like reading articles on the internet on how to be a better cocksucker, how to watch your teeth while you suck dick, and how to deepthroat properly, although John was simply content to have a submissive mouth to use.

After swallowing John’s load, and pathetically thanking him for it, Daniel was either free to return to his house, or to stay and do another chore, like washing the dishes, cleaning the furniture or doing the laundry. Daniel’s dick would constantly get hard in his pants during the process, especially when John would call him a “good boy”.

Sometimes, John would bring home a female partner, and Daniel was told to go home, or to be quiet and clean the house as he heard sounds of John pounding pussy in the bedroom, feeling jealous and slightly betrayed. John wasn’t interested in fucking his ass – that wasn’t John’s thing, apparently – but that didn’t stop Daniel from daydreaming about it. He would listen to the loud, clapping sounds of John’s private sex, as the bed squeaked and the board hit the wall, and imagine it was him who was getting fucked. He imagined John’s hairy, muscular ass and thick thighs shaking, as the man ravaged his hole without mercy.

On a particular Thursday evening, John was watching TV after dinner, and Daniel was washing the dishes, and John called him.

“Come here, Danny.”

Daniel stood in front of him, admiring his powerful legs, exposed in some old sports shorts, and his robust, juicy torso in a tank top.

“I need to rest my legs,” said John, with a suggestive tone.

“Would you like a massage?” asked Daniel, innocently.

“Not now. I just need a footstool,” John pointed to the floor.

Daniel quickly got on all fours in front of him. That was the first time he was asked to be a footstool, something he had never thought about. That degrading act of submission sent shivers down his spine. He felt John’s heavy legs rest on his back, as the man took a sip of his beer.

“That feels better,” said John.

“Thank you, sir,” replied Daniel, pathetically.

John giggled cruelly. What Daniel didn’t know is that he would have to stay in that position for what felt like two hours, as John got more and more relaxed, crossing his legs over him, or landing his foot flat on Daniel’s back. Daniel started to feel pain, but he was told to stay still and resist. The next day, Daniel’s back was sore and he had a tough day at work. John sent him a cheeky message.

John: How’s your pornhub back doing?

Daniel: It hurts a little.

John: Sorry about that.

Daniel: It’s fine.

John: You were a good footstool.

Daniel: It was my pleasure, sir.

John: Good boy.

Daniel tried to control his hard-on for the rest of the day. There was something very appealing about submitting to that man. He saw John as a superior and a father figure. John wasn’t particularly mean. The man respected Daniel’s boundaries, sometimes asking if he was okay with a task, and that gave Daniel the confidence to obey him more. He was infatuated with a man who was dominant yet kind. He admired John both sexually and rationally. It was intoxicating. He decided to use some of his salary to buy John a nice watch. John had a sexy grin on his bearded face when he received the present.

One night, Daniel felt sad that he wasn’t a woman, and that he could never be John’s wife, and take his long cock inside him, waiting to be impregnated. Then he shook his head at the ridiculous thought. He felt like an idiot. But that strange feeling intensified every time he heard John fucking a woman in his bedroom. Daniel was never allowed to watch, only hear the dirty sounds, and try to imagine what was happening.

Many days later, on a hot afternoon, John came home all sweaty. Daniel was waiting on the couch to give him a foot massage, but John simply said “on your knees” and Daniel kneeled on the floor, and swallowed John’s sweaty cock. The man was especially rough, grabbing Daniel’s head with both hands and ravaging his throat with heavy, long strokes. Daniel choked every five seconds, which didn’t stop John from plowing his mouth. In fact, every little choke seemed to make John’s prick harder.

The sounds of mouth fucking echoed inside the house. Daniel looked up at John with puppy eyes and observed the man’s strong pecs and muscular arms, and a hint of his hairy armpits, as John fucked his throat mercilessly. John suddenly winked at him, and shoved his face on his hairy crotch, making Daniel see stars and beg for air.

Daniel’s eyes watered and John laughed at him, taking the dick out and slapping his face with it.

“Fag tears are my favorite,” he mocked, and shoved his hot prick in Daniel’s poor throat again.

Daniel choked harder and let the tears fall down, surprised by how turned on John was, and opened his mouth for a half-hour of rough mouth abuse. He could smell John’s manly musk the whole time. The scent of sweaty balls invaded his nostrils.

“Lie on the couch, upside down,” ordered John, all of a sudden.

Daniel promptly obeyed, but he felt a little dizzy. John got on top of him and started pounding his face like a pussy. The big balls slapped Daniel’s face with every movement, as his throat was invaded for another half-hour. Daniel felt like an object.

John finally spurted thick ropes of cum all over his abused face, and lay on the couch exhausted, breathing like a savage animal.

“Sorry about that,” said John. “I had a tough day at work.”

Daniel didn’t say anything. He was in a haze of submission. He kneeled on the floor and gave John a foot massage.

“Good puppy,” said John, patting his head. “You’re such a good boy.”

A week later, Daniel finished cleaning John’s car when the man called him inside. John sat on the couch with a box in his hands.

“Sit down,” he ordered.

Daniel sat on the floor, and looked at the box John put in front of him.

“A gift for you,” John smirked, mysteriously.

Daniel slowly opened the box and felt very surprised. It was a butt plug – but not a regular one. It was a black, silicone butt plug, medium size, with a silicone dog tail; a wagging dog tail that was supposed to turn you into a puppy. He stared at John, feeling confused.

“I want you to use it,” said John, a dark glint in his eyes.

“I don’t know if I should…” replied Daniel, reluctant. That was a different kind of humiliation.

“I like calling you my puppy, and I thought we should make it official,” explained John.

John stared at him with lewd eyes, waiting for Daniel to say yes. He seemed to know that Daniel wouldn’t resist.

“Let’s porno 92 try it out,” John insisted, getting closer to him.

“Yes, sir,” replied Daniel, meekly.

“Strip,” ordered John.

Daniel took all his clothes off, exposing his slim, shaved body on the hard floor. He waited on all fours, while John inspected his ass. He received a few slaps to each ass cheek, and then John forced his head down on the floor.

“Ass up, puppy. Shake it for me.”

Daniel wiggled his backside submissively, and John slapped him harder, making him moan. Daniel’s dick got hard and started to twitch uncontrollably, and so did his hole. John seemed to enjoy seeing his pucker blink, as he slapped him over and over again, making his ass cheeks red.

“Do you want it, Danny?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Yeah, I think you do. Good puppy. Now relax your little pucker for me.”

John spat a fat load of his hot saliva on Daniel’s twitching hole, and pressed the butt plug against it without ceremony. It hurt, but Daniel pushed out, letting John invade him.

“Good job,” said John, using his index finger to wag the silicone tail, now firmly attached. “You look great,” he mocked.

“Thank you, sir,” Daniel moaned.

“Wag your tail, puppy. Show me how happy you are.”

Daniel moved his hips lightly, looking at his new tail. It waved back and forth with the slightest movement.

“Now walk around the room for me,” ordered John.

Daniel crawled on all fours around the sofa and wagged his tail in front of the TV, as John laughed at him cruelly. He felt humiliated and crushed, and very excited. John’s manly, loud laughs echoed in his brain as he was instructed to walk around the kitchen as well. John clapped his ass cheeks again, and brought him back to the sofa. John took off his shorts and sat down, and fucked Daniel’s face with passion.

That particular task was repeated several times through the week. John seemed to be intensely excited to see Daniel with a dog tail, and Daniel learned to like it. John would call him a puppy and a dog, and would spank him before fucking his throat. One particular night, John ordered him to sniff his crotch and his feet like a dog, and to lick his toes clean. Daniel happily obeyed, finally tasting the flavor of John’s sweaty, alpha male feet.

Daniel continued to clean, cook and do John’s laundry for another month, and being his secret puppy became part of the routine. Daniel noticed John paid attention to his ass more often, and that made him wag his tail harder.

On Saturday, Daniel received an unexpected message.

John: Danny, today I want you to be extra clean for me. Shave your body and visit me at 8 pm.

Daniel was a little confused. That meant he was free from his regular tasks. John would usually go out with women on weekends. Daniel felt a warm excitement run through his body. He thoroughly cleaned his body in the shower, shaved his parts, and gave himself an enema. He applied some moisturizer to his skin and some perfume.

When he entered John’s house, the man was waiting for him at the dining table. He had prepared a nice meal for two, and told Daniel to sit down.

“I’ve decided to stay home and cook for fun,” said John, casually. He was wearing a gray polo shirt, dark pants and the watch Daniel gave him.

“That’s delicious,” complimented Daniel, tasting the beef.

“Thank you,” John smirked and stared at him.

“You didn’t want me to serve you today?” asked Daniel, concerned.

“Today I wanted to thank you for all your service. You’ve made my life easier, and I want to give you something in return.” John had an evil glint in his eyes.

They took a while to eat the meal, and Daniel was offered a lot of wine. At some point, John made himself comfortable and took off his shirt and sandals. His muscular, juicy torso changed the energy in the room. Daniel looked at him with a mixture of fear and desire.

“Strip naked for me, Danny.”

Daniel obeyed, nervously. The air in the room was warm.

“Come here, puppy.”

Daniel knew what that meant. He got on all fours and walked toward John’s chair. To his surprise, John had the butt plug on his big right qiqitv porno hand.

“Head down, ass up.”

Daniel wiggled his ass in front of John, moaning with anticipation. The man spat on his hole and shoved the whole thing inside, making Daniel whimper. He gave Daniel’s ass a good spanking that echoed in the room.

“I’m gonna own you tonight, puppy. Follow daddy.”

John walked slowly toward the living room, and then toward the stairs, as Daniel followed his footsteps. They went upstairs, walking through the corridor and entering John’s bedroom, and Daniel was told to wag his tail in front of the bed. John applied heavy smacks to his ass cheeks and made him scream a little.

“I will give you what you wish for,” said John, with a deep, soothing voice. “Daddy is gonna pound your naughty ass. Tonight, you will be completely owned, and your ass will be mine forever.”

“That sounds great, sir,” replied Daniel, pathetically.

“Damn right it does,” John slapped his ass hard.

John took off his pants and his big, veined schlong jumped out. It looked particularly heavy and engorged. He positioned himself in front of Daniel’s face and smacked his prick on it, marking his territory. He shoved his hairy balls on Daniel’s face.

“Beg to kiss my balls.”

“Please, sir. Let me kiss your big alpha balls,” Daniel said.

John laughed, as Daniel kissed his balls from left to right, worshiping every inch. The man smacked his face with his cock and bent over to slap his ass cheeks and provoke his dog tail. Daniel was finally told to open his mouth and take a deep throat fucking. He thought of the women John had fucked on the bed next to him, and that strangely turned him on. He opened his mouth wider and let John force his fat schlong down his throat. John’s balls hit Daniel’s chin endlessly. At that point, Daniel had learned to take the whole thing in his mouth. The throat training was successful. Now John was able to feel a perfect pleasure as his man tool destroyed Daniel’s pathetic throat.

John fucked Daniel’s mouth until his rod was lubricated with a large amount of spit. Then he turned around and slapped Daniel’s ass again.

“Ready to get fucked?”

“Yes, sir. Please!”

“Then wag your tail, puppy.”

Daniel moved his hips left and right, desperately. He felt like a bitch in heat.

“Harder, doggy. Show daddy how excited you are,” provoked John, an evil grin on his bearded face.

Daniel raised his ass all the way up and wagged his tail frantically, whimpering like a bitch. John cackled.

He pulled the plug out with an audible “plop” and crouched behind Daniel’s ass. He casually shoved inch after inch of alpha schlong down Daniel’s beta ass. Daniel moaned with the pain of being stretched out.

“You’re all mine, now,” whispered John.

The man started invading Daniel’s tight canal with slow, short strokes, and then he increased the velocity bit by bit, turning into fast, long drilling. He fucked Daniel like a god, showing no mercy. Daniel’s butt became a little playground for his bully cock.

John groaned and grunted like a bear as he ravaged Daniel’s ass, and Daniel moaned with the pleasure of being conquered.

“Who’s owns you, Danny?”

“You, sir!”

John fucked harder. His big manly thighs clapped against Daniel’s back.

“Who’s the man?”

“You, sir!”

“And who’s the bitch?”

“I’m the bitch, sir!”

“Damn right, faggot!” shouted John.

Daniel’s pucker was thoroughly abused by John’s girthy pole. The big alpha cock was unrelenting, going all the way in, and then almost all the way out, creating a steady motion that provided great pleasure for the alpha, and humiliation for the beta. There was nothing Daniel could do. He felt powerless, and just took the anal destruction like a good slut.

John raised his right leg and stepped on Daniel’s head, and kept fucking him. Daniel felt irrevocably owned. As he felt the foot’s weight on his face, something finally broke inside him. Now, his mind was aware of a darker pleasure.

John came hard inside him. The man’s sweat dripped onto his body, and Daniel took every drop of real man semen.

John sat on the bed, breathing heavily.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes,” replied Daniel, feeling excited.

“Enjoy it, Danny. This won’t happen very often,” said John.

“Thank you, sir,” said Daniel. He looked down and realized a thin rope of precum oozed from his dick.

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