The Night I Stole Billie

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I’ll never forget our first time. Billie was at her boyfriend’s house feeding and walking his dog. Billie’s boyfriend, Mike, was my best friend and had been since we were 5 years old. Mike was out of town on business and Billie couldn’t get the door locked as she was leaving so she called me to come over and look at it. I got their and found Billie in tears at not being able to lock the door thinking she had broken it. I tried to lock the door and couldn’t get it either. I fiddled with it soon discovering that the strike plate on the frame had shifted not allowing the latch to go into place to secure the door. I got some of Mike’s tools and soon had it fixed. Billie was still in tears but relieved. I suggested that I drive her home in her car and then call a taxi to get me back to my car.

Billie soon began to recover and by the time we got to her house she had recovered. Being it was just past dinner time and neither of us had eaten Billie suggested that I come in and she would fix me dinner and then take me back to my car when we were done. Billie made a fabulous spaghetti dinner and we enjoyed a bottle of merlot wine. We soon began to laugh about the events of the day and how Mike would get a kick out of it when he returned. We soon finished the bottle of wine and opened a second. By this time neither of us was in a condition to drive so we decided to watch a movie on TV.

Billie and I settled down on the couch to watch a movie and were soon scanning the OnDemand channel on the cable. Billie saw that “Scent of a Woman” with Al Pacino was on and insisted on the movie. I agreed loving some of the scenes in it especially the one where he drives the car as a blind man. We were watching the movie enjoy the wine we were still drinking when Billie said she was cold and was going to change. I paused the movie while she went to change and Billie soon came back out with sweat pants and a sweat shirt on. It became immediately obvious that Billie had also removed her bra as her 34 DD breasts bounced in the sweat shirt. Having had a fair bit of wine my cock started to react to the sight before me and I soon had a semi. Billie settled down again and I resumed the movie.

It wasn’t long before we were both engrossed in the movie again when Billie suddenly moved over next to me saying she was still cold. Not thinking much of it I put my arm around her and she leaned her head against my shoulder. I then remembered that Billie had a blanket behind the couch and was barely able to reach it. I put the blanket over Billie who immediately reacted by stretching out on the couch and putting her head in my lap. My cock immediately went from semi-hard to fully erect and Billie immediately noticed that I was in some sort of distress. As she moved to find out what was wrong it became apparent to her what the issue was. Billie being a little more than intoxicated just moved a little closer in my direction escort bursa and placed her hand right on top of my cock and then her head on her hand.

I was a little uncomfortable after all Mike is my best friend and this was his girl friend, however the more uncomfortable I became the more Billie moved her hand over my cock. I was just about to suggest to Billie that I should call that taxi when she unzipped my pants and stuffed her hand inside. Since I don’t wear underwear she was able to grab hold of my cock right away. The feeling was exquisite and I lost all thought of the taxi as she rubbed my cock. Billie noticing that I was beginning to relax undid my belt buckle and pants and soon had my 7 inch cock exposed for her to do with as she pleased. Billie continued to rub my cock with her hand and I was beginning to forget about Mike completely.

Suddenly Billie sat up and looked me dead in the eyes and then fell to her knees on the floor in front of me. She grabbed hold of my cock and engulfed it with her mouth. She began to move up and down slowly as worked her tongue around the head of my now rock hard cock. Billie was giving me one of the best blow jobs I had had in a very long while. Billie, I could tell really enjoyed this part of foreplay and had mastered it well. The entire length of my cock was soon inside Billie’s mouth as her tongue snaked out and licked my balls. I thought I was going to cum right then and there but Billie stopped the blow job as suddenly as she had started.

Billie stood up and pulled off the sweat shirt she was wearing exposing the 34 DD to me. Her nipples were hard and at least 1″ in length. I reached up and began to massage them as Billie moaned her approval. Billie sat down again on the couch and I began to suck on her right breast and knead her left one. I soon moved to suck on her left breast as I dropped my hand to her sweat pants and undid the draw string. I know had access inside her pants and found she wasn’t wearing any panties either.

I quickly found the object of my search, her extremely wet and engorged clit. I rubbed it with my index and middle finger as I moved back to sucking on her right breast. Billie was beginning to writhe under the manipulations that I was giving to her clit and breast. Now it was my turn. I kneeled on the floor in front of Billie and tugged at her sweat pants. Billie lifted her ass off the couch and I removed her sweat pants and she was now completely naked before me. I took a moment to marvel at the beauty of her body, the brown hair and green eyes matched her tanned complexion.

The 34DD breasts to the flat tummy moving down to her shaved pussy. She really did have the complete package. I then moved in and began to kiss her inner thigh on her right leg up over her pussy and down to her left leg. Billie was moaning and writhing about as I did this. I then moved in and attacked bursa escort that magic spot with the ferocity of a fighter pilot in an air-to-air battle. Billie was crying in ecstasy until I suddenly thrust two fingers into her dripping pussy and she screamed in pleasure. I curled my fingers looking for her G-spot and soon knew I found it by Billie’s moans of pleasure. I continued the assault on her fully engorged clit with my tongue as she screamed that she was about to cum.

Billie then went stiff as a board, screamed a scream of ecstasy and yelled “I’m cummmmmmmmming.” Billie’s body began to shake and the walls of her pussy grabbed hold of the two fingers I had buried in there. Then to my surprise she did something no other woman I had been with had ever done before she began to squirt. I lapped up as much of the juices that I could and climbed her body and we shared our first kiss as Billie tasted herself on my tongue.

My cock was harder now harder than it had ever been before after Billie’s orgasm and her spraying me with her womanly cum. I continued to enjoy the kiss Billie and I were sharing as I reached between us and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to Billie’s soaking wet pussy. I slide in easily as wet as she was and began to slowly pump my cock in and out of her. I was amazed at how tight Billie was around my cock and then began to knead and suck on her breasts again as I enjoyed the feeling of our union. I didn’t think I could last much longer when Billie finally broke the silence of words between us and told me to stop. I thought maybe for a moment she was regretting what we were doing but stop is stop and so I did. I withdrew my cock from her and she got onto the floor. She then told me that she was good and that she wanted to feel me cum inside her. I needed no further encouragement. I drove my cock into her and began pounding away. Billie soon arrived at another mind blowing orgasm and as her pussy grabbed my cock I exploded inside of her coating the walls of her pussy with my cum. I collapsed on top of Billie spent and exhausted my rapidly softening cock still inside of her. My flaccid cock soon fell from her pussy and I rolled of off her and pulled the blanket on top of us.

We laid there spooning each other as I began to play with her breasts again. Billie reached between us and began to stroke my cock again bringing it to a semi-hard state. Billie placed my semi-hard cock between the checks of her ass and turned slightly and we enjoyed another deep passionate kiss. My cock now in the warmth of her ass cheeks soon regained its full stature and Billie reached down and placed it at the entrance of her cum dripping pussy. I moved in and out of her slick pussy slowly both of us enjoying the slow passionate sex we were now enjoying. Billie then broke our kiss and whispered in my ear that she wanted me to fuck her in the bursa merkez escort bayan ass. Without hesitation I agreed and pulled out of Billie’s pussy and pulled Billie to her knees. I grabbed a pillow from the couch and placed under Billie’s head and then began to fuck Billie’s pussy again. I did this for a minute or so and then scooped some of mixture of cum juices from Billie’s pussy and rubbed into her asshole. I then returned to a slow methodical fucking of her pussy as I worked her asshole out for the eventually invasion of it by my cock. First I put one finger in then two. It was and amazing feeling for me as I could feel my cock in her pussy with my two fingers and my two fingers in her ass with my cock. Billie was moaning again and I knew it was time.

I pulled my cock from her pussy and my fingers from her ass and placed the head of my cock at her rosebud. I pushed forward slowly not wanting to her and felt my cock head pop through. I moved back and forth slowly every time my cock getting a little deeper until the entire 7″ were in buried in Billie’s bowels. Billie was in a bit of pain I could tell so I held my position only to be told to continue fucking her because she loved the pain/pleasure felling she was getting. Billie then reached back and began to masturbate her clit. I resumed my slow pumping of her ass. Billie then told me to go faster and as I picked up the pace so did her assault on her pussy. Billie began orgasm again almost pushing me from her ass. The feeling of being inside her ass as she was coming was too much from me and I quickly flooded her bowels with my cum and we both collapsed again. This time I pulled my cock from her and turned her over and held her tightly to me and we feel asleep together like that on the floor.

Mike came home two days and 6 fuckings later to find that Billie was going to be moving in with me. Mike was extremely angry at both of us for betraying him and stayed that way for several months until we told him that the fruits of our labor were going to give Billie and I a child and we were going to get married before the birth. I asked Mike to be the best man and he agreed.

Billie and I continued to have sex during the pregnancy and as she neared birth most of the sex was anal sex. On the 9 month anniversary of our first fuck Billie gave birth to a baby boy. We named it after Mike and asked him to be the godfather since it was he who had gone out of town and he who had failed to notice that he was going to have a problem with the lock on his door and so he who brought Billie and I together that night. Billie and I still enjoy our sex life 15 years after that fateful night as we did the first time we made love. Since then our love making has yielded 4 additional children for a total of 5 and we are expecting our sixth this March. Looking back on the last 15 years I enjoy not only making Billie pregnant but the sex life we have while she is pregnant is always a fabulous one and whoever said that sex during a pregnancy is impossible has never had sex with my wife. I don’t know how many children we will have together because we refuse to use birth control and we love being pregnant. Only time will tell.

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