The New Babysitter Ch. 01: My Niece

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Bachelorette Party

The New Babysitter Is My Niece

All persons depicted are over 18.



Okay, I fucked up. I admit it. I didn’t regret draining my balls into cute Maria from the house down the street. Every chance I got with our babysitter, I shoved my cock into her mouth or her tight, sweet hole. Once we got started, she was as eager as me. I was even going to bust her anal cherry soon. So, no, I don’t regret fucking a girl named Maria.

I regret getting caught. I came home early on Saturday afternoon while my wife was out selling houses. I knew Maria was babysitting the rug-rat. It was a warm day, and as expected, I found Maria out by the pool playing splash games.

“Nap time,” I said as I grabbed up the kid. “I’ll put him down, and get myself ready for the pool,” I told Maria. “Why don’t you work on your all-over tan for a while until I get back.”

It took longer than I wanted to put the kid down and change. Fifteen minutes later, I was back at the pool. Maria was naked and oiled on a beach towel. Her brown skin, bald pussy, and her big tits topped with little brown raisin treats always drive me crazy. I couldn’t wait to be fucking her again. I dropped my suit as my cock hardened.

Maria heard me and opened her eyes in a squint. She said, “You took too long. I’m ready to flip over. Do my backside.”

Maria rolled over. If there ever is a national monument to celebrate the perfect teenage ass, Maria should be the model. I looked at the rounded bubble of brown flesh, toned by years of dance and gymnastics practice. Her naked pussy looked back at me through her thigh gap. I could see her little brown crinkled rosebud winking at me. I grabbed the bottle of oil and straddled the tops of her thighs.

I dribbled the oil from her shoulders in a wavy pattern that ended with a double squirt into her ass crack. I started working the oil into the skin from the small of her back. I didn’t extend my arms as I worked toward her shoulders. Instead, I leaned forward, so my raging cock nestled into her butt cheeks. The sensation of it nestled in there sent a jolt through my brain and my cock. I rubbed her up and down several times and wiggled my cock to send her the message.

Maria giggled, “Oh, okay, baby. Today is the day.”

I used one hand to oil her ass, even pushing one finger, then a second, into her anus to stretch it out. It was so tight. I used the other hand to oil up my eight-inch babysitter adjustment tool. I got it lined up to expand Maria’s sexual interests, and her ass, with a new reality. I slowly started to push it in.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing, you asshole,” I heard my wife yelling. I looked over to where she was standing at the edge of the pool apron, wearing one of her real estate sales-babe suits today — short skirt and slutty high heels.

“Fuck, god damn it,” I thought to myself as I looked at her. I looked back at Maria. I pushed my cock deep into Maria’s ass as I made a stupid grin and shrug at my wife. Maria shrieked. My wife shrieked, too, not in a good way.

So, yeah, I regret getting caught.


Several thousand dollars of shopping later, for my wife and my bitchy sister, there were new rules in our happy home.

Rule number one: no fucking or fucking around with the babysitter. Oh, we would still have a babysitter. My wife wasn’t going to give up her independence, her commissions, or whatever she was doing on Saturday afternoons in short skirts and high heels. Nope, she wasn’t going to do any of that. She and my sister had come up with a new plan.

The new babysitter was going to be my niece, Audrey. I didn’t know my niece very well. Since my sister is always such a complaining bitch, I try to avoid her whenever possible. At unavoidable family functions, Audrey had always seemed like every other teenage girl. She had graduated from high school, I knew. She had turned 18 recently but didn’t seem to have a job or college plans. If she was going to be around a lot, maybe it would be okay — or maybe not. A first-class bitch had raised her, so if she had learned to be a bitch, she had learned from the best. Which was more likely?

It didn’t take long for the first indication. On Saturday, my wife was out doing location, location, location, again. The new babysitter was scheduled to make her first appearance. I took my golf clubs out of the trunk and went into the house. And there was Audrey.

“Shhh, he’s napping,” Audrey hissed at me. Then she turned her back to me and went back to what she was doing. Audrey was standing on a yoga mat in the middle of the living room, with her legs slightly spread and her back arched. She was wearing skin-tight white yoga pants and a tight top that was cropped halfway down her torso. Her dark hair was in a ponytail. With her hands together, she bent over from the waist until her hands were flat on the mat. Then she wrapped her arms behind her legs and held herself folded like that for quite a gaziantep bayan escort while.

Audrey was not like every other teenage girl anymore. Her legs were long and lean, with muscle tone accented by the white casing of the yoga pants. Her apple ass was firm and tight. Her yoga pants were not opaque but gauzy, and she wore them so tight that her camel-toe was peeking out behind her. My cock started to move.

Releasing her arms locked around her legs, Audrey slowly rose into a full stretch, then put her arms at her side, her legs together, and turned around to face me. She was tall now, and slender. The clingy material of the cropped white top made her large, firm breasts seem even more spectacular, the nipples erect. I looked at her camel-toe again, the lips puffy and large. There was a slight dampness in the cleft. I could see a dark narrow landing strip through the material above her cunt.

I looked at Audrey’s face — it was beautiful. Green eyes, high cheekbones, lips made to be around a cock. She wasn’t smiling.

“My mother told me you are a pervert and an asshole,” she said. Audrey raised her arms, and her hands pulled the band out of her hair, which she shook free around her. Her breasts elevated and then vibrated in a way that sent shock waves into my groin. I almost came.

“I know you were creeping on me. I’m going to tell Mom.” With that, Audrey rolled up her mat and walked toward the media room.

I went up the stairs to my bedroom. I wanted to take a shower. I wanted to masturbate before I exploded — or died.


After golf the next Saturday, I found Audrey neck-deep in the pool. When she saw me coming, she lifted the floating chair out of the pool with the kid and set it on the side. She used the ladder closest to me to climb out. Either she was able to exit the water in extreme slow motion, or my brain slowed time when it became deprived of oxygen as the blood all moved to my crotch to meet the rising hydraulic demands of my raging hard-on.

Audrey was wearing a tiny two-piece red swimsuit. You couldn’t call it a bikini unless you left half the letters off. The top was a narrow strapless shelf bra that barely covered her nipples; it needn’t have bothered because the erect nipples were essentially visible through the material anyway. The bottom consisted of sharp V-shaped straps attached to a small patch that outlined her puffy lips; it wasn’t quite tall enough to conceal the entire landing strip she had shaved and trimmed into her bush. The water ran in rivulets and beaded on her lightly tanned skin. Her face, as beautiful as it was naturally, was highlighted with expertly applied eye makeup and red lipstick — obviously waterproof. Her toned muscles rippled as she walked and toweled herself dry.

When Audrey turned to pick up the tike, I could have ogled her perfect ass cheeks again. Instead, I stared at the two straps from the front as they dwindled into a tiny g-string that wiggled down into her crack. She spread her legs before lifting the kid. I could see the g-string measuring the diameter of her small crinkled rosebud before it followed the perineum on its way to her pussy. Involuntarily, I licked my lips. My mouth was dry.

“Nap time, pumpkin,” Audrey said. “Daddy can’t walk until he learns to behave,” she said as she walked by and glanced at my crotch with a look of disgust.


I play golf every Saturday. I love golf, or I love it now that I straightened out my slice. Oddly enough, it was a library book that cured my slice, not a professional instructor. I had tried everything, including twisting my body to correct a slice that just got worse. But with the book, it was easy. Feet shoulder-wide, pointing straight and square. Back of the forward hand, my left, flat to the target, thumb pointing down the shaft. That’s the power hand. Swing a few at the range with just the one hand, until you can make some contact with the ball. Then add the steering hand. The right-hand grips at various rotations around the shaft to steer the ball — clockwise for more hook, counter-clockwise for more slice, just right in between for straight down the fairway. I buried my club head in the dirt at the range until I got used to the new stance. After that, I was a confident long-hitter even with my driver, and off the fairway. So now, I love golf.

But I was starting to hate coming home from golf.


I heard music from the media room. Audrey was in there dancing, but she wasn’t alone. There was a tall blonde dancing beside Audrey. They were doing some kind of synchronized routine. They both were wearing tiny, tight booty shorts; Audrey’s was a thin pale yellow material; the blond wore sky blue. The blonde wore a small performance sports top, the zipper half down offering a view of her cleavage. Audrey wore a t-shirt with the bottom half ripped off just below her boobs. I think Audrey saw me come in, but gaziantep escort bayan she didn’t react. They both kept dancing.

The girls rolled and rocked their hips, more like bull-riding than twerking, down into a squat. With their hands on the floor, they straightened their legs. Audrey’s t-shirt fell forward, and I could see her large, firm boobs and erect nipples glistening with sweat. They both popped up straight. Audrey struck a pose with her arms raised, exposing the bottoms of those beautiful mounds. The blonde did a round-off to a split on the floor in front of Audrey, arms raised, just as the music ended. They panted and glowed.

“Capi, this is my pervy uncle, the one I told you about,” Audrey said then looked at me. “This is my friend Caprice. She is the captain of a competitive dance squad I want to join. We’ll be practicing here all summer for my audition.” Audrey used her hands to grab Caprice and help her stand. “You don’t need to stay.”

“Nice to meet you,” Capi said with a big smile as I turned away and headed for relief.

I was halfway up the stairs before I remembered I needed to ask Audrey whether my wife had called. As I got close to the media room, I heard Capi talking.

“You shouldn’t torture him like that. He’s kind of cute.”

Audrey said, “It’s my mom’s idea. She said I should torture and tease him, and be a bitch, as much as possible. If I make him explode, she’s gonna buy me a new car.”

I stopped and didn’t move. I wondered what the fuck was going on. I needed time to think. I headed back to my home office.


The next morning, while my wife was in the shower, I opened her phone. I’m always fixing something, so I knew that password. She didn’t talk to my sister much, but she did text her. I looked at the history. After I got caught banging Maria, my wife and my sister had talked about scheming to make me pay big time — their words. I forwarded the chain to my phone, cleared the evidence, and put her phone down.

As I studied the messages, I could see they were laughing as Audrey reported her results. What I couldn’t see was the point of their plan — why not just sue me for divorce? Something else was going on here. I would have to be careful, but I intended to find out.

Okay, bitches. Game on.


A week later, Audrey and Capi were sitting out by the pool when I got home from golf. Okay, phase one, I thought to myself — lead with your strengths. I changed into my swim trunks, grabbed a beach towel, and headed outside.

“Hello, ladies,” I said as indifferently as I could. They were both wearing maillot swimsuits with high side cuts and showing a good amount of cleavage. They both looked like Bay Watch wet dreams in sunglasses. I dropped my towel on a chair and jumped into the pool. I played with my kid a while, swam some laps, including the full length of the pool underwater. I keep fit. I’m not fat. I don’t have a full six-pack, but I do show some muscle tone. I like to be in the water. I usually like to look at the beach girls, but now I was making a point of ignoring the two beauties. They chatted and made a point of ignoring me.

When I was ready, I climbed out of the pool. I stepped behind the modesty panel, turned on the shower, pulled off my trunks, and slapped them on top of the wall. I washed off the chlorine and then used the skin lotion to rub my cock into a hard-on in its full glory — my eight-inch babysitter adjustment tool.

“Audrey, I forgot to put my towel on the shower hook. Will you grab it for me, please?” I called out.

“No way,” she answered. “Get it yourself.” I could hear them both giggle.

“Okay. Don’t look,” I said.

“Don’t worry, we won’t,” Audrey answered back with a sarcastic tone.

“Okay. Here I come,” I said. I stepped out from the modesty panel, naked, raging hard-on, and walked over to the chair to grab my towel. “Don’t look.” I dried my face, my legs, and pulled the towel across my back, facing them the whole time. I didn’t hurry. Finally, I wrapped the towel around my waste. It did little to hide my erection. “Okay. Safe now,” I said.

I grabbed my trunks and wrung them out. “See you later, ladies,” I said as I walked in front of them.

“Whatever,” Audrey said, but her tone had changed. Capi was holding one of her breasts in her hand. Audrey was, too, but her other hand had drifted to her crotch.

I think they peeked.


I was working in my office when Capi came in, still wearing her maillot but with a gauzy wrap around her hips.

“Hello, Caprice,” I said. “Where’s Audrey?”

“She’s taking a shower and changing,” Caprice said. “I was just leaving, and, uh, I…”

I smiled.”That’s fine. Come on in. What can I do for you?”

Caprice looked uncomfortable. “I think I should apologize for, you know, being so bitchy,” she said. “Audrey, she’s usually so much fun. I don’t escort gaziantep bayan know why she acts this way.”

“Her mother, my bitchy sister, put her up to it, and bribed her with the promise of a car,” I said.

“You knew?” Caprice seemed shocked.

“Yes, of course,” I said. “And so did you. I should be mad at you both.” Caprice panicked and started to cry. “Oh, don’t worry about it. I’m not angry with you.”

I stood up and pushed the office door mostly closed.

“You’re not?” she said with surprise, “why not?”

“Because I know something else,” I said. “I know you peeked, didn’t you?”

Caprice was a pale blonde; her skin was almost translucent. She blushed over every inch of her face, neck, and exposed chest — a deep scarlet red. She looked at the floor.

I said, “Caprice, are you a virgin?” She shook her head slightly — no.

“I know you peeked,” I said, “and I know you want to see it again, don’t you?”

Caprice looked up with a sly smile and nodded — yes.


Her mouth tasted like cherries. I held her by her waist, then slid my hands up her tight body to cup and squeeze her perfect boobs. I pinched and rolled her nipples through her suit. I put my arms around her, kissed her hard, and reached down to grab her ass. Caprice was panting.

I pulled the maillot’s straps off her shoulders and pulled the suit down and down. Her proud breasts popped free, topped by erect pink nipples. I sucked and nipped each one. Capi moaned. As the suit descended, her stomach showed the muscle definition created by all that dance work.

Caprice had a little shamrock tattoo above her bare pussy. I could smell her sex; the tiny hood of her clit was pushing out. I could tell she was already wet. I licked her; she shuddered. She tasted sweet with a hint of tangy funk. I pulled the suit completely down, and she stepped out of it.

I stood up and dropped my sweatpants. My hard-on looked angry. I picked up Caprice; she automatically wrapped her legs around me. She used one hand to rub my cock against her pussy, spreading the slickness and then aimed it where she wanted it. I lowered her onto my cock. She was not a virgin, but she felt as tight on the inside as she looked on the outside. We both moaned as my big cock split her cunt. I pushed her against a wall and started fucking her.

As I pumped into her, Caprice kissed me hard. She moaned. She panted, “Oh god, don’t stop. Fuck me, fuck, fuck me.” She grabbed me tight with her arms and legs, and she screeched as she came. It was enough for me to let loose and flood her pussy with pent-up cum and frustration.

Gradually, we caught our breath. Caprice put her feet down and dismounted my still-hard cock.

I said, “I want to do it again.”

Caprice said, “I’ve got to go. Audrey was watching.” She ran out of the room, naked.


After an hour, neither had appeared. I went to look for them. I found them in my bedroom, on my bed. Both were naked, and Caprice was on top, scissoring into Audrey, rubbing their pussies together. Audrey was turned away from the door, so she didn’t see me come into the room. Caprice was looking at Audrey.

“That’s it, baby. Feel your uncle’s big cock sliding into you. It’s bigger than our strap-on. You’ve been teasing him with your body. Feel him fucking you. You want that so bad, don’t you?” Caprice cooed. Audrey moaned and squeezed her tits.

My cock sprang to life. I pulled my shirt and sweatpants off and approached the bed. My cock was raging.

Audrey writhed on the bed. “Yes, fuck me with that big cock. I wish we had our strap-on, because I need it in me, now, right now.”

As I knelt on the bed, I pushed Caprice out of the saddle and crawled between Audrey’s legs.

“Here’s the real thing, baby,” I said. Audrey looked at me in a panic. “You want the real thing, don’t you, baby? You want your uncle’s big cock in you, fucking you, making you cum, don’t you?”

I pulled Audrey’s legs and arranged her on the bed. I put my cock against the entrance to her cunt, and leaned forward, so I was above her. I said, “You want this, don’t you?”

Audrey hesitated. Then she nodded. I didn’t ask her if she was a virgin. I drove my cock into her. She was wet and ready, but she winched a bit as I pressed in. I gave her a moment to adjust. Her cunt gripped my cock like a fist.

“Now, your uncle is going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you hard for the little bitch you’ve been pretending to be. Tell me what you want.”

Audrey whimpered. “Oh, god, fuck me, fuck me hard with that big cock. Fuck your niece, make me cum. I want it so bad.”

She was tight and slick with lust. I slammed into her. She wrapped her legs around mine. She made a grunting noise each time I hit bottom.

Audrey was getting close. Caprice was watching us, big eyes, masturbating hard with one hand, and mauling her breasts with the other.

I was ready. I said, “Now — now you bitches. Cum, goddammit, cum now!” I shot my load into Audrey. She screamed as she came. Caprice clenched her face and body tight, and then squirted all over herself and the bed. I pulled us all together into a tangle of limbs and flesh.

“Now, let’s figure out a way to pay back my sister and my wife for their little scheme,” I said, “and then let’s fuck some more.”

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