The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 05

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 5

Valerie’s Tales — Part 1

The letter was tucked under the front door of her apartment door and she stepped on it as she walked in. Valerie Seeburg was tired after a long day at the hospital, and hungry as well. Her feet hurt and her back hurt and all she wanted was a long, hot bath. She picked up the envelope and as she kicked her work shoes off, she read the short letter. It was quick and to the point.

“At seven o’clock, I want you on your bed, on your hands and knees, naked, with only the blindfold on. I want you facing the head-board. I want music playing. And I want your pussy wet and ready for my hard cock.”

Valerie could feel her pussy dampening as she read the letter. It had been more than a week since her mystery lover had visited her. She looked up at the wall clock, seeing that it was twenty minutes till seven. She didn’t have much time at all.

Valerie was a very submissive woman. She had been all her adult life. She had married young, to a man who pretty much controlled every aspect of her life, including her sex life. Jerry Miller had been a high school friend and eventual sweetheart back home in Milwaukee. He was about the only guy in her class that gave Valerie any attention at all. Valerie had been a big girl all her life, running on to flabby fat as she went through her teen years. Unlike her mother or two older sisters, Valerie had never been a slender girl. She was gifted with strawberry blonde hair that hung in long curls framing her oval face. Her eyes were bright blue, and her wide, luscious mouth was seemingly always smiling. Valerie was a delightful woman, always looking to please her friends and family, which led her to being a very submissive woman.

Valerie graduated from high school and went on to college, earning her nursing degree. Valerie and Jerry moved in together, more out of his being kicked out of his parents’ home than anything else. It had been more of a suggestion by her boyfriend, who would rather let her work while he sat around the apartment he had convinced her to rent, watching movies, while she made the money needed for bills and food. In return, Jerry would give Valerie all the sexual attention a young woman could crave, even one as heavy-set and plain looking as Valerie. At only twenty four years of age, Valerie gave birth to a son, Jack, named after Jerry’s favorite Uncle, who also supplied him with some pretty good marijuana each week. Six years later, their second son was born. Jake was named after Jerry’s father, who had died just a few weeks earlier. Valerie was now a mother of two with a man who still refused to find steady employment. But that was fine with Valerie. She was in love, at least as she knew it.

Six weeks after Valerie and little Jake returned home from the hospital, Jerry packed his things and moved out, without much more than a good-bye. Valerie had had no idea that Jerry had been cheating on her, and as it turned out he had been for nearly a decade. Jerry had been working odd jobs here and there, but would never make enough to support a family. It was left to Valerie to raise her sons, on the money she made working as a nurse at Milwaukee General Hospital. She filed for divorce from Jerry, and after he was eventually tracked down, the papers were signed and finalized.

Looking for a better life, Valerie accepted a job in Regal Bay at the new University Hospital. By this point in her life, she had two boys in school and no other men in her life. That changed soon after she arrived in Regal Bay, however, when Valerie was introduced to Reginald Seeburg.

Reggie was a fisherman, and owned three deep-sea fishing vessels besides the one he personally skippered. Six years older than her, Reggie was a grizzled old sea-dog in her eyes, and something of a romantic. She fell for him hard, and even though he already had two other ex-wives he was supporting, along with three children, Valerie accepted his marriage proposal after only six weeks of dating. Within a month of their marriage, Valerie announced that she was pregnant. Peter was born on the one-year anniversary of her move to Regal Bay.

As it turned out, Reggie had at least three other women up and down the coast that he was seeing, and before young Peter had even started school, Valerie filed for divorce from Reggie, as all his previous wives had done. It bothered him little and he readily agreed to her alimony terms. Once again, Valerie found herself a single mother, now raising three school-aged boys. For most of the next dozen years she passed on suggestions by her friends to find a new man. She explained that she had all the men she needed at home in the three boys she was raising.

Eventually, Jack graduated from high school and joined the Navy. Jake graduated two years later, and after a summer break at home, he joined the Air Force. At this point Valerie was left with only her 10-year-old son Peter at home. They moved out of the large escort hikayeleri home that had once been Reggie’s and into a three bed-room apartment nearer to campus, where they still lived as Peter graduated from high school.

Much to Valerie’s joy, her youngest son decided on a career in medicine, and began classes at Regal Bay University in the nursing program. He also decided to save money by living at home instead of on campus, as so many of his friends did. Unfortunately for Valerie, this arrangement tended to interfere with any social plans she might make.

Valerie showered quickly and toweled off standing in her bedroom. It was now only five minutes until seven o’clock. Her heart beat heavily in her chest. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw the flabby belly below her heavy, sagging breasts. Her thighs were thick and soft. Her butt was wide and larger than she remembered. She was a 51-year-old, out of shape, middle-aged mother of three, with absolutely no social life. Until nearly a year ago, just after her 51st birthday had passed uneventfully, quite out of the blue she began to be visited by an unknown stud. He was a man with a long, hard cock that never failed to make her cum when he fucked her. He knew how to use what he had to make her scream.

Remaining naked, Valerie went quickly to her nightstand and pulled open the lower drawer. Inside were several sexual devices, all of which had been given to her by her mysterious lover. On top of a line-up of three variously sized dildos lay a large, blue-velvet face mask. She picked it up and slid the drawer closed. In the uppermost drawer, she retrieved the tube of KY Sensations lubricant he had also bought for her some time back. It was less than half full, and after this evening, she might be needing a fresh tube. Maybe he would bring a new bottle with him, she hoped.

The wall clock in the living room began to chime and Valerie quickly moved to the end of the bed and pulled the mask over her eyes. She went onto the edge, kneeling on her knees at the foot, and felt her heart begin to race in her chest even as her breathing began to pick up in anticipation. She squeezed out a handful of the lubrication and after she parted her knees a bit wider, she stroked the warming cream across her puffy pussy. Per her lover’s instructions, she had shaved herself smooth in the shower. Her fingers smeared the lubrication across her folds, which began to tingle from the ingredients. As she pushed a little up inside her, she heard the front door to her apartment open, and then close.

“Oh,” she moaned excitedly as she assumed the position asked of her, her ass raised high and aimed at the open doorway to her bedroom. Her pussy tingled and she felt some of the lubricant dribble across her clit. “Oooohhh,” she moaned again, knowing that he was now there, behind her, looking at her. She imagined that she could hear him undressing, stripping out of whatever clothing he wore. His eyes on her, taking in her submissive form, a plump, middle-aged woman ready for his manhood.

Valerie recalled in that moment of anticipation the first time she had been taken by him, her unknown, unseen lover. She had been raped, as that is the only way to describe what had happened to her. He had been there, in her apartment, waiting. She had come out of the bathroom, walked down the short hallway to her bedroom, naked, knowing that Peter was in class all that evening. She went to the end of the bed than, drying her hair. Her flabby body wiggled, her soft tits flapping softly on her chest. Suddenly, hands were on her tits, squeezing them from behind. She tried to scream, but her voice hung in her throat. She was terrified, and yet the feel of a hard cock pressing into her soft buttocks had her frozen in place.

“Close your eyes,” a soft voice whispered into her ear then, and she did as she was told. Her breasts had been released then, and a moment later a bag had been pulled over her head. Later, she learned that it had been a pillow case, taken from the hallway closet.

She had begun to panic then, but the soft voice again whispered in her ear. “Be quiet, do as I tell you, and we’ll both enjoy this.” She could only nod in reply. After that, she followed his instructions obediently. He turned her around and felt her up, from hips to shoulders. He tugged and then sucked at her thick nipples. He stroked his fingers through her furry bush and along her damp labia. He told her that he liked a woman with a bush, but wanted her to shave it off. She nodded as his fingers stroked her clit, making her body tremble and her vagina vibrate.

“Lay back,” he told her then, and she eased onto her bed. She scooted up until her head rested on her pillow, under his orders, and when told, she spread her legs wide open. “Play with your tits,” he instructed, and she did. A moment later she felt the bed bounce gently and her assailant settled between her legs. gaziantep escort hikayeleri She moaned when she felt his breath on her sex, and just about screamed when his mouth landed. She did groan very loudly when his tongue slipped up and down her folds, entering her vagina a moment later. Valerie climaxed on his tongue, just seconds later. Something her forgotten Jerry, Reggie, or any other man had never done for her.

Her assailant had licked her juices up and continued to eat her out until she had cum a second time. Even as she was riding out her orgasm, he moved up her body quickly and drove his cock, which was long and thick, straight into her.

“Aaaahhh!” she cried out as her pussy, which had grown tight over the years from lack of use, was pried open harshly. Her juices were barely enough to provide lubrication for her intruder. It took three full thrusts before his cock buried itself fully inside her. By then she could feel him twitching and pulsing inside her. “Oooohhh, soooo goooooddddd!” she moaned, nearly crying, as her assailant began to drive himself home, thrusting hard, fast, and deep into her. He was laying fully atop her now and she could feel his breath panting through the bag on her face. She didn’t realize that she had wrapped her arms around his shoulders, or her legs around his waist, until long after he’d climaxed.

Valerie felt his cock pulsing wildly within her womb, and as he growled above her he began to cum within her. She felt his hot semen flowing and knew that he was unprotected. At that time, even though she was only 51 years old, she might still have gotten pregnant. She feared the worst even as she felt her own climax peak. As her mind raced, her body quivered beneath his.

“Oooohhh, god, yes! Yeesssss!” she moaned as she enjoyed her orgasm, a cock buried to the hilt within her for the first time in over a dozen years. She didn’t want this evening to ever end. But a moment later, her unseen lover was lifting from her, his sweat mixed with hers on her flabby breasts and belly. When his cock had slipped from her, a flood of warm cream followed. He had filled her to overflowing.

“I want you to stay there, just like that, until you hear the doorbell ring. I’ll be gone then, and you can clean up.” She responded with only a panting nod, and remained where she was, her legs spread wide and her pussy dribbling cum for nearly five full minutes until finally she heard the front door click shut, and the doorbell ring a single time.

Valerie had told nobody of this encounter, not even her sister Pattie. She kept it to herself, because she not only feared that she would be told that it had been her imagination, but that he might not return. She need not worry. A week later, she had received the first of her gifts. The blue-velvet face mask and a life-like dildo. The note read simply, “Leave the door unlocked. Be in your bed with the mask on at nine-o’clock, naked.” She obeyed and he came. So did she, multiple times.

That night she wanted so desperately to remove the mask. She had even reached for it on several occasions, but he had warned her that everything would end and that he would never visit her again, should she remove the mask. And so she lay there atop her bed as he touched her, caressed her, kissed and licked her, from neck to foot. She climaxed on his fingers and tongue, and when he had finally, agonizingly slipped his manhood into her, she climaxed again.

Valerie was worried that her son would come home at any minute, to catch her with her lover. She had no idea how she would ever explain to Peter what was going on. She needed have worried.

That night, as he had every night there-after, he left her with a heavy load of his semen within her belly. She was worried that she might eventually be impregnated by him, but held off on taking any precautions. He never used a condom, and she could never bring herself to ask him to. Valerie was too worried that any request by her would end the fantasy, and leave her alone once again.

Now, as Valerie waited with her hips high and her breathing rushed with excitement, she began to see in her mind the face of her young lover. It was a face she had given to the characters in the erotic novels she read. She had been wondering for a long time who her sinful lover might be, to still be visiting her nearly a year later in such a manner. She had never asked his name, nor taken the mask off. He had never given her any indication of who he was, of where he knew her from, or why he had chosen her to do this to. She imagined that she might not be the only middle-aged woman this Romeo was taking in such a manner. She felt jealousy at times when she thought that he might be with another on those nights she silently begged for him to pay her a visit. If only she knew how to contact him, when she needed him. But that would take away from the excitement, she realized. She was living escort gaziantep hikayeleri the ultimate erotic fantasy, as so many women did in the racy novels she had taken to reading as a young mother. Over the years, Valerie had read them all, and had a bookshelf full of those romantic, erotic novels to go back to time and again.

Valerie drew in a deep breath as she felt his hands gently land upon her upraised ass. They were warm on her flesh and stroked lovingly across her bottom. He caressed her flesh lovingly, before digging his thumbs into her butt near her crack. She felt herself pried open. She was now exposed to him, her anus as well as her hairless pussy, the folds tingling with the KY lubricant smeared there. One hand lifted away while the fingers of the other stroked across her anus. Next, she felt the familiar spongy head of his cock press against her vagina, and a moment later he was again entering her.

“Oooohhh, yeessss!” she moaned into the pillow that she had tucked under her chest. “Oooohhh, god, yes! Fuck meeeee!” she groaned as his cock slipped fully into her and then retreated. He was now driving in and out of her with smooth, slow and steady thrusts. He hips racked back to meet his thrusts as the bed began to bounce gently beneath her knees. She raised up a little, feeling both her flabby belly and saggy tits now flopping back and forth beneath her. His hands were on her hips, stroking her soft flesh as his cock rode in and out of her.

Her thick thighs began to slam lightly against his as they rocked into each other with an ever-increasing tempo. He had taken her in this manner many times, and Valerie never tired of it. Sometimes he would have her bent across the arm of the sofa when he arrived, or lying across the kitchen table. Sometimes he wanted her to remain clothed and he would pull her work slacks and underwear down, or raise her dress or skirt up, whatever he instructed of her. Only once had he taken her outside of her apartment, and then it had been in a storage room at the hospital where she worked. And then it had been with a second lover in attendance. She had taken two cocks in her body for the first time in her life. It had not been the last time, either, but it was a rare occasion. She even thought that maybe the second stud was always different, that she was being used by her mysterious lover as a fuck-toy for his lustful friends. She didn’t care. She was getting laid, after all.

Valerie was told, “Move up a little,” and she did as she was instructed, crawling up towards the headboard as her lover remained buried within her. He was now on his knees behind her, his to the outside of hers which made her pussy tight around his piston. She moaned as he picked the pace up slightly.

Suddenly, his hand came down hard on her left butt cheek with a loud slap. “Ouch!” she cried out, more out of surprise than pain. Again, he smacked her ass, and again she grunted. Each time he slapped her, her pussy clutched tight around his cock. She knew he enjoyed it. She sure did. Again, he spanked her, and again she moaned. She liked it, and she knew that he knew it as well.

“Oh, god, yes! Yes! Spank my ass!” she panted as smack after smack echoed in the small bedroom. The bed rocked beneath them. Their thighs slapped noisily together. The slosh of his cock in her dripping pussy could also be easily heard as he fucked her hard and deep. “Oooohhh, I’m cuuuummmminngggg!” she suddenly growled.

“Yes! Fuck, yeah, Valerie! Cum on my cock!” he growled behind her, slamming his cock deep into her time and again. His balls, heavy with semen, slapped mercilessly against her over-stimulated clit, and drove her climax ever higher, as it always did. “Take my big, fat, dick, Mom! Cum for me, Valerie! Cum on my dick!”

“Ooooooohhhhhhhh!” Valerie cried out as her body exploded with the most powerful orgasm she’d had in many months. And Valerie knew why, because in that moment, from deep in her mind, she recognized the voice of the man fucking her, the man who had been fucking her for more than four years. It was the voice of her son, her youngest son Peter. It had been Peter all along who had been fucking her, who had been giving her the greatest sex of her life, who had made her climax time after time on his tongue or cock, who had filled her with his hot semen, who very well could have impregnated her at any time, who had made her his lover. She wanted to pull the mask off, to turn around and confront him, her son. But she didn’t. His cock was still drilling her. Her pussy was still fluttering and creaming.

“I’m cumming!” he grunted a moment later, and she felt his cock begin to pulse wildly inside her once again, as it had for so many times, filling her body with warm, thick cum. And her body responded with a fresh climax of its own.

“Yes! Yes! Fill my pussy with your seed! Cum inside me! Give it to me, all of it! Give me your cum!” She had never been this vocal, and yet she knew that for her at least things had changed. She wondered if he realized that he had given himself up, calling her “Mom” as he slammed his cock into her. She remained in position, the mask in place, even as his thrusts began to slow to a stop. He was panting heavily, as was she. His cock softened and slipped from her after a few more moments, and she felt the bed move as he slipped away.

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