The Last Jar-Jill and Sabriina

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Jill stretched, wiggled her toes, and blinked. She was feeling a bit hungry despite the sumptuous meal they had all enjoyed—and in truth, good sex whetted her appetite.

Jill is 27, 5’4, a recent college grad, working to become a real estate attorney in Nevada. She is striking, particularly in summer, when she dyes her hair red in contrast with her green eyes. She has a voluptuous figure that moves like kinetic sculpture when she walks—she has a special way of ‘rolling’ her hips with each stride, sliding back and forth, a hypnotic rhythm that makes her breasts bounce with promise. She has pale skin, sprinkled with freckles, attracting all ages of the opposite sex.

Jill is Sabrina’s stepdaughter—Rick’s only offspring. During the time Rick was alive, the two of them were wary of each other’s position—Sabrina tried, unsuccessfully, to create an open environment for Jill. Jill, on the other hand, rebelled against both her father and her stepparent.

Sabrina, after several attempts, finally got Jill to warm to her as an adult. As a consequence, they became friends, sharing like sisters—after all, they were only 10 years apart.

Like Sabrina, she was relieved, rather than grief-stricken, by her father’s death. He had tormented not only the family, but his business associates, competitors, and employees.

Jill met Greg through Sabrina, and grew to admire him, not only because of his wealth, but because of how he treated her stepmother—like a highly prized treasure.

She saw in him a quality she would seek in her own partner.

Now, she and Sabrina were spending some time in Greg’s mansion because her father killed himself in their home.

Neither of them wanted to spend a minute in the house, and Greg offered to act as their hosts for a while.

She looked in the guest room closet, and found a short, sheer cream colored dressing gown. Naturally, it fit her perfectly. (How did Greg know what size she wore? She didn’t know that Carla, one of Greg’s employees, had surveyed her clothes and made the necessary purchases.) She padded slowly down the long hallway, to the main kitchen. Just in the mood for a light snack.

She poked her head in the outer refrigerator, looking for something sweet to quench her hunger. To her surprise, Sabrina sidled up behind her, smoothing her long red hair and caressing her back. Sabrina wore red satin tap shorts and a matching lace bra.

“Hungry?” the older woman said, rubbing her breasts against Jill’s back. Jill could feel her stepmother’s nipples stiffening against her. Sabrina pressed her hips into Jill’s butt. Jill thought she detected heat emanating from Sabrina’s groin.

Sabrina had never come on to her throughout the years they lived together. Perhaps it was a reaction to the freedom from Rick that his death unleashed. Perhaps Sabrina was simply acting on her sensuous nature.

Perhaps it was because Sabrina was now always horny.

But whatever motivated her, the effect was profound: She saw virtually everyone as a potential sexual partner, and was determined to indulge her passions at every opportunity.

Still standing behind Jill, Sabrina slowly moved her hand along the hem of the dressing gown, gently stroking Jill’s thigh. Jill trembled involuntarily at the intimate touch.

“I…I didn’t expect that…” she stammered, beginning to respond to her stepmother’s gentle caresses. Jill sensed her own nipples beginning to harden, less from the cool air of the refrigerator than from her stepmother’s touch.

Jill felt, rather than saw, her stepmother’s hand move up her thigh, to the center of her body. Meanwhile, Sabrina nuzzled her stepdaughter’s neck, kissing her so softly it was nearly impossible to detect.

Jill’s pussy began to swell, reacting involuntarily to the gentle touches.

Sabrina reached around her, closed the refrigerator. “Kiss me,” she said, gasping. Turning to face her stepmother, Jill gently touched her lips to Sabrina’s. So different from kissing a man, so soft, so sensual…

Sabrina increased the pressure, slowly inserting her tongue into Jill’s mouth. Jill responded immediately, moving her thigh between Sabrina’s legs and rubbing her breasts, nipples fully engorged, against the older woman’s bosom.

Each woman enjoyed this full body caress, kissing passionately, hands roaming over each other’s bodies, heat rising, wetness beginning to gather between their thighs. Sabrina reached between them, seeking Jill’s escort reklamları clit. To her surprise, it was already swollen, twitching, suggesting a hunger Jill had not realized before tonight. She drew in her breath sharply as Sabrina gently stroked her nub. “That feels sooo good,” she gasped, trembling. A drop of her nectar fell on Sabrina’s fingers, lubricating her motions. Jill’s breath became ragged, raspy, as Sabrina backed her up against the cold steel of the refrigerator door. Now, Sabrina inserted a finger inside Jill’s love tunnel, bringing up more moisture and further increasing her stimulation. The older woman felt Jill’s contractions begin, softly at first, then more strongly as her first orgasm began.

“Eeeeiihhhh….mmmph….huh, huh, huh!” she whimpered, losing control of her voice. She slumped against the glossy panel, feeling her orgasm consume her. Her pussy throbbed crazily, dribbling cream onto Sabrina’s fingers.

Sabrina, meanwhile, was nearly as aroused as her beautiful stepdaughter. As she massaged the younger woman’s sex, she found herself also getting wetter, feeling her clit swell and twitch almost in time with Jill’s. When Jill climaxed, Sabrina moaned, kissed her hard, tongue diving deep into her mouth. Jill sucked on it like it was a lifeline.

“My turn, please…” Sabrina said, reaching for Jill’s hand. Jill did not resist as Sabrina guided her fingers to seek her pussy. Jill reached into one pant leg, plunged two fingers into Sabrina’s furrow, pulling wetness from her and sending her up the orgasm track

Sabrina quivered as she felt Jill’s fingers invade her for the first time in her life. She was skilled with Sapphic love from her experiences with Trish, Greg’s Hispanic assistant, who seduced her at their first meeting.

She had forgotten how much she enjoyed a woman’s special touch. It was almost intuitive, as if Jill knew how she liked to pleasure herself. When Jill slowed down her rubbing, Sabrina’s lust became submerged, almost undetectable except for the slight flush on her neck and breasts, and her deep breaths. But when Jill resumed a stronger, steady rhythm, the older woman became insatiable. She grabbed Jill’s wrist to put more pressure on her clit, squeezed her legs around the younger woman’s hand, and burst with a powerful orgasm.

“MMMMmmmmmm, oh my GOD!!!” she screamed, as her climax blasted through her body. Her belly convulsed, legs shaking so hard she nearly lost her balance. She leaned on Jill while her spasms subsided.

“Yyyyou are an amazing lover, especially for a first timer! Thank you so much!” she said trembling, kissing Jill once more.

“Sssoo are you, so are youuuu….” replied her stepdaughter, stumbling over her words with passion, returning her kiss. Jill was still turned on. She hadn’t had a lesbian experience in her life, but the seduction, lovemaking and climax awakened a deep desire within her—a desire that needed Sabrina to quench.

“Lick me please,” she whimpered, pushing Sabrina’s head down her body. Sabrina captured her left nipple in her mouth, suckling it until it was as stiff as an eraser. Sabrina took her hand, leading her into the dining room where she eased her onto a chair—oddly enough, the same place Sabrina sat at dinner. She remembered how she feared a stain on the seat because of her own excitement. Now, she would bring her stepdaughter even more pleasure, but didn’t care about a stain.

Jill spread her legs and gathered the dressing gown above her hips, leaving her naked below the waist. Sabrina kneeled in front of the chair, slowly licking Jill’s inner thighs, but staying away from her vagina. The older woman wanted to tease her until she couldn’t stand the tension, then create multiple orgasms to make the night memorable.

Sabrina could feel Jill trembling beneath her probing tongue, legs flexing involuntarily, skin sensitive to the lightest touch, heat rising from her core, a steady throbbing from her womb turning her into a beast, gasping, clutching, eyelids fluttering, her hands reaching for Sabrina’s firm breasts.

“More…I want…more—” she stammered, her hips thrusting upward to meet Sabrina’s tongue. Sabrina obliged, first licking her from her clit down to her ass, then back, feeling her pussy clench against the tip.

Jill was struck by the intimacy that this most personal touch provided.

For so many years, they had merely tolerated each other, gaziantep escort reklamları circling like jealous tigresses protecting their turf. But now, in the quiet and darkness of Greg’s dining room, she felt closer to her stepmother than ever before.

Sabrina was giving her more and more stimulation, and the pent-up desire that Jill felt was making her gasp. “Oh, suck me hard, please….MMMmmmm…” Jill’s clit was sticking straight out from her swollen, puffy inner lips, throbbing in time with her pounding heart.

Sabrina thrust her tongue fully into Jill’s wet pulsing canal. She tasted Jill’s sweet nectar gushing into her mouth while sensing her impending climax. Suddenly Jill sucked in her breath, her whole body stiffened, and she bucked and thrust against Sabrina’s mouth, peaking at last.

“Aiiieehhhh!! Hmph!…nnngh!….mmmfgh!!!! Oh Help Me!!! So GOOD!!!” She was out of control now, legs taut, belly clenching, her pussy blooming outward and pulsing with a steady beat.

Meanwhile, Sabrina was equally affected by her stepdaughter’s massive climax. The older woman clamped her thighs together, squeezing her clit between them, reveling in its sensitivity while she licked Jill’s vagina. A thought flashed across her mind—how would Jill take to a grinding session?

“Stand up,” Sabrina said, taking Jill’s hand and leaning her against the table. Jill’s ass was pressed against the edge of the heavy furniture, her legs spread apart slightly. Her thighs, breasts and neck were flushed from her recent orgasm, but she was still breathing heavily and her taut nipples showed she still wasn’t satisfied.

Sabrina slipped her thigh between Jill’s legs, grabbed the younger woman’s hips, and pulled her close, humping her thigh with Jill’s wet, pulsing mons.

Jill returned the motion, grinding against the older woman, until their clits were nearly touching. She gasped at the shock when their most sensitive organs rubbed together.

“Ohhhh, harder…” she breathed, licking Sabrina’s neck and clawing her shapely ass.

“Yes, oh yes…I feel your clit pulsing,” Sabrina moaned, pushing even harder against her beautiful stepdaughter. She slipped her right hand between them to further heighten the friction. She tugged gently on Jill’s clit, and watched as Jill exploded yet again.

“Aiiieeeee!!! Mmph…huh! Huh! Huh!” Jill wailed, her nectar pouring from her. Her body shuddered with passion, as she worked her sex against Sabrina’s leg.

Sabrina felt her own orgasm bubbling up between her thighs. She held Jill as tightly as she could, as their juices mixed together along with their desire.

The older woman felt her chest tighten, breathing deepened and muscles tensed on the verge of release.

Then, she was unable to resist as her body began to convulse, thighs quivering, belly contracting, breath ragged in her chest, babbling incoherently into her stepdaughter’s wet mouth.

“Ahhhhh, OH MY GOD, I’m coming on you!!!! Fuck me now!!!! Arrahh!!!…nnnnghmph…., mmmph!!”

Both women were basking in the unbelievably intense orgasms the grinding had produced. Sweat poured from both of them, and their juices were flowing unabated down their inner thighs.

After what seemed like an eternity, their breaths finally returned to a semblance of normal. Jill held herself against the table with her right hand, placed her left hand on Sabrina’s cheek, and tenderly kissed her with a lover’s touch.

“You are such a marvelous lover,” she sighed, nuzzling her stepmother’s collarbone. Sabrina felt goosebumps from her stepdaughter’s breath on the nape of her neck, another rush of desire starting to well up inside her. “I want you to lick me,” she said, stepping back to the chair, stretching out her shapely legs, and opening her thighs. She beckoned the younger woman closer.

Now it was Jill’s turn to kneel, sniffing her stepmother’s musky scent. “MMmmmmmmm, you smell gooood,” she said, inhaling the sweet aroma. Pulling her wet tap pants aside, she licked Sabrina slowly, up and down her tunnel, then teased the older woman’s clit. Jill felt Sabrina’s swollen nub pulsing against her tongue with an incessant cadence.

“Lick me harder, suck me, suck me…just like that, don’t stop, right there…right there right there…” growled Sabrina, pulling on Jill’s long red hair. The widow thrust her hips into Jill’s mouth, letting her stepdaughter sample gaziantep escort bayan reklamları all of her womanhood.

“Aaaaaahhhh, I love it!!!” Sabrina gasped, giving herself over to her stepdaughter’s newly educated tongue. “More, keep on, more, more, MORE!!!!!” Her legs stiffened, then a huge contraction pushed cream into Jill’s mouth. Jill slurped it up eagerly, holding her stepmother’s legs tightly to keep her close. Sabrina’s clit was swollen to the size of a walnut, throbbing in concert with her pulse.

“Don’t stop, keep doing that!!…Ahhh, Oh God, Ohhhhhh!, oh FUCK!!!!” The newly widowed beauty continued to climax, over and over, an almost unbearable pleasure junket. But she reveled in the passion, and asked for even more from her shapely stepdaughter.

Jill disengaged her mouth and moved up Sabrina’s body, teasing her tunnel with an engorged nipple. The change in stimulation further pushed Sabrina over the edge, as she shuddered again with yet another orgasmic pulse.

“Aaargghhh!!!! I love when you do that!!” she exclaimed, hugging her stepdaughter’s body tightly. The women’s open mouths mashed together, tongues intertwined, gasping, clutching, rubbing, clawing, savoring their climax dance.

Sabrina was shaking, her orgasms making her muscles quiver uncontrollably. She rubbed her body against Jill, transmitting her shuddering to the younger woman. Jill responded in kind, caressing Sabrina’s back and ass with love.

Jill looked straight into Sabrina’s brown eyes. “We should have done this a long time ago,” she said, pushing Sabrina’s bangs away from her face.

“You’re right,” Sabrina replied. “I didn’t know what we were missing—Oh DAMN!!” She had been hit with an aftershock that nearly made her lose her balance.

“Will the men let us share each other? They seem awfully jealous to me,” Jill said, playing with her straight red locks.

“They’d better. Otherwise, we’ll have to sneak off to take care of ourselves,” Sabrina replied, slowly stroking Jill’s torso. “Your body is just gorgeous, you know,” she said, dipping her hand lower and kissing her, gently slipping her tongue into Jill’s wet, open mouth.

“Mmmmm, I like that,” Jill said, letting Sabrina take her time exploring her womanhood.

Jill reached for Sabrina’s hand. “Put two fingers inside me like this,” she said, making a ‘come hither’ motion with her index finger.

Sabrina obeyed, searching for Jill’s G-spot. She located a sensitive area on the upper wall of her vagina, gently massaged it and felt it swell.

“Yes, just like that, right there…right there right there right there!” Jill gulped, trembling. Suddenly her womb contracted strongly from deep inside, pushing Sabrina’s fingers out. Then, a gush of clear liquid shot out of her tunnel, drenching her thighs and Sabrina’s hand. “Aaeeeeeehhhh!!!! OH MY GOD!!!” she screamed, “MMMMMpphhhh!! Nnnngghh!!!” Her body erupted in uncontrollable convulsions, shaking from head to toe from her first ever squirting orgasm.

Sabrina was speechless watching her stepdaughter’s climax, but also newly aroused. She held on to Jill through the orgasm, helping to calm her body through the shudders. “Do that to me, please,” she wailed, pulling Jill’s hand to her center.

Jill reached between Sabrina’s legs, curling her fingers the same way. Almost immediately Sabrina began to writhe, moving her hips in a circular motion as she reacted to the pressure. Her G-spot also began to swell, becoming more and more sensitive as Jill fondled it.

“Keep doing that, I love the way it feels,” Sabrina said, surrendering to the stimulation. Her legs began to shake as she felt her womb pulse strongly beneath Jill’s fingers. Her reaction was different: she didn’t squirt—instead, her vagina clamped down hard on Jill’s fingers, almost like a vise. Sabrina started to climax on Jill’s fingers, pulsing in rhythm with the younger woman’s stroking.

“Aahhhhh, Oh, fuck…MMMMmphhhh, Damn that feels so GGGOOOODDDD!!!!!” Sabrina was wild, thrashing and quaking, coming continuously on Jill’s hand.

“Eiiiehhhh, hummpph!…aaaaahhhhhh!” Sabrina wailed, completely out of control.

For several minutes, there were no intelligible words spoken between them—each of them showed their most elemental, most guttural, basest and most primal utterances for their orgasms.

Finally, their grunting and sighing subsided. Jill laid her sweat-drenched body against her stepmother. “I love you,” she said, giving Sabrina a gentle kiss.

“And I love you,” replied Sabrina, returning the kiss tenderly. “Let’s make sure we can do this again.”

“Of course. I can’t wait,” said Jill. Despite her newly found lover, she knew that Paul would be spending time with Greg working his investments.

Which would leave time for the two of them to continue their Sapphic liaison.

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