The Julie Journals: Ch. 07 A Job

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She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life, and as she turned the page she smiled as the memories came flooding back to her as she recalled the pleasure and knowledge they gave her. As she turned the pages she remembered how after she had come back from America, her 30th Birthday present to herself and she came across an entry a few weeks later “new job today.” A cold shiver ran up her spine as she recalled those few weeks and how it all started and so nearly ended…

… “Fuck off” Julie spat at the man sitting behind the desk, “You won’t get me taking my clothes off like some cheap whore,” and with that Julie lit a cigarette in defiance of the no-smoking signs and sat back in her chair staring at the man on the other side of the desk.

The man returned Julie’s venomous stare with a calm and collected poise to his face and waited in the silence for a while as he watched Julie puff the cigarette furiously before dropping it into the half empty coffee cup with a fizz. Putting his fingers together in a steeple the man spoke softly and gently, his faint Scottish burr detectable, “You go for an interview on Friday, you will get the job and I am sure you will enjoy it. Full back up will be provided.”

Julie stood silently and smoothed the unseen creases in her expensive leather trousers before picking up the designer jacket she had thrown casually over the chair when she had come in and putting it on over her silk top. Turning on her heel she walked to the door as the man spoke again, “See Mary will you and she will fill you in and get you dressed more appropriately.” Julie didn’t bother to reply and slammed the door hard behind her muttering under her breath how she doubted the man’s parentage.

A few days later Julie stood shivering as the cold February winds whistled along the bleak Belfast street. Julie tried to pull the cheap jacket around her to protect her from the cold that was seeping through her bones, and felt the flimsy material of the thin dress whip around her thighs. Looking down she cursed as she stumbled in the cheap and slightly scuffed stilettos as she tottered towards the door. Banging on the door Julie waited, chewing gum so as to complete her carefully prepared image to show a tarty woman who was a bit down on her luck and therefore willing to do anything for a job. The peephole in the door slid back to reveal a rough looking man with shaven head and a broken nose who grunted in a harsh Belfast accent “What do you want.”

Trying to look bored but slightly nervous Julie held up the advert in the local paper that read ‘wanted exotic dancers for private club who are prepared to be adventurous’, “I came about the job” Julie responded. The door slide open and Julie walked into the dingy club.

The man motioned with her head as he re-bolted the door and Julie walked into the main area of the club. In the harsh lights the club looked positively tacky and a man sat near the stage drinking a cup of coffee and reading a paper. Seeing Julie he lowered the paper and motioned her forward as he spoke, “What’s your name? What do you want?” Julie looked down as she mumbled her name was Julie and that she had come about the job. The man looked her up and down and then commanded her to strip. Julie started to wiggle in a sexy way when the man interrupted her and said, “Just take your fucking clothes off, no one is going to look at your dancing if you have good tits.” Julie stripped and stood naked as the man’s lecherous eyes feasted on her body. After a while he looked up and spoke, “I pay £50 a night for bursa sınırsız escort normal dancing and more for special dances. You get to keep anything the punters give you but don’t try to rip them off; it would be a little bad for your health. You start tonight.” With that he returned to his paper ignoring Julie as she dressed and left the way she had come in.

Julie worked at the club for a few weeks and soon became quite popular with some of the residents. Dressed in a skimpy skin-tight mini dress that barely covered her thong Julie glided onto the stage and began to pump her hips as the heavy base started to boom through the club. Wrapping her legs around the pole Julie simulated sex by grinding her hips against it and writhing up and down. As the music filled her mind she began to become more excited and could feel the cold metal rubbing against her clit. Breaking away Julie ran her hands over her body pausing to stimulate her nipples so they poked through the dress. Simulating a near orgasm Julie grabbed a big handful of the front of the dress and pulled knowing that the clever Velcro fastenings at the back would allow her to pull the dress of in one pull. Julie breasts sprang free causing a gasp from the club goers who had never seen her firm breasts before as Julie lent forward gyrating them from side to side. Then licking her lips she ran her hands up and down her flanks catching the strings and pulling them slowly downwards. Once the thong had reached her upper thighs she sat quickly pulling them over her ankles and then opening her legs wide gave the audience a full view of her open pussy.

Spinning on her ass she knelt and gyrating her ass up and down in a fucking motion whilst parting her legs slightly so they got a full view. Standing Julie stood with her legs apart and began to run her hand up and down her naked groin before resting on her trimmed bush. Then running her hand under herself she pushed a finger deep into her own pussy and began to hump with the music. One finger was soon joined by another finger as Julie began to fuck herself as the crowd watched her become more and more turned on.

Close to cumming Julie began to ram the fingers in deeper and harder before she heard the clunk of a beer bottle being stood on the stage. Looking down she saw that one of the regulars had put a normal size bottle end up and was grasping the base grinning to his friend. Turning the man elbowed his partner saying, “Watch this she will take it up her cunt all the way.” Julie gyrated over and lowered herself on the neck on the bottle. Smiling at the man she lowered herself slowly onto the bottle feeling the cold glass invade her flesh until she could feel the man’s hand touching her pussy lips. Moving herself, but still holding the bottle in her pussy, Julie arched backwards until her head and upper back touched the stage. Then she arched her hips so that the bottle tilted and the man was forced to let go.

The crowd was silent as she lowered her ass and by lifting her legs turned the bottle so it faced base up so the cold beer trickled into her pussy. Moving back to an upright position she returned the bottle to the man’s hand and slowly lifted up withdrawing it from herself. Moving forward to the man’s friend who had been told to open his mouth and hold his head backwards slightly, Julie straddled him with her pussy pointing towards his mouth.

The crowd applauded when a stream of beer shot out hitting the man’s open mouth who coughed and spluttered with the force. The other man laughed loudly at his bursa escort bayan companion’s reaction and threw a £5 note onto the stage.

Julie heard a heavier clunk and looked round to see champagne bottle had been placed on the stage and a man was waving a £20 note. “If you can take this darling,” he said, “Then you can keep both.” Julie moved toward the bottle and lowered herself so the tip was just inside her pussy.

Smiling at the man she said in a throaty voice “£20 to get it inside, another £20 to lift it darling.” Seeing the man nod in acknowledgment Julie began to lower herself onto the bottle. Beads of perspiration broke onto her brow as she pressed herself downwards feeling the bottle sink deeper and deeper. The crowd grew silent as more and more of the bottle disappeared into her pussy and a huge cheer erupted as it finally disappeared.

Picking the £20 out of the guy’s hand Julie slowly began to lift herself up. Gritting her teeth she felt the bottle tug at her insides but gripping tighter she stood before bending slightly to pick the other £20 out of the man’s hand as he stood there open mouthed.

Another man screamed “£50 if you can give us all a drink” and Julie smiled as she breathed in deeply. Taking a tight grip with her pussy muscles Julie flicked herself forwards into a handstand and felt the liquid begin to pour into her pussy. Judging the moment to perfection Julie dropped from the handstand and allowed herself to relax slightly and catch the bottle as it came free from her pussy. Continuing her roll she came to rest on all fours with her ass facing the audience and huge gales of laughter erupted as she sprayed the closest with champagne.

Later that evening Julie was wandering round the club dressed in a light skimpy dress with nothing underneath. Playfully she slapped groping hands away but not before a few had stuck their fingers into her soaking pussy as she strolled through the club. Stopping at the reserved table she smiled and asked if there was anything they would like. At the table was a collection of hard Belfast men with a couple of Americans who were quite enthusiastic about her stage show. One man threw a £50 on the table and said “it’s your darling if you blow me, I am sure that will taste better than champagne.”

Picking up the £50 Julie crawled under the table and unzipping the American began to suck eagerly on his cock. Listening to the man inform the others “Hey this bitch can suck cock” Julie carefully placed the small transceiver under the table. Julie began to suck in earnest as the man hardened and as her warm mouth worked up and down she felt him begin to hump his cock into her face. Soon his hand came under the table and holding her head in place he grunted as he shot deep into her mouth. Swallowing the cum Julie stood as smiled at the rest of the table and carefully wiped a stray drop from the side of her mouth and placed her finger in her mouth. One of the men told her to Fuck off in a harsh Belfast accent and although the smile never left her face Julie was a little concerned how the small sandy haired man in the corner studied her face intently.

Julie continued to work at the club over the next few weeks but whilst the group came at sat at the same table she was never invited to join them, although she did get a few longing looks from the American. After a long shift Julie entered the converted storeroom, which the owner laughingly called a changing room, and was a little surprised to see the sandy haired guy sitting waiting for her. He had a cold smile nilüfer escort on his lips and before she could react both her arms were grabbed and a hood placed over her head. As her hands were pulled roughly behind her back and fastened with plasi-cuffs, she heard the man come close and whisper with pure hatred in his voice. “We know who you are you English bitch” and with that punched her hard in the stomach.

Julie heard another voice, “Hey Boss, mind if we have some fun with her before we get rid of her?” Without waiting for a reply one on the men pushed Julie over a nearby desk and reaching under her short skirt tore her flimsy panties off. With one hand pressed into the middle of her back the man unzipped himself and gave his cock a few strokes to make himself hard. As he forced himself into Julie with a grunt, he laughed as he said, “Bit dry but not a bad fuck.” The man continued to pump into Julie’s inert body, savagely thrusting his hips as his balls slapped against her.

Soon he was finished and another man took his place, his cock sliding easily into Julie’s pussy that was filled with the first guys cum. “Bit sloppy now” laughed the guy as he pumped into her with renewed vigour, trying to force a reaction out of her.

Once he had finished the third guy took his place and as he looked down at the cum running down Julie’s legs he laughed as he said “Too sloppy in there for me.” Dipping his fingers into Julies pussy he scoped some of the mixture out and smeared it on her anal opening. Roughly he pushed two fingers into her ass and pushed them in and out opening her body. After finger fucking her for a few minutes, he removed his fingers and took his hard cock and pushed at Julies anal opening. After a few grunts he forced his way in and Julie bit her lip beneath the hood to keep from crying out. Then as the man pumped in and out of her abused ass, he bought his hand down savagely on her exposed cheeks. Grunting he whispered to her, “You love having your slut ass fucked don’t you?”

Julie refused to give him the satisfaction of responding and remained quiet under the hood. Annoyed at her lack of response the man pressed the muzzle of his automatic into the back of Julie’s neck as he shouted “I am going to off the bitch while I am inside her.” Before he could pull the trigger the sandy haired man issued a curt instruction, “Not in here, take her outside and do it.”

Julie felt herself being dragged roughly into the alley outside the club and was forced to her knees. As the grit on the floor buried itself into her knees Julie could feel the cum dribbling down her thighs. Eyes wide open inside the hood Julie braced herself as she felt the gun being pressed into her neck and as she mouthed a silent prayer she heard a distinct double tap. It took her a moment to realise that she had heard two shots before she realised she still alive. Throwing herself forward her face hit the ground hard as she was unable to protect herself with her arms and the noise of gunfire filled the alley.

After a while she felt herself being lifted gently to her feet and her arms untied before the hood was removed. Blinking, Julie found herself looking into the chest of a huge man who had a deeply concerned look across his face, “Are you OK Princess” he muttered. “Bear, I love you” Julie stammered as she reached up on tip toes to kiss his nose.

“I’ll have my kiss later” said a voice from behind and Julie turned to see a dark, almost Italian looking guy moving his gun in a steady arc as he covered the ally that was littered with inert bodies. “Kiss you all you want later Drifter” Julie said as Bear helped her limp towards the car, keeping a protective arm around her.

As she got painfully into the car, dreaming of a long hot bath, Julie giggled to herself. Bear turned in the seat, his faced creased with worry, “What’s up Julie?” he asked.

Laughing softly, Julie said, “Suppose I am unemployed now.”

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