The Janitor and the Cheerleader Ch. 03

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Harvey and Erin were still in erotic bliss after they had just finished fucking at her locker after school hours at Park Prairie High School.

The home of the Patriots was the location where the two lovers were now completely naked from head to toe as they walked hand-in-hand down the motion sensor activated lighting.

Harvey, the 45 year old school janitor, had turned off the school’s security cameras which allowed the forbidden couple to treat the school as their own personal sexual playground.

He squeezed her hand as their bare feet scampered along the floor. His mind raced with thoughts of where he wanted to have sex with the buxom 18 year old brunette.

He was mesmerized by the way she walked next to him. Her broad smile and naked body oozed of sexual pleasure and lust.

Each step she took, her natural plump D cup breasts giggled with the reverb of each foot landing on the floor.

He wanted to fuck her in every room of the school but knew he had to make sure to make their first night together memorable.

There was one place in the school that he wanted to fuck her more than any other.

The knowing glances she gave him as they walked conveyed to him that she had an idea where they were going next.

They arrived at the entry area for the high school gymnasium.

Harvey opened the door and led her by the hand into the basketball sanctuary for the school.

The floor went from the cool old-school vinyl to the well cared for hardwood. The thin wood planks went throughout the large space with a high ceiling and ample flood lighting.

Harvey released the clasp of Erin’s hand and went over to turn on every single light in the enclosed gym.

The illumination was vivid and revealed the proud history of the Park Prairie Patriots. The hardwood floor had red, white, and blue lines and the words “Patriots” emblazoned in fancy cursive at center court.

Dozens of rows of bleachers made their way from the floor up to where up to 3,000 people would gather to watch the state ranked boy’s and girl’s basketball team’s compete.

The games were always electric as the teams tried to make it to the state tournament every year. The wall at the far end of the gymnasium detailed the storied success over decades for the Park Prairie Patriots.

The gym and team were sources of pride for the school and community. Everyone knew someone on the teams and being the head cheerleader for the games was the highlight of Erin’s time at the school.

Harvey could feel his cock twitch with excitement again as he was still on his way from recovering from fucking his 18 year old high school girlfriend in the hallway.

He walked towards his naked girlfriend and smiled, “You know what we’re doing here right babe?”

She could have guessed but bite her lip instead and moved her arms behind her back to allow her tits and glistening pussy to be on full display to him, “Uh huh.”

He just shook his head at her and smiled playfully, “This is where I first realized how beautiful you are. In all of your glory leading the cheers to the adorning crowd. I couldn’t help but notice you.”

She could feel a rush of blood to her cheeks and her sex as the man she was in love with slowly stalked her.

She wandered over to the baseline of the basketball court. The two foot wide red line had painted white block lettering that read “Park Prairie” on both ends of the court.

She took her position near what would have been the home team bench just off of the thick red line.

It was a position she had taken numerous times before in front of thousands of people from her hometown. The regal nature of high school basketball and cheerleading pulsated through her body as she turned away from him and yelled out a cheer naked to the empty gym, “Put your hands up and now down! This is how we Patriot roll! Patriot roll! Patriot roll! Hands up high, now down low! That’s how we Patriot roll!”

Her hips swayed as she rolled her hands over each other while above her head. Then she jumped and dipped her hands underneath her knees.

She then stood in her cheerleading standard pose with a hand on her hip and elbow pointed out in a triangle with her other hand resting on her slightly raised leg’s thigh and asked, “Was that what you first noticed?”

He slowly walked towards the naked cheerleader standing at attention. He positioned himself behind her and tenderly wrapped his arms around her toned stomach and pulled her to him so he could rest his growing erection along her ample booty.

Her long hair was down her back and allowed for him to briefly take a moment to enjoy the detailed care she took for her amazing hair.

He lustily whispered in her ear, “Yes. I would see you cheering down here and I wanted you so bad. Look at you and how beautiful you are. We belong together, Erin. Just think of what everyone would say. Imagine thousands in the stands watching us. Admiring your beauty and being so jealous of me.”

She shivered as erotic pleasure shot through her escort gaziantep bayan spin, “They would be so jealous of you, wouldn’t they?”

He nodded his head, “Of course they would.”

She closed her eyes and imagined the stands being filled with everyone. All of her friends and family. Everyone she knew at school and in town. All the gawking stares at her and Harvey naked and in love. It was deeply erotic to her and something she knew could give her pleasure for years to come.

He broke the quiet and said, “Just imagine the halftime show…us.”

Her eyes opened and breath filled her lungs before she exhaled the sexual tension.

He stepped from behind her and clasped her hand and slowly began walking towards center court. He loudly shouted to the empty gym, “Ladies and gentlemen, for your halftime viewing pleasure, I will eat Erin’s pussy at half court!”

She laughed and shook her head before mock waving to the non-existent crowd.

They stepped to center court, the portion with “Patriots” emblazoned, and he turned to hold her in his arms.

He tenderly kissed her and reached down to grip her ass with both of his worn hands.

She hung her arms from his broad shoulders as the forbidden, naked entanglement of the couple at center court began in earnest.

He broke the kiss and looked at her in her blue eyes that seemed to have a ring of fire of lust dancing in them and said, “Just imagine what they would all say about us? Lay down and enjoy this, babe.”

She slowly descended to the floor, her naked ass made first contact. She laid back down on the hardwood floor with her long hair acting as a pillow of sorts.

He stood for a moment and looked down at her. Her tits were pointing upwards, her legs reflexively spread open to reveal her shaven and gleaming pussy still glistening from their fuck session at her locker, and he couldn’t help but think in that moment how much he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. Nothing else mattered more than the two of them.

He dropped down flat on his stomach. His erection snugly under his belly on the hardwood floor.

He positioned himself in the heat between her legs. She was wanting and needy and he loved it.

He could see her pussy flex with anticipation of the oral sex he was going to administer to her in the high school gym.

He positioned his face close enough to her to be able to breath his warm breath over her sex as his eyes glanced up to the large mound outlines of her breasts.

He knew at that moment that she was going to be his if he treated her right.

His lust emanated from him as he teased, “Babe, you sure you want to put on a show like this? Think of what everyone will say about us?”

There was no one in the stands watching them but the thought was deeply erotic for both of them.

She couldn’t help but move her elbows to the ground to lift her head up just enough to see Harvey tantalizingly close to her sex in the middle of the logo of the high school gym.

It was a position she quickly photographed in her head as her mind ran through a list of all of the people who could theoretically have been in the stands.

Her parents would be ashamed and enraged at her.

Her friends would be shocked and perhaps even mock her.

Her teachers would probably be jealous of Harvey.

She thought of the list of men who would love to trade spots with Harvey the school janitor. None of them would make her feel the way he did. She felt free when she was with him. She knew she loved being his slut and girlfriend. She knew deep down their relationship was going to go much farther than just a high school fuck session.

She whispered, “I want them to talk about us. I want everyone to know how much I love you.”

He could feel his cock twitch with tension underneath his stomach but he mustered a smile and a quick, “I love you too.”

He then hungrily stuck his tongue and mouth into and on her pussy.

He could still taste their cum from their fuck session minutes earlier and that made him want to lick her out even faster.

Her head laid back as he fucked her with his tongue.

In the empty, fully lit, open gym, she let loose a deeply sexual moan that reverberated up to the metal ceiling and hardwood basketball floor.

She was becoming his slut once again and she loved it.

His tongue worked into her fleshy perfection and found her most sensitive areas of her pussy.

His left hand reached up to fondle her plump right breast and his right hand sneaked underneath the teenager’s thick ass and found its way into her asshole.

He worked his fingers gently into her clearly virgin asshole as he pleasured her with his tongue.

Quickly his hand on her tit found her hard nipple and he began to work it over by rubbing and slightly pinching it between his thumb and pointer finger.

He wanted to sexually open her mind to as many forms of pleasure as they could enjoy together.

She escort gaziantep bayan ilanları felt an orgasm almost instantly flow through her as her mind skipped beats at how her body was being enjoyed by the decades older janitor of her high school, “Ohhh! Fuuuuck! Oh my god!”

She tensed her body to hold back the sexual wave from coming onto shore too soon. She barely held on but managed to have it recede so that he could continue.

The echoes of her delight bounced off every bleacher, wall, and floor of the gymnasium.

His motivation was easy to maintain as he heard her cry out and moan for the pleasure he was giving her.

He worked her pussy over faster with his tongue, tit with his hand, and ass with his other hand.

She propped herself up on her elbows to watch him take command of her body as her pleasure sounds played out on the basketball floor of the proud Park Prairie Patriots.

As her body wiggled with erotic delight and her moans persisted, Erin couldn’t help but think of all of the times she had yelled in the arena. Yelling out encouragement to the team, leading cheers, and interacting with fans.

All of her memories flashed before her eyes as her mind and body amped up to the naughty oral sex being performed on her by the school janitor.

She thought of the times she had seen Harvey at the basketball games. How her dream of being with him had manifested itself.

She bit her lip and wiggled her hips into his face as her knees quivered at the pace he was going.

There was no doubt that he wanted her to cum. Her breath was deep in her lungs as she knew her body was losing the battle.

Her hands braced themselves palms down to the floor as the tension got to be too much for her elbows.

She looked down at Harvey as his tongue mercilessly plunged deeper into her pussy.

She cracked out a statement to warn him of what was happening deep in her loins, “Oh my…Harvey. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum.”

The warning made him remove his hand from her breast and nipple and squarely plant it on her right ass cheek. He snuck his other hand to her other ass cheek and pulled her cunt into his face.

He licked and sucked the walls of her pussy harder and faster than he had ever done in his life. He had a goal and she knew it.

Her body shook and her vision flashed white.

It was happening.


The shrieks of pleasure paired with her cumming.

Her pussy was once again his to enjoy. She had orgasmed deeper and better than anytime in her 18 years of life.

Every part of her body was rocked with orgasmic pleasure.

He hungrily stayed close to her pussy and watched her cum.

Her flat and toned tummy flexed and bowed to keep up with the flowing orgasm.

He watched it closely as he wondered if he would get the chance to someday watch it swell from his seed.

Her cum trickled out of her and onto the hardwood floor.

He could have licked up her juices but instead wanted to watch the high schooler leave an erotic mark on the floor she cheered on.

Slowly, he kissed her inner thighs and moved his way up her stomach and tenderly continued to kiss her body as she came down from cumming on the floor of the gymnasium.

Her soft skin had beads of sweat clinging to it, the remnants of their passionate night together, but he wanted her to get even more sweaty on the court.

His cock, which had been straining to be released from underneath him as he performed oral sex on Erin, was yearning to have another go at the buxom teenager.

Harvey stood up and had a content and wry smile as he looked at his handiwork laying at center court.

She laughed as she looked up at him, aware of how much she had enjoyed herself, “I think that would make for quite the halftime show.”

He reached down his strong hand to help her stand up.

Her smaller hand fit perfectly inside of his and she lifted herself up with his assistance.

He shook his head, “That wasn’t the show the crowd came to see. They would never come to see me as the headliner. Babe, you would have to be the starlet.”

He then descended down to the floor and laid with his back on the splooge she left on the floor. He liked feeling it on his back, especially with his next request, “Fuck me, Erin. Ride my cock.”

His cock was semi hard but was ready for what he had in mind.

Her blue eyes widened as she stood and looked curiously at her boyfriend, the 45 year old janitor, and his half mast cock, “What do you want me to do?”

He chuckled, “I want you to fuck me by riding my cock. Pretend it’s a cheerleader routine. You will be finished when I finish inside that wonderful pussy of yours.”

He knew that after cumming earlier it would take quite the effort for Erin to get him to cum again.

She sighed and looked around the empty basketball gymnasium. She closed her eyes and tried to think of gaziantep bayan escort reklamları all of the sounds of what it was like during a basketball game as motivation for her to do as her boyfriend wanted.

She stroked her long brown hair back into the makings of a messy bun as she stood and pondered how to execute the sexy request from Harvey.

He interrupted her train of thought, “Babe, while I love it when you give me oral…I want you only to ride me.”

She released her hair and it tumbled down her back to just above the crest of her plump ass.

She rolled her eyes, “Oh, so you think you can tell me what to do?”

He put his hands behind his head and smiled, “Tell you what babe. You do this for me and you can pick how we finish the night here. Deal?”

Her pussy tingled as she knew exactly how she wanted to finish things that night, “Deal.”

She moved to stand over her boyfriend and readied to give her body to him once again. She was on birth control but the thought did cross her mind of how long it would be before they would be trying to get pregnant and what their future might hold?

Those questions gave way to lust and she was about ready to descend down onto his cock and be face-to-face with Harvey. She thought it might be nice to kiss as they had sex.

He put a hand up and said, “Babe, turn around and then out your pussy on my cock. I want a handful of hair and ass as you fuck me.”

An attitude look came across her face and she was just about to object until Harvey motioned with his hand for her to turn around, “Erin, I can’t help it how much I love your ass.”

She chuckled, “I always knew you were checking me out in the halls.”

“Fuck yeah, I was. Still will everyday, including on Monday. Wear something cute for me.”

The thought of dressing up for him was enough to get Erin horny enough to ride his cock to fulfillment.

She descended to her knees with her back and ass facing him.

He gently guided his stiffening cock to the entrance of her pussy.

She closed her eyes as he calmly entered her once again.

In one motion, she could feel his cock get stiffer inside of her.

Just as she was going to start the process of milking the cum out of his cock with her pussy, she felt a strong hand run through her hair.

He had taken her hair as a handful and wrapped it up and around to give him a bit of leverage and control. Her head still had movement but seeming had just enough tension to cause her to have to rely on moving her highly flexible lower half of her body to fuck Harvey at center court.

Just as she got used to the hair control, Harvey raised his hand and smacked her ass right on the most voluminous part.

The smack echoed through the empty basketball arena and she yelped, “Oww! Harvey!”

He smacked her ass again and sat up and sexily snarled towards her, “We will make love and we will also fuck. Right now, you are going to fuck me. I want that other side of you. I’ve seen it in the hallways in school. The bad bitch. I’ve heard what you have said to other girls. That girl is who I’m fucking right now. That girl needs a good fucking, don’t you think?”

She closed her eyes and knew exactly what he was talking about.

Her public persona in school as the prettiest and most popular girl required Erin to do things she didn’t like. Things that weren’t who she really was. To keep her queen throne at the school, she had to make sure no one thought to cross her. Anyone who was a threat, real or perceived, was ruthlessly cut down in social circles of power.

She hated that part of her. She was also deeply turned on that he knew about that side and wanted to do something about it.

Giving it over to him felt right and she turned her head slightly towards him and said, “I’ve been a bad girl.”

He smacked her ass harder than the previous times and commanded in a husky voice, “Don’t you dare look at me! Start fucking me. I know you have been a bad girl. You need to be fucked right and disciplined. Do you understand?”

The out of character demands turned Erin on and she whispered, “Yes, Harvey.”

He smacked her ass and demanded, “Call me Sir when you’re fucking me. You think you get to be that cheerleader brat that runs this school? No, right now on this court you’re going to get fucked by the school janitor. Start riding me, do you understand?”

He tugged on the handful of hair with each sentence to emphasize the control he had over her in the moment.

She was deeply aroused and moaned, “Yes, Sir.”

She began to lift herself up and down on his cock.

Her pussy was already soaking wet and was ready for the sexual tension Harvey’s hard cock was providing.

As she went up and down on his member, her whole body moved up and down.

Her large and round tits began to seismically bounce up and down. The waves of each thrust up and down rattled through her rib cage, back, and ass.

She continued to bounce up and down on his cock.

He let out a satisfied grunt as his hands fondled the teenager’s ass which had developed a slight shade of red from his direct smacks to her heart shaped ass, “Fuck yes, keep riding that cock like the bad girl you are! Uhh! Who owns your pussy?”

She felt a sexual shiver run up and down her spine at his question. She knew the answer. She had given her heart and body to the school janitor and she loved it. She purred, “You do Sir.”

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