The Island

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Ever since we were young, my older sister & I have always had a great relationship. We’re only a year apart so we have some of the same friends & travel in the same circle. Jen is about 5’8, 130lbs, blonde hair & green eyes. She’s a beautiful 36D, thin waist & nice, tight ass….the kind that has the guys in school drooling over! As I said, we’re very close and we tell each other everything. I tell her about fucking her cheerleader friends & she tells me about blowing guys from the baseball team. Basically, nothing is too taboo for us to talk about.

This year, I graduated from high school & was heading off to college. Our family has a cabin on a lake, about an hour from where we live. My parents decided that we should head up there for a couple of weeks, before I shipped out to school. My sister & I weren’t too thrilled, seeing how the cabin has no TV, no video games…basically, none of the creature comforts of home. My parents agreed to take two cars up because since we were close to home, they would take the first week off & commute from the cabin to work the second week.

My sister rode up with me & within 20 minutes, fell asleep. She was wearing short shorts & a tight, white tank top. As I said before, she has big tits & I started to find myself staring at them. escort resimleri As I was coping a glance, I hit a pot hole & watched as her tits rippled so beautifully. My cock twitched in my shorts. I was soon searching the road for more holes & aimed the car right at them. I started getting hard as I watched her luscious tits bouncing up & down. Unfortunately, it was short lived as we reached the cabin. After helping mom& dad open up the cabin, we decided to take a swim in the lake. My chin dropped as I watched my sister walk out in a virtually non-existent bikini. I was amazed again, as I watched my mom walk out right behind her, in an equally stunning bikini. After hearing mom& dad fuck a lot of the time, I figured out why. She was a hottie!

The week went by relatively quickly & it was time for mom & dad to return to work. The day they left, my sister & I decided to take our boat to a nearby island & go exploring. We packed a lunch & our things & headed out. After rowing & paddling for a while, we reached our destination. We got out & pulled the boat ashore. We decided to get a little sun & rest before we set off on our little expedition. I stripped off my shirt & stood there getting the bags out of the boat. As I turned gaziantep escort resimleri around, I almost dropped the bag as I saw my sister disrobing. Her bikini was smaller than the one I saw before & it was snow white!! My cock twitched as I could see the faint outline of her nipples. she noticed my reaction & said “I’m only wearing this so I can get a better tan!”

We sat down to eat & she began to tell me about her date the weekend before we came out. My cock stiffened as she told me about how Jason tried to fuck her in his pickup & how she blew him on the hood of the truck. She asked me if I could go see if the other bag was left in the boat. I went to stand up & quickly realized that my cock was totally hard & she would see it. I figured, what the Heck…we talk about it anyway, who cares. She grew silent |& as I looked back, her mouth was wide open…staring off into space. Well, not actually space…more like my cock!

“Boy…Lisa & Sarah weren’t kidding” she said staring at me. I blushed & kicked a little sand in her direction. She threw some back & before we knew it, we were standing, wrestling with each other. I tripped & was off-balance & headed towards the water. She followed me in & soon we gaziantep escort bayan resimleri were soaking wet. I stood up & ran out of the lake. Then I watched, as my baby sister emerged from the water. Her suit was completely see through. Her nipples stuck out & by the looks of it, she had a shaved pussy. My cock grew so hard & we just stood there looking at each other. The next thing I knew, I reached out & grabbed her & kissed her. She returned the kiss as if it had been building up for weeks. Our tongues danced as our hands explored each other. In a flash, our suits were off & we were on the blanket kissing & fondling. I took one of her nipples in my mouth & she grabbed my cock.

I leaned back & she leaned forward & I moaned as I felt my sister’s hot mouth wrap around my cock. She sucked me long & deep. I pushed her away& ate her shaved cunt. She was bucking & moaning and she finally said “Fuck Me…Fuck me Hard!” I moved forward & slid my cock into her tight cunt. She moaned loudly & then got into it. We fucked in every position imaginable. Her pussy clamped on my cock with such force that I knew I was going to cum soon. She knew it & I knew that she also was close. As we fucked, I rubbed her clit & that sent her over the edge. She came so hard on my cock that it set me off. I shot load after load of hot cum deep in her pussy, her moans urging me further. When I pulled out, my cock was white with a mixture of our cum. We kissed a little more then headed into the lake to wash up.

We got back right after mom & dad & they asked how our day went. We chuckled & said it was great! We did some exploring & are heading back there tomorrow!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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