The House 5

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The House

5. Wedding.

Since the voices of haste were already being heard, I reacted and took a small towel, wetting it a bit in the sink, I proceeded to clean the obvious secretions that Malu had on her legs and buttocks. She was still in a state of shock, as she was not reacting, just following me with a perturbed look and still breathing heavily due to the orgasm she had just felt.

She let me wipe her buttocks with the wet cloth and cooperated by opening her legs a little, there I felt in both hands the hardness of her mounds of flesh, and I also managed to subtly pass the cloth over her sex. To then clean from the knee up and again rubbing her sex, causing slight startles from Malu.

Having unloaded on Malu’s ring did not lower my arousal at all, rather it enhanced it. I left the bathroom where I left Malu a mess, I could barely finish undoing her curls, the poorly done makeup and despite the wet wipe, there were still traces of my cum and her juices in her most intimate parts. The amount of Malu’s flows as a result of her excitement was impressive.

After a quick bath and dressing, the women were still not finished, but I went down to the living room to watch a soccer game that I knew was on. There was the father-in-law who invited me to have a whiskey while they finished. After a while of talking business with the father-in-law, the women began to come down in a simulated fashion show from the moment they appeared on the stairs until they passed in front of us.

The first one down was Carola, she had a very tight dress with an open back and a wide V-shaped neckline that showed completely the channel between her breasts, the dress was light blue and long skirt with an opening from the middle of the left thigh and braided sandals to the knees. Her makeup was almost nonexistent, just a few shades of blue in her eyes and a gloss on her lips. And a neat ponytail. The father-in-law and I burst into applause and compliments. Compliments that Carola received with a cold smile. Something didn’t fit her, I don’t know if it was the muscular, almost no makeup, the sandals, no clothes or jewelry. I don’t know why, but she seemed a little rough for the dress. Come to think of it, I had rarely seen Carola in a dress. A somewhat strange thought crossed my mind, but I couldn’t develop it as immediately Maru appeared at the head of the stairs announcing her entrance herself.

I had already seen the dress on the bed and had seen her already almost made up. But I had not seen her already put together. And she really looked very beautiful, the dress was dark navy blue almost black, with the right shoulder uncovered with no sleeve and the other covered ending in long sleeves and a glove of the same tone gives the sensation of being one piece. On the right arm a long glove up to half arm. At the height of where the dress starts on the right side. All the edges of the dress are covered with a thin lace creeper with rhinestones. It is of thick fabric so it falls heavily at her feet causing soft undulating movements to the steps. The dress is also sheathed only looser than Carola’s and this one has no slit, limiting the amplitude of Maru’s steps. A pair of heels of the same color with a small buckle in rhinestones and a very delicate bow adorned with fine stones, a pendant hanging from the neck and some small tendrils in rhinestones, completed the combination with the dress.

Almost immediately Maria Lourdes appeared on the stairs. In that dress she could not be called Malu. She simply looked like a goddess. The loose hair full of fine locks in curls, a hairband adorned with fine stones. It makes the ripples behind it look like an explosion of glitter from a sparkle bath of frost. King blue dress with no sleeves or shoulder straps, fitted to her body circular neckline over each breast following a gentle curve under the arms and close at the lower back. Her freckles on her bare chest and shoulders, cinching in at the narrow waist and demarcating behind the start of powerful butt, the dress opens wide downward being much looser than her sisters. The dress is held in place only by her breasts, the narrowness of her waist and her puffy butt. Platform heels give her an imposing height. Bare arms adorned with a pair of delicate rhinestone bracelets. A rhinestone in each ear and a suede necklace with a rosette of rhinestones gives a super sexy touch to this girl-woman.

Everyone, including Carola, welcomed her with applause and cheers, and I was celebrating inside full of lust, not only for what I had just experienced, but for all that it promised.

It was not necessary to wait long, almost immediately Doña María José appeared on the stairs, she was dressed in black, a tight-fitting dress with a high neck, long Sex hikayeleri sleeves, completely open back to the lower part of the dress, the dress is long and below it opens dragging a small tail, very elegant, the long sleeves ending in fine black gloves. She came adorned in very shiny jewels. I dare to say that they were diamonds because María José does not beat around the bush. Besides, it was a high society wedding and she had to show off. She really looked great, her stylized silhouette had nothing to envy to the daughters, with operated breasts of course and a well rounded ass, which is undoubtedly the mother of the butts of the house. Instead of looking like a lady very close to the third age, she looked more like a MILF who could barely be reaching 40.

Once we were all ready, we set out to go straight to the reception, as we would not make it to the church in time to witness the ceremony. We left in two cars, in the father-in-law’s truck were the two of them and Carola, and I took the mother-in-law’s truck with Maru and Malu. Talking trivia with Maru I couldn’t take my eyes off Malu in the rear view mirror. She was staring out the window with no expression, from the moment we left until we arrived, she had me disarmed as I didn’t know what she was thinking. But she was so beautiful that I couldn’t stop looking at her.

At the party everything started slowly, the father-in-law and I started a business conversation to the rhythm of the whiskeys we were drinking, and the women: Maru, Carola and Doña María José as Joan Rivers, Giuliana and Kelly Osbourne in Fashion Police criticizing the dresses of all the women at the party and also Malu who was between them and us specifically in front of me. I couldn’t stop watching what she was doing or not doing, she felt lonely at the party, once in a while she was asked to dance by some boy, but after a while she would come back after having danced one or two songs.

Knowing that Maru’s dress doesn’t lend itself to dancing I asked her to dance salsa once. She loves to dance salsa, but her dress gives her limited movements to her steps and after two songs, annoyed at not being able to dance freely, we were back at the table. On the way back, she herself asked me to take Malu out, who looked bored. And so it was that I found myself on the dance floor with Malu, taking her in my arms I squeezed her tightly to my body and taking her by the left side we started to dance.

I noticed her nervous, without saying anything I looked for her gaze, but she avoided me. Then, taking advantage of the fact that we were at the same height because of her very high heels, I put my cheek close to her temple and we continued dancing. At first she was a little “stiff”, or rigid while dancing, but little by little she loosened up and gained confidence, taking advantage of her looseness I squeezed and released her waist and tried to make the contact tighter and tighter. My mind plays in my favor and paints me images of what I experienced earlier and that was enough to awaken the beast that lives between my legs.

With my sex already hard I lowered my hand on her back to the lowest part without reaching her buttocks and proceeded to squeeze her towards my pelvis to make her feel my hardness. She gave a gasp and stared at me this time, I looked at her too and without looking away I smiled slightly at her. And she finally smiled at me too. I didn’t really expect it I admit, it took me by surprise and that after she smiled she herself pressed herself tighter to me. Feeling her whole torso from her chest down to her pelvis sticking closer to me. My sex was already in all its splendor, under the baggy boxer shorts and dress pants it was easy to see a prominent tent, but attached to Malu’s body impossible to notice.

We were dancing salsa, I could not let go and leave my tent uncovered, she also as a good dancer did not come off me either, I started a slight movement of the hips, where she felt my sex push very close to hers. Three, four, five, six pieces of salsa and our bodies were getting tighter and tighter. She was looking at a random spot behind me and I was doing the same, I felt my body full of sweat under the suit despite the coldness of the room. Without letting myself push my sex against her, knowing that she felt it and did not reject it, I began to reach the point of no return. I could not unload there, she as other times was making me come fast. All because of the morbid curiosity she inspires in me, she makes me spend the whole day practically with a hard-on.

Luckily for me the salsa set ended and the electronic music began, which allowed me to leave the dance floor that was quickly filling up with young people. Taking advantage of the surge I buttoned up my suit and managed to cover Sikiş hikayeleri my erection a bit while she walked in front of me. Arriving at the table I quickly sat down and pretended to be very tired. I poured myself a drink and got ready to continue talking to the father-in-law.

Halfway through the party some “happy” guests were doing their thing, Carola with a bored face starts to criticize the party, while Maru is having fun at the expense of Malu who is a little more “cheerful” than usual. She has been allowed to have several glasses of wine and Doña Maria is walking from table to table talking with friends.

A new set of merengue makes Malu jump out of her chair and taking me by the hand and asking Maru’s permission, she drags me to the center of the dance floor which this time is more crowded. She is uninhibited by the drinks and smiling at me, she sticks to me with full intention and we start dancing to the rhythm of Juan Luis Guerra. She, as she rarely does, starts the conversation.

Pedro? you look very handsome today, why is that?

-You look more beautiful today than ever,” I said.

-As always, right? -She says to me all smiling and proud.

– Well of course, but today you’re more radiant, there’s a sparkle in your eyes that you didn’t have before,” I said, smiling ironically, trying to find out what happened today or the last few days.

-Yes? How so? -she asked me incredulously.

-Well, unlike other days, there is something different about you. It could be good news, a gift, something new, that makes everything in you look radiant and cheerful.

-Today I didn’t get anything as a gift,” she says to me, somewhat humorously.

-It doesn’t have to be a gift, some news or they told you or did something that you really liked,” I said “did” with emphasis so that she would understand me. And so it was. A naughty smile appeared on his face for the first time.

The proximity of her body, how tight she has me and dancing in the center of the dance floor away from affected looks. They are making my sex hard again. I lower my right hand to the small of my back. And I stretch my arm until I have my hand on her waist as if taking possession of something that is mine. I open my hand fully and press my fingers boldly on her body. She trembles a little, I press her more into me and move my pelvis over hers, so that again she feels the rock hardness.

This time I undisguisedly press several times and to my surprise she presses too. She says nothing and we continue to dance very tight. She was staring at me and I could see desire in her eyes. And I got worried, someone could notice, her way of looking at me gave her away easily, plus she was a little drunk and she wasn’t measuring consequences.

Finish the merengue set. We went to the table where she drank a glass of wine in one shot, the mother-in-law who was already at the table scolded her, reprimanding her for drinking wine in an excessive way. Maru and her father-in-law came to her defense, claiming that she was old enough and that she was with her family.

Malu laughed strangely and said “everything turns around” to which everyone laughed except Doña María.

Then my light bulb went on and I said. “somebody take her outside to get some fresh air” and they all said I should take her, I made her dizzy dancing.

Excited by the response I expected from everyone and pretending to be defeated, I took Malu by the arm and took her to the upper balconies of the house where the party was taking place. As we exit through the glass door of one of the balconies there are two leafy trees in large pots neatly trimmed on either side. So we hurried towards one of them and skirting it we were hidden from view of the door.

Malu leans on the cement railing of the balcony and takes a deep breath and sighing noisily makes her little ass stick out. This made my sex begin to swell rapidly.

She approached me from behind and confidently and brazenly slapped my hard sex with her butt. She gives a slight gasp and sighs noisily again. This time I grabbed her hips with both hands and pressed her to my sex and we started a rhythmic doggy style.

It was already obvious that she was enjoying it, and she started moaning with her mouth closed. And pressed her body closer to mine. Her back rested on my chest and she rested her head on my right shoulder, her face sought mine, her eyes sought mine and her mouth found mine.

It was a sweet kiss, soft, and at the same time ardent and passionate. I don’t know if it was because of the waiting or because of all the danger involved. It was a kiss that could have lasted an eternity.

The loud noise of the music alerts us that the balcony door has opened. She quickly takes Erotik hikaye her position again in front of the railing and begins to breathe slowly and deeply. I move to her side and do the same.

They were two girls who came out to get some fresh air, agitated from so much dancing. After a few seconds, two boys appeared behind them in the same condition and began to smoke cigarettes.

We remained in silence looking at the night in front of us. But it was an uncomfortable silence, I felt I should say something. I thought about it for a moment and when I turned to her, she just turned and walked away. She just turned and walked away from me towards the balcony door, and disappeared through it.

“Shit!… Again”

The party continues its course. Already around 3 am. the women are very drunk. Already the mother-in-law is complaining about her feet and wants to leave. The father-in-law is still like an oak, as old as he is, he can take a lot of alcohol. Maru between laughs and drinks is very drunk, I think she is the most drunk. Carola still wants to leave and Malu, between the drinks that Maru offers her and her mother’s refusal to let her continue drinking, is drunker than she looks.

I had slowed down. Well, I’m driving around. The father-in-law doesn’t worry me because he is an old fox and has come home in worse condition.

From time to time I have caught Malu looking at me, we have held each other’s gaze several times but it’s my turn to look away. With everyone at the table it’s crazy the way Malu does it.

In a few moments Maru’s alcoholic level goes from being very drunk and cheerful to almost completely drunk and impertinent. So the decision is made to go home. My father-in-law and I go ahead to look for the cars while they say goodbye to the hosts.

After going to the nearby parking lot my father-in-law and I waited for about 15 minutes at the front door, until they finally came out laughing and making a fuss. I had to help Maru who was no longer coordinating and Malu climbed in the back.

On the way up it was Malu who made me nervous. She had her gaze fixed on me in the rearview mirror. I could not stare at her, so I looked at her for the moment when the road allowed me to do so.

When we got home I had to carry Maru passed out on my shoulder and carry her to our room. Before going upstairs, my father-in-law suggested me to go downstairs to have one more drink before going to sleep. I promised him while all the other women accompanied me on the way to their rooms.

After practically throwing Maru on the bed and leaving her as she was. I went downstairs and closed the attic door and saw Malu’s bedroom door open and the light on.

I stop right in front of it and slowly approached the door, no need to open it any further. As I get closer the room is appearing before my eyes, she is sitting in front of her hairdresser, she is looking through the mirror towards the door.

She knew I would stop at her door, she was expecting me and I am not surprised. She watches me as she takes off her clothes, she keeps watching me as she takes off her headband. I am inside her room but still in the door area.

I move as he takes something off. It’s a game of just the pair, she removes her choker, one more step I take. One earring, then another. The bracelet, the rings.

I’m two steps away and she stands up. She still has her heels on and looks stunning. She stares at me. And I really look like a fool waiting for her to take off some other piece of jewelry.

After a few seconds it’s obvious that I’m not going to move and she very subtly turns her head and looks behind her shoulder. It is only then that it dawns on me. There is nothing else to remove but the dress.

I take two steps and stand behind her. I bring my hands gently to the lower half of her back and there is a very concealed zipper, it is small no more than 10cm long and I slowly pull it down. And it appears before me, the channel that divides her buttocks, she had no underwear.

All the time she is looking at me through the mirror. I try to pull the dress down by grabbing it with my fingers at her side. But she smiles at me and tells me no by subtly shaking her head.

I didn’t accept that no. So I stick completely to her, and make her feel again my erection on her buttocks. She smiles between drunk and naughty. I place my hands on her waist inside the hem of her dress, which is now looser and allows me to slip my hands inside. I feel her erotic hip bones and pull her to my body.

I want to continue the kiss and reach for her neck. She subtly rejects me and at once offers me her half-open mouth. As soon as I brush against her lips passion is unleashed, my hand goes to her stomach pressing her more on my body, on my sex and I move it down until I meet the beginning of her bush.


The father-in-law’s scream makes me jump like a cat and fall two meters behind Malu.

To be continue…

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