The Great Royal Wife

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Maxine vine is my online girl friend she inspired me to write this story which she believes is our past life her beautiful pictures stimulated my mind ,body & heart .I have a strange feeling towards her like she gives me a motherly or a sisterly feeling or sometimes its a sexual attraction .This story is about our life in Egypt .Nora has edited this story and she did a great work , I am thankful for her valuable feedbacks .


Although we live thousands of miles apart and our bodies have been ground in the wheel of time, the spirits are alive. Thanks to the internet we’ve met again in a different life and time. Race, and culture don’t affect the bond that our spirits feel; we are one and it doesn’t matter what race or culture we belong to. Today you are my vintage beauty in the west and I am your young lover in the east.

It gives me immense pleasure to experience the taste of the forbidden fruit which we tasted thousands of years ago. You were my great royal wife, my official consort, and most importantly, ‘my older sister.’ I was eighteen and you were twenty-four when I succeeded as the emperor of Egypt. The reason I became the emperor was because our father died in a war fighting against the Berber tribe and our older brother died of typhoid. If he had lived, you would be married to him. He had plenty of wives and concubines, but to keep the royal bloodline, marriage with you would become mandatory.

Incestuous marriages were common in Egypt among the royal families. They (our father & brother) died in unfortunate circumstances and when their spirits left the planet the last stone of pyramids is laid. They are now mummified with a strange ritual and left in the pyramid with their best food and wine.

You are so beautiful but not the vintage beauty one. You care about me like a good older escort portalı sister and a faithful wife. You shower me with the love of a sister and a sensual wife. As a dedicated royal wife you take an important part in the religion of the country and officiated the rites in the temples as a priestess. My name was Akhom, and you were Nafrini.

You are the most beautiful princess of Egypt and the nation knows of your beauty and playfulness. Our affair started out in secret- neither our parents nor the royal noble knew about our love affair when we were teenagers. I was thirteen and you were nineteen then. Your strange mystical beauty was irresistible and your sensual, eye-catching clothes captured my imagination and my heart. You always wore the most beautiful gowns that always seemed to be transparent as was the fashion with all nobles. Egyptian men and women alike wore long transparent cloths with under garments of simple loin clothes.

You, my beautiful sensual sister, walked around the court in a transparent dress with the traditional loin-cloth inside. Your deep colored-loin cloth always added a contrast to your dress and your beautiful white skin; you were always a playful teaser. Watching your see-through dress was a spectacular sight. The way you moved around and walked varied and that made your lovely breast bounce. Watching those huge jugs bounce was a delight.

Your beauty was a miracle in the desert land where almost nothing grew- few tree except date tree. You had the miraculous powers and one miraculous incident happened when the empire was going through drought. At that time there was a special ritual and prayers happening in a remote location, which was the home for the priestess. The ritual was for prosperity and was meant to overcome the drought.

Our escort gaziantep portalı family was traveling on camel caravans to attend the rituals. There were plenty of lovely maidens to accompany you and some soldiers to guard you as you traveled. The distance was long and it was a tough journey to make in that harsh climate. I was secretly following the caravan, and while the journey was debilitating, the soldiers knew the way, had immense knowledge of the country, and shrewdness to guide us all safely.

You ordered the caravan to stop near an oasis; it was a dry place with one or two date trees around. After you drank some water from the oasis you ordered the caravan to leave telling them to leave you alone. They did not agree first but your commandment was clear so they had to agree even though it was a strange command.

All this time, I was watching you from a distance. I was really excited watching you when you didn’t know I was there. I wasn’t supposed to follow you but I couldn’t help myself. What man could resist watching a lovely scantily dressed priestess who would do anything to please her young prince. I have seduced a willing priestess before; she was old and beautiful a true vintage beauty.

The temperature was rising and it was getting really hot; the afternoon the sun was at its peak so to beat the heat you jumped in the cooling water of the oasis. When you came out drenched, you looked gorgeous. When the sun rays hit your body, your skin seemed to shine like a golden goddess. The wet cloth was sticking your body like a new born baby sticks to his mother, exposing your amazing round tits.

Your nipples were stiff like a pointed arrow and when you leaned over I could see the wet dress cling to your gorgeous ass. The clinging fabric revealed the red loincloth covering the shapely cheeks of your ass. It looked like the whole desert has come to a stand still. It seemed like every living creature existing in the desert had been hypnotized by your beauty. Even the gods were not sure of there own existence and accepted that a miracle has happened in Egypt. Time had come to stand still- you even hypnotized time.

The heat tanned your lovely fair skin and the sight was incredible. Later you walked under a tree and slowly raised the dress above your shapely hips. The dress was stuck to you tightly- like two lovers making intense love. You took off the dress quickly standing topless on this merciless harsh desert in red loincloth covering pussy. The nudity in the desert was a blessing and it was unbelievable that such a spectacular creation could ever exist in a harsh desert like this.

I was really aroused and excited as you were removed your dress. Every movement that you made was as graceful as a classical dancer. It looked like a heavenly dance with your gorgeous breasts exposed. The most exciting part was when, at last, the loincloth was removed. Wow! It was amazing. The area that wasn’t tanned revealed a beautiful shape and your pussy was clean.

I was really excited and hard as I watched you sat down stark naked and spread your legs to play with your pussy. Watching you indulge in self pleasure, fingering your pussy and moaning, I could easily see out that you were in seventh heaven. Your moaning sounded like music. Your sweet voice sounded like those lovely priestesses singing hymns. Honey, you have made this place lively, but did you know the miracle?

When you climaxed some of your sweet juices fell on the desert soil. It was a real blessing, and after a few days there were lots of trees at the same spot where your hot fluid flowed. You gave life and fertility to the soil and to the dead desert your cum was full of life energy. Honey, you a blessed this desert and you were a great sister queen for me. I love you. This was one beautiful moment of our past life which was beautiful and exciting.


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