The Genesis of Bowens Ch. 01

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“Welcome home, sweetheart!”

Genesis was wrapped in a huge hug by her father, Daniel. It had been 12 years since she’d seen him last and somehow, he looked exactly the same: the salt and pepper grey hair wild around his wizened face, his laughing brown eyes and easy smile. She herself was a tall young woman now, at 5’9″ and in 3-inch wedge sandals, he still towers over her at 6’6″. And not being a small girl, always somewhere between 200 and 220 lbs, Daddy overwhelmed her still with his broad shoulders and wide chest. Her father was a behemoth.

While she could heave the blame for her size on her father, she equally praised her mother for her good looks. Silken black curls that fall to the curve of her lower back, almond shaped brown eyes made all the more exotic by the olive tinted skin. Lean neck, slender fingers, hourglass figure, she was an Amazon. Her breasts were high, round and very large double D’s. Her stomach was soft and slightly curved. Her ass and hips were rounded and firm. Men were constantly intimidated by her. She was notoriously single.

The reason behind her long separation from her father could be blamed on her mother. Being a good Catholic and a very proper Hispanic woman, Lidia Padre fought to keep Genesis away from her father. So after their divorce, Lidia took a 6 year old Genesis back to New York with her, leaving Daniel with their eldest child, 10 year old Ethan, behind in rural Washington State. Lidia allowed phone calls and later letters between father and daughter, but never could Daniel visit Genesis.

Upon Genesis’ High School graduation, she announced to her mother, and the rest of her family, that she had been accepted to the University of Washington and she was going to live with her father. With much protestation, fighting, and Spanish profanities, her mother finally relented and accepted the fact that her daughter would not be swayed. July passed in a flurry of packing, prep and stress, and with it went her eighteenth birthday. And on August 1st, Genesis packed up 18 years of her life and started her custom Yellow New VW Beetle Convertible, heading west, towing a mini U-Haul trailer along for the ride.

Three and a half days later she pulled up to a completely Green, Smart Sustainable, wood and glass house tucked away near the mountains just outside of Seattle. She could have done it in three days, but she wanted to be refreshed and wide awake to see her father again. So on the third night she stopped just outside of town and bunkered down for the night. In the morning she showered, and dressed carefully in a white and yellow spaghetti strapped sun dress that flared over her hips and belled out at the bottom, with strappy white and wood wedge sandals. Her hair was long and loose. She cleaned her car of all fast food wrappers and empty plastic bottles, and made the last few hours’ drive to her father’s home.

Over the last 12 years, Daniel Bowen had made quite a name for himself, running a completely green architecture firm out of Seattle, Washington. The house was of his own design and it was just him and Ethan living in it, on the edge of a small lake. The house was almost completely glass, with natural redwood accents. Mostly it was all one floor, but with a smaller studio sized sunroom on top. Wrapped around one side and the back, was a huge deck that looked out on the lake, with a Jacuzzi tucked in one corner. Genesis had seen pictures of the place, but pulling up to it this morning, it was breathtaking.

“Daddy!” Genesis was crying. It had been so long, and even though she had seen pictures of him and of Ethan, it was so different seeing him in real life. Daniel picked Genesis up easily and spun her around, bringing her back to hold her tight again.

“I’ll never let you go again, babygirl,” Daniel whispered fervently. He believed every word of it. This little girl . . . he still thought of her as his little girl . . . was so precious to him that he’d give anything, everything, to keep her safe and happy. Then she was ripped out of his arms and he felt bereft. Ethan was swinging Genesis around and laughing, they were both laughing and Daniel felt joy.

“Here I was thinking you’d be this huge thing, like Dad and me, but look at her Dad, she’s so small!” Ethan was laughing and Genesis was struck by how handsome her father and brother looked. Ethan could have been Daddy’s younger twin!

She blushed. “Small? No one’s called me small since I was 5 years old!” She then slapped Ethan’s shoulder. “Put me down, you big oaf. You’ll give yourself a hernia!”

He put her down immediately and both men hugged her. Genesis blushed again as they did, because for some reason, her thighs were damp and her pussy was warm. Both men started pulling her towards the house, talking the whole way.

“Your room is in the back.”

“Right next to my room!”

“You’ll have a great view of the lake.”

“And the stairs to the studio are right outside the door.”

Her father and brother kept bouncing off of each escort ilanları other as they dragged her inside. “Guys! Guys! Hold on a minute and let me catch my breath!” she joked.

But Daniel and Ethan looked chagrined and dragged her to the sofa, sitting her down and apologizing. “You just rest, we’ll be back,” Daniel said, quickly grabbing Ethan by the arm and making a quick exit out the front door.

Genesis wondered briefly where they were going, but soon enough, they came back with boxes from the trailer. She started to protest, but was quickly shot down, ordered to stay on the couch while Daddy and Ethan bought all her things in. After all her things were inside, she made her way to the back of the house and was awestruck. Her room was huge! Two entire walls of her room were panes of glass, looking out over the woods and the lake.

It was practically a suite, with 2 couches, a few end tables, a coffee table, a huge flat screen TV, a desk and, to top it all off, an enormous 4 poster bed with a canopy of sheer lavander silks. The whole room in fact was done in shades of purple and white. Boxes were scattered all over, and she turned to see her father and brother standing there.

“Daddy, I….” She cut herself off, muffling a sob, before she threw herself in her father’s arms, crying. “Daddy, this is the best day of my life… You and Ethan… letting me stay here, giving me this beautiful room.. I … I love you both so much!” She cried, and her Daniel held her. When Ethan came back, he folded her into his embrace too, and they stayed that way for quite awhile.

Hours later, after Daniel and Ethan helped Genesis unpack, they all sat down for dinner, relaxing and watching the fireflies blink in and out through the glass wall of the dining room. “So, lil sis, why did you move so early? You have another month before you really had to be here,” Ethan asked around a mouthful of salmon.

“I wanted to get to know my dad and, apparently, my mannerless brother a bit before school starts. Why, are you complaining?” She tossed her napkin at Ethan playfully.

“Children! Do I need to put you in time-out?” Daniel joked when Ethan retaliated with a piece of carrot.

“Sorry Dad.” they said together.

“But no, lil sis. I’m glad your here, I’ve missed you.” Ethan said, very seriously. Genesis was shocked by his solemn look, but then shrieked as he threw another carrot at her, responding with another of her own, until the two of them ended up having to clean the kitchen floor.

The next few days were all about finishing unpacking and arranging her room, Daniel was busy with work, and Ethan was off working too, although she wasn’t sure yet what Ethan did. So Genesis spent a lot of time sunbathing, reading, swimming and watching TV by herself. Then Daniel and Ethan would come home, and they’d have dinner.

Friday night rolled around and Daniel was helping Genesis make dinner when Ethan came home. “Ethan, what are you doing home?” Daniel asked, surprised.

Ethan looked a bit chagrined and said, “I don’t ALWAYS go out on Friday night, Dad.”

Daniel huffed in disbelief and set a place for Ethan while Genesis finished dinner.

When they all settled down, Ethan piped up again. “So lil sis, did you leave some broken hearts back in New York?”

Genesis choked on her soda, sputtering before she answered. “As if! Boys are more likely to run screaming from me than ask me out!”

Ethan laughed, but Daniel looked concerned. “Why, baby girl? You’re beautiful! Any boy would be lucky to have you!”

She snorted. “Yeah, sure, Daddy. Guys absolutely LOVE chubby, freakishly tall brainy girls!”

Ethan and Daniel gave each other a look that Genesis didn’t notice and Ethan popped in. “Sis, I don’t really know who lied to you, but you’re hot.”

Genesis blushed, and Daniel piped in. “He’s right, baby girl. You’re a very attractive young woman, and I myself prefer girls like you, curvy, smart and with the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.” Genesis beamed at her father .

And with that, they finished dinner with Genesis still glowing.

The next day, everyone stayed home, but Genesis forgot as much and after her shower, she walked into her room from the ensuite bathroom. Toweling off her waist length hair casually as she went to sit on the settee in front of her vanity, she admired her figure in the mirror, proud of it no matter what other people thought.

She turned and lifted her hair, studying the long length of her smooth back, the swell of her hips, the pillowed mounds of her ass. She turned back and admired her pert breasts with their hard pink-brown peaks, the soft curve of her belly, the smooth shaven skin of her mound. She moved her fingers over her features slowly, appreciating her body. She was so distracted, she didn’t see her father and brother, standing a short distance away from her window, having walked up the hill from the lake, where they’d gone gaziantep escort ilanları fishing early that morning. They both had stopped, transfixed by the sight of Genesis. They stood watching her for awhile, until Daniel snapped out of it and grabbed Ethan by the arm, dragging him back up the hill quietly.

They entered the kitchen door, Daniel slamming it a little to alert Genesis of their arrival. Genesis jumped guiltily, getting up and throwing on her long bathrobe quickly before going to her bedroom door. “Hey guys! I forgot you were home today. Where were you?” She was still a little flushed from panic.

She looked so sexy all wet, Ethan thought. Calmly, he answered, “We went fishing. We caught some trout for dinner.”

Daniel grinned easily and asked “What did you do this morning, baby girl?”

“Oh n-n-nothing, just slept a little late, I… just got out of the shower.”

“That’s too bad, we were going to invite you for a swim, but you’re all clean.” Daniel said.

Ethan shot him a slightly puzzled look. “Uh, yea,” he quickly muttered.

Then Genesis piped in. “Oh I’ll go down to the lake with you guys, and just sit and sunbathe.”

“Good!” Daniel boomed, dropping the fishing gear. “You go change into your suit, and Ethan and me will drag a few chair down to the lake.” He dragged Ethan back out the kitchen sidedoor while Genesis ran into the bathroom to change.

“Dad, what’s going on? We weren’t going for a swim.” Ethan asked his dad as they grabbed some chairs from the porch, making the trip down to the lake with their cargo.

Daniel grinned slyly. “Son, I saw you looking just as plain as me.”

Ethan blushed a little, but shrugged. “So? Like I said, Gen’s hot. But she’s my sister. She wouldn’t be into it. Mom was totally an uptight bitch. Gen doesn’t seem like her, but who knows?”

Daniel laughed, prodding his son in her side. “Ethan, look how much she takes after us! I have a feeling she’s just like Caroline.”

Ethan whipped his head around at the mention of his aunt, his dad’s sister. “You think, Dad?”

Dropping his chair in the sand before unbuckling his pants, Daniel replied, “Only one way to find out.”

Genesis ran down to the lake with some towels and a book, coming up on the shore to see her Dad and brother already in the water, just talking. “Sorry guys, I forgot all the towels were in the dryer!” She dropped the towels on one of the chairs, ploppeped herself onto another and lounged back with her book.

Her attention was quickly drown up when she noticed Daniel getting out of the water. “DADDY! What happened to your trunks!?”

She slapped a hand over her eyes and Ethan shot Daniel a knowing glance, but he ignored it.

“Oh baby girl,” Daniel started, “It’s just us. No one else is out here. And it’s not like you’ve never seen a naked man before. It’s completely normal.” Genesis blushed a little, but lowered her hand, still looking away.

“I guess that’s true, Daddy. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

She glanced at Daniel and smiled, but doing a double take when she noticed Ethan coming out of the lake, also naked. She giggles nerevously and went back to her book as Daniel and Ethan laid on the sun chairs on either side of her.

“Boy, I could use a nap.” Daniel yawned. Ethan agreed, and soon they were both asleep, or so Genesis thought.

She turned to smile at her father sleeping, but stopped and stared. Daniel was so built, strong shoulders, arms and thighs packed with lean muscle, six pack abs covered with just the tiniest little paunche and…. A huge dick! Genesis stared, amazed. Daniel’s cock was soft, laying against his thigh, but it HAD to be at least 8 inches long!

Something occurred to her and she turned suddenly to look at Ethan’s sleeping form. An exact copy of Daddy, without the paunche, and the same long.. thick.. delicious looking cock….

Genesis sat there for a moment, swivling her head back and forth between her brother and father, conflicted, the lips of her pussy getting moist, her nipples hardening under her tankini, finally, abruptly, she jumped up and ran back to the house, so confused about what she was feeling.

Daniel opened his eyes and turned his head subtly after a few minutes, looking around before sitting up. “She’s gone.”

Ethan heard him and sat up, turning to look back up the hill at the house. “Think it worked, Dad?”

Ethan chewed his lip thoughfully, and Daniel grinned. “I think so, son. I think so.”

Hours later, they all sat together in the living room, eating Chinese. Genesis had needed to get out of the house after the guys had come back from the lake, so she decided to pick up dinner instead of cooking. They all sat around with their cardboard containers, half-focused on a movie. Genesis put her lo mein down on the coffee table and stretched out of the floor.

“Oh God, I’m so full.” She stretched, and the gaziantep escort bayan ilanları t-shirt of her pajamas struggled tightly over her bare breasts, lifting and showing the olive tinted skin of her stomach. Daniel put down his food container, patting the couch next to him.

“Come up here, baby girl.”

Genesis got up and shyly cuddled up to him, one arm over his stomach and her head on his shoulder. Daniel sighed softly, nuzzling his little girl’s hair as she relaxed against him. “I’m so happy, baby girl. Having you here has made this the best week of my life. I love you and Ethan more than anything.”

Genesis looked up at her father, teary eyed. “I love you and Ethan so much, Daddy.” Genesis hugged her father tight and when Ethan moved up on the couch next to them, she threw herself in his arms and hugged him fiercely too. Ethan looked down at his sister, into her eyes, one hand on her face, and she blushed.

She moved back into Daniels arms and cuddled softly before saying, “I think it’s time for me to go to bed. Night, Daddy. Night, Ethan.”

She started to get up, but Daniel pulled her back quickly and gave her a soft, quick kiss on the lips, smiling slowly when she blushed a deep, rosy color, quickly getting up and running off to her room. Daniel and Ethan shared a look then, getting up to start cleaning up the remains of dinner.

Genesis lay in her bed, the lights out, tossing fitfully. She was having the strangest thoughts. Thoughts about Daddy, thoughts about Ethan.

Her pussy was wet, and she had kicked off her pajama pants when she’d gotten in bed. Slowly, she slid her hand down under the covers, into her panties. Her other hand went to her breast, lightly pinching her already-erect nipple as her fingers shyly touched her clit, moaning softly. She rubbed a little faster, panting as she closed her eyes tightly, thinking of Daddy and Ethan.

She rocked her hips, spread her legs wider. She was frantic now, strumming her clit, pinching her nipples as she moaned.

Oh Daddy… Ethan… Oh yes, yes! Please Daddy, touch me! Ethan, kiss me, I want you so badly… I’m a naughty girl, Daddy… Punish me Ethan…. Yes… Fuck me….”

She squirmed frantically, unaware that beyond her bathroom door, Ethan and Daddy had entered through the connecting bathroom door in Ethan’s room, both nude, and stroking their erect cocks. At her excited utterances, they both quietly opened the door, and stepped into her room, quietly making their way to her bed.

As they entered the bed on either side of her, Genesis cried out, opening her eyes and screaming, “DADDY! ETHAN! WHAT ARE YOU-MPHLM….” She was cut off by Daddy’s mouth descending on hers, his tongue invading her mouth.

Ethan didn’t miss a beat. His hand immediately snaking down to take the place of his sister’s, playing with her clit as Daddy’s hand closed over one of her breasts, the other one fisted in her hair as he kissed her. He gripped it tightly, pulling her head back as he looked down at her.

“Baby girl…. You’ve been very naughty, haven’t you?”

Genesis whimpered, her hips still rocking frantically from Ethan’s ministrations. She looked up at Daddy and Ethan, biting her full bottom lip as she shook her head. Ethan grabbed her face with his free hand, turning her head towards him kissing her deeply . . . thrusting his tongue in her mouth before pulling away again. “Use your words, little sister.”

She whimpered again. “N-n-no… I haven’t been naughty….”

She gasped then when Ethan smacked her face lightly. “Naughty little girls who lie get punished, little sister.” Genesis moaned, then cried out as Ethan removed his hand and abruptly strandled her chest, his huge cock hovering in front of her face. Ethan used it to grab the back of her head and force her mouth down on his cock, moaning as she wrapped her soft lips around it and started sucking eagerly.

Daniel moved down, between her sprawled legs, literally ripping her panties off and diving down, his mouth ravaging her pussy. Genesis cried out around Ethan’s cock as she felt her father’s mouth on her folds, sucking faster as she bucked and squirmed under Ethan. Daniel licked at his daughter’s cunt, nipping and sucking on her clit as his fingers teased her dripping hole

She had never felt anything so exquisite . . . her brother roughly thrusting in and out of her mouth . . . her father’s fingers dipping in and out of her needy, hungry little pussy. She whined and squirmed imploringly and, even without words, Daddy and Ethan knew what she needed.

Ethan quickly moved off her and knelt beside her head as Daddy rose up, kneeling between Genesis’ legs. He looked down at her, his face wet with her juices, his cock a towering hardness.

Genesis looked up at the both, dazed with pleasure. Daniel grinned. “Baby girl, tell Daddy what you need, and he’ll make it all better.”

Genesis blushed deeply, looking up at Daddy transfixed. “I-I-I need you, Daddy…”

“Need me to what, baby?”

“I need you to… fuck me.. Daddy. Please…”

She whined and pressed her face against Ethan’s leg, screaming as Daniel thrust half of his cock into her tight cunt in one thrust, breaking her hymen. Daniel and Ethan froze, looking at each other then down at Genesis, amazed. “Oh sweet little sister… You saved it, just for us.”

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