The Four of Us 02

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Totally Fake Fantasy… Incest Based Shenanigans And Fuckery

The sequel to The Four Of Us

“Is that asshole peeping again?”

“Oh yeah.”

“I’m gonna go out there and kick him in the nuts.”

“No need. I’ve got it under control.”

My aunt… dad’s younger sister… Beth’s deviously-wicked grin intrigues my mom Kelly (Porn Queen Kelly Madison).

They’re in their bedroom. Beth’s nude. She’s putting lotion all over her body while our pervy condo landlord Harv peeps her from the bushes outside the front window.

Mom watches Beth. Smirking. Her arms folded under her 34FFs. Very-curious about her girlfriend’s, “I’ve got it under control” comment.

Beth’s in front of the full-length mirror, rubbing lotion into her bbw legs. She’s already done her 38F breasts. Harv seemed to really enjoy that. Beth could hear him grunting his fat as fuck ass off in the bushes. He was whacking it pretty fucking good for that hot-rub show. He had the bushes rumbling while he beat off to my bad-ass, boss-bitch, blonde bbw bombshell aunt and those mind-blowing, all natural… just like mom’s… milky-white uber-boobs of hers.

Harv’s standing right at the window. To the side, trying to hide. He’s breathing heavy as he jerks off. His breath fogging up the window as Beth’s lotion-covered hands slowly make their way up to her bushy blonde pussy. She’s keeping it retro-slutty with the full blonde bush. Ha.

Beth smirks at mom, knowing how much ol’ Harv is enjoying her show. She wiggles her finger at mom to signal her over. Mom smirks herself. Walking over to Beth and slowly unbuttoning her pink silk blouse.

They kiss. Sucking each other’s tongues as Harv beats his fat old meat full force. So fucking turned-on. Growling away in the bushes. His heavy, heated breath fogging up the window so much, he has to wipe it so he can see in.

“Come on you two sluts. Fuck. Yeahhhh.” Harv’s super-horned-up. His big hand pumping that fat old rod as furiously as he can. Precum constantly shooting out of it, splattering the white condo siding.

Harv licks the window as he watches Beth lean into mom’s insanely-perfect 34FFs…they’re hanging out of her pink satin bra… sucking them deep and rough, just like mom loves. Stuffing half of a breast into her mouth at a time. Sucking ravenously on each one as mom closes her beautiful eyes and leans her head back. Moaning happily. So fucking sexy. Her long blonde hair swaying slightly as she moves her head around in heated-carnal-bliss.

Mom’s nipples are thumping happily in Beth’s mouth. She’s hugging Beth’s blonde head to her boobs as Beth completely gorges herself on them. Sucking each one so incredibly hard and intense. So excited by her girlfriend. So turned-on by the whole kinky scene.

Beth runs her right hand up under mom’s very-short, white leather mini skirt and starts fingering mom’s pussy as she furiously sucks off her tits.

“Oh God.” Mom gasps. The tip of her tongue sticking out of her mouth, lightly licking her very-succulent, wet and creamy, hot-pink lipstick covered lips as her body is ravaged by my aunt.

Mom’s left hand finds its merry way onto Beth’s massive hanging breast. She squeezes it hard. Kneading it deep as her own spectacular boobs tingle all over with electric-sexual-delight from Beth’s tit-craving mouth.

Mom’s clit is pumping so hard. Throbbing relentlessly. Beth rubs it with her thumb as she fingers mom’s pussy faster with sahibe escort three fingers. Her mouth still locked onto mom’s huge, heaving breasts, sucking away.

“Oh my God!!!” Mom bites her bottom lip as she cums all over Beth’s fast fucking fingers. Soaking them with her delectable pussy honey.

She and Beth both laugh as they hear Harv in the bushes outside. He’s grunting and growling like a grizzly bear as he cums. The bushes smacking around as the obese perv violently shoots his still creamy wad all over the side of our condo. He’s so fucking excited, he falls over in the bushes. Mom and Beth let out a loud laugh at that.

“Well…” Beth grins wickedly at mom as she sucks her fingers clean. “Looks like we’ve got him in the palm of our hands.” She winks and chuckles at mom.

“Oh yeah. I think we can definitely use this to our advantage. Hehehe.” Mom winks back and blows Beth a sexy kiss.

Gotta love those two. Always on the prowl for kinky fun. Ha. By the way, somebody should probably check on ol’ Harv in the bushes. Ha.

I dropped Billie (Pop Superstar Billie Eilish) off at work earlier. She blew me in the diner parking lot as a thank you. Damn, my wife rocks. Ha.

“So… how’s things with your handsome hubby?” Billie’s best friend and fellow waitress Penny (The Big Bang Theory) asks her as they clean up the tables before the lunch crowd gets in.

“It’s going amazing. James is the best.”

“Awww. I can tell how in love you are.”

“Yeah. He’s my Prince Charming.” Billie’s perfect face lights up so bright and happy.

“… With a much bigger dick.” Penny mischievously grins. Sticking her tongue out playfully.

“Oh yeah!” Billie laughs and nods in agreement. Her tongue wickedly upturned in the corner of her mouth.

The two blonde beauties are working the lunch shift by themselves. The other usual lunch shift waitress Trisha called in earlier. I wonder why…. Hmmm….

Over at Tricia’s condo…


Yeah… I’m fucking her. In the butt. In her bedroom. Trisha’s on her knees, leaning over on the bed. Me, I’m behind her on the floor.

I slap that over 40 booty cheek and thrust harder up her winking booty hole. My tattooed monster pumping in and out of that now perfectly-tight ass… much-less-tight than before from her using a butt plug everyday now.

I watch all of those shiny gold stars inked all over my cock and balls slide into Trisha’s soft, supple ass. I’m smoking. Nice and chill. Deep dicking some sexy milf ass on the way home.

Trisha texted me last night and asked me if I could come over and try out her new, way-less-tight booty. It used to be brutally-tight. I told her I could today after I dropped Billie off at work, so she called in to work ahead of time in anticipation.

I slow down my deep anal dicking so I can watch my fat meat slowly slide into that snug hole. Slowly in and out. About ten inches deep. In and out. Slowly pushing in. Then slowly pulling out. Over and over and over. I’m smoking in rhythm to my dick sliding up Trisha’s soft, sexy ass. I slap it again. Trisha screams out in complete ecstasy. Her body shaking from the intense sexual chills racing through her bowels and body.

I lean over, letting Trisha take the blunt from my mouth and put it in hers. I also let her fuck my fat dick with her ass while I play with sahibe escort bayan her super-soft, slightly-saggy, hanging breasts. D cups. She’s got gorgeous tits. Slightly-saggy or not. And, they’re so fucking soft.

I happily jiggle those hanging jugs as Trisha pumps my cock with her ass. Slowly swirling her ass around on my cock, then pumping it quicker, then swirling it once again. Alternating constantly.

Trisha squirts. Biting her bedspread and pounding on it as she fucks my cock. Holding the blunt in her left hand. Her milf pussy shooting her milky seed all over me. I just grin, and play with those titties. Loving how Trisha’s ass is working my tattooed-monster dick.

When I cum, Trisha screams again into the spread. Biting it and screaming some more as her well-fucked bowels are painted with my thick and creamy sperm. Waves of it. The gooey, warm cream perfectly soothing her sore butt.

We kiss. Nice and dirty. Trisha’s tongue wildly fucking mine as we swap sexy spit. My cock still dribbling sperm into her butt. Trisha’s butt leaking it out. It dribbles down her thumping slit slowly.

“WHEW! MY GOD! YOU CAN FUCK! WHEW!” Trisha smiles, collapsing onto the carpet by the bed as I sit beside her on the floor. We laugh. It was a good fuck.

Trisha and I puff and pass. Chillin’. Relaxing, post-fuck.

“Thanks for coming over. I needed that.”

“No problem. I’m always up for some good weed, and some hot milf ass.” I wink. Smirking. Trisha laughs.

Trisha lives in the same condo complex as we do. So, I drop by and get some pussy… and ass… regularly. She also gets good weed too. So, it’s a double thumbs up.

After another half hour or so of chillin’ with Trisha, I head home. Trisha’s gotta go pick up her daughter at USC. They’re going out shopping after her daughter’s classes.

When I get home, Mom’s gone. She’s got a job interview.

Aunt Beth greets me at the front door. Nude… with a wickedly-horny smile. Yep… nude. My favorite greeting. Ha.

Beth walks so confidently over to me, those massive melons jiggling so perfect. So enticingly. She hands me a beer and grins. Nice and naughty. No words said. We don’t need any. We can read each other’s minds.

I pop open the beer and start drinking. Admiring the cold, smooth taste… with a cool, cocky grin… as aunt Beth drops to her knees, and unzips my pants with her teeth.

A minute later…

Beth’s slurping my half-hard dick. Her right hand tickling my balls while her left hand slides a finger up my ass and wiggles it around in there.

My grin keeps getting grinnier. Ha. I’m standing there at the front door, casually drinking a beer.

My gorgeous, nude, blonde bbw aunt’s on her knees in front of me, gobbling down my dick while she fingers my ass. It’s a damn good day. Damn good.

I get a text from my wife.

“Love you, babe. I think I’m getting a raise.”

“Love you too, baby. Congratulations. You deserve it.”

“Awww. Thank you. The new boss Steve likes Penny and me, and he also likes how good we are at our job, so he’s gonna give us a raise. He’s really nice.”

“That’s cool babe. I’m happy for ya.”

“Thank you, babe. You’re so sweet. I’ll see you when I get off. Love you. MWAH!”

“Back atcha sweetheart.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Beth moans as she sucks my fat, tattooed meat down her throat. Nice and easy. Most escort sahibe of it swallowed down with each gulp. Beth’s tongue absolutely WOWING my shaft as it swipes back and forth and all around it. She pulls off of it and kisses my precum-glazed crown.

I’m grinning so wide. So happy. So fucking happy.

“Things good at the diner?” Beth can read my mind. She knew I was texting Billie.

“Billie’s getting a raise. Her new boss is cool, so he’s giving her and Penny a raise.”

“He wants to fuck them.” Beth cuts right to the chase. Ha. She has a great ability to do that. She also has a great ability to suck cock. She slurps me down her throat, then back up, then down again. Speeding up as she goes.

“Probably.” I brush it off for the moment. I’m more concerned with cumming down my aunt’s throat right about now.

Once she deepthroats my entire cock, it’s go time. Beth licks all around my big balls as I feed her my creamy seed. My cock lurching so deep in her throat as it pumps out one fat glob of sperm after the other.

Beth swallows it all with a super-slutty moan, and a cum-crazed grin of joy.

I down the last of my Budweiser and grin from ear to ear. Damn, this day is only getting better. Ha.


I was taking a nap on the sofa, but I was woken up by mom… wearing only her white silk robe… snuggling with me. Hey… I’m certainly not complaining about that.

“Hey, handsome.” Mom greets me as I open my eyes with a gorgeous, sweet smile and a particularly sexy hug. Plenty of huge titty rubbing on me included. Best kind of hug. Ha.

“Heyyy. How’d the interview go?” I smile.

“Awesome. I start tomorrow.”

“I’m happy for you, mama.”

“Awww. Thank you, my love.” Mom happily kisses my lips several times.

My mom has an effect on me that no other woman ever has. Even my wife.

I can’t stop smiling when I’m around her. She’s just so freaking amazing in every way. God, she’s gorgeous too. So incredibly gorgeous. Magnetically gorgeous. She draws me to her all the time.

Mom keeps kissing me as she works her hands down between us, resting them on my cock. Rubbing it as she grinds it with her pussy. Oh God. This day is getting even better by the second. Ha.

Next thing you know, I’m super-deep inside her beautiful mom pussy. Mom’s riding me. She opens her robe and jiggles my favorite boobs ever around, smiling so mischievously as she does. Giggling wickedly. Grinding back and forth, then bouncing on my incessantly-throbbing cock.

My hands immediately reach up and grab onto those amazing, 34FF tits. Squeezing them. Growling with a grin. My cock smiling. And, my lips too. All of me happily-groaning in unison.

My thumbs rapidly rub across mom’s rock-hard nipples. Nice and quick. She blows me hot kisses and moans with such intense, loving-bliss. Her own fingers pinching my pierced nipples as she bounces steadily on my dick.

I’m laid out on the sofa, having the time of my life… with the love of my life. My mother. The woman that gave me life and the woman that rules my life. The most incredibly-gorgeous piece of ass in the long and storied history of pieces of ass. Ha.

We fuck for the next hour. Mom riding me. Leaning down and kissing me while she caresses my face so softly. My cock throbbing so deep inside her loving pussy as it heatedly-pulsates constantly all over it. Her divine juices bathing my tattooed dick in the sexiest spit roast ever.

We cum together. Our mutual sex goo mixing so perfectly in that warm, trembling pussy oven. Our bodies intertwined. Writhing on one another’s. Our hearts beating as one. Yeah, it’s sappy. But, it’s also true. And, it’s also all about the love I have for the most wonderful woman ever in my life… my mom Kelly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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