The First Leaf’s Fall: Ripples

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Thanks a great deal for the feedback on the first part. This time, I’m trying something a bit different with the plot line. Hope you guys enjoy! *grins*


The First Leaf’s Fall: Ripples in the Pond

I couldn’t take it anymore. Couldn’t listen to my son’s constant anger as he thrashed about the house ranting and raving about how terrible our life was here. About how much he hated me for divorcing his father. I couldn’t take listening to that little, ungrateful bastard berate me for making a choice I felt I had to make.

With an exasperated sigh, I stormed out of the backdoors, listening to them slam shut behind as I trudged across the porch and backyard. My feet were bare as I’d forgotten my shoes inside, I continued on towards the small forest that served as a privacy border between my house and the neighbor’s.

I only came out here during the late nights when I could be alone. When I was sure no one else would be roaming around the forest and my special rock. But today, I had to get away from that mongrel of a son and get my head straight before I fell deep into the depression that nearly claimed me when his father and I started in on our divorce.

That really had been the hardest part of my life. Seeing Chester flirting with all those younger girls from work sent me into a fragile state of mind. Seeing him constantly trying to look younger for them, and not for me.

Now, two years later, our son Herald was going through his rebellious phase and pushing me to my wits end.

Sighing deeply as I rounded the slight bend in my worn path, I was stopped in my tracks as a strange noise caught my attention. Breath held deep in my lungs, I peered as best I could around the large oak that separated my view of the rock.

What I saw completely shook me. Rattling every fiber of my being and sending my mind into a tailspin I might never recover from.

There upon the rock lay Tyler, my next door neighbor’s son. His young, smooth body poised atop a lovely looking woman. From where I stood, I couldn’t get a good look at her face. But I did hear her moans, the wailing cries of pleasure as he pumped his thick young shaft deep into her willing body.

Captured there in stunned silence, I felt the scene before me having an effect. My body reacting as it should. As I expected it to.

My lungs finally exhaled a slow, trembling breath as I watched in rapt captivation. Tyler’s muscles tensing and relaxing in a steady, carnal rhythm, allowing him to stroke his eager length in and out of that waiting vessel of womanly lust.

A sudden charge of electricity bolted along my nerves causing me to look down, seeing the tips of my fingers teasing hardened nipples through the thin, silk blouse I’d chosen to wear today. A flood of moisture suddenly releasing between my thighs with that briefest of attentions paid to my nipples.

Quickly I looked back towards the couple as they pushed themselves faster and harder. Watching as Tyler thrust his hips harder and deeper down in to the woman. All the while, her own hips bucked upwards, trying to drive her young lover deeper into her.

I was suddenly struck with a feeling of familiarity. Her voice, as she cried out his name, was one I knew. Trapped between my growing need and the need to know who Tyler’s willing partner was, I strained myself closer to the tree and a bit farther around it, making sure not to be seen.

Suddenly Tyler cried out, his entire body going rigid. The woman beneath calling his name as she also reached her climax. It was then that her head tipped back and her beautiful face caught within the throws of ecstasy came into full view.

She was Tyler’s mother!

The very woman, who had given birth to him, now lay beneath his body taking in that hot, churning seed of his youth into her very body.

Such a revelation struck me with amazing force, causing me to reel backwards and fall to my backside. Gasping, clutching at my chest as my head whirled and I was sent into a whirlwind of depraved, shocked thoughts.

Every part of me thrumming as my mind raced in a multitude of directions escort numaraları while I was forced to play catch-up with them all.

Quickly I turned to hands and knees, clawing at first as I scrambled back towards my own home. That scene still so vivid in my mind, the sounds replaying in crystal clear quality as I nearly tripped along my back porch.

Moments later I slammed my bedroom door shut amidst the raving of my son who’s presence in the house, let alone raised voice, barely registered in my head.

Panting, gasping, trying to calm myself in anyway possible, I stared blankly at my bed, fingers still holding tight to the plunged neckline of my blouse. Was I going insane? Had I imagined it all in some strange attempt to appease the sexual desires that I had never known to be there before?

Possessed is the only word which described how I felt. I was possessed by a brilliantly burning need to release myself. Tearing at my clothes, cool air thrashed against my rapidly disrobed body whilst I threw myself to my bed.

I couldn’t stop touching myself the moment I hit those covers. Rubbing, pinching, caressing, and slapping every part of my body as the sensation built up within my belly. I was crazed and craven for lustful thoughts. I was hungering for a cock, thick and hard, to ravage my cunt until I lost all sense of myself.

The words of description were growing ever more base and crass in my own mind. Screaming inwardly at myself that I was a terrible mother, a terrible person, for watching Tyler and his own mom fucking. Not realizing even then, that they weren’t fucking at all. They were making love, as two adults in love often do.

Then all thoughts shattered in a kaleidoscope of sensation as the first waves of orgasmic bliss slammed through me. Muscles clenching tight around the three fingers I had buried as deeply as I could within my begging slit. Feeling even then, that I needed and wanted more, that I had to have a hard cock fucking me like the filthy whore that I wanted to be.

I felt myself waking sometime later. My body still throbbing, though my mind had relaxed and pushed back those insatiable needs that had dominated me earlier.

Taking in a slow breath to test myself, my head turned as I glanced at my bedside clock. Nearly nine in the evening, with the sun already set and no doubt my own son still wide awake in his room.

Pulling myself from bed, I made short work of a shower and clothes. I didn’t want to spend much time doing either, as something was newly awakened within me. If I lingered for too long doing either of those two things, I might find myself another quivering wreck of orgasmic bliss.

Finally, feeling a little closer to myself again, I opened the door to my bedroom testing the waters of my own home to make sure I wasn’t about to be bombarded by the other tenant living with me.

A step outside, and all was quiet and clear.

Letting go of the breath I had reflexively inhaled, I tip-toed my way towards the stairs, pausing only a moment to listen at Herald’s door. Fortunately, his room was dark and not a noise crept from the darkness.

“If only such moments could last forever,” I thought to myself while quietly making my way downstairs. If only they have been real at all would have been the better thought.

I hadn’t even reached the top step, before Herald was on me. Yelling at me about how terrible a mother I was for not feeding him, for not putting food on the table for him to eat and forcing him to resort to fending for himself.

Cringing, I pushed past him, vaguely aware of something stirring as I brushed past his youthful body.

I could remember taking him to school when he was younger. The way he glowed as I dropped him off, with a kiss on the cheek and goodbye. Then after school as I picked him up from football practice, his short cropped hair wet from the locker room showers, smelling vaguely of lingering sweat and soap.

He was a handsome boy. Nearly six feet tall with a thin build of muscle along his body. The chiseled jaw that his father had used to my growing chagrin, and the deepest gaziantep escort bayan numaraları blue eyes I’d ever seen.

But never had I felt myself growing warmer within his presence. Never had I felt the tingle surging through me as he yelled at me, calling me all manner of names and making me feel even smaller about myself.

Stepping into the kitchen, I barely looked in his direction. The entire time I could feel him behind me, strangling me with his words. Those heated sounds pouring down my spine and pooling between my thighs. I could feel the moisture and heat growing ever more unbearable with every passing minute.

“Have you been listening to anything I’ve said?!”

I nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt him right behind me. Not just in that direction, but completely pressed against my back. His young, hard height feeling as though it belonged against me. It was all I could do to keep from rocking my hips back against him as I felt him pressing tight to me.

“I’m sorry, honey. Just a lot on my mind. I’ll have dinner ready soon. Go sit down and watch some TV.” I tried to placate him in hopes of placating myself. Trying to get him out from behind me so that I wouldn’t feel his body rubbing against mine.

He seemed upset by that, evidenced by the deep, scornful growl he gave against my ear. I shivered.

“Fuck you! Make my god damned dinner!”

“Yes, sir,” I replied meekly, cowing my head lower to try and curl in upon myself. Images streaking past my mind’s eye recalling the events I had seen earlier that afternoon. Remembering the way Tyler’s mom looked as he thrust himself deeper and harder into her yielding, wanton body.

My hands trembled as they rested against the countertop. His body crushed tighter at my back causing the lightest of moans to escape me. At that moment I realized with a startled whimper, that he was hard. He was fully erect within his thin gym shorts, and rubbing that hardness between my buttocks.

I desperately tried to tell myself that he was just horny because his girlfriend hadn’t been over recently. I tried to tell myself that this was my verbally abusive son who just needed to be with his father for a little while.

If only I actually believed any of that.

Again I felt him grind against me, and again I moaned for him. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was aware that he’d stopped yelling at me. That thought caused me to stiffen, as I wanted him to keep yelling. I wanted him to scream at me for being a dirty slut of a mom.

“Honey… please…” was all my voice could ebb out as he growled again.

“Please what?!” He bellowed. Those words sending shockwaves through my entire body as I suddenly felt myself let go. All the inhibitions melting away as I reached a point of perpetual ecstacy. Like being set into a loop of ever growing excitement that never dulled or slowed.

“Please, yell at me,” I managed to exhale amidst the writhing of my hips back against him.

The scowl on his face burned against the back of my neck as he grunted and pushed away from me.

I was suddenly left alone, trembling and aching against the counter barely able to continue standing. All the while listening to his bare feet padding out of the kitchen as I slumped to the floor and curled up around myself, trying to hide from everything around me.

I felt the tears staining my cheeks as I sobbed and shivered with every one. Even then, I felt myself so wet between my legs. My slit nearly dripping with my arousal as I kept my eyes tightly closed, recalling that scene over and over again.

Where had I gone wrong? Where had I messed up my son and myself so badly, that I was resorting to thoughts of this torment as sexual release? What if he hated me even more for it?

The more I thought about it, the closer my fingers moved towards the burning ache between my tightly clamped thighs. The more his words rolled around in my head, the more my legs began to spread.

Without warning or realization, I was laying there on the kitchen floor spread wide, pounding my dripping cunt with three gaziantep escort numaraları long fingers as hard as I could. My thin summer-dress pulled around my waist, with the straps loose and pulled down beneath my breasts.

I was a whore.

I was a slut.

I wanted my own son.

I was going to Hell.

I couldn’t stop myself. I needed more, needed to have my own son rape me. Needed to have him yelling at me, telling me how much I had fucked up his life while he was cramming his cock deeper and harder into me.

Those thoughts sent me over the edge once again, spasming around my drenched fingers while I whimpered out his name.

Only this time I didn’t fall asleep. This time, I wanted and needed more.

Shakily I rose to my feet, moaning as thighs rubbed against one another and pressed against the swollen lips of my pussy. My eyes in a teary fog, I felt like a dream as I walked towards the living room.

He wasn’t there.

Up the stairs I went, stumbling slightly as I tried my best to make it up them without falling back down. Then down the hall and to his room, where I found him on his bed.

I didn’t even bother knocking on his door, or straightening out my dress as I moved to his bed. I simply walked over, and knelt next to him on the floor, bowing my head low.

“What the fuck?!” I heard him cry out as he stared at me.

“I… I have been such a terrible mother to you, Herald. Please, please let me make it up to you,” I pleaded hoarsely.

Suddenly I felt his hand in my hair, jerking my head upwards as he stared into my eyes. Such savagery in that stare, that I had to turn away. I had to look at something else besides the hate and contempt and lust in those beautiful blue eyes.

He shoved me away, sending me to the floor while he got up off the bed and moved to the door. I cried out. Not from pain or hurt, but from rejection. My own son pushing me away and not allowing me to make him feel better.

“PLEASE!” I screamed at him. Shivering from head to toe while I pulled the sundress up over my head and tossed it away. My body rolling onto knees as I looked up at him, naked and trembling with fear and excitement.

“What the hell do you want?! You already ruined my life when you divorced dad.”

“Please, Herald. Please let mommy make you feel better.” Oh God, what was I saying? What was I doing? But the longer I knelt there, exposed, vulnerable, needy, the more I felt that this was right.

Slowly I put my hands to the floor in front of me, crawling on them and knees towards my son. For a moment I chanced a quick look at him, seeing that he just stood there motionless as I approached.

A moment more and I was there right in front of him. My neck craning forward as I nuzzled my face against the front of his shorts. His hard shaft so hot beneath the thin fabric, and oh so very hard. My mouth was nearly watering to feel it, to have it against my tongue and between my lips.

“Fucking slut! That’s what you are!”

“Yes… oh yes!” I cried. Tears again stinging my cheeks as fingers lifted to the bottom of his shorts, lightly tugging them down over his erect shaft.

“This what you want?!” I heard him scowling at me again. I felt the tingles shooting straight to my cunt as his hands pulled those shorts the rest of the way down.

I found myself audibly gasping at the sheer beauty of his cock. Longer than his father’s, and so much thicker. I’d never had anything like that in my entire life. Just the thought of him fucking me with that thing was enough to nearly make me cum.

Without warning, his open palm slapped against my cheek, sending a shock of pain tearing along my face as I sprawled out onto the floor.

Weeping then, I looked up at him, staring at those eyes so filled with hate and loathing. My mind racing as I was torn between loving him, and lusting after him. Torn between being his mother, and his lover. Torn between the feeling of surreal awakening, and reality.

Then all at once, I felt the world crashing down around me with the banshee’s cry of my own voice. Bolting upright while I heaved and choked down great breaths of air. Soaked in sweat and my own juices, I franticly looked around only to find myself in my bed still.

All of it a dream. All of it a strange and twisted evening that had been lived out in my head. It all started when I saw Tyler and his mother in the forest between our houses. And now, laying there naked and sweaty, I realized what I had to do to save my relationship with my own son.

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