The Dancing Bear

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Chapter 1 — At the gym.

The gym was practically empty the day after Thanksgiving but Les was a slave to his schedule. It just wouldn’t feel right if he slacked off this Friday. Besides, he was leaving tonight for a week long conference in Orlando and wouldn’t be able to get much physical exercise while he was there. So there he sat, way in the back at the machines working his biceps. As he did his reps he watched himself in the mirror across from him. His arms and legs were tan and strong. He had a few wrinkles on his face and his mustache had turned gray but thankfully except for a bit at his temples his hair hadn’t. And he still had lots of it even though other guys his age didn’t. ‘I’m shaving that as soon as I get home’ he decided looking at his once proud stache. He had it since he could grow one. It had made him feel mature when he wasn’t, now it just made him feel old.

As he finished his reps he got up and drank some water then paced a little before looking at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t help lifting up his shirt and posing a little, flexing his muscles. “Not bad for 48” he muttered to himself tapping his abs.

He wasn’t always like this. Three years ago he was just an ordinary average dumpy white guy who was a little embarrassed to go about with his shirt off. Women didn’t look at him anymore and his wife started getting really invested in work. So after a little mid-life crisis he bought a membership in a 24 hour gym and went to work. He stretched himself up to his full 6’4″ and flexed his muscles like the body builders do and gave himself a big grin and a wink.

A sweet tinkling laughter broke his concentration and he turned self-consciously towards it. There was this young woman riding a stationary bike not too far away looking at him. He turned a bit red, rubbed his hand through his hair and shrugged sheepishly. She laughed again then turned her head back towards her magazine and peddled onward.

“Stupid, stupid” Les chastised himself and went into another machine. Now he was facing the girl and she was facing away from him. As he began working the weights he found himself mesmerized by her bottom. She was wearing a pair of tight and skimpy pink shorts with the word Indiana stretched across her ass. He could see her butt flexing as she peddled onwards. Her long brown hair was drawn into a long ponytail that twisted back around upon itself through a scrunchy and playfully spilled into the air like a dancing water fountain waving above her head with her effort. She was wearing a white tank top over a black sports bra and some biker gloves. She was ignoring him now, staring at her magazine but his eyes were fixed. And slowly, in his thin workout shorts, his dick began to grow.

Les tried to focus on the TV which was set on some news show but knowing what was shaking just to the edge of his eyesight caused him to look back at her just as she turned around and caught his eye. He quickly looked away and again she laughed before turning back to her peddles. “Damn!” he cursed himself. He was happily married but ‘Hey! It’s just looking.’ he rationalized. So he decided to take a long lingering look at her and shortly she turned and caught his eye again. This time he held it and she flashed him this big bright smile before turning away.

This continued a couple more times before she sat back on the bike and stretched her back. Next she dismounted and walked right over to him. Les not knowing what to do got out of the machine and smiled as she approached.

“That’s an awful lot of reps you were doing there.” she said.

“What?” he responded and turning towards the machine. “Yeah, I guess I kinda lost count of where I was.” If she noticed his erection outlined against his shorts she certainly didn’t mention it or glance in its direction. In fact her eyes took a hold of his and never left them.

“I wonder why?” she said blushingly. “My name’s Kara.” and she held her hand out to his. He took it and they shook. “What’s your name?” she asked when he didn’t offer it.

“Oh, sorry. Leslie. Les, call me Les.”

“Leslie, huh?” she smiled brightly again.

“Junior actually, Leslie Junior. It was my dad’s name. It used to be a lot more manly.”

“Uh-huh.” she replied dubiously. “So you like the weights, huh? How long have you been at them?”

“Oh about three years. One of those New Year’s resolutions I made and actually kept. You like the bikes?”

“Not really. I actually play tennis but it’s gotten a little too cold this week so I come here where it’s warm, bring a magazine and try not to get bored.”

“Really? Well what ever you’re doing it’s working.”

“Why thank you.” and she blushed again. “Tennis, biking, they’re both pretty good at what I want. They keep me nice and firm.” she said wrinkling her nose on the last word. She lifted up her shirt to expose her belly “Here, feel.”

After a moments hesitation he gave her stomach a pat. “Impressive.”

Kara was loving the attention and felt her boldness really bubbling escort blog up inside. So she turned around and looked over her shoulder at him. “Now feel that.” she said glancing at her butt. “Don’t worry, it’s OK. I think we’re alone anyway.”

With his eyebrows high and at her insistence he put his broad hand across her butt and gave each side a good squeeze as if giving them all his scientific scrutiny. They felt quite firm and very warm through the thin fabric. His fingers could feel the edge of her thong she wore under it. “Very impressive.” he decided.

She laughed gaily. “Why thank you. I love your muscles.” and she reached out and grabbed his biceps and he dutifully flexed them for her. “In just three years huh?”

“What can I say, I’m kinda driven when I get a bee in my bonnet.”

Kara chuckled. “A bee huh? That something you picked up from manly old Leslie Senior?”

Les ran his hand through his hair and sheepishly said “I must have picked it up somewhere.” She just stood there looking at him smiling. In a bit of a panic as to what to say he asked her where she worked.

“At the city aquarium. I’m the octopus lady there.”

“What a small world.” he replied. “My daughter works there part time. Over in the gift store.”

“Kat’s your daughter huh? She’s … pretty quiet.” Kara crossed her arms and nodded.

“Not at home. She and her brother fight like cats and dogs.” He chuckled nervously knowing he was losing her. Then he shrugged inwardly ‘Ah well, I wasn’t going to cheat on my wife anyway. Still it is nice to get noticed.’ “Especially with her mother.” he said putting the dagger into the heart of any chance he ever had with her.

“Yeah, I used to be like that with my mother.” And with that their small chit-chat turned decidedly platonic and Les’ excitement faded away. After a few minutes had passed Kara ended it by saying “I better get back to my bike. Stop by the aquarium some time, I’ll let you and Kat come back and see what it’s like behind the tanks.”

“Yeah, sure.” he replied. “See you around.” and he grabbed his stuff and headed for the men’s locker room. He opened his locker and after putting his stuff inside grabbed his towel, stripped off his clothes and went over to the shower area which conveniently had a privacy curtain. He stepped into the shower and turned on the hot water.

Les closed his eyes and pictured those tight buns beneath that thin pink fabric. Quickly enough he rose to attention again and with some soap in his hand he pretended Kara was kneeling on the floor in front of him. He imagined her wearing only the pink shorts and the white tank top which he could see had turned translucent with the water, her nipples jutting through the fabric. He could see her flashing him her brilliant smile and then taking his hard-on into her mouth as far down as she could go. Then lifting up his dick so she could lick his balls. He could see it laying across her face as her eyes met his. Then she took him into her mouth again sucking hard. Her hands reached around behind him and grabbed his butt. He could just about hear her soft moans as his hand flew faster and faster and then he was up on his toes as he shot his load on the wall. It was a good one, his eyes crossed as he imagined it splashing all over Kara’s face.

After that he finished showering up washing the soap, sweat and cum away down the drain. Les got dressed and grabbed his stuff and as he walked by Kara peddling away he waved “Nice to meet you Kara. Hope to see you again”

“Nice to meet you too Mr. Ember.”

Ouch! But he smiled and walked on. As he drove home he had the radio on. A late November hurricane had formed in the Gulf and was heading towards Orlando. It was only a category 1 but he guessed what it meant. He made a quick call to his office and sure enough they told him not to go but show up for work on Monday. ‘Damn it’ he thought to himself, ‘Now I’ve got to go to that stupid costume party.’

Chapter 2 — But I don’t want to be the bear!

Les pulled in to his driveway shortly after 2 PM and his wife greeted at the door. “I heard the news. Looks like you ain’t going nowhere buster.”

“Guess not Bonnie.” he replied giving her a peck on the cheek.

“Good, then you can go the party and play the good husband.”

She took his hand and led him into the dining room where a mass of shaggy brown was laid out on the table. “Play? I am a good husband. What’s all this? You’re going to change the carpet again?”

“It’s a costume. A bear costume. My mother made it for my dad back in the 40’s. I thought I had thrown it away but Kat found it for me up in the attic.” Bonnie lifted the head up. “Mom says he was the toast of the town back then.”

Les held up the bear’s head. “Your father in this? They were all scared shitless. You don’t mess with a six foot ten inch 360 pound guy. He might accidentally step on you. I can’t fit in his costume, the guy was freakishly huge.” But she insisted so he gaziantep escort blogu tried it on. The shaggy brown fabric was voluminous on him to say the least. “I could fit a whole nuther me in her” his muffled voice told her from behind the mouth piece.”

“Can you see?”

“Barely. Wait? What’s this. Check this out Bonnie. There’s a pocket in the chest.” Then his hand emerged from the zipper holding a yellowed beer can.

“Snow Black Beer” she read. Bonnie took the can from him. “Dad’s favorite. Hmm, they went out of the business in the 70’s. I don’t think you want to drink this.”

“Thirty years? That smells about right.” He poked his face out from under the head and gave Bonnie a pathetic look. “I don’t want to wear this.”

“Well you’re wearing it. Take it off and I’ll try and get the odor out.” As Les struggled to extricate himself from the seemingly acres of walking carpet Kat strolled in sipping on a soda. Poor Kat had definitely got the short genes in the family. Even though she would be turning 19 in a few short months she still barely touched 5’4″. Even Bonnie towered over her. It was a touchy subject. Kat had shoulder length strait black hair and very pale skin. She was dressed in black and red as usual. She called it her own style. Her mother seriously hoped it was just a phase, she really wanted a pink princess of a daughter. Instead she got Kat who’s favorite thing in school ever was dissecting frogs. Maybe when she graduated high school next year she might tone it down a little?

“Hey there, what’s that?” she said mindlessly.

“Your dad’s costume. He’s going to be a bear.” Bonnie answered.

“Not by choice” he complained. Then with a defeated sigh “How bout you cupcake? What are you going as?”

“This is lame mom, why don’t just you and dad go? Make it a couple thing.”

“I told Mr. White you’d be there. His daughters are also going to be there, you know them, they go to your school.”

“Yes I know them but I don’t like them.”

“Be sociable dear. Fake it for me, OK?”

“But Scott isn’t going?” Scott was her twin brother, three minutes older yet a world apart from her.

“Scott has to work.” Bonnie snipped.

“Kathleen?!” Les interjected trying to nip any squabble in the bud “What are you going as?” There’s nothing worse then being stuck between two screeching harpies and those two were entirely too much alike in that regard.

Kat turned away from her mother “A fairy. Tim made the costume for me.” then after taking his bear costume in again “I’ll be in my room.” she mumbled defeatedly.

“We leave at 5 so be ready.” Bonnie warned.

“Tim?” Les asked after she had started up the stairs.

“Her little gay friend from school.”


Bonnie heaved a huge sigh. “There was no way I near that bad when I was that age.”

“Not with a father like yours.”

“You could stand to be a bit stricter. It might help. Anyway see here. There are holes in the paws that you can stick your hands out of if you need to grab something. The head has snaps to connect it to the body. Oh, and the zipper is double sided so if you can’t get it from the outside you can pull your arms in and unzip from the inside. If you get warm go sit on the back porch, it’s supposed to get down into the 30’s tonight.”

“Wonderful” he replied sarcastically.

“Not you too” she pointed accusingly.

“I’ll be good. Beth was quite a seamstress.” he said admiring the costume even if he still didn’t want to wear it.

“Yeah, Mom had a gift.” Bonnie gathered up the crumpled bear and went to the kitchen to douse it with deodorizer. After giving it a sniff she decided it was “Good enough.”

Chapter 3 — Under the stars out back

At five sharp Kat skipped down the stairs in her fairy costume. Les waited at the end of the stairs in his costume with the head under his arm. Kat stopped short and pointed. “You shaved”

“You like it?” he said rubbing his lip.

“It’s weird.” she said as she ogled his bare lip for the first time in her life.

Les looked defeated.”Bonnie said the same thing. You look cute though Kat. Those wings are huge.”

“Thank you. Do you recognize it?”

He studied her carefully. “Umm, the Blue Fairy?” He guessed.

“Well no but good guess. I’m one of the Cottingley Fairies.” Les’ blank stare told her he had no idea what those were. “A long time ago some girls took pictures of themselves with little cutout fairies and passed them off as the real thing. Tim had a poster of one the photos in his room and he made this for me. Pretty neat huh?”

“Heh, what’s gotten into you? I haven’t seen you this happy in a long time.”

Kat turned around and pulled a little cord that made the wings flap. “It’s the wings Dad. Definitely the wings.”

“Well … alright then. Your mother’s in the garage so let’s go.” Kat scooted out to the car and Les followed, locking the door behind him.

“Oh Kat. You look so gaziantep escort sitesi beautiful. Tim did a wonderful job.” Bonnie said admiring her daughter.

“Thanks Mom.” Kat said a bit uncomfortably. “Your penguin costume is pretty too.”

“Why thank you. It was not at all what I was looking for but I think it works out nicely.” and Bonnie gave a quick spin of slender black & white. Then she clapped her hands together. “Alright, let’s go. Into the car! Hup, hup” and she hopped into the driver’s seat.

As Kat was taking off her wings to get into the car Les walked over and whispered “You see, if you’re pleasant then she’s pleasant back.”

“I’m not sure I should be taking advice from a hallway rug.”

“Wise ass!” Les scolded her then they both got into the car.

About thirty minutes later with the evening gloom deepening fast the little family pulled into the driveway of Bonnie’s boss’ boss’ house. Reginald White was a bit eccentric, the kind who wanted to live in the world of Eisenhower when he grew up, hence his desire for a massive costume party. No doubt he’d gotten the idea from some sitcom from the era, he had them all on DVD and talked about them constantly. Way out on the edge of the forest outside of the city he’d built himself a massive house. He’d wanted to get away from it all but take all the comforts that he could with him. In front of the house was a massive oak tree back lit by some powerful lights hanging on the porch. Parked around the tree and all around the front yard were dozens of cars. It seemed like half of the company was here. Fifty’s pop music drifted across the lot, muffled by the windows shut tight against the cool night air.

Bonnie parked the car then turned to Les and Kat and gave them a short lecture. “I want to make a good impression so please don’t embarrass me. Kat, try and get along with Mr. White’s girls and don’t make a nuisance of yourself with the grown-ups. And Les … try to keep yourself to talking shop. It makes you sound so professional when you talk patents.” With that Bonnie hopped out of the car then leaning back in. “There’s an open bar. No drinks for you and you don’t drink so much you can’t fake being sober, m’K?” she said pointing at Kat and Les in quick succession.

“Yes mother” Les quipped. Bonnie rolled her eyes and shut the door.

“Don’t bother the grown-ups?!” Kat protested, the annoyance plain in her voice.

“Hey, I got it as bad as you did.”

With that the family assembled and made their way to the front porch. The door opened as they took the last step and they were greeted by Mr. White’s secretary. “Ahh, Bonnie and Leslie Ember.” the young man said distractedly and ticked off something on a clipboard. Then glancing at Kat he continued “And guest.”

“Hi. I’m their daughter, Kat.” She proffered her hand cheerfully.

“That’s nice.”he said ignoring her completely. Then putting his hand on Bonnie’s back and pointed with the clipboard “Reginald’s in the front room. Introduce yourself then have fun.”

“Thanks Wayne.” Bonnie replied and ushered her family forward. Reginald White was standing in the living room talking to his assistants dressed as Julius Caesar. A balding pot-bellied Caesar. “What a lovely home you have Mr. White. Thank you for inviting us.” Bonnie gushed shaking his hand.

“Ah, please Bonnie, call me Reggie. This must be Leslie and you must be Kat. Say, I like your wings.”

“Thank you Mr. White.” Kay curtsied then flapped them.

“AHHHH! A bear!” and all 4 turned in surprise to see tall beefy guy shaking his hands in mock terror. “Ha-ha-ha. I love it. Here, let me get you a beer.” He put his arm around the scary bear and led him out of the room.

“My neighbor Phil.” Reggie conceded then shrugged. “The cost of neighborliness.”

“He scared the heck out of me.” Bonnie gasped. Then quickly gathered herself together “Kat, why don’t you go find someone your age. I’d like to talk to Reggie.”

“The girls should be out on the patio.” Reggie motioned. Kat waved bye and floated through the door.

Bonnie turned to Reggie. “I took your advice and got in on that bio-firm you recommended. It was up another point today. If this keeps up …” and she raised her eyebrows knowingly.

“Get some doctor to endorse your ‘Medical Sargasso’ and you can practically print your own money.” he said over his chuckles.

An hour later Les found himself sitting out on the back patio breathing in the cool night air. The bear head sitting on the bench beside him. He was mostly alone as few wanted to brave the night. There were a couple people seated on the bench swing under the tree out in the back yard smoking but they were far enough away that Les could barely make out the murmur as they talked. He had his headphones on and was listening to some comedian off the internet through his phone. His legs were crossed and he was sipping on a beer. Kat walked out and sat opposite of him sighing a big sigh. He slipped his headphones out of his ears and asked “What happened to your wings hun?”

“They’re in the car. I knocked some stuff off a shelf so they made me take them off. I didn’t break ’em though.”

“Ah well, other then that you having a good time?”


“You want a beer?”


“Yeah. It always cheered me up when my dad slipped me one.”

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