The College Visit

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It started out very innocent. Jay was on spring break and needed to get away from home. Since he couldn’t afford to travel very farm he drove a couple of hours to visit his cousin at her college.

Anna was always a pretty young girl. Jay hadn’t seen much of her for quite a few years, but they always remained close.

“It’s so good to see you,” Anna said as she greeted Jay at her dorm building door. She threw her arms around him and gave him a kiss. It was only the little peck of a kiss that cousins give each other, but that along with feeling her breasts pressed against his chest aroused him just a bit.

Anna showed Jay around the campus. First the cafe, then the technology center, and then what he really wanted to see, the gym.

I’n the gym Jay felt like he had died and gone to heaven. All the college girls working out in their spandex looked like angels. Needless to say, after setting his eyes on all those beautiful women, he was feeling a little randy. Too bad the beautiful girl he was with was his cousin.

That night, after a few drinks and hours of catching up, Anna and Jay decided that it was time for bed. “I guess I’ll just crash on the floor here,” Jay said.

“Oh, come escort bayan gaziantep on up on the bed. There’s room,” Anna told him.

“I suppose your friends would think that was a little strange, don’t you?”

But she insisted. “It’ll only be strange if we have sex.”

“I don’t think we have to worry about that happening,” he told her.

“Yeah, probably not.”

So, Jay and Anna went to sleep, back to back in the same bed.

Later that night, Jay awoke to some movement in the bed. He came to realize that he had turned over in his sleep, and was now in a spooning position with his cousin. It wasn’t until Anna shifted again that he realized her ass was rubbing against his penis, which was fully erect.

Jay wasn’t sure what to do. It was wrong to grind up against his own cousins ass, but it felt so good.

“She’s asleep, so, what could it hurt?” he thought. “Besides, if she wakes up, I can pretend I’m asleep.”

Jay started to grind, just a little bit, against Anna’s butt. It felt so good that he had to keep doing it. A little harder, a little faster. Everything was going great until he got carried away. In a bayan gaziantep escort bold move Jay wrapped his arms around Anna’s body, grabbed her breast and pulled her right up against him.

If Anna had felt nothing before, she felt this. The thrust was so strong that if she had not been wearing shorts, her anus would have just been penetrated.

Anna let out a yelp, and stared at Jay. As their eyes locked, he thought what horrible word might come out of her mouth. No words came out. Instead, she pressed her lips to his. This kiss was not like their previous “cousins kiss.” This was the passionate kiss shared by lovers.

“Instead of my ass, how about you put that thing somewhere else?”

Anna slipped down under the covers and slid off Jay’s shorts. She took his already throbbing cock into her mouth. She shifted herself on top of him, into the 69 position. Jay slid her shorts off, and began licking her pussy and staring at her asshole. He had looked at Anna a lot in his life, but he never thought he’d see his cousin from this angle.

Anna orgasmed quickly and licked the precum from her lips. She took her top off and lay down next gaziantep bayan escort to Jay. “Ok, cus,” she said. “I’m all yours.”

Jay didn’t have to be told twice. Like a lion, he pounce on his naked cousin. In one quick motion he was inside her. He thrusted in and out of her dripping vagina. Never had he felt such lust for anyone like he felt for his cousin. Jay lifted Anna’s legs and put them on his shoulders. She squealed when she felt the full length of his shaft penetrate her. In a short amount of time, Anna got her second orgasm from her cousin.

“Maybe you had it right in the beginning,” Anna said, as she got on her hands and knees, sticking her ass up in the air. “Maybe this is where you should put it.”

Jay kneeled behind her and without a word, slip his cock into her backdoor. He had never fucked an ass before, but he couldn’t think of anyone he’d rather give it to for the first time than his own sexy cousin, Anna. He slammed his cock into her and she rocked back and forth accepting he dick with every thrust. She let out a scream so loud, they thought everyone in the building would wake up.

Hearing his cousin scream in pleasure was enough for Jay. His cock exploded into Anna’s asshole. He thrusted as far inside of her as he could, not wanting to separate from her. As his climax finalized, they collapsed into a heap of sweaty lust.

“Good thing my roommate isn’t here tonight,” Anna whispered.

“I’ve never had a fuck quite like that,” Jay confessed to his cousin.

Anna smiled at him and said, “I guess good fucking runs in the family.”

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