The Chronicles of a Court Ch. 02

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I don’t remember how much time me and Carliah spent together after that first night. The next day we barely moved we slept, ate a little and enjoyed one another. Long afterwards even as we resumed other tasks, we still ended up enjoying ourselves not even just in our cave.

Once it was by the bank of the river as we splashed water over one another. Another time it was amongst the trees as we moved through a forest. Another as we’d stretched out in the sunlight on the slopes above the cave. We were enjoying ourselves and each other and everything else was put aside.

Most people in the courts rarely spent more than a few consecutive nights with someone else. It was just rarely done. Not that you didn’t form bonds or attachments just that everyone was usually so busy building other alliances or courting guests or else just exploring new things.

In contrast me and Carliah spent months together alone with no one else apart from ourselves. Whether it was just the fact it was that, or just who we were who would ever know for certain. Even much later with a court of our own we still spent more time with each other than anyone else.

For months maybe the two of us existed together in our own little world in our sheltered valley and cave. It was far from comfortable, it was a rough rugged life we led but together at least there was plenty of solace in each other’s companionship. It had to change eventually of course Carliah was restless.

She was already thinking ahead, planning, considering, mulling over what we might do and looking towards the future. I had never really done that myself. Surviving day to day and avoiding any contact with the courts had been the best that I had looked for. What else might be possible hadn’t even crossed my mind at that point. Even then it was some time before I gave it much thought. Carliah on the other hand was always thinking, was always strategizing.

She had already turned her mind towards what lay ahead for us. Not just survival, not even just existing and staying together. She was looking for more. Building something new, something different, something that would change the future, not only for the two of us but for many more we met in the future. It was at an early stage still of course. Her mind hadn’t yet formulated everything but it was working, it was thinking, it was plotting a course for us to chart.

This then is a small tale, but one that must be told, nevertheless. The two of us alone together was never anything more than that. We were isolated, alone, easy to ignore. This however was the first step in making our own way. It was when two became three and the first steps in founding our own future were made.


We were sat out early one morning when she’d said simply, we needed to travel to town. That wasn’t completely unheard of. We needed supplies from time to time. We traded there exchanging food and furs for things we needed. We never stayed long only trading what we needed before we had left once more.

For several days I’d known she had been restless. I’d seen it, sensed it in her. This time she’d merely sighed and given herself a shake before she turned and looked at me and simply said we needed to head into town, she needed to send a message.

I’d had an inkling as to what it was about. I was born in a court. I grew up in one. Every person born in a court wasn’t considered a full-blooded member until they had been verified by at least two people usually many more. In most circumstances this was also backed up with an accompanying chart of their makeup. The blood they carried, their parents a full genetic ancestry to share with other courts when it came to making alliances swapping power or joining a court. Ironically, I had one in the court I’d been exiled from. There was a record there but the newly acquired power had to be tested and verified by another.

This was what Carliah was suggesting, and I didn’t like it at all. But we set out walked to town and she’d sent her message to be passed on. I didn’t ask who she had messaged. I hadn’t wanted to know. With that done we retreated to our valley home and continued.

For a week we were alone doing everything we normally did. Then one morning things changed.

We were sat on the slopes under the cave entrance both just doing some chores when I’d suddenly jolted my body feeling like it had been shocked. The awareness I’d always had of Carliah was there only I felt another presence another person making their way into the valley.

“Someone comes.” I murmured softly turning to look at Carliah frowning as I concentrated trying to track their progress as they advanced, she arched an eyebrow curious as to how I knew before she shrugged.

“They would get here eventually. Now we just wait make sure of who it is.” She murmured. She was far calmer than me far more patient. She went back to work while I stood and paced nervously following their progress as they advanced.

We still had some time before they made bursa eskort it to where we were. It made me more nervous just having to wait and not be able to do anything especially not knowing who it was that was coming or what this would all entail. Carliah in contrast was the picture of serenity.

I kicked at a stone grumpily, watching as it tumbled down the slope below. “Remind me why we need to do any of this?” I hated the fact my voice even sounded disgruntled.

Carliah barely even moved focused on what she was doing. “Because it needs to be done.” She replied simply.

I bit back the first retort that came to mind and just breathed. In and out slowly exhaling letting my eyes close as I considered the situation. “Weren’t you the one that said we should make our own rules though?” I murmured softly my eyes still closed as I spoke.

“I did, and we will. In time though. Better to be careful especially at first when we don’t want to attract attention. Besides if we didn’t do this when it costs us nothing then we’d have more trouble than we need. It’s an easy thing to do and blocks of a weakness in future. You’d find it hard to negotiate with anyone with such an obvious weakness. You’d literally have no status in any of the courts. Most would simply ignore you out of hand hence you being exiled in the first place. This way at least they can’t just ignore you which gives us a base to work from in the future.”

I grunted again opening my eyes and looked out over the valley. I couldn’t see anyone. I turned my attention to what Carliah had said standing in silence as I considered it. She was right I knew that. It didn’t mean I liked it. After being exiled the very last thing I wanted to do was suddenly conform and jump back into the old way the courts worked. But if playing there game at least at first was what was needed then I’d have to just play along.

The two of us fell silent. I was thinking ahead trying not to feel so unsettled. It was stupid given what this would all entail. Me and Carliah had more than enough experience at this point together. I was far better at controlling it than I had been. I knew what we’d do and everything that was involved. But it was hard not to think of what might be different.

Being flung into random relationships merely for the sake of politics and alliances was something I hated. But given it was one of the few ways you could fully trust another court member every court did it. You could not hide your power when you were sharing and exchanging it with another, any discrepancies with what you were supposed to have would be at best mean a court might cancel any alliances and agreements they had. At worst it was the case for war. I’d seen courts fall for it.

I was still thinking it through as I saw a figure emerge from on the trail down below. They paused looking around finding their bearings and soon spotted where the two of us were. They began the trek up following the trails we had cut up towards us. They were still some distance away and I couldn’t see much.

Beside me Carliah laughed. “Relax, it isn’t like you won’t enjoy this anyway.” She added chuckling. I turned and gave her a dry look. She laughed at me and stood pushing herself up and stretching as she did. My eyes followed her as she moved.

“Do you know them?” I finally asked her. A question I’d avoided for days. I watched as she held her hand over her eyes looking down below us. She was silent again for several moments before she spoke up.

“I believe so yes. If I’m right, you’ll be in good hands anyway. You’ve nothing to fear I made some suggestions, they listened, I think. Better for us anyway, as long as there aren’t any more surprise’s coming.”

“There isn’t anyone else around. At least close by, not unless someone knows how to conceal themselves.” I murmured almost without thinking checking again to see if I could feel anyone else nearby. But it still was just the three of us.

“How are you sure?” Carliah asked me curiously.

“I’m not sure. I can feel you, I’ve always felt you from nearly the first time we met. I felt her enter the valley up at the pass. I can’t feel anyone else. Not to say that I’m wrong or I’ve missed something. I’ve never tested it enough to know. With just the two of us I’ve always known where you are.” I shrugged looking down as the figure drew closer.

“Curious.” Carliah murmured softly. “We’ll have to test it see whether it is accurate. That isn’t a skill I’ve known anyone to have. Could be very useful as long as there isn’t a way to avoid it, or be missed. Not for today anyway, today we’ve other things to take care of. Or you do at least.” She smiled faintly stepping up closer to me.

“For now, I’ll leave you to it.” She pressed close and kissed me softly.

I murmured against her mouth licking my lips as she edged back. “You’re leaving?” I asked her.

“You don’t need me here for this part.” She shook her head smiling. “I’m going to venture a little further away and see bursa escort bayan what game I can find. I’ll be back tomorrow some time. Nothing will happen while I’m away I’ll keep an eye open and make sure there aren’t any surprises and now I can see if your skill is as accurate as it sounds.”

She looked like she was going to say something else but then shook her head again. “Just relax, enjoy it remember this is what we all do. This is what being a court means. It is more than anyone person. Besides you’ll be fine we’ve managed perfectly, and I taught you after all.” She smiled at me again and then started off down the slope towards the advancing figure.

I breathed deeply and just watched as she walked down the trail. I stayed where I was just waiting. When Carliah reached the waiting figure they paused together and exchanged a quick grip of their wrists. I watched the new figure cast her gaze up towards me briefly as she and Carliah talked. Then after they were finished Carliah continued heading back down the valley whilst the new figure began the climb up.

The higher she climbed the easier it was to see her. I didn’t recognize her. That was clear enough. She wasn’t from my court, or any of those I’d been to, not that I remembered anyway. She was shorter than Carliah was. Her hair a deep oak coloured brown was pulled back in a simple ponytail and bound together. Already I could see her looking up to watch me as well.

As she crested the final slope and reached me, we stood there opposite one another just staring, gauging each other and feeling one another out. I hadn’t seen any one from the courts apart from Carliah in such a long time her presence made me uneasy in many ways. But I held myself still as I studied her my eyes just flicking across her figure.

She gave me a wry smile as she did much the same before, she inclined her head slightly towards me. “Trisalion.” She spoke softly but her voice was clear and carried easily. I nodded my head slightly and then inclined my head towards her as well a more formal greeting. She ignored it and instead stepped closer and took my hand instead.

Her fingers wrapped around mine and squeezed lightly. The touch made me shiver as I felt the questing tendrils of her power just sliding across me inquisitively. I focused my attention and calling my own pushed it back lightly feeling the two connect twisting and turning as they met each other wrapping themselves together forging a bond between us. She smiled at me and released my hand.

“My name is Marissa.” She continued “And I believe we have some business to take care of today.” She offered me another wry smile. We both knew what this would entail. She lifted her gaze and looked above me towards the cave entrance. “So shall we get started then?” She spoke again hand resting on her hip. I noticed a sheathed blade strapped against her leg.

I didn’t know then but similar to Carliah her specialty tended towards the martial. She wasn’t the greatest blade, but she had a reputation as a hard fighter, solid and immovable. As a tactician and planner few could match her. As a first choice on someone to do what needed to be done, I couldn’t fault Carliah’s choice. She didn’t venture far from what she knew.

None of that was known to me then. My primary concern at that moment was merely satisfying what needed to be done. First there was the practical side of things. I led the way up the slope a shorter distance this time to the entrance of the cave where me and Carliah had made our home. We paused outside so we still had the light.

Marissa drew a knife from her belt and advanced towards me. I bared my arm waiting as she nicked her own palm a scarlet line appearing beading with fresh blood. A quick cut and a matching line appeared across my own palm as she cut a shallow path across my hand.

I squeezed it together feeling the blood run down my hand as it welled free watching as Marissa drew out several scrolls the parchment creaking as she slowly unfurled it and laid it out open in front of me. I had to let my blood drip across them all several drops on each just a signature of sorts to say this was me.

A talented court member with an affinity with the blood would later verify and codify everything vouching for it’s authenticity. Then they would be sealed one to my former court, one for myself one sent to the repository for such things where all records of all court recognized members were held in case anyone wanted to look and double check anything.

With that formality taken care of Marissa carefully made sure the blood was placed neatly on both and then added her own to them as well proof that she had witnessed it. Carliah would be the second witness and would take care of that whenever she returned no doubt. Of course, Carliah had firsthand experience of my magic and newly found power as well.

Marissa…….well that after all was why she was here. She cleaned the knife blade she held and then sheathed görükle escort it once more before she her eyes flicked back to mine. “So shall we get on with the next part?” She inquired her voice soft and measured as she spoke. I nodded quickly and led the way inside the cave itself brushing the screen back as I entered.

She followed behind me. We didn’t really have much in the way of furniture or amenities. The parchments ended up suspended over one of the drying racks Carliah used for furs. Just allowing them to dry and be safe out of the way while we attended to other more intimate matters that needed to be taken care of.

I stood in the middle of the cave and turned back towards her Marissa watching as she slowly moved towards me. She knew why she was here, and she knew what needed to happen. I knew as well. The scrolls were something I’d done before or at least I knew had been done. I didn’t have a copy as being exiled and seemingly without power meant I hadn’t been given my original copy. This part however was only done when you were of age.

I turned around and faced her again watching as she made her way slowly forwards closing the distance between us. She had a small smile on her face as she looked up at me. I was more conscious of her now, her figure the differences between her and Carliah. I could almost taste her power as she moved up until we were bare inches apart.

“This part should be the easy one. I mean it’s definitely the most fun, at least if you do it correctly. All you really need to do now of course is not think about anything at all. Just relax let instincts take over. Then it all just happens naturally from there I think.” She breathed out the words so I could feel the warm touch of her breath on my skin.

At the same time, she reached out and her fingers edged there way slowly up the center of my chest. I tingled under the touch swallowing hard as I watched her. She settled her hand on me fingers splayed wide just over my heart as she looked up. I focused on her. She was shorter than Carliah her mouth a little wider, a little fuller.

But she rose up on her toes closing the distance between us and just pressed her mouth against mine. It was light and teasing just catching my lip with her teeth before she nipped gently and bit down. She eased back licking her lips and then slipped forward again kissing me once more. Again, it was lighter more playful, teasing my senses, making me more aware of her physical presence in front of me.

“I guess it may depend on how you like to do things as well of course. Whether you’d rather run and chase me down instead perhaps. But I don’t get that impression right now. I have the feeling you are still getting used to things in which case I’ll just show you what needs to be done. At least until you remember a little more.” She breathed out again a smirk playing across her mouth as she looked at me.

Then she leaned forward and kissed me again. This time it was harder, deeper her mouth fully exploring mine her tongue sliding over my lips. Her hand reached up slipped into my hair grabbing a handful and pulling me down to meet her more fully. It increased the contact, the friction, the heat between us and I made a sound hearing her chuckle feeling the vibrations run through her as she pressed against me.

I let my eyes close I just savoured the feel of her mouth against mine, the touch of her lips and the feel of her teasing and exploring me. I felt her other hand reach down to grasp mine and then lift it up placing it on her hip. Lightly I ran it up my fingers playing over her body feeling her move beneath my touch even as she continued to kiss me.

Her own then dropped down moving across my own hip and then sliding down between us running over my belly and continuing down until she was pressing between my thighs and massaging me. I shivered under that touch another noise muffled by her lips escaping me as I reacted. I heard another light chuckle escape her.

“See all you need to do is let yourself go. Not think, not question anything just relax back and let instinct take over. Right now, I think this is the best possible idea.” Her teasing words were accentuated by her fingers as they lightly caressed me just running up and down the hardening length of my shaft as it pushed out against my clothes. She wasn’t done yet either.

She let go of my hair and both hands reached between us delving and working under my clothes tugging them up so she could slip inside and find bare skin. I shivered as I felt her fingers run across bare skin her nails raking me, a sharper contrast compared to the tips. Then continued to push on down exploring further.

Her lips pressed against my throat, and she nipped playfully at my skin. At the same time, I felt her fingers slide down even lower and my erection already straining and eager to escape leapt out and surged into her hand. She gripped the head and squeezed her thumb caressing the swollen tip making me ache.

I had both hands on her hips. Holding her steady as she looked down slowly sliding her hand down along the length of my shaft all the way to the base and then slowly stroked her way up to the head once more teasing me. I ached under her attention my breath already catching as I throbbed with pleasure.

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