The Christmas Gift Ch. 03

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When Andrew came downstairs, Jake, still in pajamas was finishing breakfast. His mom was at the stove. She was in her night clothes, too.

“Good morning, dear.” She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled. Andrew couldn’t believe how normal she looked. No one would ever think that she had spent a large part of the previous night in incestuous love with her older son. “Pour yourself some orange juice and milk. I’ll have these eggs done in a little bit.”

“OK.” Andrew tousled his brother’s hair. “How’s it going, dude?

Jake found a bit of grape jelly on his lips and licked it clean. “Hi, Andrew. Are you going with me to Tucker’s house?”

Their mother answered, “No, he’s got some chores to do. We’ll drop you off. Now, why don’t you get upstairs and bathe? I’ll be in to check on you in a few minutes and I’d better see lots of suds in that tub.”

“OK,” the twelve year old said as he scampered out. His feet stamped on the stairs as he bounded up them.

His mother took the skillet off the stove. She turned to her 18 year old son and took him in her arms. They shared a long deep kiss. His hand naturally went inside her fleece robe. He found her soft warm tit inside and caressed her. He felt the nipple stiffen as she sucked on his tongue.

Finally she pulled away from Andrew. He was disappointed and told her so.

“There’s time, later,” she said. Marilyn would have let her son continue, but she had other plans for the day.

“OK,” Andrew said. He knew he could trust his mother. After their first fuck on Christmas Eve and the follow up last night, he was willing to let her take the lead. At least for now. “What’s the plan.”

“Tucker’s mom called and asked if Jake wanted to come over for the day. Some of the boys next door are building a snow fort and he needs reinforcements for his own fort. Jake says that’s a great idea and I told her we’d drop him off.”

“So we’ve got the day together?” Andrew was liking the way she was talking.

“That’s right.”

Andrew gave her a hard hug and pressed his boner against her.

“Down, tiger, down,” his mother advised. “We’ve got things to do today.”

“I know…”

Marilyn slapped him gently, laughed, and stepped out of his arms a second time. “Now, you behave. I’m going upstairs to check on your brother. Eat your breakfast. Then get cleaned up. We’re going to town. Use my shower. We’ve only got about 40 minutes.”

The teen wanted to ask more, but he didn’t have a chance. His mother was gone.

With nothing to do but comply, he ate quickly. He headed upstairs, went to his room, and got clean clothes. He could hear his brother laughing from the bathroom they shared. He went to his mother’s room. Her bed, where they had recently fucked, was roughly made. Her bathroom was still steamy. She’d put out a fresh towel for him. Before showering, he took a peek in the dirty clothes hamper. The nightgown he’d removed from her the night before was still warm.

His cock was rock hard as he let the hot water run over him and soaped up. He wished his sexy mom would come in and help him wash, but he knew that wasn’t in the cards. He thought about jacking off, but decided it was better to save up his cum. So the horny teen just showered, dried off, and dressed.

Andrew was trying to think of some excuse to help his mother dress. That was futile. She’d taken her clothes to the half bath downstairs and was locked in. Jake was sitting on the couch wrapped up like a mummified Eskimo, nothing visible but his eyes and grin behind the ski mask. They made small talk till his mom came out and said they were sitting on go so darn it, let’s went!

She was dressed in a dark gold sweater that fit her loosely, a long brown skirt that reached past her calves, and boots. As they headed for the garage, she pulled a cap over her hair and ears and pulled on a jacket. She grabbed a purse that wasn’t nearly as big as the ones she often chose. Andrew was a bit surprised at the boots. He’d never noticed her wearing them before. Made of dark shiny leather, they had high heels and went up under the hem of her skirt. The heels were tall enough that they made her only a few inches shorter than his 6’1″.

Jake climbed in the SUV’s back seat. Andrew road shotgun. Once they were on the road, Andrew saw the sky was a deep blue and contrasted beautifully with the white snow that lay over the world. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and although the sun was shining, it didn’t lend much warmth.

It was a short drive to their destination, but Marilyn drove slowly, looking out for patches of ice and kids. It seemed that every yard had kids, building snowmen, having snowball fights, or making snow angels. Jake was so excited he was bouncing from one window to another to catch all the action.

Finally they arrived at their destination. A couple of Eskimo mummifies who could have been anybody but were the same size as Jake were using a sheet of plywood to shove snow into a bulwark. Marilyn stopped at the curb, told Andrew she’d only escort bayan be a minute, and got out of the SUV. She left the engine running to keep the heater going. Jake was right behind her, running to help his buddies.

Marilyn went to ring the doorbell. She spoke a couple of minutes with the woman who answered the door. Once Andrew saw his mother shake her head. He heard the distant laughter from the two moms. Then the door closed and she was coming back to the SUV.

She got in, put on her her seatbelt, and looked all around the vehicle for kids. She drove off.

“What’s on the agenda?”

Marilyn looked at her son. “Did anybody ever tell you there are no stupid questions? Well, sweetheart, they’re wrong. That was just about as dumb a question as a man could ask a woman. You just sit there and you’ll find out. As Charlie Chan used to say, ‘Patience are a lovely virtue’.”

She patted his thigh. He didn’t say anything. He had no idea who Charlie Chan was or what patients had to do with his mother and him, unless they were going to do volunteer work at some hospital. Personally, he’d have thought better if they had retraced their route and gone right back home. He was ready to fuck his mom again.

He had no idea where they were headed. She pulled on the freeway. Traffic was light and people were slowing down when they drove over one of the salted and sanded overpasses. She pulled off the freeway. She turned into the parking lot at a large strip mall. It contained a mattress store, a sports bar, and smaller places like a sub sandwich shop and a pizzeria. Marilyn drove to the very end where there was a boutique. It wasn’t your everyday sort of boutique, though. The big neon letters out front proclaimed The Boom-Boom Room. Smaller letters advised potential customers that store had the largest selection of “performance” attire, lingerie, and adult novelties in the city.

“What are we doing here?”

Marilyn parked and shut off the engine. She shook her head in wonder.

“Are you really my son? I didn’t know I gave birth to an imbecile.” She ruffled his hair. “Tell me, darling son, what does one do at a store.”

“One buys things?”

“Exactly. Didn’t I mention how I seem to have added all this weight in my boobs? Your old friend Kris Kringle, no doubt, is who you need to be thankful to. Just look.” Marilyn lifted her sweater, exposing her naked boobs to her son. Once more, Andrew was greeted with a view of his mother’s creamy white globes and their hardened dark nipples that made his mouth water. “I don’t have a single bra that fits anymore. So we’re going shopping. I found this gift card in my wallet – another bit of work from your old pal Kris? – and did some investigating on the internet. From what I read, this is the place to shop.”

She pulled her sweater back where it belonged.

Feigning irritation, he mumbled, I guess if I gotta…”

“You gotta…” She gave her son a kiss on the lips and gave the hard muscle of his thigha squeeze. She was gratified to see the beginning of a bulge inside his jeans. “I know you hate being seen in public with your ugly old mother, but if we run into any of your slutty young girlfriends from school, I’ll try not to embarrass you.”

The teen didn’t think they were likely to run into anyone he knew. After all, they’d driven clear across town to get here. And none of his friends were likely to shop here. He reminded his mother of this fact.

“Good. Then if anybody sees that boner you’re sporting, they’ll just assume it’s because I’m the hottest MILF around and not because I’m your mom. Now, let’s go!”

They got out of the SUV and Marilyn locked it up. They headed towards the nearest entrance. As they walked, he casually put his arm around his mother’s waist. She let him pull her closer so that their hips bumped together. His mom adjusted her stride to match his. He never thought something as normal as walking could be erotic, but as they moved in unison, he felt his erection grow.

He didn’t know what priapism was; if he had, he might have wondered if he had a terminal case.

The door had a bell that tinkled as they entered. It was a huge store, brightly lit, with display cases, dozens of mannequins, and a couple of salesgirls who looked to be barely out of high school. One of them, a black woman with hair dyed a deep shade of purple, came over. Despite the winter weather outside, she wore a bikini top, hipster pants, and stilettos with five inch heels. The top was barely able to cover her bouncing boobs, barely big enough to hold her gold name tag. Shaniqua, it said. She had both eyelids and her lower lip pierced. The upper curves of her large boobs were tattooed, but Andrew didn’t want to stare, so he couldn’t read what the words were.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” she said as she joined them at the door, “but this store is adults only.”

Indeed, there was a sign outside clearly stating that fact.

Marilyn smiled sweetly. “Even for a mother and her escort bayanlar son?”

The clerk’s eyes got big and round. “Oh-h. In that case, is there anything in particular I can show you?”

“Well, I’d like to start with some brassieres.”

“Right this way.”

Marilyn followed the salesgirl; Andrew followed his mother.

“What size are we needing today?”

Marilyn showed her, lifting her sweater.

“Oh, OK. I’d say 38C to start…”

“Or maybe 36D,” added Marilyn. “Darling, why don’t you look around while Shaniqua and I see what’s available.”


“Maybe you’d like to find me a couple of nighties?”

“Yeah, sure.”

He’d have rather stayed with the two woman, but Andrew could take a hint. He strolled away from the section of bras. As he walked around, he was amazed at the mannequins. They were anatomically correct. All had prominent nipples. Most had pierced indentations that would have been navels on living, breathing women.

“Can I help you?”

“Shit!” exclaimed Andrew as he whirled around and saw the second salesgirl standing there smiling at him. With white spiked white hair, she wore a lace camisole and black leather miniskirt. She was less pierced than Shaniqua, possessing only a nose stud. A garland of green leaves and small red flowers was tattooed around her neck and trailed down her left shoulder. She had small pointed breasts. Her name tag said she was Naomi.

“My, uh, friend says I should pick out some nightgowns for her.”

Naomi took in his bulge and smiled. “Isn’t she a little old for you, stud?

“Uh, not really.”

“I mean, she’s old enough to be your mother!” She laughed. She glanced over at Marilyn and Shaniqua, who were looking at several styles of bras. “Not that she’s old and decrepit or anything. I just hope your woman has a some resistance. She’s the type Shaniqua likes. If you’re unlucky, that woman of yours will wind up Shaniqua’s bitch. Of course, if that happens, I may help you forget all about her…”

She took a last long look at Andrew’s bulge. “Sleepwear’s over here.”

As he followed the girl to that section of the store, he watched the other clerk lead his mother to the changing rooms. He watched them disappear through the curtains and his blood went cold. Was Naomi shitting him or telling the truth about the black girl? He didn’t like the idea of his mother being kissed and groped by the salesclerk. Then, the more he thought about it, maybe it would be hot. Unless his mother preferred a woman to him. He had to consider that possibility. Now that he and his mother were lovers, he didn’t want to lose her. That would kill him.

“What do you think she’d like?” the white salesgirl asked. “Something short and slutty or long and romantic? I think she’d be the romantic type myself, but I’ve been wrong before… I tell you what: Shaniqua won’t waste much time. Do you like the idea of that black dyke licking up your woman? She’s got a five inch tongue. I know. I seen her lick snatch before. I’ll bet your woman’s creaming already. Wanna bet, stud?”

Her eyes caressed his bulge once more and truth be told, it was a whopper. Just as Kris Kringle had enhanced Marilyn’s boobs, he had worked his magic on Andrew’s cock.

Naomi closed the distance between them. She kissed him as her hands felt his cock through his jeans. “I know I can make you forget that woman. Besides, by now, she’s forgotten all about you. Believe me.”

Andrew didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to cheat on his mother, and yet if what the salesgirl said —

Shaniqua suddenly appeared from behind the dressing room curtains. Striding over. she looked most unhappy. She addressed Andrew.

“The woman says that you should bring her some nightgowns.” She walked off, stopped, and looked back over her shoulder at him. “She’s in dressing room three.”

“OK,” Andrew said. “Say, what’s performance attire?”

“Clothes for dancers,” explained Naomi with a smirk. She apparently relished her co-worker’s failure. “Exotic, belly, that sort of thing.”

“I think I’ll look at them later.” He turned to the racks of negligees and the salesgirl left him. He saw her go over to her co-worker. Naomi gave the black girl and peck on the cheek and they put their arms around each other briefly before separating.

Andrew looked at the several racks of clothes. He was immediately and totally lost. Finally he found a tag on one negligee that was made mostly of black cobwebs and found the size and care tag. He had no idea what size size his mother wore; he had no idea what fabrics to pick. He looked at several more items. He knew petite meant small and decided his mother wasn’t that. He considered her boobs. They were certainly large, so he went to the large section of the rack. He decided to ignore the material. He thought about Naomi’s comment that his mother looked like the type of woman who would want romantic sleepwear. The black cobwebs certainly looked romantic to bayan escort him. He picked that one out in large and three of four more like it. Then he threw in a baby doll with matching panties.

He put his selections over his arm and walked over to the register where Shaniqua stood.

“I found these,” he said.

The salesgirl looked through them quickly, counting them. She shook her head, then told him, “You gots to be crazy. OK, take ’em to her.”

“UH -“

“Like I said, she’s in dressing room 3”

He realized that it was apparently OK for him to go in to the dressing room area. He’d never even considered that before, but he liked the idea. He carted the armful of nylon and lace through the curtains and stopped at number three. It was also curtained. He knocked respectfully.


“It’s me.”

“Well, come on in, me.”

He pushed through the curtain. The dressing room was larger than he expected, with the door and the three walls mirrored. Later on, he would comment on this and his mother would explain that she thought this was because dancers and others would need more room to see themselves in the performance attire. The customers would want to see what the garments did when they did their dance steps.

His mother was standing in the center of the floor, looking at herself in the mirrors. She had on a black bustier that was trimmed in hot pink. The garment left the upper part of her knockers and her hard nipples bare. The waist was tight and below she had on matching bikini panties. The bustier had garters that were snapped to her tan stockings. She still wore her boots.

“What do you think?” Marilyn asked.

Oh, shit mom. You’re hot.”

“As if we didn’t know that already —” She turned to let him look at her from all angles. “So, this manages to stir your male beast?”

“Fuck, yeah.”

“I guess we’ll have to buy it, then. And I have some absolutely divine bra and panty sets to model for you at home.” Marilyn looked at her son and smiled. She reached down and hooked her thumbs in the panties and pushed them down. Past the garters, past her stocking tops, and down her boots. She sat on the dressing room bench to pull the panties all the way off. She folded them neatly and sat them on the carpet with her other choices.

“Trying on all these clothes really takes it out of a girl. Maybe I need to take a few minutes before looking at the goodies you brought me.” She opened and closed her thighs. “And you know, it makes me feel all sexy with these new undies.”

“I like it when you feel sexy,” Andrew told her. He saw that her purse was hanging on a hook to one side of the door. He took down the handbag and rummaged within it. He found her lipstick. He uncapped the tube and used the lipstick to color her dark nipples.

“You nut,” she laughed as she looked at her heavily coated nipples.

He put away the lipstick and took one tit in his mouth. He licked her nipple, moving his tongue back and forth. He licked and sucked until all the make up was cleaned off.

“I like the taste of your lipstick,” he said, turning to her other tit.

“That’s good to know. Next time I’ll color my pussy lips.”

“If you do that, mom, I may never stop eating you. Never ever at all. And then my cock wouldn’t get any action.”

“Just because we haven’t sixty-nined yet doesn’t mean we won’t.”

“Ummm, yeah, I like that idea, you eat me while I eat you. I wonder what the calorie count is for fresh cunt?”

“Probably the same as tube steak.” She pulled his lips from her nipple and kissed her son.

“Shit, mom. You make me wanna fuck.”

“I can tell,” Marilyn said as she unzipped his jeans and pulled his boner from his boxers. She gave it several playful kisses and licks. Marilyn was careful to smear her lipstick (freshly applied just before her son joined her in the dressing room)over the head and shaft of his cock. To her, few things made a hard cock look sexier than a coating of lipstick. And, truth be told, she enjoyed the taste as much as he did as she cleaned the red off his cock.

Andrew watched as she worked over his cock. It was as sexy a sight as he could imagine him, his sexy mother running her lips and tongue up and down, over and around his hard cock. He loved the sight of his prick disappearing between her lips as she struggled to take all of his meat. The way her cheeks hollowed and filled as she sucked. The ultimate visual thrill as she looked up at his face, her eyes filled with love and lust, just as her mouth was filled with his cock and he probed down her throat.

She took his cock out of her mouth. A thin thread of saliva kept them connected, running from the tip of his cock to her once deeply red lips. His mother kissed the head again as her fingers massaged his cock. Her fingers squeezed the head, opening the piss slit, and exposing a bright glob of pre-cum. She licked that up and the drop that appeared after the first. The rest she spread over the bulbous head. She took it back in her mouth, savoring the taste of her son.

The sucking mother grabbed her son’s buttocks and pulled him forward. He started a slow and sensuous face fuck.. Marilyn released his ass and ran her delicate fingers up and down his muscular belly, tickling him with her long nails. And she kept her eyes fixed on his.

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