The Boss Pt. 01

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My job has always been pretty good. The pay is shit, but for a college student that’s expected. I work as a grounds worker on my college’s campus, doing things like raking up leaves, planting flowers, and generally making admissions’ job easier. I go to a liberal arts college in a beautiful part of the Connecticut countryside; the winters suck, but as someone who is used to the cold, I don’t mind it too much. Because of the rural nature of my surroundings, there isn’t much to do outside of schoolwork and partying, and its hard to meet many prospective boyfriends.

When my roommate first told me about this job, I didn’t think much about it. I just applied because I wanted some money and a place to meet cute guys, and I knew a bit about gardening. I didn’t really expect to like the job as much as I do. The hours are flexible, and I get to work outside when most of my classwork keeps me cooped up in the library staring at a computer screen. It also doesn’t hurt that my supervisor is pretty attractive. He’s a young guy, not much older that twenty-six if the work gossip holds true. When I did my video interview, it was hard to see what he looked like in the tiny, pixelated box next to the other people in charge of hiring. It wasn’t until I came into training that I really saw his face. He greeted me with a warm smile and showed me around the facility here we kept the rakes, shovels, and other power tools. I kept stealing glances at him while he talked; his strong cheekbones were framed by the hoodie he wore to keep warm in the chilly autumn morning.

Most of the other student workers will tell you that a big reason they applied to this job was for him. And it’s not just his looks, he’s a lenient boss, who lets us leave early sometimes, or take long lunches. On days where it rains we do easy work, and when its sunny and warm he’ll come to us with some fun project. But even when he needs to be firm on something, one gets a certain chill from his serious, authoritative face.

I never really thought much farther than my own passing fancies until the day we we’re helping him remove a tree that had fallen during the thunderstorm. He ripped the chord to get the chainsaw going, and I stood behind him and watched his shoulder muscle stretch and contract with each tight pull. I brushed it off though… I was just one of many girls on the crew, and I certainly wasn’t the hottest. I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

But that changed when we all went out for drinks that one time. It was the first time I saw him outside of his work boots, and I was surprised he Hd Porno even agreed to go with us to the bar. Inside was packed, and the six of us ended up stuffed around a picnic table just outside. I said I would go in to get the drinks if people could tell me their order. He came in to help carry them, and as I pushed through the crowd, I felt his hand on the small of my back. The rest of the night we spent with our shoulder pressed against each other. By the end of the night he was super drunk, and I wanted to drive him home so I could keep talking with him. But it made more sense for him to go with Anna because they lived near each other. So I had to say goodbye to him and go home frustrated.

It’s been a month since then, and work has been the same. I know I shouldn’t think too deeply about his actions; after all, he is my supervisor, and the college has strict rules about that kind of thing. Still. I can’t help but feel a twinge in my gut as I follow him around the admissions building, watching his big boots sink into the grass with every step. My eyes travel up his strong legs. Jesus, be professional… I think as I let out a deep breath.

“Wait, so where are we going again?” I ask.

“I just want to show you the irrigation set up,” he says nonchalantly. “There’s a box that controls the sprinklers hidden back here.”

“Yeah, sounds good,” I respond.

We push our way through the bushes and duck under a few branches hanging low from the redwood that grows up against the building. I lean against the fire escape while he unlocks the box. The people who installed the sprinklers sure did a good job hiding the controls; I’ve never noticed this spot before, though I’ve walked by countless times. From where we are in the nook behind the admissions building, I can hardly see the lawn and the gravel path that’s fifty feet away.

“Here, you can take a look,” he says, taking a step back. “Do you see the clock button?”

I come up beside him as he starts explaining all the buttons and feature of the rudimentary computer that controls the sprinklers. He points to the buttons as he talks, his sleeve brushing up against mine.

“So can you see what it says when I press option 2?” he asks and points to the little unlit screen. I squint and bend closer, shielding the display with my hand to try to get a better read on it.

“Yeah, I think it says auto,” I say. “Is it supposed to say that?”

“No, it’s supposed to say manual.” He presses a few buttons. “What about now?”

“No, still says auto.”

“Wait let Türkçe Altyazılı Porno me see.”

The air stirs as he brings his head right up to mine to squint at the little screen. The hairs on my neck prickle as I pick up his smell of lemongrass and soil. I try not to let the heady scent distract me as I point again.

“See, right here. Auto.” I take a glance at him just as he does the same, and suddenly we’re staring into each other’s eyes. I suck in a breath.

“Um…” I begin, but I trail off with nothing else to say.

The moment feels like an eternity, both of us bent over the little box, and I’m suddenly excruciatingly aware of how extremely close our mouths are.

He glances down, and I begin to pull away, but he’s faster and suddenly his lips are crushing against mine. He tries to pull me closer to him, but I brace my hands against his shoulders. The smell of him is overwhelming, and I can barely think straight as he pushes my mouth open. A little voice in the back of my mind is screaming, but I can’t decide if I should kiss him back.

He nips my lip, and I let out a small noise and give in to him. Our bodies press up against each other and he slides a palm down my back to cup my ass. My body feels like a struck match, the warmth between my thighs thickening with moisture. He pulls back to take a breath and we stare at each other, panting. The moment lasts an eternity. My mind is racing; did he really just kiss me? We just violated a good selection of rules on student boss relations. I open my mouth as if to say something, but all that comes out is a puff of steam.

A few stumbles and a twist and suddenly I’m pressed up against the wall, bricks snagging on my thermal. His kisses me with such an intense hunger that I feel practically helpless to stop it. I want to feel his body. My fingers find the edge of his hoody and I run my thumbs across his hip bones. His skin is like a hot stone in the sun and I shudder at the runaway fantasy of taking him right here.

He moves away from my mouth and starts fervently kissing my neck. “Wait…” I say breathlessly, but I’m not sure what I mean. I can distantly tell my fingers are digging into his waist. “Please…”

He pulls back for a moment and stares at me. The look he gives me is like nothing I’ve ever seen in him. His eyes, which usually squint in the bright sun, or narrow with focus on a task, now meet mine with a thick glaze of desire clouding them. It sets off something in me, and in a moment of uncontrolled lust I grind my Brazzers hips against his thigh, searching for a release. I watch as he raises a dirt flecked hand and sucks two fingers into his mouth. My mind is hazy but a thought slips in, he’s licking the dirt off them. He slides his hand into my jeans.

My breath catches in a gasp of shock as his cold finger find my enflamed slit. He slips a finger in me and its too much. I grip his back and squeeze my eyes shut while he returns to hungrily kissing my neck. What is happening right now? I can hardly breathe, part of me is aware that we are precariously hidden. A student need only glance through the branches and see… Voices drift down from the open window above, and I realize with a start that we must be right below the president’s office.

His fingers are strong and thick, and he quickly finds the perfect spot. I kiss him in relief, moaning against his mouth.

“We have to be quiet,” I whisper. “The window…”

“God you’re so fucking sexy.” His voice comes out in a rasp between kisses.

It’s too much for me. I can tell I’m getting close, accelerated by the elicit act of coming outside. His fingers pump in and out.

“Shit, I’m gonna…” I start, but he cuts me off with his lips. I grip his neck.

“No–you don’t get it,” I gasp, “Hold me, I’m gonna fall.”

The orgasm breaks like I’ve been dropped into a deep ocean, so hard I feel my knees buckle as I clutch him. His strong arms support me as it rolls over me again and again. I can hear the moan coming from my mouth but I can’t do anything to stop it. I buck against him as it begins to fade, my breathing harsh and ragged and my body completely relaxed. When I break the surface again and realize what I’ve just done, a shiver runs down my spine. We gaze at each other, and I can feel his desire hot and urgent against my thigh. An eternity passes.

“What the fuck just–” but a ringtone cuts me off. He abruptly turns away and clears his throat before whipping out his phone.

“Hey, what’s up?” he says quietly. “Yeah of course. We’re heading back there anyway, so I’ll pick you up.” He hangs up, but doesn’t face me as he says, “Andy just started her shift, so we gotta go pick her up from the break room.”

“Um, okay,” I say. He glances over his shoulder before pushing back through the bushes.

I look down at my disheveled clothing and try to smooth my hair. What in God’s name? I’ve always been attracted to him but I never once thought it was more than a stupid work crush. Evidently I was wrong… Shit. I glance up at the window above and hold my breath, listening intently for any evidence that we were heard. But the only sound above the silence is the soft rustle of the wind in the redwood. I take a moment to rearrange my clothing before stepping back out into the light of day.

to be continued…

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