The Blue Life Ch. 14: Sally and Terri

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18+. The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality. If any of that offends you, just move on to the next story. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are appreciated. This chapter of the story grew to be very long. It became three times as long as other chapters. So, I broke it down into three chapters (12, 13 & 14). There’s a lot of sexual tension in Chapters 12 and 13 of the story. Fortunately, this Chapter features lots of nasty, kinky, surprising sex! Thanks again to John for his help in editing and proofreading. Much appreciated.


I took the bag of Chinese Food with me and went to the door. There was a note on the door that read, “Door’s unlocked. Just come in. -s.” I decided to leave the note on the door and the door unlocked on the slim chance that Sondra might actually drive over. I entered quietly, and set the food on a small table in the entryway.

I tiptoed into the house. I don’t know why I was being sneaky. Sally was right, the house was a mess. It didn’t smell. There was just stuff everywhere. The dining room table was being used for a desk. There was folded laundry on the couch, with a laundry basket next it, full of clothes waiting to be folded.

I heard Sally cry out, “Oh FUCK,” from the bathroom. It sounded like she was hurt.

I called out, “Sally, are you OK?” And I went to the bathroom door.

“Oh shit,” I heard her say, “Bobby, Master, Daddy, don’t come in! I’m not ready! Oh FUCK!”

I opened the door. Sally was in the Honeymoon set lingerie. The bra was totally sheer exposing Sally’s huge nipples. She had on the lacy, white, split-crotch panties too. She also had on the black garter belt and stockings. Those didn’t go perfectly with the set, but it was still sexy as hell, and it felt nice that Sally wanted to wear all the special things I had picked out for her. She had a look of embarrassment, confusion, and pain on her face. She had the toilet seat down, and was trying to work the larger, Number Three butt plug into her ass by sitting on it. She looked up at me and said, “Daddy, I can’t do it. I’ve been trying for a few minutes now.”

“Shh. I’m sorry, Little Girl. Your Daddy should have been here to help. Did you lube both the plug and your butt-hole, Baby?”

“Yes, Daddy. But I’m too tense. It won’t go in.”

“Let’s focus on something else. Now that your Daddy is here that plug’s just going to ease inside.”

“Easier said than done, Bobby.”

“I’m not Bobby. I’m your Daddy now, call me, Daddy.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“You got dressed pretty for your Daddy. You look so sexy, Little Girl. Take out your Daddy’s cock.”

“Yes, Daddy.” She undid my belt. I helped her with the button and fly, and my pants dropped to my knees.

“No. Don’t take my cock into your mouth. Just wipe it on your face. Kiss it. Lick it. You love my cock.”

“I love your cock, Daddy.”

“You’re such a fucking beautiful fuck-slut! You feel how hard I am! That’s all because of you.”

“I love your cock, Daddy!”

“Rub your clit, slut. Pinch it. Really rub it.”

“That will make me cum, Daddy!”

“Close your eyes. Smell my cock. Lick it. Taste it. And imagine how good that hard fuck-meat will feel sliding into your tight, little pussy. I’m going to fuck your pussy hard. And you’re going to cum all over my cock.”

“Daddy, I’m going to cum now.”

“I want you to cum now. But imagine that black butt plug is your Daddy’s cock, invading your butt. You’re opening yourself to my pulsing fuck-stick, taking it in your ass, you fucking dirty Daddy Whore! You’re going to cum, Little Girl!”

The butt plug popped inside Sally’s ass, and she simultaneously came. I steadied her, because it looked like she got woozy for a second. “Oh fuck! Daddy! My asshole is cumming too. Oh Daddy! I can’t stop cumming.”

“Stand up, Slut!” I kicked off my shoes and pants.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Take me to your bedroom. I can’t wait anymore. I need to fuck you now, Sally.”

“Yes, Daddy. Are you going to have my asshole?”

“No. I need to fuck your cunt, right now. Oh fuck! I left the condoms in the car! Damn!”

Sally could see my desperation. “It’s OK, she said, “I bought some at the drugstore, Master.”

“Hurry. Get one out. Roll it onto my cock. That’s right. Now lie back on the bed. Damn, your pussy is beautiful! Tell me you want this.”

“Fuck me. Take me. Make me yours!”

I pressed my cock inside her. “Oh, so freaking tight! You feel so good on my cock, Slut!”

“You’re so big, Bobby! Much bigger than your father. And with this butt plug in my ass, I’m so filled up. Fill me!”

“You’re such a good fuck, Mrs. Whitehall! Rub that big fat clit again and cum on my cock. God, your tits look sexy in that bra.”

“Yes, Daddy. Fuck me. Make me your whore. Oh fuck, you’re so big! God, I love being fucked by you! Fuck me!”

I grunted and came. All the pent up lust from the last four hours came shooting out of my cock, filling the condom. “Oh, gaziantep escort wow,” I sighed, “That was short, but sweet. I’m sorry I couldn’t last longer. I was just overcome with lust.”

“That was wonderful, Bobby. I came in the bathroom and then again with you pounding my pussy.”

I eased my cock out of Mrs. Whitehall. I had left a large load of semen in the tip of the condom.

“Oh, Bobby. Look at how much spunk you had inside you! No wonder you had to cum so fast. You must have had blue balls, from Sondra and I teasing you back at the store.” She eased the condom off of my withering penis. “Mmm. It’s still warm. How many ounces do you think this is?”

“I couldn’t say. It felt like a big load for me.”

“It’s a shame to waste it. May I, Daddy?”

I was confused. “May you what, Little Girl?”

Mrs. Whitehall didn’t answer but, just put the end of the condom to her mouth and tipped it up. She squeezed my semen from the tip out the end, like she was working a tube of yogurt. She smiled up at me, and then opened her mouth to show me she was rolling my cum around on her tongue. It was a very nasty and erotic sight. She closed her lips. Swallowed and licked her lips. “It tasted a little bit like condom. But it didn’t totally spoil the flavor. It was still warm, and sweet and salty. I prefer getting it right from the source.” She kissed my cock. And then took it in her mouth.

“That’s right. Clean my cock. Then I brought us some dinner.”

“Chicken with Broccoli and Spring Rolls?” Mrs. Whitehall clapped her hands together, like she was about to get a present.

“Yep. Plus, Spicy Beef with Baby Corn and Egg Rolls,” I said.

“Ew. I might have a taste of the Beef. But I don’t like those Baby Corn.”

I laughed. I walked back into the bathroom and got my pants. “Don’t tell Sondra about the Baby Corn. She loves Baby Corn.”

“So…you called her?”

“Yep. She helped me order the Chinese Food.” I lifted up the bag. “I made sure there was extra, just in case.”

“What? She’s coming over? Oh, Bobby, I’ve got to clean up.”

“No, you don’t. Go to your closet and put on your highest heeled shoes.”

“But I’m in my underwear, Bobby. I don’t need heels,” Mrs. Whitehall complained.

“You’re in a garter and stockings. And that demands shoes, unless you’re in bed or on your back getting fucked, Slut. That’s three with the paddle for arguing with your Master. And three more for the messy house. It doesn’t bother me. But obviously, you seem to think you need punished for it.”

“Am I getting paddled now, Daddy?”

“After dinner. I want the anticipation of your punishment to add a bit of spice to your food.”

Sally said, “Oh my,” and then ran to get some heels. She came back in open toed pumps with a two inch, thick heel.

I shook my head. “Those shoes won’t do. Do those shoes say, ‘Fuck Me’? No. They don’t. You can wear those shoes to work or church or out with friends. But when you are with me, or out on a date with other men, you need shoes that are going to extend the line of your leg, and emphasize the curve of your ass.”

“I’m sorry, Master. These are the sexiest shoes I have.”

“What does that say about your wardrobe in general, Sally?”

“I need to look my best and sexiest for you. I need new shoes.”

“And some new clothes. That’s two more spanks with the paddle for the shoes.”

“Yes, Master.” Sally looked dejected, then she brightened up. “Wait,” she yelled and ran from the room. She came back in the room in sky blue, patent leather shoes, with a four inch, spiked heel and an inch rise at the toe. They were exactly the kind of shoes I was talking about. They made Sally’s legs look longer, curvier. The pastel color was a little tame. I prefer bold colors. But the style of the shoe was perfect.

“HOT DAMN, Woman!” I whistled. “I thought you said you didn’t have any sexy shoes!”

“I don’t. Terri got these to wear to a semi-formal dance in two weeks. But then the boy she was going with dumped her, and then she decided she is a Lesbian; or maybe she decided she was Lesbian and then the boy dumped her. But that boy doesn’t know what he is missing. I’ve seen her in that gown and these shoes. I’m just lucky we have the same size feet.”

“You are lucky. I take back the two extra spanks for not having sexy shoes.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“Get some plates, and some spoons for serving. They threw in some chopsticks, but I would rather eat with a fork.” Sally ran off to the kitchen. “Should I push aside stuff on the dining table, or can we just eat on the floor in the family room?”, I called.

“Would you mind the living room? You can put the food on the coffee table. And we can picnic on the floor.”

“That sounds fun,” I said. I put the food on the table and got it out of the bag. There was a LOT of food. I looked around and found the TV remote. I turned on the TV. Mrs. Whitehall has the same Cable Service as we do. So I went up to the music stations and found some smooth jazz.

Sally gaziantep bayan escort ilanları came in with the plates and silverware. She also had a lit taper candle in a glass base. “This is nice, Bobby.” She set down the plates and candles. “But, turned down the volume on the TV all the way.” She walked over toward the TV.

“I can change the station,” I said. Mrs. Whitehall spread her legs and leaned over to reach a shelf on the entertainment center below the TV. Her panties split in the back, revealing the butt plug. Her ass and her legs looked fantastic in the high heel shoes. “Mercy, woman. Are you bending over like that just for my benefit?”

I heard Sally giggle. “No. I’m turning on the surround sound.” The jazz came back on and Sally turned it down to a nice warm volume. Sally twerked a little, making her big butt roll, quiver and shake. “You like this jelly, Bobby?” She shook her ass. “Are you really going to paddle this butt, Master?” She turned around and swayed her hips side to side. ” Are you really going to fuck your Little Girl’s tight asshole, too Daddy?” She turned around again, and splayed the white panties with her fingers, so I could clearly see the large, black butt plug wedged between her cheeks.

I said, “Wow,” and sat down on the floor. “Get on your hands and knees, Slut. Yes. Lean down so I can see the way your tits hang in that bra. Shake them. Shake your titties like you shook your ass for me. Wow.”

“Do you like your fuck-cow’s giant milkers?”

“Heavens, yes. Crawl over here and give Daddy some sugar,” I commanded.

Sally smiled and crawled on her hands and knees over to me. We kissed, lightly at first. Then with more passion. Finally, Mrs. Whitehall broke the kiss, saying, “I could do that all night, but I’m starving, Bobby.”

I gestured. “There’s plenty.” We dished up our dinner and ate. I tried the Springs Rolls and Sally tried the Egg Rolls. Both were good. But we both preferred what we had ordered for ourselves.

Sally asked, “Is Sondra really coming over?”

“Probably not,” I said, “but she had me text her the address. And she told me to leave the front door unlocked so she could sneak in and check up on us. She said that just having that possibility open would be exciting for us. She also said that it would make sure I’m a good Master for you, since my performance might be graded.”

“She didn’t say that. But she knew you were coming to see me, to fuck me and everything?”

I smiled and nodded. “Yep.”

“And are you going to see her again, Sir?”

“Yes. If she doesn’t show up here first, we have a date for tomorrow. Did you call Bibliophile Browne?”

“I was very nervous. I don’t ever call men. That’s just not me, Bobby. But we had made a deal, so I called Dennis. He was still at his store, he owns it, you know. It was his father’s but he’s worked there his whole life and when his father died, he took over running the store.”

“You two talked for a while,” I said.

“Yes. He was nervous too. He said he tends to ramble when he’s talking to a pretty woman. I asked him if he was married. And he said he had been divorced for a long time. His two kids are older, both college grads.”

“Do you like him?”

“He was funny on the phone. He kept saying stuff with a double meaning, like innocent but dirty at the same time. It was silly, but he wasn’t gross. I thanked him for giving me the book, especially such an expensive one. He said it was a collectible. But, he really only priced it that high because it was one of his favorites, and it’s by some famous mainstream author who wrote it under a pen name. Anyway, I said, ‘Maybe if you play your cards right, I’ll give you a chance to read it to me as a bedtime story.’ It was a joke, and he laughed. But it seemed like a very naughty, slutty thing to say. Do you think he’ll think I’m a slut?”

“You are a slut, Sally,” I stated.

“No, Daddy. I’m YOUR slut, and there’s a difference. I can let down my guard with you, because I know you and trust you, and I’m your submissive. But, I’m not going to be an easy lay.”

“Then don’t make it easy for Dennis.”

“He asked me out, Sir. He wants to take me to a Museum Gallery Opening on Thursday. It’s an exhibition of Erotic Art Through History. Do you think that’s a little forward for a first date?”

“That sounds like fun. Are you going?”

“I told him that I hadn’t dated since my divorce six years ago. I said that I wanted to talk it over with my daughter and asked if I could call him tomorrow. And he told me that was great, because then he was sure to get another chance to talk to me. And that ‘maybe’ was better than ‘no’.”

“But you didn’t want to ask Terri, you wanted to ask me, right?”

“Because you’re my Master, and I’m your pretty fuck-cow. And I will fuck you every way you want, even my ass, Sir. And I will fuck anyone you tell me to, as long as you’re with me. Because I know you are there to keep my safe, Daddy. I’m ready to gaziantep bayan escort give you all of that. But, I don’t want you to have sex with MY boyfriends. And I don’t want MY boyfriends to have sex with your mother. I don’t want to compete with her. I will need to keep that part of my life separate. And I don’t think that I could have sex behind my boyfriend’s back, not once we had become intimate. So, if I do decide that Dennis and I should become lovers, that would probably put an end to us.”

“Thank you for giving this so much consideration, Little Girl.”

“You make me feel so sexy and beautiful, Bobby McMillan.” And she kissed me.

“You ARE sexy and beautiful, Sally Whitehall.” I kissed her back.

“And if I do take another lover, I don’t know if I would give up having sex with your mother. At least not one-on-one. Would that be OK?”

“We will have to consider that. I am Blue’s Master.”

“And I will still want you to fuck my daughter, Terri. You could even train her, like you’re teaching me.”

“She doesn’t want that. And you don’t want that either.” I laughed like Sally had been making a joke.

“No. I would love to see Mistress Sondra have Terri over that ball, and watch her spank my daughter’s pussy like she spanked mine!”

“Did that hurt?”

“Like a son of a bitch. But it also set my pussy on fire. God, I was begging you to fuck me right there! Next time, you’re bringing a condom, Bobby.”

“Next time, I won’t need a condom. We just need to get tested, and then I will be fucking you bareback, Mrs. Whitehall!”

“Mmm. That will be so nice.” Mrs. Whitehall took a deep breath, “Would you like to get me pregnant, Daddy?”

I choked on my spicy beef. “What! You’re on the Pill, right? Because, no! No, I do NOT want to get you pregnant, Mrs. Whitehall.”

“My tits get even bigger when I’m nursing. They provided so much milk. It became painful, because Terri couldn’t drink enough when she was a baby to relieve the pressure. So my ex-husband would nurse from me. I know, it sounds strange. But it was actually a very loving and bonding time for us. That was early in our marriage. Anyway, even after Terri was weaned, David still drank from my titties, twice a day. He loved it, and I loved it. Then, he seemed to lose interest. I found out later, he was cheating on me. And my milk dried up. And eventually so did our marriage.” Mrs. Whitehall was at the edge of tears.

I didn’t know what to say. “My father would love to suckle your breasts, Sally. And I love kissing and licking your tits too. I just would not be around to feed from you twice a day. Besides, that’s also just not a good enough reason to want to get pregnant.”

“I miss that closeness. And…well, Terri is going off to college next year. And, I just don’t want to be alone. I would have a baby to take care of.”

I took Mrs. Whitehall’s face in my hands. “Sally,” I said, “you will not be alone. You are mine now. And I won’t give you up unless you have another man that you want to commit to. You also have my mother, and my father. You are even more a part of our family now than when you and Mom were just best friends.”

“Thank you, Bobby. I didn’t think that when I took you on as my Master, I would get someone as wise and kind as you too. You know, having you as my Daddy makes dating a lot easier and less scary too.”

“How is that, Sally?”

“Well, I would always think, what if I’m just settling on some fellow just because I’m so horny. Now, I know that if I go on a date with a man, it’s because I like them, not because I’m desperate for sex. That’s why I would love for you to take Terri’s virginity too. I know you’re a good lover. You would teach her well. And then, she wouldn’t make some poor choice, just because she was desperate and horny for sex.”

“So you chose to be my submissive because you were desperate for sex, Mrs. Whitehall?”

“Bobby, I flashed you my titties in a parking lot, and promised that I would be your slut just to get into the car and maybe get a peek at your cock. I had been hearing about you and your gorgeous cock for months. So…yes, I was desperate.”

“Did you make a poor choice, Pretty Sally? Do you regret giving yourself to me?”

“Not for a second, Daddy. This has been the most amazing day of my life.”

“Well, if you like Bibliophile Dennis, I think you ought to give him a chance.”

“He said I should call him tomorrow, or I could stop by his store. He’s only open from eleven to four on Sundays. He said if I stopped by near four, we could get sandwiches at the Deli down the street after he closes up.”

“It sounds like Dennis is wanting to sneak in a casual pre-date before Thursday.”

“He was very casual about the invitation. There was no pressure. He said he’d just enjoy talking with me. Wanna know something funny? Dennis said that what first caught his eye wasn’t my boobs, but my legs. He could see I was wearing stockings and, he imagined, probably a garter belt too. He said that the next thing he noticed were my eyes. He’s got a silver tongue. He is a charmer.”

“So…sandwiches with Dennis tomorrow?”

“Maybe I’ll be too tired after tonight.” Sally gave me a wink. “Where are you meeting Sondra?”

I said, “I wanted to meet her for brunch. But she sings in her church choir. So I said we could go out after church, and then I sort of weaseled an invite to her church.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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