The Best Summer of My Life Ch. 07

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The overriding theme of all my stories is exhibitionism and voyeurism. Please be aware though, that I will touch a lot of other bases as well as this story runs its course. If you are offended by explicit, overt sex, sex between family members, bi or lesbian sex, then maybe it’s best you move on. Lastly, there are no characters under the age of 18 in this story. I say this to avoid having each the characters declare his or her age in the dialogue. I have a number of chapters already written and in revision so you won’t have to wait too long for new installments. I really had fun writing this story because it incorporates so many of my favourite reading topics and I really hope you enjoy it.


On Thursday I was over bright and early, I wanted to get a jump on the day’s work. I knocked and then entered the back door to Magda’s as I called out a good morning. I strolled down the hall to her room and entered as just she finished dressing. She flashed me one of her smiles, the kind that always held a promise of so much more.

“And how’s my favourite young lover this morning?”

“Great,” I answered, “never better. I’ll be finished sorting out the basement tomorrow and I’ll begin with the prep and painting next week.”

“Well that’s progress,” she said. “Say, isn’t your birthday coming up next week as well?”

“Monday,” I said.

That same smile lit up her face again. “Well it sounds like we have two things to celebrate. What would you say to a sleepover tomorrow night? I’m just dying to see how far we can push our lovemaking together. What do you think?”

“Well I guess I’ll be telling Mom I have a sleepover planned.”

“You know,” she added, “there’s a little something called morning sex we’ve never had a chance to enjoy together. For some couples, it’s the best time of day for love.”

“And when you just don’t stop until morning, what do you call that?” I asked.

“Mmm I knew this was a good idea,” she said.”

“OK then, sounds like we’re both pretty busy today, I have a couple of young men coming in for evaluations as well as Mona and Jim.”

We kissed and went our separate ways.

Down in the basement I continued with the final bits of sorting and moving things around. I decided to break just before noon and wash up for lunch. I stripped my filthy clothes off and carried a clean change under my arm as I went upstairs to shower.

I figured the two new guys that Magda had mentioned would probably be upstairs by now, so I thought I would just keep clear of them. I didn’t know if they had a problem with nudity. Just as I tried to shortcut through to the therapy area, Magda showed up with the two men in tow.

“Oh Rick good,” I heard Magda’s voice, “this is Jon and Sven, they’re exchange students and the college has sent them to me for evaluation.”

I turned with a smile to see the two incredible physical specimens. They both looked like statues of Greek gods, each with picture perfect musculature. I nodded trying not to let my jaw drop. Maybe I was on the fence about bisexuality but these guys could get anyone aroused. They both had short, almost platinum blonde hair and deep blue piercing eyes. It was easy to see how well the both were hung through their skintight gym gear.

Jon took one look at me. “Is nudity acceptable in your facility?” He asked.

“It is a personal choice,” Magda offered, “but everyone’s feelings and preferences are considered.”

“May we?” Sven added.

“Well everyone here today is happy either way,” she said, “so sure, if you would prefer.”

I continued on my way to the shower and passed Mona at her locker.

“I don’t know if you’ve seen the two new guys,” I whispered, “but if you ever wanted to do some serious teasing, today’s your lucky day. These guys even get me a little excited.”

“Nice, they must really be something to get you to admit to that,” she said.

A second later Magda walked in with the two and showed them to their lockers. Then she introduced them both to Mona as I continued on my way. After my shower I toweled off and dressed for the walk home. As I moved through the therapy room I saw Jon and Sven on tables eyeing Mona as she worked out in the nude. No erections though, hmm, good self-control, I thought.

When I got home Mom had my lunch waiting and Jan was at the table eating as well.

“How come you’re not at work?” I asked her.

“It’s a forced day off,” she explained, “the bastards need to do some work in the office so they just send us home without pay until they’re finished. I can’t wait until I graduate and get a real job.”

I stripped off and sat to eat across the table from her.

“Where’s Mom?” I asked as I looked around.

“I’m right here,” I heard Mom say as she walked into the kitchen deliciously naked. “What do you need?”

“Is that a serious question?” I asked looking her up and down.

“What is it with you two!” She said. “Do you get some kind of weird kick out of making me feel awkward? You know escort gaziantep I have some issues with the way things are around here now. Just the same, the two of you just keep on prodding me.”

“Sorry Mom, you just look so yummy,” I apologized to her.

Jan went over to Mom and hugged her.

“You know Mom, you probably don’t want to hear this but I’ll bet if we all had some lovely sex together, you might feel more comfortable when the three of us joke about it.”

Then Jan planted a wet sloppy kiss on Mom as she softly squeezed her boob. Mom was completely flabbergasted and I quickly rose and joined them as I slid my hand down to Mom’s crotch and fondled her pussy. Mom was still uneasy as Jan massaged both her breasts now rolling her nipples with her fingers. We took turns kissing Mom alternating between her lips and her neck and shoulders. She was becoming so aroused by all the attention that she was now feeling around both our bodies, stroking and fondling us.

We led her to the den and lay her on the couch as Jan continued kissing her breasts. I found my way to her pussy and began licking and kissing her labia. Mom truly loved our efforts, even when Jan took my place at her pussy. I moved up and pushed my cock into Mom’s mouth as she happily sucked and licked me.

Mom slurped and bobbed as she gave me terrific head and all the while Jan continued to eagerly eat her honey pot. It was such a turn-on to see my sister’s head buried in Mom’s pussy. We had just kicked the wicked sensations up a whole new level. Soon I couldn’t take any more and I came in Mom’s mouth as she sucked and swallowed every drop. She was getting good at taking my loads now and a moment later she moaned and thrashed her way through a nice deep orgasm of her own.

Jan and I both worked on her caressing, licking and massaging her lovely body. As Mom lazily sat back up, Jan lay back in front of her with her legs spread invitingly. Mom stared in disbelief and shook her head at Jan’s silent wide-eyed pleading. She watched intently as her daughter rub herself and rocked her hips.

“Try it Mom, please,” Jan invited her, “I know you’ll like it. I loved every second of eating you.”

Mom slowly lowered her head down between Jan’s legs and cautiously licked her. Predictably, she began to lick more and then even more aggressively. Jan cheered her on as I got in behind Mom. Her ass was sticking up as she worked on Jan so I spread her cheeks and tongued her ass top to bottom and everywhere in between. At the same time I inserted two finger into her and massaged her G-spot while I toyed with her clit with my thumb.

The room was filled with the sounds of slurping grunting and moaning and before long both women were enjoying deep penetrating orgasms. They both cried out in joyous pain as they wriggled on the couch. Jan and I returned to caressing and comforting Mom and she now seemed in a near state of shock staring off into space.

“You did it again,” she moaned. “Only this time you ganged up on me. How am I supposed to defend myself from this? I can’t.”

Jan and I just kept touching, stroking and kissing her as she spoke. Mom got up and then looked back down at us both as we sat naked on the couch.

“You win,” she said, “I can’t fight this any more. It just feels too wonderful and I’m always going to give in to it.”

“We weren’t trying to win anything Mom,” Jan said, “you were feeling so badly about everything and we just wanted to help you feel as good as we do. We both love you so much and we want to help.”

“Strangely enough I do feel better,” she admitted, “much better. I never believed I could do something like that to another woman, let alone my own daughter, but I liked it, I really did.”

“Rick, I think you need to clean up before heading back to work,” Mom looked back to me, “you smell a little rank now, seriously.”

“I’m exhausted and I think I’ll go upstairs and lie down. Jan honey, feel like cuddling with your mom a while?”

“Wow yeah Mom,” Jan gushed, “I’d love that a lot.”

As I reached the head of the stairs I looked back to see Mom and Jan heading up with their arms around each other’s waist. Later as I exited the bathroom I peeked into Mom’s room and saw the two of them cuddled up and fast asleep.

Back at Magda’s I was putting the finishing touches on my reorganization of the basement. I had finished a whole day early and I was quite pleased with myself. Once again I wiped the sweat off my face and stripped down before heading up to the shower. As I walked through the therapy room I noticed Mona’s locker was closed and locked.

When I got to the shower my jaw dropped when I saw Sven on his knees sucking the life out of Jon’s cock in one of the shower stalls.

“Oh geez,” I blurted out. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

I quickly grabbed another stall and turned on the shower. When I reemerged, I grabbed a towel and saw Jon and Sven were still there waiting.

“I’m sorry you had to see gaziantep fetiş escort that,” Sven said, “we’re usually more discrete.”

“I was just surprised,” I admitted, “I’ve never seen two men have sex before. I’ve heard of it of course but this was my first experience. I’m sorry if I made you feel awkward.”

“You did, but not any more. Thanks for being so open and understanding about it. Are you gay or bi as well?” Sven asked.

“No, not at all. Actually, I guess I should say, I don’t think so. Mona thinks I’d really be into being bi but I just don’t know. I know that nudity of any kind is exciting to me and I get a little excited even when I see beautiful naked men. You guys have got amazing physiques and beautiful big cocks. Anyone would have to be a little turned on to look at you.”

Part of me was terrified of things progressing further while another part was actually flirting with these guys. I couldn’t help but wonder what one of those beautiful cocks might feel like in my mouth. As Sven took the lead, he approached me and reached for my cock but just then Magda’s voice rang out and asked if they were ready to discuss their day. They both smiled knowingly at me and headed out towards Magda’s office. I felt Jon’s hand lightly glance over my cock as he passed and smiled at me.

I didn’t know what to do next I was seriously aroused and I needed release. I decided to jump into the whirlpool and wait until Magda was free. Maybe twenty minutes later she walked in and shed her clothes as she approached the tub and then climbed in with me. She slithered up to me and we kissed as she grabbed hold of my cock and squeezed it.

“Well, we’re all alone now. So did the two gay boys corner you in the shower?” She asked with a coy smile.

I told her the whole story and admitted to my curiosity.

She laughed. “I’m amazed a boy with your incredible libido hasn’t been sucking cocks for years already. Horny teenaged boys usually experiment with each other long before they get a crack at some real pussy.”

“Well not me,” I confessed, “but I am thinking about it even though I’m getting all the pussy I can handle.”

“Oh I’ve got a feeling you can handle just a little bit more,” she said as she climbed over me and lowered herself down on to my cock.

“MMmm, that’s better,” she sighed, “lovely hard young cock, nothing like it.”

She slowly rode me up and down as I suckled her breasts and ran my hands all over her tight firm body. Soon she was moving much faster as she held on to the edge of the tub with a death grip. She came and came as I felt her contractions pull at my cock dragging me towards my own orgasm. My cum made milky threads in the water as I pushed up into her wonderful pussy.

We lay there in the tub for a while longer as we collected ourselves. I turned her head toward me and kissed her softly then more and more passionately as my deep feelings for her rose to the surface.

“I love you so much Magda,” I told her. “Why don’t we head to your room and make good use of that last orgasm. I’d love to leave you with something special before I head home.”

“Oh God, how can I say no to that?” She cooed.

We headed to her room and after a lot more dedicated effort I brought her to a screaming double orgasm. She was completely spent after that and I held her until she fell asleep in my arms. I slipped out of bed, dressed and made my way home.

As I walked through the door Jan came up and gave me a playful kiss hello. She recoiled for a second and looked at me with a curious smile.

“Well, who’s that I smell all over your face, little brother? Could it be our sexy neighbour Magda? My my my, how you do get around. I hope you still have something left for me later?”

“Oh, never worry about that sis,” I said, “I’ll always have whatever you need, short of putting my cock in you that is.”

“I think that’s going to need to change one day bro,” she said.

“Not until Mom releases me from my promise,” I answered her, “It’s important to me and I won’t let her down. Mom’s having enough trouble dealing with everything. Don’t add all that extra pressure.”

“OK then,” she said, “I guess I’ll just work on her then.”

“Just be careful,” I warned her, “or everything we have now could suddenly go south on us.”

“OK OK I heard you, I’ll go lightly,” she conceded.

That night Jan snuck into my room and we sixty-nined until very late. We just couldn’t seem to get enough of each other as we dealt out orgasm after orgasm. I came three more times that night and I lost count of how many times Jan did. All I knew was my balls ached and my cock was raw.

The next morning at breakfast Mom was looking at us with an odd expression.

“Is something wrong Mom?” I asked.

“Yeah, you might say that,” she said in a harsh tone, “I could hear you two go at it all night until very late. You’re both so lucky your father was dead tired and fell straight asleep. gaziantep bayan escort But just tell me though, are you both fucking now?”

Wow she must be angry, I thought to myself, she never used language like that.

“No Mom,” we both answered almost simultaneously.

“I’m still a virgin Mom, you can check,” Jan offered.

“All right then,” Mom said as she leaned back against the counter. “Sometimes I just don’t know what to think anymore.”

“So what have you two got on for the weekend,” she asked trying to change the subject.

“Well I’ve got a sleepover tonight but no other plans,” I answered.

“Oh? And should I ask where?”

I made a shy smile. “Maybe not?”

She rolled her eyes upward and turned to Jan. And how about you?

“Well Colleen and Kathy are coming for a sleepover tomorrow, remember?” Jan replied.

“Oh yes that’s right, now I remember,” Mom said with a slightly distant look.

“There had better not be any hanky-panky while those girls are here. And I mean it!” she looked at both of us sternly.

“We’ll behave,” I said.

“It’s not you I’m so worried about,” Mom said as she looked back at Jan.

“Why are you always singling me out these days?” She said.

“That smirk tells me you know exactly why young lady. This young gigolo over here, well he may be at the root of our little sexual revolution but you my dear are the head cheerleader.”

We all chuckled a bit then Jan and I promised not to embarrass the family name.

I had packed a couple of changes of clothes to bring to Magda’s not fully knowing what her plans were. When I got there, a little later than usual, I saw Mona training and Jim was also there working out.

“How are you Jim? Good to see you again,” I greeted Jim as I walked by.

“Very, well,” he answered, “just continuing my tune-up.”

I continued over to Mona and I softly placed my hand on her back as she exercised. She arched back like a kitten as she turned her head to smile at me.

“There you are,” she said, “you’re the one who’s got Magda singing this morning.”

“You really are good for her you know,” she continued to push her back against my hand as I rubbed her, “she never sang and danced for me you know. I’m not jealous but I do envy you.”

“Thank you, that’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me,” I leaned in and kissed her forehead.

As I passed Jim on my way to Magda’s office he gestured to stop me for a second.

“You know, you’re very young to have such a way with women.” He complemented, “I’d love to talk with you some time, maybe over coffee.”

“Sure Jim,” I said, “any time, I’d like that very much.”

When I finally got to the office Magda had a fake frown on. “Finally getting around to the old lady?”

“The best for last my love,” I chimed, “best for last.”

“And I never want to hear that old lady crap again. You’re the sexiest woman alive for me and that will never change.” I chided her.

“OH I do love you so much, my little lover, but one day…”

“Ahh!” I held a finger to her mouth. “Don’t make me spank the bad girl for not listening.”

“OOoo, something else we haven’t tried yet, so much to do so little time,” she cooed.

“I have all the time you’re willing to share with me and much more still,” I said softly as I stroked her soft white cheek.

“Oh get out of here and get to work,” she waved to the door with her arm, “now you’ve got me all wet and I need to change. Speaking of which, you did bring some clothes with you, didn’t you?”

“Clothes, we need clothes?” I spoke as I nodded and went out the door.

I turned and blew her a kiss as she smiled and went back to work.

Once I was down in the basement I took inventory of the materials I had on hand to be sure I wouldn’t run out at a bad time. Then I began my prep, patching areas with more significant damage then filling in all the cracks and holes. I figured I could get a solid first coat on today well in time for the festivities with Magda. When lunch came around Magda came down stairs with some sandwiches and drinks.

“This is different, nice but different,” I noted. “I guess I’d better call home and tell Mom.”

“I want you all to myself until tomorrow,” she said with a smile, “and that means all your cum is mine as well. Your mom and sister can get their share when I send you back, that is if you have any left.”

“Oh I love the sound of that, maybe I should stay the whole weekend?” I offered.

“Please don’t tempt me,” she begged, “I have a business banquet to attend Saturday night and missing it could cost me dearly.”

“Let’s not say another word then, there will be lots more weekends for us,” I said.

We ate in the middle of the construction as we discussed my planned changes. When we were finished, Magda went back up and I continued working. The day went very well again and once more I finished a little ahead of schedule. As usual, I cleaned up my work site, stripped and headed up to the showers. Mona had left once more without saying goodbye or sharing our little nude moment. I was beginning to wonder if something had changed.

Jim was lying on the table recuperating from a long day of work outs and therapy.

“Heading for the showers?” he asked.

“Yes indeed,” I resonded in passing.

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