The Best Birthday Present Ever

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Happy Birthday Shmiel!

One night, when my wife Ratzy and I were making out and she had my cock in her hand and I was teasing her clit, she asked me about my friends, the guys in my night Kollel. They always make a big deal about her breasts, staring at them whenever she is around or if they all get together in our house for a shmooze. I sometimes tease her about that.
“Do they act like that with every girl?” she asked,trying not to be too curious.
“No,” I said. “They just go nuts over your boobs. I’m sure they are wondering what they’re like and stuff.”
“Really?” she said, her hand quickening on my cock.
“Why?” I asked.
She blushed and hid her face against my chest. “I have this fantasy sometimes …”
“Tell me.”
“I go to one of your mesibos to serve and do thekitchen stuff, and then afterwards you guys take me someplace and I get horny and you make me strip in front of your friends… and they masturbate while they look at my breasts.”
The thought of her flashing those fabulous jugs infront of my chevra did give me kind of a thrill. I knew the guys would go nuts if something like that happened. And the more I thought about it, the more it turned me on. I knew deep down it would give her athrill to show off her tits like that, even though as a heimish girl it was something she wouldn’t even admit to herself she’d love. Hmmm.
About a week later, we had a yartzeit seida in shul and Ratzy outdid herself in the kitchen as usual. Afterwards, since it was Shmiel’s birthday, we invitedeveryone to our house for dessert. Ratzy got busy inthe kitchen of course, and Shmiel helped her there, making a cold pitcher of iced-tea for everybody. It wasn’t long before we were all feeling pretty good,especially Ratzy, who was very horny from the heimish gathering and all the looks and compliments over her culinary skills. You can always tell when my wife is horny, she gets this “I want it” look in her eyes that drives guys nuts.
As the evening wore on, somebody, Shmiel I think,wanted a picture of the chevra for his birthday, wearing our tzitzis and undershirts but no shirts,like we used to hang around and shmooze years backwhen we were all roomates. We all laughed about it,and then decided to do it. With Ratzy watching we alltook our shirts off and posed while she took our picture. After she took the pictures everybody laughed, then we decided to watch a video of an old HASC concert. Ratzy kidded us about how we wished we were all younger and were trying to recapture it by staying without shirts and watching, but it was clear she was a little embarrassed and a little turned on.

Later, I was talking to Shmiel and I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, since I hadn’t bought anything special for him.
“Look Heshy,” he told me in a loose moment of candor.”Tz’vishin inz tzvei, just between us, and no offense,what I would like is a good look at your vaibel’stits. They’ve been just too much all night.”
I laughed so then he laughed seeing that I took it OK,but when I looked across the room at my wife, I felt apulsing between my legs.
While they were all watching Oif Simchas on the video, I took Ratzy into the back guest-room and started making out with her. I had my hand underneath her blouse, playing with her boobs through her bra,working my thumb inside the 38DD cups that held hertwin melons so that I could tease her nipples.
“Those guys would die if they could see these mamas…see how big they are, how thick your nipples are…they’d get instant hard-ons.”
She groaned at the thought I put in her head. “It would be pretty naughty to see their cocks all big and hard…” she whispered, “and shake my tits in front of them till they need to jack off.”
She arched her back and pushed her tits in my face and moaned.
“Listen, uh… Shmiel told me what he wants for his birthday.”
She rubbed my hard cock through my pants. “What?”
“He wants to see your tits…”
Ratzy smiled, thinking I was joking. “Oooh, how naughty, bring him in, I’ll suck his cock.”
“No, seriously. That’s what he secretly wants for his birthday. He admitted it.”
Ratzy stared at me, realizing I was serious. “What did you tell him?” she asked, her feline eyes heavy and filled with lust.
“I told him it would be okay with me, on the chance that you’d do it.”
She gaped. “Really?”
I nodded. “We’re all friends from way back. We know we’re all human and what each other really wants more than we’ll ever admit. Why, you want to or something?”
She groaned and buried her face against my chest. I slipped my hand around to squeeze her firm, roundedass-buns.
“Should I?” she asked, her voice muffled against my chest.
“If you want to,” I answered. She looked up at me.
“Will you hate me afterwards?”

I shook my head. “I don’t think so.”
“You’re really hard… is it turning you on… thinking about me showing my tits?”
I shrugged. I guess she felt what even I was only starting to really realize. “I don’t know… kind of.Yeah.”
“Ooooh, that is so hot. What would I do, strip for him, or all your chevra?”
I shrugged again. “All of them I guess. You can’texactly call him in with you, with everyone knowing.”
She rubbed my cock up and down with her hand. “Would they jack off while I did it?”
“I don’t know. Maybe.”
“Would you do it, too? Jack off while I showed your friends my tits and my ass?”
She was really rubbing my cock now. My voice cracked as I said, “Maybe. Yeah. If they did it… yeah, I guess.”
“Yoish… that is so hot… let me blow you. Right now.”
“No, baby… wait…” She pulled my pants down, moved my boxers to one side and started jacking me off. I had to stop her while she was still hot. I stuffed my cock back inside my boxers. “Come on, let’s go back to the chevra. They’ll be wondering why we’re missing so long.” I led her into the living room where the guys,still without shirts, were shukeling with the group on the video. Nobody noticed as I walked in and sat on a chair. I still had no idea if Ratzy was serious, but she sure was acting real horny and when she loses it…The thought got me hot and I took my tzitzis off then, wiping my forehead with my undershirt. Yankel looked at me then.
“Hey, you’re back! Why are you so shvitzed up?” Heeyed the others and they grinned. Obviously they had been dropping lines about our absence.
Then he saw my wife standing there with a real pouty look and he suddenly decided it was kinda hot and also took his tzitzis off, followed by the Sex hikayeleri rest of the guys. They stopped watching the video when my wife gave me a wink.
Shmiel hit the pause on the remote and asked if we wanted to rewind to what we missed or something. Ratzystood there, shy, a finger-tip between her teeth,looking at the four guys, and then over at me. I nodded.
“It’s okay,” Ratzy told him. “Put it back on. It’s just by the purrrrfect song.” A drop puzzled at the obvious overtones, Shmiel put it back on play.
Ratzy began to sway with the music. I looked at Shmiel who gaped at my wife. “Happy birthday, Shmiel.” He looked at me and nodded, not believing that what he had blurted out in an embarrassing moment of lust was really happening. I couldn’t believe it either.
Ratzy swayed gently with the music, then started to slowly undo the buttons on her blouse. The guys sat there, not daring to breathe for fear she would stop. I walked over and sat next to Shmiel. We all watched Ratzy open her blouse and show us her huge, pear shaped tits encased in her white, lace bra. One of the guys gasped out loud. “Oh, baby!”
Ratzy smiled, enjoying the reaction. She slid herblouse down her arms and dropped it on the floor. She ran her hands up her flat belly, cupping her breasts so that they almost spilled out over her bra. She moved closer to us, turning now to move gently to the music, her back to us. Slowly, teasingly, she lifted the hem of her shortish skirt, exposing the lower half of her ripe buttocks through her nude pantyhose. She bent at the waist so that her ass was pushed outtowards us, her skirt riding up on her hips. She wiggled her butt and Yankel almost fell off his chair.”Ohh man…” he gasped.
Ratzy rolled her pantyhose down over her tush, then pulled her bikini panties up between her buttocks andswung her ass around and around at us. My dick was so hard I thought it would rip through my pants. I lookedover at the other guys and they were having the same reaction. Ratzy turned around and shimmied out of herskirt, kicking it away so that she stood in front us dressed in just her bra, pantyhose, panties and high-heels. The guys were going nuts and she loved it.She kicked off her high-heels, then slowly finished removing her pantyhose, flinging it at Shmiel. Shamelessly, he found the crotch on it and brought it to his nose, sniffing the scent of my wife’s arousal.The other guys looked at him enviously.

Ratzy now reached behind her and started unfastening her bra.
Everybody froze, waiting for the big moment. The bra popped open and she held it to her tits with her hands for a few long seconds. And then, with everyone not breathing, she slid the bra away, coaxing it down her arms and off. Her breasts were magnificent, big and pear shaped with those thick nipples. She stood therefor a moment, her back arched, pushing them towards us, and then she shook them back and forth so that Shmiel let out something between a yelp and a scream. Ratzy smiled and began playing with her own tits,pinching her nipples, lifting the big globes so thatthey pressed together, letting them drop, then shaking them again in time to the music. She started to peel her panties down then, and there were whistles from the guys. By now we had all lost our inhibitions. She stopped just as the top of her triangle of pubic haircame into view.
“Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine.” she said in a throaty voice.
I couldn’t believe those words came out of her mouth.I almost came in my boxers. The guys looked at each other and then Shmiel pulled his pants and boxers offat once so that his cock sprang up in front of him. It was really big… thick and long, about eight inches. Ratzy’s eyes were riveted on it and I read her lips…”Yoy, Mama.” The other guys had their cocks out now,too. Yankel was stroking a rock-hard shaft, bigger even than Shmiel’s. I looked at Ratzy to see if she saw it and she had. She was open mouthed with awe and lust. Everybody watched as she resumed peeling her panties down past her pussy. The lips of her pussy were swollen with her desire, glistening with herj uices, some of it literally oozing down into her pubic hairs, hanging off them in a couple of thin strings. That was when I took my own cock out and started pumping.
“Play with yourself, baby.” I told her.
Ratzy slowly ran her finger up between the lips of her cunt and got it wet and slick. She rubbed her pussy for a few seconds, grinding her hips back and forth, then turned and bent all the way over. She reached back to spread her cheeks and showed us her slick,dripping cunt and her tight little asshole.
“Who wants to smell my pussy?” she said in a voice I hardly recognized. My cock spasmed and I had to concentrate on not cumming.
Ratzy worked her ass in tight circles, her cheeks spread lewdly in front of us. Duvid staggered to his feet and moved to her, his cock bobbing stiffly in front of him. He went on his knees and put his face close to her ass and pussy. She looked back over her shoulder at him, one big breast pointing to the left.”You want it on your face?”
Duvid only groaned. Ratzy took half a step back and pressed her spread cheeks to his face, moving her wet pussy around on his face. She groaned suddenly and pulled away. I saw that she had almost cum. She looked at Duvid, still on his knees, his face slick with her juices.
“Do you like it?” she asked. Duvid closed his eyes and jacked himself off.
Ratzy looked at me and smiled a wicked smile before walking over to stand right in front of Shmiel.
“Wanna play with my tits, birthday boy?”
Shmiel looked at me, pleading for a yes. I shrugged,too turned on to go back. He reached for her greedily,filling his hands with those luscious breasts. She was breathing hard now and I knew she was over the edge,nothing would bring her back now but a good cum. She watched Shmiel’s hands work her breasts over, watched him pull on her nipples. She looked over at me, at my cock still in my hand, ready to explode.
“I wanna play with his cock.” The words came out ofher in a slow, heated roll. I was too turned on to even speak so all I did was blink. She pushed Shmiel’shands away from her tits and looked down at his huge cock, pulsing at about nipple level. She smiled as she reached for it, wrapping her dainty, tapered fingers around it, her fingertips not touching because of its thickness.
“Oh, yeah… this is a big cock.” She whispered as she began to stroke it for him. “Oh, yeah… yoish, Sikiş hikayeleri look,you’re cumming.”
A big bubble of early cum had formed at the tip of Shmiel’s cock.
“Rub it on your tits…” I said, knowing she would anyway.
Ratzy let a moan escape from her lips as she leaned forward slightly and pressed Shmiel’s cock to her bigbreasts, smearing his juice around on her nipples.
“Put it between your tits, baby, jack him off that way, the way you do it to me.”
Ratzy moaned again, almost a sob of desire as she puther hands on her breasts and squeezed them tight around Shmiel’s cock. She moved them up and down his dick, her chin tilted down so she could watch the huge head thrusting just inches from her mouth.
“Faster,” groaned Shmiel.
Ratzy began pumping his cock between her tits at aquicker pace, his pre-cum smearing them, making her cleavage slick and shiny.
“Do it with your hand now, please,” wheezed Shmiel.Ratzy let his cock escape from between her breasts and resumed jacking him off.
“You like it?” I asked her. I couldn’t help it.
“It’s so big.” she gasped, her eyes riveted on theheavy stick of cockmeat in her hand.
I felt a flash of resentment then. Shmiel’s cock wasabout an inch bigger than my seven inches.
“I wanna suck him,” she whispered, her voice chokedwith lust. I closed my eyes and blinked them open again, looking into her heavy-lidded eyes.
“Can I?” she pleaded.
I nodded. She drew a breath noisily between her teeth, a noise borne of lust. We all watched as she lowered her face slowly toward Shmiel’s thick cock. She bentit down slightly and pressed the slick cockhead to herlips, running it back and forth, then holding it under her nose and inhaling deeply.
“Oh, I love to smell cock… cock and cum… ummmm…I’m so bad.”
She reveled in the heavy smell of Shmiel’s cock andthen pouted her generous lips to an oval shape. She held her mouth poised over Shmiel’s cock for a longmoment, and then plunged downward, filling her mouth with thick, warm dick. She groaned along with Shmielas she began to slide her head up and down, sucking her mouth on his cock. Shmiel was in ecstasy, the others pumped their cocks in a steady beat, wondering if they might be included in this largesse. Ratzy slid her mouth off Shmiel’s meat and groaned.
“I love big cocks… I like them in my mouth…shooting cum down my throat… spurting on my tits…all over my tits… on my pussy… on my ass…” She dove down again, swallowing half his cock. I had neverheard so much from her before. I guess she needed tolet all her deepest secrets out now. Shmiel put hishand on the top of her head and guided her up and downon his meat, getting a cadence he liked. She looked up at his face while she sucked him off, watching his reactions. It turned her on to see him so helpless beneath the pleasure she gave him. I had seen that look a thousand times and knew what Shmiel was feeling.
“Oh, yeah… suck me off, Ratzy,” grunted Shmiel. She turned her head slightly and Shmiel’s cock slid acrossher cheek. He rubbed it around on her face, smearinghis juices across her lips. She groaned as she felt the heat from his cock sliding across her face. He pressed the swollen head against her lips and she smelled cock under her nose, his heavy smell, musk mixed with sweat and cum that sent shivers of excitement down through her body to make her even wetter between her thighs.
“Oh, yoy, yes… put it in my mouth tattele… let mesuck it,” she groaned.
She went down and took his cock with her mouth and Shmiel groaned so loud we all thought he was cumming.
I watched my wife suck Shmiel’s dick and felt my owncock ache from the intense erection I had. “Blow him,you naughty vaibel. Suck his cock,” I rasped.

Ratzy slid her mouth off Shmiel’s cock and looked at me, her lips swollen and puffy from sucking cock.”Make me do it, baby. Make me do it.”
I reached over and put my finger to Ratzy’s soakingwet pussy, teasing her clit mercilessly. Ratzy whimpered, knowing I had her.
She moaned in despair and passion as she filled hermouth with Shmiel’s cock. Her big tits rested on Shmiel’s thighs as she worked her mouth up and down onShmiel’s cock. Her pussy was dripping thick rivulets of juice as she tried not to gag on his big dick, andthen she slipped her mouth off his cock and ran her tongue around on the head, tasting his juice, running her warm tongue down the thick shaft, and licking the hot flesh of Shmiel’s thick rod.
Shmiel looked over at me and begged, “I need to cum inher face.”
I nodded. “If she wants you to.”
Ratzy looked up at us and ran her tongue over her full lips. “Ooh, baby… spurt lots of hot cum on me. Do itright in my face…” She let her tongue slip frombetween her lips and ran it around and around the head of Shmiel’s cock. Shmiel spasmed and grabbed her with both hands, pushing his cock into her mouth, pumpinginto her now, using her lovely mouth like the lips ofa pussy. She groaned around the cock she was suckingand I saw everyone jacking off as we waited for Shmiel to cum. He jerked her by the hair, pulling her mouth off his cock. She closed her eyes and turned her face up so that his cock was poised inches from her chin. She reached up and wrapped her hand around the thick slab of meat and jacked him off. It took maybe five or six strokes for Shmiel to start spurting cum all over Ratzy’s face. Thick, white streams of sperm splattered across her chin and mouth, then more of it spurted lower down across both of her luscious boobs.
She kept pumping his cock as another stream of cum splattered deep into the valley of her cleavage, then another glob of it landing right on one of her hard, thick nipples. He pulled her closer to his cock as the spurts tapered off, making her take them on her lips. She moaned and opened her eyes to look at his dick in front of her. She let him push it in her mouth and sucked cum from it before leaning back and rubbing the head around and around on her face. Shmiel groaned and tried to stop her, but she held onto his cock and sucked the head into her mouth again, cleaning his cum off of it.

I grabbed her then and pulled her over to me, pushing my own hard cock into her mouth. She began bobbing herhead up and down, Shmiel’s sperm oozing down off her chin and jawbone, hanging there in thick rivulets. I felt cum surge up from my balls and spurt into my wife’s mouth. She choked, and pulled away, a big globof cum spilling from her mouth and oozing Erotik hikaye down her chin. I pushed my cock back into her mouth and spurted more thick juice into her. It felt agonizingly pleasurable to spurt cum into her hot little mouth.She let me finish cumming in her mouth, then when Islid my cock out from between her lips, she pushed my cum out of her mouth with her tongue. I was amazed athow much I had given her. It was so thick and plentiful that it slid down her chin and hung in onelong glob down to her breasts. She gasped for air and looked up at me.
“Make me cum…” she pleaded. I looked over at theother guys who were jacking themselves off.

“Let them cum on you first.” I was possessed with an insane urge to totally show off my wife’s incredible sexual powers to all my friends. She gave me a slutty little smile and walked over to the rest of them, her face and tits covered in cum. There were four of them sitting there, right past me and Shmiel, pumping their cocks. She leaned over Duvid’s cock so that her cum-splattered tits touched his dick. She cupped her tits in her hand and spread them apart so that Duvid’s hard cock slid between them. She jacked him off with her tits until he spurted a fountain of hot cum between them. She groaned as he came between her tits.”Ooooh, yeah… do it, do my tits… cum on them.”
She finished Duvid and then moved over to Aryeh Leib who pointed his cock at her tits and spurted almost immediately. His cum leapt from his dick and landed onher tits and then on her lips. She leaned back and drooled his cum from her lips onto her breasts as he continued spurting on her. When Aryeh Leib finished, Ratzy stood up and smeared all of our cum around on her breasts and reveled in what it felt like.
“Oooh, I like this a lot! More. I want more cum.” She moved to Ari and knelt in front of him. “In my face,big boy. Do it right on my pretty face.”
Ari could hardly breathe as he pumped his thick cock over my wife’s full lips. Then she opened her mouth,and Ari tilted his cock downward to spurt his cum there. She stuck her tongue out and Ari coated it withhis cum. She let him fill her mouth with his sperm,then turned so that we could all see her holding it inher mouth.
Everyone groaned as if on cue and watched her swallow the thick goo. Avrem’l was next and he was close todying, I think. He let Ratzy take his cock in her hand and rub it around on her sperm-slicked lips. She watched him as she jacked him off and then licked theunderside of his cock with her tongue. She leaned downa bit and sucked his balls into her mouth while she continued to jack him off. He let out a tortured cry and she released his balls to plunge her mouth down onhis cock. We watched as Avrem’l spasmed and pumped Ratzy’s mouth with quick, short strokes, obviously filling her mouth with his cum. Ratzy made hot little noises as she received his offering and then she leaned backward and let Avrem’l’s cum ooze from between her lips and slide down her chin to join therest of ours on her breasts. She spread her legs rightthere on the floor and started fingering herself while we watched, our cocks hanging semi-rigid beneath us. She grunted and masurbated her own pussy with her fingers, her tits bobbing and jiggling as she brought herself closer to an orgasm.

With one hand plunging deep into her pussy, she began kneading her breasts with her other hand. First onehuge boob, then the other, smearing our mixed cum allover them. Now, she pulled on her nipple, moaning in pleasure. With our hands now seriously pumping our own cocks again, we watched as Ratzy pulled her nipple into her mouth and began sucking on her own tit, her moans growing louder and louder. She stuck her tongue out and hungrily lapped our cum off her huge melons. Looking around, I saw everyone’s cocks were at full attention again, as was mine.

I knew that sucking cum off her own tits was one ofher biggest turn-ons, and that she’d be needing dick very soon. I thought I saw her eyeing Shmiel’s cock hungrily and my jealousy came back. Ratzy noticed that I saw where she was looking and she grinned wickedly.

Getting off the floor, she took me and sat me on the floor, my back leaning against the wall. She then goton her knees in front of me and started giving me asecond blow job, this time much slower and moresensuous. She ran her tongue along the length of myshaft, then made slow agonizing circles on mycock-head with her tongue, while her delicate fingersteasingly ran up and down my shaft.

While she was blowing me, her ass was to the chevra,and she was swaying it and arching it in circles, tantalizing them. I saw them jacking their cocks fordear life, their eyes bulging at her dripping pussy displayed to them from between her legs, and I wanted to ram my cock up that naughty snatch and show my friends how I could make her beg. But she was giving me a blow job like I had never received till then, and I was helpless to move. After gently sucking on myballs while her hands squeezed my shaft, she plunged my cock into her mouth, cupping my sack in her palms,feeling as my sack tightened with each suck of herlips over my cock. She went faster and faster, then suddenly, when I was ready to explode, stopped, and started all over again.

Knowing she had me glued, my wife turned her face adrop and with a finger sticky with my pre-cum, sheteasingly beckoned Shmiel to come behind her. She would get his cock after all, with me watching and helpless to stop her. With one hand and her mouth still pleasuring my cock, Ratzy grabbed Shmiel’s cock from behind her with her other hand, and stroked it,moaning into my cock. She pulled Shmiel onto his knees behind her and guided his cock to the opening of her dripping heaven.

Shmiel didn’t need a second invitation. He grabbed her buns with his hands, kneading them, sending my wife into a fit over my cock. She was sucking me, almost devouring my entire length, making me numb from pleasure. Shmiel was teasing her clit, playing hisc ock-head at the opening of her pussy, making her want him badly. Desperate for that thick, long cock, Ratzy bucked her ass, pushing back, wanting to swallow my friend’s cock in her tight tunnel.

Shmiel held off her another second, then he too just needed her, and he plunged his cock roughly up my wife’s cunt. Ratzy gagged on my cock. She held onto me to steady heself, then rhythmically sucking on my cock, she began pumping back over Shmiel’s pounding dick. I felt every time he banged into her, as she took my shaft more in her mouth, then let it slide out till next bang from Shmiel. There was no way I could hold off any longer, and without warning I shot myload into my wife’s mouth.

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