The Beauty Therapists and the CD Ch. 03

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The 3 women all go back to the bathroom and close the door, I sit on the bed waiting, anticipating them coming out to then get dressed in their maid outfits, after 10 minutes they come out wearing jeans and t shirts, I’m so frustrated and disappointed.

I ask what’s going on and Lucy’s says they have to go, something has come up (not just my cock then) and they will be back tomorrow morning, I did hear a call on a mobile when they were in the bathroom, it must have been that call. In the meantime I am told to tidy up the maid outfits they have out and make sure the bed is changed.

‘Go to the wardrobe and select a nice satin gown for yourself,’ she says, ‘there’s plenty of food and drink, stay the night and relax.’

It’s a Sunday night and I have work the next day – I tell Lucy I need clothes for work but she tells me to forget work. I’m so horny but feel unfulfilled and confused as they all leave. No sooner have they left and I’m looking around the house, eager to see if I can find anything to explain what’s going on.

I find nothing but draws full of satin nightwear and some sex toys. I have to try some on so I take off the gown and I try a variety of items on, a chemise, satin teddy and some knickers whilst having short wanks in between changes. I don’t come as I want to keep myself for the women in the hope the sex resumes the following day. It gets late and I’ve had a few drinks when I decide I need sleep. I go to the bed and get in between the lovely satin sheets.

I think about the three of them and wank slowly but stop before I go too far. I then have a sudden urge to see their maid outfits. I go to the wardrobe that I’d put them back into earlier and decide to try on Claire’s; it’s lovely white satin. I put it on and get into bed again. It feels so nice. Tired I close my eyes and carry on stroking my cock, thinking about the ladies and all the things we’d been doing. I fall asleep.

I wake mid morning to see Steph at the end of the bed. I’m a little bit surprised but she’s so feminine and sexy I’m not complaining. She has long blonde hair and long legs, being taller than myself she’s not normally my type but she just has such a friendly way with me that I feel close to her. She asks me nicely what I’m doing in Claire’s maid outfit and I explain my curiosity the night before.

‘Look, it’s no problem,’ she says, ‘I love the maid outfits and I’m sure Claire wouldn’t mind you trying hers on.’

She hands me an envelope and ask me to take the letter out and read it. It’s from Lucy. It says not to worry about work, she had already arranged for me to take 2 weeks holiday sometime ago and explained to work it was a surprise holiday when she spoke to them. She goes on to explain that she has asked Steph to spend a couple of days with me and stay over to keep me company. Lucy signs off by giving her consent to anything that may take place over the two days and says what’s hers is also Steph’s. Whatever is going on I have no idea but I’m not going to knock it back. Not only 2 weeks off work but my wife is giving her consent to Steph and I having some fun. I can’t believe my wife is being so relaxed about it all.

Steph and I spend the next two days in each other’s company. On the first day we go shopping, mainly in the women’s departments and in particular the lingerie sections where Steph buys me numerous gifts. We go for lunch and spend much time chatting. Steph’s often holding my hand and on occasion kisses me on the cheek. The first evening she cooks a meal and we drink plenty of wine. We round the evening off with a cuddle and a few kisses but I refrain from taking it further. We retire to bed, both wearing satin nightdresses which feel so sensual but we just hold each other, I feel incredibly close to her.

The following day we spend mainly indoors – a walk around the woods nearby breaking up the day.

‘We üvey kız kardeş porno are going out for the evening,’ Steph says.

‘But what I’m going to wear?’ I ask.

‘Don’t worry, I have an outfit for you!’

Five minutes later and I’m handed a present. I open the wrapping and find a stunning dress.

‘You’ll look gorgeous in that,’ Steph says.

Steph tells me to get showered and as soon as I’m out and dry Steph calls me. She sits me down at the dresser and proceeds to apply my make-up then finishes off by dressing me and putting a wig on. She takes me to the mirror.

‘I knew it would suit you,’ she says.

Steph finishes her own makeup and then we’re on our way in the car, I have no idea where we’re going but Steph directs me. Some 20 minutes later we arrive down a dark unlit country lane. I’m a bit worried but she says she knows where she’s going and just then we turn a corner and see a very large house. I park the car and we get out.

‘Trust Me,’ Steph says as she sees my hands shaking with nervous energy.

A ring on the bell and the door opens; a stunning girl of about 20 greets us. She invites us in and Steph gives her a friendly kiss and introduces me as her friend. We go to a bar area and get a drink where I notice there are plenty of women (stunning women), but no men. Generally couples or small groups but no men. It’s about 9.30pm and she says we won’t stay too long, just long enough to be entertained. I ask what she means, ‘all will be revealed,’ Steph replies.

We walk through the large house and there are women dotted everywhere. Steph chats to some of the women as we slowly go from one room to another. We come to a room with a Four Poster bed in, I look through the door and I’m stunned, probably about 10 women are in the room, masturbating with each other. Steph pulls me in and we sit down on the small sofa at the edge of the room.

‘Lets watch for a while.’ Steph says.

Whilst watching the women I look at Steph and kiss her, she kisses me back but tells me to be patient, my cock is achingly hard. We then leave the room with my cock clearly pointing up and visible through my dress, I panic.

‘It’s fine,’ Steph says, ‘the women will appreciate seeing your hard cock through your dress.’

We walk around some more and I’m greeted with similar scenes in other rooms. Just as I’m relaxing Steph says,’time to go,’ so I drive us home.

We arrive about 11pm. Steph tells me to grab a coffee as she changes into a long dressing gown which is just stunning – she is stunning. She sits down next to me and holds my hand. Steph says there is a secret but I won’t be told for a few days. I try to coax it out of her but she tells me to put it to one side and just live for now and asks if I’m ready for bed.

Steph tells me to give her 10 minutes and then come to bed. I get to the door and there’s a present which I open, inside is a letter.

‘These are for you,’ it reads.

I open the small parcel within the packaging and it’s a pair of light blue silky knickers with floaty edged trim, different to the ones that she found me in bed wearing the previous day but the same colour. The letter briefly explains that they are her knickers but she wants me to wear them. She says what’s hers is mine and she wants me to enjoy wearing them. With no hesitation I am taking my outfit off, I put them on and get into bed.

Steph looks at me and tells me to hold her close. She has a lovely white satin teddy on. I can’t help but move close to her, the feel of my cock inside her knickers and rubbing against her is so nice. I kiss her neck and she turns to me, we gaze for a few seconds at each other.

‘I love…,’ she says, ‘I will leave it for another time, lets just enjoy holding each other, there should be plenty of opportunity for xnxx porno other things another time.’

Steph then kisses me and slips her tongue in my mouth very sensually, her eyes gently close and we kiss for about 10 seconds, her tongue flicking against mine slowly. We then hold each other, both breathing quite heavily.

I tell her how much I like her; she kisses me again and then says I should get some sleep. I wonder how I can sleep when I’m lay next to her. Within minutes Steph is moving around in the bed and her hands start to rub her breasts, one hands goes down from her breast and I can tell she is masturbating, I’m getting really hard as I lay at her side with my eyes closed, for some 20 minutes she fingers herself finally climaxing quietly, I open my eyes, she looks at me, puts her wet fingers to my lips and then says goodnight. I lay awake confused for what feels like hours but eventually fall asleep.

‘Get up, time to get up, come on it’s lovely outside,’ the strange voice is shouting.

Bleary eyed I can vaguely make out some long dark hair and I half recognise the voice but I’m too tired to figure it out.

‘Come on sleepy” says the voice.

Know I now the voice, ‘Claire,’ I say.

‘In one’ she replies.

I manage to open my eyes and she’s at the end of the bed with a big smile. Claire’s a very different character to Steph, a bit brash at times but really funny. I swear my wife fancies her something rotten especially after our foursome fun but she’d never admit it when I asked her previously.

Claire doesn’t quite have the slim figure of Steph (or the firm tits) but she has a sparkle in her eyes and a lovely smile. She throws me a gown.

‘No time to waste, I’ve made you a brew,’ she says.

I drag myself out of bed. ‘So what are you doing here? Sorry that didn’t sound very friendly did it,’ I say.

‘I’ve come to keep you out of trouble,’ Claire says.

Claire hands me a letter and I read it; it’s another from Lucy.

‘Paul you have 2 days with Claire, make the most of it!’

‘To the point isn’t it,’ I say to Claire.

‘Just the way I like it,’ comes the reply.

That’s Claire all over, she speaks her mind (just like my wife).

‘No girly dresses for you today my dear, ‘I’d rather save that until tonight,’ Claire says as I’m drinking my brew.

‘So what are we doing?’ I ask.

‘Well I thought we’d have some fun, some action, have you any ideas Paul?’ Claire asks.

I suggest a trip to a fairground, ‘just on my wavelength,’ Claire says.

I get ready, Jeans and Trainers for me. We head off on the 45-minute drive, Claire drives and we chat on the way. She asks how I got on with Steph and I tell her we had a really nice time.

‘I really like Steph, she’s very kind and gentle,’ I say.

‘Yes, you’re right Paul, she’s very sensuous and feminine,’ she says.

Claire asks if we got close and I say yes but we didn’t do anything.

‘Good,’ Claire says.

‘What do you mean good?’

‘Nothing, I just think it’s nice you resisted,’ she says,’ it’s sweet. I think it’s going to be a good two days with you Paul.’

We venture to a fairground where we have a ball and after exhausting ourselves on the rides Claire suggests a great place to eat. I drive and pull over at a nice little country pub.

‘Love it in here, foods great and it’s really cosy,’ says Claire.

We go in and I get us drinks but not before asking her if she wants me to drive home later,

‘If you don’t mind, I’d love a couple of glassed of wine,’ Claire responds.

I order food and we spend some time chatting about the rides but that doesn’t last long and Claire then prods me for some gossip about my previous 2 days.

‘So did Steph dress you up then?’ Claire asks.

‘A bit,’ I reply.

‘She’s zenci porno great with makeup is Steph, I’m sure she will teach you more if you ask her.’

Being quite blunt Claire asks me what my favourite type of outfit is, I’m stumped not expecting her to be so open about my cross dressing.

‘Come on sissy boy, spill the beans … sorry, I’m being insensitive,’ she says.

‘It’s OK,’ I reply.

‘No, it’s not, to be honest I love TVs and CDs. It’s just a bit of banter, sorry if I offended you.’

Claire leans over and kisses me on the cheek and I blush, ‘your so sweet,’ she says.

We’re off home and Claire’s a bit tipsy and very funny with it. I open the door and she is no sooner in the house and she has stripped her clothes off except for her little shiny knickers. Her tits are big and I’m thinking how I’d like to push my face into them and gently bite her large nipples.

On with her dressing gown and she then throws herself onto the couch, ‘make us a brew please sis.’

I return with 2 glasses of wine. She doesn’t complain and we just sit quietly watching TV for a while before conversation randomly goes into winning the lottery. She says she wants for nothing and doesn’t do it.

‘Think I’ve won already,’ I say.

‘Yeah, 3 numbers,’ Claire counters.

‘How do you make it 3?’

‘I’m not saying anything,’ she says.

A foursome with 3 ladies, cross-dressing, 2 nights with Steph and the same with Claire seemed like the jackpot to me.

I wake mid morning, Claire’s not in bed, I’m wondering where she is and I slowly walk into the living area to see if she’s there, she’s not there. I go towards the bathroom and I can hear some splashes of water but not much else, I open the door and there she is in the bath, legs up on the sides, her pussy just above the water and her hand rubbing her clit, she looks at me but carries on with her eyes half closed but pinned on me.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck, yes, yes,’ she says as her hand is moving over her Clit at such speed I wonder how she is managing to go so fast.

Within a minute she has an amazing orgasm. ‘Don’t mind me,’ she says as she looks at my cock pointing out of my knickers, ‘go on, have a wank for me.’

‘I can’t,’ I say.

Steph asks why, ‘I would just rather not, I really want to but I’d much prefer to take my time with you.’

‘I just needed a quick release,’ Claire says.

‘It was great to watch,’ I respond.

‘Why aren’t you making any moves on me Paul? Do you not fancy me?’

‘Of course I do,’ I reply, ‘it’s just that the more I don’t doing anything the more special I think it will be.’

‘Good call,’ says Claire, ‘I’m actually glad you haven’t for that same reason and I know Steph feels the same,’ responds Claire.

Just then there’s a knock on the front door. I go to answer, it’s the postman and he hands me a letter, It’s addressed to myself.

‘Open it, come on, quickly!’ Claire says as she stands over me.

It’s an invite for the following day, an evening event for a work colleagues birthday and I’m asked to attend at 8.00pm, the address sounds very posh. It says I must attend on my own as it’s not for partners. Bugger I think to myself, I’m off for 2 weeks and now I have to go to a work party, I’m anti-social so it’s not my idea of a good time.

Claire tells me to cheer up, ‘it’ll be fun, you’ll be fine when you get there,’ she says.

I spend most of the day mulling over the invite, wondering if I can pull out, knowing that I really can’t as it would be rude. Claire leaves me alone, as I’m not too happy. It gets to early evening and Claire makes us both something to eat and tries to cheer me up. She convinces me it will be fine and I get my mind into a positive state; I’ve always been a bit anti-social and prefer the company of women.

We enjoy the rest of the evening, often getting close with the odd kiss but I decide I’m going to keep it that way and not push the evening beyond cuddles. It gets late and after a few drinks we go to bed. I hold her close and pray that I get another chance sometime soon to do it all again.


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