The Batteries

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It all started when I finished work early and came home. I decided to log on to Yahoo under my playing name.

I am a powerful business woman in the advertising field. I dress well but I have secrets. I love wearing lingerie. I don’t own normal pantyhose and only wear stockings or thigh highs. In my business world I am in control, of my clients, their accounts and many subordinates. But, as Allie, I am at the control and whim of whomever I happen to be talking to.

So this day I am in the mood to play and log on. I strip and put on a robe and begin to read my mail. The IM opens with a message from Brad, so I respond. He wants to dress me and has a dare for me. This is just what I was secretly hoping for.

Brad started by having me put on sheer suntan garter hose. They are like pantyhose but cut out like garter-belt and stockings. Then he had me side in four inch sandals and a white sheer cup bra. The one I picked was front hook. He completed my under-things with a sheer white thong. escort bursa This much had already made my puss tingle. Brad’s dare was to go to the drug store in only an overcoat over what he just dressed me in. As I said I was wet and horny, so I decided to spice the dare up some.

I decided that I would insert my remote-controlled butt plug and strap on one of my Venus Butterfly toys. Instead of the drug store I decided to go to Radio shack. This was out of necessity, you see the batteries in the remote for the butt plug were dead. I originally was just going to buy the batteries. But, as I drove partial exposed, and then walking across the parking lot with the breeze blowing my coat open, I decided to step the dare up even more. I would have the salesperson replace the batteries for me.

The store was empty, with the exception of one salesman going to the back room and one standing at the counter. He approached me and asked me what he could help me with. I handed him the bursa merkez eskort remote and said “I hope you have ones to fit this. I think my batteries are dead.”

He quickly open the battery compartment and replaced the tiny batteries. When he replaced the battery door he accidentally pressed the button, which caused me to gasp and grab hold of the counter. The vibrating in my ass took my by surprise and made me get wetter. He apologized and pressed the button again to shut off the vibrations , at which point I slowly exhaled. Before he handed back my remote, he asked if there was anything else that he could help me with.

I replied ” actually I think I better replace the batteries in this on also.” as I pulled a pager looking device from my pocket. I continued, ” but this one is still connected.”

At this point I was so close to an orgasm I was bold enough to do just about anything. He came to my side and slide the device open. He handed bursa sınırsız escort it back as he went to retrieve the proper batteries. Then returned and slid them into the device. As soon as he closed the compartment door he began to work the wheel switch. Slowly bringing the intensity up on the vibe against my clit up and back down, which caused me to accidentally knock a couple items over that were displayed on the sales counter. I knelt to pick the items up, which accidentally showed the stocking top of the garter hose and at that time he again pressed the button on the remote that he still had in his hand. As mini orgasms started shooting through my pussy, he handed me back the remote. I handed him the money to pay for my purchases and shut off both vibes. He handed my change and a business card in case I needed any more electronic help. He was kinda cute and had a healthy bulge in his pants. I accidentally dropped my coins, and decided to give him a real show this time. I squatted and made sure he saw my panties and the bulge of the toys strapped to me.

I smiled at him and slowly walked out the door with my juices slowly seeping down my thighs. I got in my car and turned both vibes on and then quickly shut them off. I think I will accidentally show off while riding for a while.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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