Thanksgiving Weekend

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My eyes cracked open at the intrusion prattling away on my nightstand, immediately blinking defensively against the bright sun coursing through the window treatments. My cunt of a stepmother had redecorated 38 seconds after I left for school and the flowy pink sheers did little to block out the burning fireball forcing its way into my childhood bedroom.

Fuck my brain mumbled, giving in to the inevitable as I pawed at my phone, killing the alarm. Why the hell did I go out last night…

“Katie! Are you awake?” said cunt of stepmother called from the kitchen.

Better question…why the hell did I come home for thanksgiving again?

I performed a quick damage assessment as I struggled to get up. No broken bones, phone and bag on the nightstand, glasses intact but on the floor, so far so good. I’d even managed to not sleep in my clothes, though my jeans were nowhere to be found and the low cut top I’d worn to the bar had long since set both girls free.

I took a moment to adjust and cover up before rising and heading to the toilet, peeling off the uncomfortable-ass thong I’d worn the night before. I personally loathed thongs but my friend Kayla had a history of brutally mocking me every time I showed up anywhere looking less than put-together, VPL included. My mental assessments finished up as the urine starting flowing…aside from reeking of booze, I seemed fine. Thank god for being 20…

I wiped and flushed, kicking off the uncomfortable undies and peeling off the top, taking a moment to breathe and center myself.

“Katie! I need you!”

“Just a sec Jill” I managed a trace of civility despite the muddiness in my head. I walked back into my bedroom, idly scratching the red marks on my chest left behind by the tight top and walked right into Liam.

“LIAM!!” I screeched “GETTHEFUCKOUTNAKEDFUCKYOU!” a string of swears and screams left my mouth as I tried to cover myself with my hands.

Liam stumbled backwards, his hands up defensively. “Mom told me to come get you!”

He was a well meaning doofus, a multi-sport letterman with a full ride to USC already booked for next year. Well over 6 feet and thickly muscled, he was the opposite of everything I looked for in a guy and exactly the son my father had always wanted. I’d been less than thrilled when Dad and Jill had introduced him to me and the small amount of time we shared a home during my school breaks had done little to endear him to me. And he still hadn’t left the room…

“GET THE FUCK OUT AND STOP LOOKING AT ME YOU FUCKING PERV!” I bellowed, kicking at him while trying keep my crotch covered.

“Sorry, sorry, Mom was looking for you and she said you were dressed!” He backed away with his hands up and I couldn’t help but notice a smile. I kicked the door shut and quickly threw on clean undies and a short-set from the hamper while pulling my dark hair into the lowest-effort bun in the history of women-kind.

I padded barefoot into the living room, greeting everyone. Jill was (of course) already dressed with a full face of makeup despite the fact that the first guests weren’t arriving for 2 hours. I could see what Dad saw in her, she was a beautiful athletic blonde with a ready smile and knockout figure that she maintained religiously. Dad and Liam were still in comfies, watching the early football game while Jill supervised the caterers.

“Dad…Jill, Pervert…Happy Thanksgiving everyone” I cracked as I drifted towards the coffee machine and filled my usual tumbler with ice and soy milk.

“Who’s a pervert?” my Dad said, his eyes not straying from the action. Dad meant well but he worked long hours and cared about little other than sports and sleeping during his offtime.

I laughed as I screwed the lid on my coffee “Oh nothing, just little Liam decided he wanted to check out my tits this morning as a Thanksgiving treat”

“Like anyone wants to look at your tits you fucking Sanderson sister”

Liam has assumed I was a witch since we first met, I assume because of my dark hair and glasses and the fact that I didn’t dress like one of his high school sluts. I grabbed one of the rolls from the fancy caterers tray and sidearmed it the back of his head in response. “Then stay out of my room while I’m changing ya predator”

“Kids, kids!” Jill came out from the kitchen, thoroughly enjoying her effort at playing housewife. “There’s no fighting on the holidays! Katie honey, when are — “

“Katherine” I mumbled under my breath as I picked at a muffin.

“Katherine — ” Jill grimaced “I need you to get showered and dressed honey, Aunt Chris and Uncle Slater will be here soon”

“Like I care” I mumbled, rolling my eyes. I normally wasn’t this immature but the act of being around parents and my “baby” brother for a few days was pushing my limits.

“Thank you dear” Jill leaned over and kissed my cheek. Her perfume was amazing and expensive, as was the glorious boob job that she inadvertently kapalı gaziantep escort pressed into my bare shoulder. “And please wear the outfit I hung in your closet, we want to take photos later and everyone needs to look good.”

“Bye Katie” Liam laughed as I got up and walked off. As I left the room, I heard Jill yell “And you boys too!!”

I wandered into my room, in no great hurry whatsoever, flopping on my bed for some screen time. Flicking through last nights picture leftovers revealed that Kayla, Grace, and I had had a great time, posed for a lot of pictures, and taken A LOT of shots. Thankfully Drunk-Katherine had decided not to put any on Insta, including the salacious kiss shot midway through my reel. Kayla was a classic drunk-flirt and Grace had caught us mid-makeout at one point, Kayla’s tongue in my mouth and her hand grabbing my butt. I stared at the picture for a second, feeling a little bit of a tingle and smiling softly.

My friends are so hot I smiled and snapped the shot to Kayla and Grace along with a tongue emoji before tossing my phone on the charger and heading towards the bathroom. I turned the shower on to warm up, stripping quickly and tossing my clothes into the hamper.

Stepping into the hot spray, I winced a little before settling into the warmth. I had hated most of the remodel’s Jill did after she moved in but the woman could pick bathroom fittings with the best of them. I lingered for a good while, enjoying the detox and finally getting a chance for a leisurely shave and rinse.

My self-care regrettably had to end after a long 30 minutes and I killed the flow, squeezing some water from my hair and grabbing a couple of Jill’s enormously expensive bath towels for my hair and body. It was stifling and steamy, forcing me to pull open the door slightly before I could start drying my hair and getting ready.

Post-shower is a zen experience for me, a time to focus entirely on drying and styling my hair with no other conscious thoughts polluting my usually busy head. Calling out to alexa for some music, I settled into my routine and relaxed, tossing my towel onto the counter and enjoying the steam on my bare skin.

Vibing hard and dancing cluelessly to Dua Lipa did have a negative effect though — namely I missed the motion in the cracked doorway. A sound caught my attention and I glanced over briefly to see a shirtless Liam, his eyes closed and his hand stroking away at — honestly — the biggest penis I’d ever seen. It was thick and veiny with a shiny-pink circumcised head and would have easily accommodated both of his hands with no trouble. It was so entrancing that I caught myself staring for long moment, enjoying that that beast was hard for me. My brain engaged shortly after and I screamed at him, throwing a towel and kicking the door shut as I grabbed at a towel to cover-up.

It wasn’t until he’d left that I started calm down…what did any of this mean? He’d never acted sexually towards me before, nor had I towards him, but he was, without a doubt, jerking off to my naked body. It was a huge violation, the second time today, and Dad and Jill should be aware of it…so why wasn’t I hurrying to do so?

I hopped up on the counter to center my thoughts, kicking my legs and trying to center my breath while I let the feelings in my body settle out. I couldn’t deny the feeling of violation but I also couldn’t deny the wave of endorphins and tingles over my whole body, the flush of my cheeks, the heat in my pussy. Fuck Katherine, get it together. He’s an 18 year old peeping tom…

Nevertheless, my hand, surprisingly, had found its way between my legs and was teasing some fullness into my lips. The feminist in the back of my head screamed louder UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU DOING THI…woah… My eyes closed and I bit my lip as my hand almost involuntarily went to work, rubbing and teasing my clit and working a finger in and out of my warm slit. My brain filled with images of his strong, athletic body on top of mine, his calloused hands exploring my skin, his thick cock stretching me to my limits. Orgasm came quickly and quietly, my head rolling back as waves of pleasure coursed through my body like contractions, the slippery moisture flooding my fingers.

Ok, enough of that I chastised myself, giggling as I hopped onto shakey legs and padded barefoot into my room. Jill’s outfit was laid out for me, a short skirt, tights, and a soft, off the shoulder sweater. Shocker, white thanksgiving clichés…

I put together a quick, 15 minute makeup look now that my flush had subsided a bit and turned naked to face the challenge of the basic-b outfit staring back from the bed. Sighing with resignation, I went to my suitcase to grab a bra and panties when a naughty idea danced across my mind.

I’m not going to tell on Liam…I’m going to get even…

I giggled to myself as I pulled gaziantep kapalı escort out a lacey halter bralette and tiny white panties.

You want to fuck with me? Let’s see how you deal with this.

I dressed quickly, struggling with the tights a bit but eventually securing everything where it was supposed to go. Sitting down in front of the mirror to zip my boots, I smiled at the basic bitch staring back at me. It was definitely different from my usual ultra casual gothy vibes but damn if it wasn’t fun to put on the hot girl costume every now and again. The sweater sat off my shoulder, showing a generous amount of the cute bralette, the skirt was snug, outlining my hips and small waist, and the fact was on my way to ruin a peeper’s holiday made it all the better.

I walked into the dining room, finding it full of guests that had arrived in the hour I was getting ready. Pouring myself a too-full glass of wine, I circulated the room a bit searching for my victim.

Ah, there he is

Liam was in the corner, talking way too loud with his drunk Uncle Gary. I watched for a moment as they slapped shoulders, guffawing in that “white men rule” way, as I simultaneously dodged Jill’s roving eye. She didn’t approve of underage drinking and I didn’t approve of dealing with her extended family sober. Finally Gary moved off to the kitchen to refill his vodka and I made my move.

Liam — admittedly — looked pretty good. He was wearing a chunky cream-colored sweater along with some designer jeans that fit his athletic frame well, and he carried himself with the kind of confidence that only high school boys can manage.

“What’s up peeper?” I called loudly as I walked up to him. “Did you like what you saw?”

His cheeks flushed to the color of a skittles bag as he stammered “uh…uh” and all that confidence drained out of him.

“Sorry Kat, it’s just…it’s been a long time and you know…like….you know”

He was as eloquent as I remembered.

“So you were horny so you thought you’d jerk that dirty ass dick while invading my privacy?

“I didn’t…I mean it’s not dirty…I…I’m sorry sis!”

I closed on him, lowering my voice to a hiss “If I ever catch you pulling that fucking thing out around me without permission, I’ll break it off” I said with a smile while roughly grabbing his bulge with one hand. He gasped but I could feel his cock respond under my touch. I laughed softly in his face in response.


He looked around the room, trying to find an exit but by now I’d started stroking him through his jeans, giving him an obvious erection. He struggled a little in response, trying to move away, but I held strong, rubbing him quickly as I laughed at whatever joke I wanted people to think I’d heard. After 30 seconds, he started to faulter, his eyes closing a bit. I choose that point to walk away, leaving a huge bulge in his pants that he quickly hid with a pillow. I walked away, hearing a muttered “jesus” as I left.

Round 1 bitch.

Cocktail hour drug on interminably, interrupted only by Jill criticizing my bralette as inappropriate (little did she know) and 3 minutes of highly uncomfortable flirting from one of my Dad’s coworkers who’d party crashed. Finally the head caterer gave us a 10 minute warning and I was able to excuse myself to my bathroom to begin phase 2. I ducked inside, carefully locking both doors before hitching my skirt up and wiggling off my tights and undies. Leaving the tiny undergarment on the counter, I went through the hassle of wiggling and jumping myself back into the tights and getting myself back together.

Next time you decide to be slutty, skip the fucking tights Katherine

I glanced in the mirror, fluffing my hair and straightening my skirt, smiling as I concealed my panties in a ball in my palm. Finding Liam on the way into the formal dining room, I slipped my undies into his pocket and affected my best sultry sex-voice, whispering in his ear “A reminder of what you can’t have”

He looked at them, jumping as if the cotton was electrified, before stuffing them in his pocket.

I leaned in close as he did so, pretending to share a secret but instead whispering “dinner time bitch” before biting his ear lobe and walking away giggling. I could feel his eyes burning a hole in my butt as I walked despite all the abuse and the thought left me smiling like a Cheshire cat.

I sat down at the table and was thrilled to find Liam’s name card next to me.

Time for round 2.

Dinner started normally, conversation flowing along with the wine, as Liam tried desperately to pretend everything was normal. I let him continue for a while, laughing at his jokes and enjoying the very traditional gendered conversations. Seriously, boys can talk about something other than sports and hunting, women can talk about more than fashion and décor, and NO ONE needs to talk about gaziantep kapalı escort bayan politics.

Fuck it, I’m bored

I waited for Liam to make a joke with Uncle Slater and leaned in close, laughing as I put my right hand on his shoulder and my left on his crotch.

“This guy is so funny Jill!” I smiled as I started stroking Liam’s cock through his jeans under the table “How did you raise such a funny son!”

She smiled, clueless “I don’t know where he gets it! And I’m glad to see you two getting along so well!”

I laughed heartily, Liam’s cock full and hard in my hand as I stroked “I love my new stepbwo, even if it took a while to get used to each other”

This brought big smiles from the assembled family, all of them clueless to the awkward look on the young mans face as he tried desperately to not cum in a room full of his family.

“Well then give us a hug Katie, so we can get a cute pic” Jill said with a smile as she fished out her phone.

“Gladly!” I leaned in tight, smiling for the camera as I felt him tense up under my hand. “Cheese!”

“Oh Liam didn’t smile, smile Liam” a relative called out.

“Yeah, smile Liam!” I teased as I stroked harder. He forced a grin in response as I succeeded, feeling hard jerking in my hand as his balls drained into his jeans. I pushed his napkin into his lap, whispering “Enjoy the rest of your meal” with an evil grin.

Dessert was served without incident after which Liam excused himself to “use the restroom”, leaving me fighting off giggles. The rest of the night was relatively dull and I ended up back in my room sooner than I would thought. I stripped my makeup off and threw my hair back into a bun, changing into the same shortset from earlier along with a fresh pair of white cotton undies. The tiny lace ones were perfect for torturing Liam but fuck that noise the rest of the time. I had let him keep them as a souvenir with a tiny hope that Jill’s cleaning lady would find them and get him in trouble.

I flopped into bed and aimlessly scrolled tiktok for a bit while sipping on an inappropriately large tumbler of wine, when a text from Liam intruded on my solitude.

What the fuck are u doing u crazy bitch

I giggled to myself, smiling at his frantic behavior.

Just getting even. You used sex to embarrass me, now we’re even.

I was just jerking off, you should take it as a compliment.

Eat me, dickhead. Fucking perv

I thought that had shut him up but 60 seconds later a pic of, naturally, his dick arrived. It was rock hard and he had clearly just been stroking prior to sending it. The next test simply read “you eat me first”

Fuck me…the same electric tingles coursed through me as before. I’ve been with 3 guys since I lost my virginity at 16 and I doubt they would be Liam’s equal if they stacked all their dicks together and somehow that massive beast was hard for me. The wine spoke for me, my fingers typing out

You wouldn’t last 60 seconds in my mouth

Only 1 way to know appeared 10 seconds later, followed by a knock at my door!

I glanced at the clock seeing that is was pushing midnight, meaning Dad and Jill were well beyond passed out.

Another knock.

“Uhh, come in?”

The door opened to reveal a shirtless Liam, his smooth chest and broad shoulders filling the doorway as he entered and closed it behind him. Pajama pants sat low on his waist, revealing a sculpted V and most of a six pack. The kid was dedicated.

“Can I help you?” I sassed, propping up on my elbows while trying to stay casually relaxed, ignoring the blood rushing to my various fun spots.

“You didn’t think you’d get away with all of that did you?” He smiled devilishly, leaning against the door.

“Oh what are you going to do?” I laughed, nervously. I had discovered I loved being a brat with my kinky freshman boyfriend and Liam was veering dangerously close to bringing out those instincts.

“I’m going to drop my pants, and you’re going to give me a blowjob, if you can. You talk like your so experienced but you’re really just a virgin attention whore who can’t back up her mouth”

“Hey, fuck you!” I sat up a bit “I’m not the loser who came in his pants at dinner”

“Well…” and he pushed his pants off his hips, revealing his semi-hard cock “Prove it…sis” he said with a huge grin.

The feminist in the back of my head got off her chair, ready to protest but Brat Katie was faster. I grinned and got up on my knees in bed.

“Oh really? Just gonna whip it out and see what happens huh?”

“Got your attention didn’t I? And I’m willing to bet your getting wet despite yourself aren’t you?”

My cheeks blushed in record time “AM NOT” I lied, my lip falling into a pout.

He stared at me, amused. “This is all fun and games cutie, but we both know what’s gonna go down. So come get on your knees right now, or Mom and Dad will find out what the hell you’ve been up to tonight.”

“Fuck” I swore under my breath. I got up, a mock scowl on my face as I tossed a pillow at Liam’s bare feet. “You’re an asshole.”

“I know…now get to work.”

His cock hung heavy, shaved smooth and pink. I wrapped a hand around the base, shocked at the heft. “Jesus” slipped from my mouth, resulting in a smirk from the athletic boy at whose altar I was worshipping.

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