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A lot of phone conversations I had on the phone with my long-distance girlfriend Vera were intellectual, funny, sad, serious, or just plain nonsensical. But tonight’s phone conversation went from serious to erotic.

I called Vera earlier, but she was watching “I Love New York,” so I let her go while I continued writing some random novella about a young, bisexual woman and her various love affairs on her quest to find her soulmate. I had no idea where I came up with this. It was an out-of-the-blue thing I guessed.

It was about 12:19 a.m. when Vera called me back.

Me: “Hello?”

Vera: “Hey, Charlene. What’s going on?”

Me: “Oh nothing. While you were watching TV, I just decided I’d continue on my novella. Was that episode of ‘I Love New York’ a re-run? The one where the midget was eliminated and she brought Buddha back?”

Vera: “Yes, it was. But I love that show! It cracks me up.”

Me: “Uggghh…all TV has is reality shows. What happened to all the good shows that used to come on? This is why I don’t watch TV anymore. I have enough reality going on outside my door. Why would I want to see it on my screen?”

Vera: “Hmmm…you have a point there, babe.”

Me: “So, how was your day?”

Vera: “Girl, I am worn out! I had a doctor’s appointment at 8:30 in the morning. Then I had a dentist’s appointment at 10:45. I had to get my teeth cleaned plus two fillings. Then I needed to get some grocery shopping done. After I got home, I did about four loads of laundry and put all of the clothes away. I was in no mood for cooking so I ordered some Chinese and called it a night. My roommate is spending the night with her boyfriend, so I have the house to myself!”

Me: “Sounds like you had a hell of a day!”

Vera: “You don’t have to tell me twice!”

For some strange reason, the sound of Vera’s voice turned me on. I tried to shake off the feeling, but the more I resisted, the more intense it became. I swallowed hard doing everything in my will to control my raging hormones.

Vera: “What have you been up to today, hun?”

Me: “Nothing much. I had to work a four hour shift at the coffee shop. I found out I aced my geology final. No more science classes after this! I am so glad! Now I have my world history final to worry about.”

Vera: “Don’t worry too much. I have faith in you. You will do fine, doll.”

Me: “Thanx, Vera. I hope I will.”

I squeezed my thighs together to calm down the persistent throbbing in my clit. I knew I needed to release the tension, but I did not want to listen to my body, especially with Vera on the phone. We’ve been talking for two years now and neither of us have revealed our sexual sides to each other yet. I wanted to keep that on the low until we met each other in person.

Me: “What escort time is it?”

Vera: “It’s almost 12:30. It is late. We should both catch up on some rest. I’ve got a long day ahead of me tomorrow. And you need to study for that geology final. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, sweetcakes.”

Dammit, I thought. I can’t take this anymore!

Me: “Ummm…Vera?”

Vera: “Yes, darling?”

Me: “Remember what I told you last week…about what happens to me September?”

Vera: “Yeah, you said your hormones peak at that time and when I’d call you on the phone at 2:00 a.m., you were horny.”

Me: “Well, I haven’t quite recovered yet. By the beginning of January, it simmers down.”

Vera: “Baby, are you trying to tell me something?”


Vera: “You’re horny, aren’t you?”

Me: “Yes, I am.”

Vera: “Well, you know what to do. Take care of it, honey.”

My face turned all shades of red and pink as I gripped the metal bars of the bedposts fighting off the urge to release the aggravating tautness building between my legs. On top of that, I was scared as hell to ask Vera to stay on the phone with me as I did not want to relieve myself in solitude that night. So I tried to say it to her without actually saying it.

Me: “I don’t want to do it alone, but I don’t want to deprive you of your sleep, so I’ll resist tonight. I mean–“

Vera cut me off.

Vera: “I know what you mean. You want me to stay on the phone with you while you masturbate. Am I right?”

Fuck! I thought. Dammit! Did she have to burst my bubble?

Me: “Yes, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I mean, there can be other times. Besides, this is bad timing isn’t it?”

Vera: “Well…yes it is.”

I rolled my eyes and groaned.

Me: “See? Here I am getting horny at the worst times. Goodness, I am so embarrassed!”

Vera: “Don’t be, honey. It’s natural. I’ll stay with you tonight.”

Me: “Are you sure?”

Vera: “Yes, sugar.”

Me: “I mean, do you want to? For real?”

Vera: “Yes. Where are your hands now?”

Me: “Both of them are on the bedposts. The left on one. The right on the other.”

Vera: “Well, get them off those bedposts.”

Me: “Ok, they’re off.”

Vera: “Where are your hands now?”

Me: “Resting on either side of my face.”

Vera: “Take one hand and feel between your legs. Are you wet down there?”

Me: “My pants aren’t even unzipped!”

Vera: “They’re not unzipped?”

Me: “No. I’m wearing white pants along with three layers of tops.”

Vera: “Girl, get those clothes off.”

Me: “It’s a little too cold to be naked. I’ll just strip down to my underwear. How’s that?”

Vera: “That’s fine, babe.”

Still nervous, I took off my mini bursa eve gelen escort jacket, shirt, and camisole. Then I unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. I still felt uncomfortable taking them off all the way as it was my very first time having phone sex. Afterwards, I laid back down letting my body sink into the mattress.

Me: “Ok. I’m in my underwear.”

Vera: “Ok. Now take your hand and feel between your legs.”

Timidly, I did what she said.

Vera: “Are you wet?”

My voice began trembling.

Me: “A little bit.”

The slow, seductive sound of Vera’s voice intensified the moment.

Vera: “Now gently stroke your clit. Take the other hand and rub your nipples.”

My body quivered as I rubbed my clit and ran my fingers over my hard little buds. My breathing quickened. I tried not to moan out loud, but the sounds were escaping me involuntarily.

Vera: “Are you rubbing your clit?”

Me: (between gasps) “Yes.”

Suddenly, I heard sounds other than my own. It took a few seconds to realize it was Vera! I stopped caressing myself, rested my hand on my thigh, and carefully listened as short moans from Vera echoed in my ear. My body stiffened.

Me: “What are you doing?”

Vera: “Same thing you’re doing. My fingers are already inside.”

Holy shit! I thought. I can’t believe this is happening! Phone sex with the one person whom I never thought would get to know my freaky side!

Vera: “Did you cum?”

Me: “No. My hand’s been resting on my thigh now.”

Vera: “I already did.”

Me: “It takes a lot for me to cum. Maybe I’ll try again.”

I started rubbing my clit again, but it wasn’t helping. I needed an extra edge on making myself cum.

Me: “Tell me something, Vera. I know you think of these things sometimes. What are some of the things you thought about doing to me?”

Vera: “Well I won’t lie and say I don’t fantasize about you because I do.”

Me: “Me too. I’m just as guilty.”

Vera: “I thought about rubbing your body till you can’t take it anymore. Then I’d kiss and nibble your thighs until you say, ‘Vera, please take me!’ I spread your lips, run my tongue up and down, and slide it inside of you.”

I felt my fingers getting very slippery as my juices began flowing. My moans became louder as Vera continued.

Vera: “I would look up at you then grab your hips pushing my tongue in deeper. I’d grab that beautiful ass of yours as I’m tongue-fucking you. Then I’d take a moment to suck on your clit for a while, but go back to fucking you with my tongue. You grab my hair, push my face in deeper, and start riding my tongue as you scream, ‘Vera, don’t stop!’ Then I rub your clit with my finger while my tongue görükle escort is still deep inside you.”

Imagining and feeling every detail of Vera’s words, I pressed my fingers harder against my clit and rubbed it slowly. My moans and cries became even louder along with my body shivering and shaking.

Vera: “Are you coming, baby?”

Me: “Not yet. I gotta turn up my music so my parents don’t hear me. Give me some of that Boney James.”

I turned up the volume of my music with Boney James’ song “Seduction” on repeat. Then I went right back to masturbating. I wasn’t stopping till I came. I covered my head with the blanket to muffle my sounds.

Me: “Vera? In the event that I’m about to cum, what would you say?”

Vera: “I’d say, ‘Let it flow, baby. Let it flow. I want to taste your sweetness. Mmmmm…let me taste your sweet chocolate.’ I will not stop licking that pussy till you cum.”

The sound of her voice drove me wild! So much so, I didn’t care whether my parents heard me or not. I needed to climax. More strain built in my body as I slowly stroked my clit pressing my fingers as hard as I could against it. Vera could tell I was coming.

Vera: “That’s it baby. Mmmmm…just let it out. Cum for me, you sweet young thing. I want to hear you climax.”

My eyes saw red then stars as a long cry sounded in the air. I climaxed for real. After such a great orgasm, I took some very deep breaths to collect myself.

Vera: “Sounds like somebody came.”

I could barely get my words out as I sucked in buckets of air.

Me: “Yeah, I did. Wow, that was unbelievable I felt like I was dreaming!”

Vera: “Well, it was for real. You’ve waited so long for this. Now I saw a new side of Charlene.”

Me: “Yeah, I guess.”

Vera: “Baby, I’m going to get off here for a minute. Then I’ll call you back.”

Spent, I laid there in the bed. I still couldn’t believe what happened! Phone sex with Vera! It felt as though I did it with a celebrity. I hoped one day we could do it again.

My phone rang.

Vera: “I’m back, baby. I take it this was your first time having phone sex, huh?”

Me: “Yeah. How did you know?”

Vera: “I could tell by how embarrassed you were. Your moans drove me crazy. You moan better than some women I’ve had in real time!”

Me: “Your voice made me insane. You’ve got a very sexy voice, Vera. I would love to hear it in my ear again.”

Vera: “Well, baby, it’s almost a quarter to three in the morning. We both need to catch up on some rest.”

Me: “Yeah. Thank you for staying with me tonight, Vera.”

Vera: “You’re very much welcome, hun. I’m very glad to have been your first. In the event you get horny again and you need my help, feel free to call me. Just make sure your timing is better, ok?”

Me: (giggling) “Of course!”

Vera: “I love you, my young sweet sugar bunny.”

Me: “I love you too.”

Vera: “Sweet dreams, darling.”

After getting off the phone, I drifted off to a peaceful sleep dreaming of the day our fantasies would become realities.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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