Tanisha , Kammy’s First Experiences

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Tanisha and Kammy had been friends for a really long time, they were always together never separated ;practically from birth. Tanisha spent as much time at Kammy’s house as Kammy spent at Tanisha’s. Neither of their parents minded their inseparable attitudes much, they even let the girls plan their choices for college together knowing that wherever either one of them went the other would follow.

It was the summer before their freshman year of college and they spent the whole first two months together tanning, swimming, shopping, and working out their incredible figures. Tanisha and Kammy were both newly 18 and had much in common from their astonishing minds to their impressive sexual appetites. Neither girl could ever get enough.

Before continuing the story I have to tell you more about the girls. Kammy is a beautiful brown skinned goddess, she’s 5’9, hazel eyes, long shiny brown hair, big tits the size of grapefruits with aureolas slightly darker than her cappuccino colored skin and big fat meaty nipples. Kammy has legs so long they stretch on for days; Kammy also has the typical black women figure with a tight meaty phat ass. Tanisha on the other hand is the exact opposite looking of Kammy but just as beautiful if not more. Only reaching a height of 5’3 Tanisha is beautiful mixed princess. Just barely the color of browned toast with small tits about the size of a B-cup, with tiny quarter sized aureolas capped of by pencil-eraser sized nipples. Tanisha has big beautiful gray-hazel eyes with a slight dusting of green and long , shiny, black hair and gorgeous high cheekbones. Tanisha unlike Kammy has a small , pert round ass.

The girls are enjoying their summers around Tanisha’s family pool, being the only child she naturally spoiled given anything she wants included the pool which was built the previous summer. Sitting around the pool the girls start talking about their future…

“So Kammy what do you think are first year is going to be like?”

“I don’t know, I think its going to be fun . Just think parties every night and fine ass dudes!”

“Yeah I know that’s what I was thinking , you know the dudes an all, I bet there’s escort bayan going to be some fine ass dudes with big ass dicks , cause you know how much I like to fuck and suck.”

“Yeah girl I know, I diffidently know what you mean. But what about all the experiences that most college people do? You know like the girl on girl, the guy on girl /girl? I cant wait I wouldn’t mind fucking a beautiful chick. What about you?”

“Well I thought about that shit too but I never thought I would actually do it , I mean if the opportunity comes up id be more than welcome doing another girl but I don’t think id be the one to initiate it all. Would you?”

“Hell yeah i would, but only if it was someone i knew well, just to be safe, cuz you know chickens like to go telling dey business every mother fucking place right.? So id be careful.”

“Yeah I feel ya……”


“Man I wonder what she wont now, ill be right back ok?”

“Yeah okay.”

Kammy watched Tanisha’s smooth, scantily covered ass sway as she walked toward the patio door were her mother called her. Kammy often thought about what it would be like to touch Tanisha everywhere especially putting her face between the girls smooth full, muscular thighs and tonguing her slit. Kammy often masturbated thinking about fucking Tanisha but never said anything to girlfriend of so many years it was hard to number.

When Tanisha came back she told her friend what her mother said .

“So what happened, whay’d she want?”

“Their going out of town can you believe it for the whole weekend, and they said we can have the house for the weekend, but no boys.”

“Damn, that’s tight so their leaving tomorrow right?”

“Yeah they are.”

“Cool. So what are we going to do?”

“I might have something in mind.”

The next day Kammy and Tanisha are standing outside waving the girls parents goodbye after taking the last few instructions they had for a weekend of fun.

After watch them leave the girls sigh and start to prepare for their weekend.

“Hey let’s go to the video store and the market for food and videos.”

“Okay bursa vip escort that sounds copasetic.”

Both of the girls head out for the store taking Tanisha’s car.

Arriving at the video store the girls look around selecting video after video, moving to the adult section the girls look around at the array of pictures on the boxes of men and women and girl on girl. They each held their own interest but moved on quickly to the checkout.

They both leave the store putting the bags in the car and go into the market next door. After entering Kammy excuses herself saying she forgot her purse in the car, giving her the keys Tanisha tell her she’ll be in the junk food aisle or the candle and bath aisle. Kammy says okay and rushes back out. Looking back in Kammy heads for the video store again and goes straight for the adult section selecting two long girl and girl movies, and one threesome/ fetish movie heading to the counter. Looking at the girl at the counter Kammy smiles deeply and hands her id and cash over the counter and patiently waits for her bags , id, and change.

Collecting her bags she heads back out to the car and puts the new bags next to the old and heads back into the store giving Tanisha an excuse for being a little late telling her she needed to go to the bathroom and didn’t see her in either aisle.

“Well that’s okay, lets get the rest of our stuff and go back home and get this party started.”

“Okay , cool no problem.”

Gathering up the rest of there items the girls pay and leave for the car, getting in and heading for home.

Reaching home the girls take their bags into the house.

“So Tanisha what do you want to do first?”

“I don’t know lets go swimming first. Its getting kinda late so I would like to get in a few laps before we start our movie/junk food marathon.”

“Okay lets go get changed. Hey I bought a new bikini yesterday I cant wait for you to see it. Its so cool, its white with little bity clouds all over, and it barely covers anything.”

“Whoa! I cant wait to see it on you hurry up and go change while I go grab one out of the bursa elit escort laundry room.”


Running up stairs Kammy goes to get changed while Tanisha runs down to the laundry room. Pulling her bathing suit out of her over night bag Kammy starts to get undressed, standing naked in the mirror she admirers her beautiful tall lean figure in the mirror slowly moving her hands over her breast pinching her nipples getting them hard. Without knowing Tanisha is in the door way watching Kammy continues to play along her body.

Slowly moving down her beautifully shaved cunt, she lets her fingers play over her puffy fat outer lips increasing her movements she starts to moan out loudly continuing her rapidly stroking pace. Kammy slides her fingers into her dripping snatch and slowly circles her clit picking up speed. Not aware of anything around her Kammy plunges two fingers into her dripping wet love box fucking herself faster and faster. Tanisha moves slowly behind her watching her friend bring herself to orgasm. Screaming out in orgasm Kammy opens her eyes noticing her friend staring at her with love in her eyes.

Moving behind her Tanisha pulls off her own tank dress in one quick swoop and steps out of her panties. Kammy mover closer to her loving friend and throws her onto the bed laying on top of her in the process, and starts to kiss her passionately. As their tongues enter twine in each others mouths the girls slowly touching and rubbing each others bodies . Kammy starts kissing slowly down her friends body stopping at each breast licking and swallowing each nipple into her mouth suckling like a new born baby. Leaving down her breast Kammy moves to her friends trimmed snatch and starts to slowly lick up down tasting the juices dribbling out of her slit.

Enjoying the pleasures her friend is giving ,Tanisha pulls Kammy’s head in-between hr legs further and starts to moan in delight as Kammy parts her cunt lip and starts playing with her exposed clit sucking it into her mouth and chewing gently until Tanisha cries out in orgasm. Kammy stop s sucking her friends clit and moves lower to swallow the juices flowing out of her friends hole and feverishly licks them up before they can hit the sheets on the bed. Coming down from her orgasm Tanisha pulls her friend up to her and kisses her gently tasting her own pussy juices on the girls tongue and whispers in her ear….

“So what’s next?”

To Be Continued…

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