Tangled Ch. 02

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Ben Black and his twenty-one year old daughter are having a steamy incestuous love affair. This is troubling Ben deeply as he questions the feelings he has for his own daughter. Is it anything other than lust he asks himself?

I was first home from work in the evening just after 5pm. My daughter Cynthia called me during the day to say she would be a bit late as she had run into a few snags at her own place of work it seems.

So I grabbed myself a cold one and settled down at the kitchen table with my tablet reviewing some circuitry schematics. But try as I may, I was still having grave doubts about this passionate sexual love affair with Cynthia.

I wondered where exactly these feelings I had for Cynthia were coming from. This was my own daughter I was fucking night after night and how could this be right I thought.

My train of thoughts were interrupted by Cynthia’s voice announcing she was home.

“Hi dad, I’m home, where are you?” she called from the hallway.

“I’m in the kitchen love.” I call out to her.

She came in behind me and threw her arms around my neck as I sat on the chair, and hugging me tightly she says.

“God it’s good to be home dad. It’s been a long day.”

“Had a tough one did you?” I enquire, as she sits down beside me.

“Oh fuck ya dad. I spent the day trying to calibrate the new lasers and they are a bitch to work on. What’s for dinner?”

“Well, what do you fancy?”

“Nothing too heavy. How about some pizza and beers, have we some pizza left?”

“Yes we do. Pizza and beers it is so pet.” I reply.

“I’ll just pop in for a shower first dad.”

“Ok Cynthia, you go have your shower and I’ll have the food ready when you are done.”

“Cool dad.” she says and heads for the shower.

I get up to organise the food and I hear the shower come on. I can see the bathroom door is open and I wonder how many other daughters shower with the door wide open just feet from their father. Or better still, how many fathers secretly wished they left the door open?

I can hear Cynthia humming away to herself in the shower and I began to visualise her in there with the water cascading down over her head, down over her breasts and dripping between her legs. I begin to envy the soap as I would love to be smeared all over her hot body.

I consider joining her, but decide not to, and I go and get the dinner ready.

I was in the lounge when she came in after the shower. She walked in drying her hair with a towel, she was only wearing a sleeveless white top and white knickers.

As she wrapped her hair in the towel, her arms raised over her head. I could see her still damp body had turned her top slightly translucent. Her beautiful nipples proudly poked through her top, and the most wonderful cameltoe had formed in her knickers.

A vision like this was enough to drive a man insane. I thought.

She obviously saw me enthralled by her floor show and she quipped.

“Like what you see daddy?”

“Oh yes Cynthia. Me like, me like very much.” I laugh.

We tuck into the pizza and beer and afterwards we settle down; with me sitting in the corner of the couch and Cynthia with her head on my lap with her legs stretched out.

She gaziantep escort bayan wriggles her head in my crotch and smiling up at me she says.

“Best pillow in town dad.”

I smile at her and run my fingers through her hair softly. Before I ask her a question that has troubled me.

“Why me Cynthia, I mean how did you come to feel this way about me?”

Cynthia smiled up at me and thought for a moment before answering.

“For the longest time I have been in love with you, I mean really totally hopelessly in love with you, I don’t fully know why. But I just knew from an early age I wanted to spend my life with you; after all is it not every girls dream to marry their dad.” She laughed.

“I love you too babe, I really, really do. You do know that, don’t you?”

“Yes I do dad, I know you love me as much as I do you. But what about you? You didn’t really try to stop me giving you a blowjob did you?” she smirked.

I could feel myself blush at her last statement, and I pause for a moment before I reply.

“Something happened that morning babe, something that had been hidden deep inside has awoken in my soul. I don’t know what, but my love for you runs so deep it scares me, and when we make love it’s like we are connected on some higher level, almost spiritual.”

“I feel the same way dad. I love the sex but that’s not all there is, I wish I could explain it better to you. I just know we are meant to share our lives together. God I love you so much it hurts dad.”

Pulling Cynthia up closer to me I look into her beautiful eyes and say. “I love you too, so very much.”

I ask myself, I wonder could that be it? Have I fallen deeply in love with my own daughter? Can that be possible?

Cynthia sat up and she tilted her head from side rather stiffly, and asked me.

“If I get some cream will you rub some on my neck? I spent the day leaning over a laser calibrating it and my neck is killing me.”

“Of course I will babe, get the cream.” I reply, and she heads off to our room to fetch it.

She came back with a big tub of Body Butter and a blanket.

Looking at the tub of cream I ask. “How much of that do you plan on using?” And I start to laugh.

“Well you can start on my neck and work down from there dad.” She smiled coyly at me.

With that she slipped off her top and slipping her thumbs inside her panties she pushed them from her waist letting them glide to the floor before removing the towel from her head.

As she shook her long flowing hair out I watched savouring the floor show, my cock was hardening at the sight of my naked girl.

Patting the couch I say to her “Lie here babe, make yourself comfortable.”

I spread the blanket out across the leather cushions, she lays face down on the couch propping herself up by the elbows her wonderful puffy breasts dangling down with her nipples brushing the blanket.

I put some cream on my hands and I kneel between her legs and start to rub her neck and shoulders.

“Mmmmm that’s nice dad.” she purred, as I worked my way slowly down her back to her silky smooth ass. My cock was starting to get rock hard in my pants, begging to be set free.

I rubbed gaziantep escort ilanları the palms of my hands hard into Cynthia’s ass, letting my thumb glide between her cheeks and into her pussy lips. She lifted her ass slightly to give my thumb more access to her pussy and I let it slip slowly between the folds of her moist pussy.

“God that’s good dad, my pussy is starting to get really wet.” she sighed lovingly.

“I know babe, it feels very soft and sticky and I want to stick my tongue inside and taste your honey.” I whisper, as I cover her ass cheeks with baby kisses.

I broke off my impassioned kissing from silky smooth bum. And standing up I removed my top, Cynthia sat up and started to unbutton my fly. She grabbed both sides of my pants and she tugged it and my jocks down in one go. I watched my cock spring out and it bobbed up and down, the head was dripping with pre-cum.

She grabbed my shaft and proceeded to lick the pre-cum from my cockhead, she gently sucked my cock as he pressed it into her lips.

“Ohh Fuck Cynthia! That’s good” I groaned as my knees grew slightly weak, my breathing was becoming laboured as my daughter lavished her loving attention on my cock.

“God I love your cock dad. I love to suck you hard.” She sighed as glanced up at me smiling.

Cynthia patted the seat beside her gesturing me to sit down, she hopped up and I gazed lovingly at her angelic figure. I lunged forward to my knees pressing my face into her crotch deeply inhaling her scent while lightly kissing the soft folds of her pussy.

“Mmmm, Oh dad, I love it when you do that!” she cooed. And I smiled up at my angel as I gently stroked her inner thigh. She spread her legs more and cupping the back of my head in her hands she pressed my face further into her love nest.

Parting the lips of her pussy I started to lick and caress her inner sanctum slowly working my way to her clit and sucking gently I was rewarded with her sweet, sweet tasting nectar.

“Mmmm you taste wonderful baby.” I sigh deeply with my eyes closed, as I slowly sipped her honey.

It would have been all too easy to let the animal in me take over and throw her down on the floor and fuck her brains out, but I wanted to savour the sweet ecstasy of the moment.

Cynthia pushed me back onto the couch and straddled my lap; she pressed my rigid cock against her wet pussy. And she began to kiss my neck while slowly rocking her hips she caressed my cock with her pussy.

“Christ, that’s so good Cynthia.” I groaned. Her love juices saturated my balls, and tenderly she pressed her forehead to mine looking me deep in my eyes before kissing me passionately on the lips.

Lifting herself up she guided my hard cock between her soft folds and slowly took me into her tight pussy. She moaned deeply saying. “Fuck, I can’t get you in far enough dad.”

She placed her head on my chest and started kissing my neck slowly. She whispered to me.

“Hold me tight dad I love the way I feel when your cock is in my pussy.”

I cradled my little girl close to my chest and kiss her gently on her forehead. I could feel her soft puffy nipples press into my chest. Slowly she started gaziantep escort numaraları to ride my hard cock, her soft wet pussy coating me with her love nectar.

“Ohhh that’s it babe fuck me nice and slow, your pussy feels amazing.” I groan softly.

My cock could feel the raging fire burning in Cynthia’s love furnace; she let out a long moan as she pressed her lips to my earlobe and nibbled me softly. I could feel her pussy clinch my cockhead tightly as it tried to get more of me inside her.

I pulled her to my lips and I kiss her deeply as my hands squeezed her soft firm breasts.

“Oooh I wish this could last forever dad.” she gasped.

Cynthia continued to hump me, and I started to suck each of her nipples in turn, I could feel my baby coming close to orgasm. Her breathing deepened, her chest was heaving as she ground her pussy into me harder and harder.

“Ohhh God I cumming.” She moaned as she kissed my neck. I was not far behind, my balls felt like they were ready to explode inside her.

I pulled her tightly close to me pushing my cock in as deeply as I could into her wet pussy, her throbbing pussy clinched my shaft hard and it was all I needed to send me over the edge.

“Fuck baby I am cumming, cumming in your pussy.” I moaned deeply. Squeezing me tightly she whispered into my ear “Fill my pussy dad, I love to feel you fill my pussy with your cum.”

Cynthia pulled me tightly to her body, with her arms wrapped around my neck, she nuzzled in close and let out a deep long sigh “I want this to last forever dad, promise me it will last forever.” As she covered my neck in baby kisses.

“I promise babe,” I say. “I will love you forever my love.” And I kiss her tenderly on her cheek.

She rested her head on my shoulder as her orgasm ebbed slowly away. She shivered slightly.

“Are you cold pet?” I ask. She nodded her head, and carefully I rolled my baby onto the blanket. My cock slipping out of her pussy; still dripping cum.

“Awww I hate when that happens dad, my pussy feels so empty.” She moaned, as I wrapped the blanket around her shoulders kissing her lightly on the head as I tuck her in.

I went to relive myself, and as I stood urinating into the bowl I glanced into the mirror and wondered if it would indeed last forever? All I knew was that I was now hopelessly and deeply in love with my daughter Cynthia.

It didn’t seem to matter anymore that she was my daughter, my baby. All I knew was that I am experiencing a deep soul consuming love. And yet many questions remained in my head.

Returning to my lover I could see she was curled up on the couch and sleeping, slowly and ever so gently I scooped my daughter up as I have done so many times in the past and carried her to bed.

But this time it was not to her bed; I was carrying my baby to our bed.

I lowered my beautiful naked girl onto the bed and climbed in behind her. I snuggle in close to her and I gently kiss the back of her neck as I press my slightly flaccid cock in between her ass cheeks.

“I love you Cynthia.” I whisper. “I love you so much”. She pulled on my cock and positioning herself she presses the head into her pussy. Saying “That’s better dad.” As she pulled my arm tightly around her chest and slowly she drifted off into a deep sleep.

I listened to her breathing as I had done many times when she was a child. God how I loved this girl; this woman I thought as I felt sleep begin to slowly gently carry me away as well.


Join us again soon for chapter III, I hope you are enjoying this story thus far.

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